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Reimu is a jerk. Discuss.

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Leave Reimu alone.

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Nothing to discuss
Youkai killed her mother, and raped her father
Seems reasonable that she would be a bitch

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Not as much as Cirno. God I hate that Fairy!

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>12000 yen
>12000 JPY=139.8406 USD

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clearly that price is including the donation to the hakurai shrine tax... fucking shrine maiden...

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Kigs are fucking terrifying discuss.

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I have to admit, Reimu's a jerk sometimes

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>Youkai killed her mother, and raped her father
Which doujin you got those opinions from?

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Why can't she be a good girl like Sanae?

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best cosplay at otakon

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Me in the back Dattebayo

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Sanae is a fuckin slut or why do you think is the Moriya shrine so well visited?

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Reimu got every right to be a jerk - she's got the worst job in the world. Abusive co-landlord, lousy tenants, little salary, no accident compensation or health care, near poverty line conditions, near-starvation conditions, the house is constantly falling apart, constant in-fighting, and no love.

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Guys, why are you so mean? Look, you made her cry.

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>raped her father
Oh, come now.

Yuuka never has to rape.

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Oh well, she can always mooch off Rinnosuke some more since not only does he give her free food, but always turns a blind eye to the shop lifting she does.

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Because red means stop and green means go

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Reimu invented the spell card battle!

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I guess Mima will have to silence her.

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She could screw her job and go live in the human village. Yukarin should be more than engouh for keeping the border safe.

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Reimu's job isn't to maintain the border, it's to maintain the artificial power balance between youkai and humans.

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Reimu's destitution is her only moe trait.

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>Insult a character I feel very indifferent about
>Someone posts a crying image of that character in response
>Feel bad despite knowing it's RP shit and the character isn't real
>My face

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Mikos that have to eat grass are my fetish.

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Reimu's a jerk, but everyone she knows is a self-centred tyrant, so it's fun to see her be a jerk.

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I jerked off to Reimu. Discuss.

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>Kigs are fucking terrifying

I prefer the term "nightmare fuel," personally.
When you aggro children, you know you're some pretty scary shit. Look at that kid, he's ready to fight.

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"W-Why on earth would you want to-"
Reimu looks at you with a mix of confusion and embarrassment. You cut her off sharply, reminding her that she'd agreed to this in return for a sizable donation.
"Okay, fine." she pouts, and lays down on the floor.
You gingerly lay on top of her, holding her down. She squirms a little under you, and looks away from you with a huff. Refusing to make eye contact, she extends her arm upwards, exposing her armpit. "Just go ahead and do it," she snaps. You admire the contours of her side, her barely visible ribs, the side of her breast wrapped in a sarashi, and finally the smooth valley of her armpit. It glistens slightly in the light from her sweat, and you lower your nose in and inhale deeply. Reimu's fragrance is magnificent, and you find yourself becoming hard almost instantly. Reimu yelps with surprise as you begin to lick her, the salty taste of her perspiration flooding your mouth and driving you wild with lust. She can feel your erection pressing into her thigh, and as you continue to lick her armpit she mutters "P-pervert..."

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Mad with excitement you withdraw your face from her side and greedily instruct her "Other side."
She sighs and obeys your command, extending her other arm upwards. You bury your face in her other armpit and begin to lick her vigorously once more.
"Oh god, Reimu," you mutter under your breath, and the excitement is too much for you to bear. As you lick the sweat from her other pit, you actually reach orgasm and begin to cum in your pants. "Mmmm, Reimu!" you groan. Realizing what is going on, she squirms and attempts to push you off of her. Having reached climax anyways, you relent and sit up, letting her get out from underneath you.
Reimu's reaction to you having cum just from licking her armpits is one of complete disgust. However, 100,000 yen speaks louder than words and she wraps her hand around yours, withdrawing the wad of sweaty bills.
She gives you a look that's somewhere between utter contempt and genuine thanks, and sends you on your way, looking for something to wipe your saliva from her underarms.

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But I'm not done yet...

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You forgot to write how her hairs tickle in your nose

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If I lived in Gensokyo and had alot of money I'd do this all the time.

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Reimu is the hottest touhou.

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you'll never get to pleasure yourself using reimu's arm pits ;_;

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i got hard reading that story. fuck.

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More accurately, Yuka is incapable of rape. After all, you can't rape if they don't want it.