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Best new Touhou girl since Subterranean Animism.

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That's not Yorihime

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That's not Hatate.Also Hatate thread.

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Best girl since /jp/

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Nah, I'm stuck on the old ones. New touhous are recycled shit. ZUN should consider the option to become a musician.

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That's neither Nazrin nor Kogasa nor Shou nor Hatate nor Kasen.

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Who is she?

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>As I spread my hands, the sea beneath my feet immediately began to drain its water, and the parched earth beneath it began to show through.
>A barren mountain devoid of grass or trees, the remnants of machines from the humans' lunar expeditions, a black sky. And, a world without any air.
>The desolate near side of the moon - this is the lunar world that the humans discovered. It is an exceedingly cruel, lonely world.
>Having suddenly lost its atmosphere and gravity, the crow spiraled slowly towards the ground, foaming at the mouth. Before long, it expired. Unable to breathe, it asphyxiated.

Why so broken moonbitch?

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That's horrible!

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Some mary sue from a side story.

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The same happened with Pokemon. I remember being a huge fan of it, I had the red version and played lot of hours to it. Then I got the gold version, and dropped it after a time because I lost my interest on it. But I will always remember the times when I used to play with the first 150 pokemons and I used to enjoy it so much.

This will be exactly the same.

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If that was a crow tengu and not a normal crow she would rape it first.

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She looks like a 18th century polish noble.

I bet ZUN saw this outfit on a vodka bottle.

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Yorihime is a boring, uninteresting bitch.

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That's even more horrible!
Evil old animal abusing hag...

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She is like a younger and more powerful Yukarin~

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That might explain why there are SO FUCKING MUCH EoSD Touhous everywhere.
Personally, I never cared for them much.

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EoSD had the best cast out of all main Touhou games up to date.

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Explain. What makes EoSD's cast the best?

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Well, to put things in perspective, our Touhous count did not yet reach the 150 mark and you have to account for the PC98 - Windows border leaving a few dozens of them forgotten.

We're still far away from the point where getting new Touhous will stop being exciting.

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Fucking sexy rabbits and eating peaches all day long.

Bitch is living the dream.

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Lowly impure mongrels. You are just jealous of our perfection.

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Lunarians are vegetarians right?

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Come down off your moon and say that to my face.

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We really need Toyo doujins.

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Probably. I don't believe it was ever stated outright.

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There are no animals on the moon. Unless they eat moon rabbits they must be vegetarians.

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But even if there's not 150 yet, it's getting boring. I liked the first ones, up to SA because it was fun, but now is the same shit recycled. That's why I used Pokemon as an example, maybe there are not 1000 of them yet, but it was more fun when there were only 150 in the first version. Now everything Nintendo do about Pokemons is recycled shit (and, of course, the fact that I will never be a child again).

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but she has blue hair, so she's automatically better than that blonde bimbo

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>and, of course, the fact that I will never be a child again
Touhou isn't getting boring, you're getting bored with Touhou.

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So what you're saying is all the Touhous that showed up after you got into it suck. Typical.

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Pokemans didn't become dull because there are too many of them. They became dull because the new ones are just random minor alterations of old ones with no real defining characteristics. All they have is stats sprites and names.

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No, I'm just saying it was fun that time. The music, the 1cc's, the lolis, the memes about cirno, armpits, the pairings, the doujins, touhourizing everything that come trough my hands... but it had it's moment, and now it's over. Everything after this is just the same shit, but with another appearance.

Maybe, maybe not.

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Brotip: 99% of all game series are "the same shit recycled," most of which being much more so than Touhou.

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Well ok just recognize that that's you and not the characters. I don't see what's recycled about them now that wasn't before.

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Forget the Moonbitch. Gimme some down-to-earth China. Gimme a woman who'd share a thermos and not go all 'I am Alpha and Omega, beginning and end, I wrought the mercury that insulates the great vacuum hidden between the mighty silver walls of this repositry, I brewed the mighty tea within this vessel, for which a single taste will send even the greatest of gods into eternal extasy, and it is mixed in with the residue saliva from my lips after a single taste, such fluid being the very centre of life itself.'

Seriously, tea-breaks'd be five hours long with moonbitch. Meiling'd have to stop to nap long before then.

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Come on! You know everything has to come to an end, and Touhou is probably reaching the end. The only thing why it's still alive is because of the touhou fanatics that follow it as if it were a religion or something. Touhou was fun and it will be in my memory forever, like pokemon, but this is almost the end of it.

And beside, ZUN is not going to create new touhous during his whole life even if he wants to.

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The end will be in sight when ZUN stops making games.
No signs of that happening yet.

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Replace 'Touhou' with any long-running Nintendo series, rinse, repeat.

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We hear this abut everything today...

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I wasn't trolling. I was talking seriously about this.

Most of you are newcomers that are enjoying Touhou for their first time. But Touhou is much older than you think. Time is still running and it's getting older and older everyday.

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>Highly Responsive to Prayers released in Q4 1996

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I've liked touhou since 8 came out and i know how ld it is but even those are fun.

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Don't argue on an imageboard. There are people who are better at it than you, doing it longer than you have.

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One day, when touhou is over, we will abandon this place. And you, newcomers, will talk about new touhous with a bunch of fanatic weeaboos who can only say "OMG! CIRNO BAKA BAKA 9 ZE~ <(^ω^)>".

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But that happens now

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>Herp Derp Derp
Is all i heard get out nostalgiafag you are not needed here.

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That's right.

Oh wait... NO WAY!

Touhou was over and I am the newcomer!


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swap a few words and this could be someone whining about how his old favorite band doesn't speak to him anymore

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ZUN sold out man it was so much more raw and passionate in the early days

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After they lost Ant and Fang it just never sounded the same

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Touhou over? Are you guys joking? It's becoming more and more popular every year.

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I bet moonbitches will appear in Touhou 13 or 14.

Or get their own spin-off. Just like the fairies did.

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Those guys were just bitching about what they don't like.

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Pet fucker.

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You would do the same in her place.

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>Or get their own spin-off. Just like the fairies did.
Very good.

verification: place holder

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Touhou 12.9

Toyohime walk around moon capital raping all rabbits and eating all peaches in her path.

You use her fan to destroy bullets.

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ZUN love moonbitches. It's just a matter of time before they get their own game.

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ZUN loves all his daughters.

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More like ZUN dies from liver failure and Touhou animes start getting made.

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>Best new Touhou girl since Subterranean Animism.
Did you just read SSiB yesterday.

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Sounds like Pac-Man.