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Oh yeah, what titty-monsters. Actually, no they're not. Just fanon shit working its magic, all of you who wish Yukari wasn't a milktank, take a closer look at what she's actually supposed to look like.

ZUN never draws anyone beyond a B-cup, and 99% of the time it's A-cup or just flat/undefined in that region. Komachi is one of the only ones who arguably have some definition though, so I'm leaving her alone. She still isn't like, DDD size as often drawn. Don't go posting Tasofro images now either, ZUNart is the final say.

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Who gives a fuck?

We like her with giant breasts.

Deal with it.

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Tei is stacked

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If ZUN approved character designs for the fighting games and official works for (example SSiB where you can clearly see a difference) then it's okay to interpret characters as "canon" that way. I'm not saying she is a milktank but you can't argue when people give her tits.

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But Yukari is flat in the fighting games, as is Yuyuko.

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Tewi actually had an impressive bust, and so did Suika's original designs.

But yeah, I hate when they give her like a 38 D. She was a b cup or a C cup in PCB.

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But both of them don't seem to be as flat as everyone is in ZUNart

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Suika was also originally supposed to be stacked in early concept drawings, being an oni and all.

So much for this Tsurupettan dance! Oh the irony!

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Blame the secondaryfags who know nothing about Touhou but try to make up shit about it anyway.

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/r/ing stacked suika and tewi

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>>Don't go posting Tasofro images now either
So you admit defeat already?

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The whole problem with the characters as designed by ZUN is this:

His mind is the main conduit which interprets our knowledge of the world of Gensokyo. He's the universe leak. He's a huge pedophile, and a poor artist. Thus, when the concepts get forced through his brain, they get molded into something he likes.

However, the creative leak is obviously not exclusive to him, and shades of this and that show up in the rest of us who are exposed to this garbage. One of the reasons WHY there's so much interest in Touhou is because the way ZUN presents it is so imperfect and so far from what it should be that it literally bothers people into trying to fix it.

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In one of ZUN's more obscure books, he writes about Yukari's supernatural beauty. She has the type of eyes that one would easily recognize as a youkai.

Obviously her breast and body proportions aren't normal either. Also, in an email ZUN confirms Remilia's loli body. Find it on the wiki.

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Yukari I can understand, but why the fuck do faggots give huge tits and curves to Patchouli? she looks like a DFC loli if I've ever seen one.

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all my touhoes have D cups

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Nope, because Tasofro art isn't ZUN art. Might as well say that stuff on Pixiv also counts.

He just lets them do what they want aside from making sure that the chars are within his general guidelines.. he'd never call them up and be all, "Sakuya shouldn't have tits, this is fucking failure, redraw this now or you're fired", quite simply because he takes it easy.

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Oh yeagh, he surely lets them do whatever they want. And you can play as Kaguya, Mokou, Wriggle and Nitori in Hisoutensoku.

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But you don't know that, so unless there is evidence to back that up, it is also just a another fanon belief. For all you know, ZUN might like breasts but not be confident in drawing them because he views them as the most critical part of a woman and not want to ruin them. I drew almost exclusively bishonen, but that doesn't mean I don't prefer girls. I just wasn't confident in drawing them.

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I think that's more of Tas not caring enough to turn the game into an all-Touhous battle, simply because trying to balance a fighting game (one that is already inherently difficult to fix when many chars are quite supposed to be near-godly in power) with a roster of like 50+ characters would be the nightmare of the century... which is not really worth the trouble, considering that it just takes a backseat to real Touhou, and is almost always casually-played for shits and giggles anyway.

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>Komachi is one of the only ones who arguably have some definition though




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You have no fucking clue what you're talking about.

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When you compare how much improvement Ryuukishi made in his art between Higurashi and Umineko, and you compare how much improvement ZUN's made since EoSD, it's really kind of sad.

>Captcha: rookies notarized

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Do I feel a bit silly for analyzing this so closely? Actually, no.

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Komachi looks Chubby. Being chubby and lazy, she MUST have big tits.

I think the personality and story is the more important to decide if a character is busty or not. Of course the design is important too. But think of Yukari, being a hag who does nothing but sleep, that can't be flat.

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You know this to be true OP.

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Nobody gives a fuck
Zun draws shitty art that leaves everything open for interpretation. That's his own fault.
This is evidenced in the fact that when other people do his art, they give very obvious proportions to their bodies.

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>cannon bust chart
>not even zun art

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She has the same wideportions as bugkari up there, it's just that she's wearing a sash and an overlapping robe and they're all bunched up near the same spot.

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why do you guys even care?

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>cannon bust

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Sanae has huge knockers. UFO agreed, don't argue about it.

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Comparatively, taking totally flat-chested Touhous and drawing them as size-Es is like pretending that Luke Skywalker was actually a Sith Lord. I know that much of the Touhou fanbase is rock-stupid, but still... it's just tiring seeing this kind of thing for years and years.

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Those seem like pretty heavy clothes. Maybe the curvature is just the clothes and she's flat.

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They want more loli art of touhous that aren't stage 1 and 2 bosses or tewi.

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How rude

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Why are some people still talking about recaptcha?
Am I missing something here?