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hi im new to /JP/, wondered if you guys would tell me abouts it, a little :)

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What the fuck is /JP/? Never heard of it.

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Lurk more.

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Love Rika or die.

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Toho Project and Umineko

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That's a cute little pink-haired girl, I'd fuck her.

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Are you from /c/? Because the adorable image, the girly attitude and the faggy emoticon suggest you are from /c/.

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Speaking of fucking, has anyone ever felt like they wanted to be cummed on? I was masturbating today and when one of the characters ejaculated, there was so much semen, it just looked appealing for some reason and for a split second I wished I could have been on the receiving end of that perfect looking ejaculation.

A lot of times I'll cum on myself or in my hands and rub it around, feeling the consistency, smelling it and sometimes tasting it. I'm guessing this is fairly common. Maybe I just have a semen fetish.

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OP: Attucaly i came from /f/ and /b/ last,
im sorry if you feel i have a girlish personality.. but thats just who i am, i do like /c/ immages but this one was found not on /c/ but on google.

thank you for the rules >>5845325 i just finished reading them

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Dammit you made me hard.

Also no, as soon as I cum, all feelings of lust immediately vanish from my head, to the point of seeing the semen on myself and thinking "what the hell am I even doing"

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...are you here to troll us?

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You're okay. Go read about Touhou and some visual novels, and you will fit in just fine.

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OP: not today, i just have friends irl who quote memes alot so i dont want to fall behind, and is there anyway to stop having to do verification after every post on here... its kinda anoying..

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that pink thing is fucking cute

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Kill them and eat their hearts before they wear Guy Fawkes mask and start parading around!

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OP: thanks i have a collection of cute immages i found around i just choose one that i thought would be un-series related to not cause tobble heres another this one is from a series and game though.

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>i just have friends irl who quote memes alot so i dont want to fall behind

Oh wow, you're a faggot. No, really. Not even with the 4chan meaning "oh hey everyone in here is a fag", no I mean, a faggot.

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No, but the verification is only a temporary solution to a recent problem with spam. Should be gone soon enough.
As for fitting in, play touhou games, read Fate/Stay Night, Tsukihime, play Sengoku Rance.

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OP: I Played but not finished Touhou 6 and watched the anime of fate stay night if you could aid me with finding the others i would be greatful >>5845400

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Play the following Touhou games.

Play the following everyone in /jp/ already played it eroge and VN
Fate Stay Night
Saya no uta
Sengoku Rance

Lastly, lurk more and dont ask for stupid obvious thing.
Everything can be downloaded or pirated off the internet by using google.
Other keywords include applocale, japanese locale, iso and etc.

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OP: thank you for the games list i will use it after i wake up, im sleepy so will see all in few hours, and just cause im from /B/ dont mean im like all the others some of us are good.. at least i think so.
P.S. immage is .gif ^^

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So I'm the only who hasn't played that? It's 300 fucking hours with a guide.

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Get the fuck out and never post here again.

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ITT: Idiots taking this seriously. It's obvious a troll and each post makes it more obvious.

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I see you haven't been to the rest of 4chan in awhile.

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I haven't.

Well, I probably will have within a year.

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just checking ( refreshed before shut down ) would those two count as trolling here? or do i realy come accross as a completely impossible person?

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There's no one that browses both /b/ and /c/. Chances are someone that browses /b/ wouldn't be acting like this. Other than that people don't just pick a board and decide what to do with their lives based on what they. She's going to play Touhou and VNs just because she discovered now that's what we do?

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>doesn't go to /c/

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This does seem like the standard kind of faggotry that has infested /c/ and /po/.

Why is /po/ so shitty?

Stop acting like you're some faggot from gaia or facebook.

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No it's not. It's less than 100 hours.

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>300 fucking hours with a guide.
It is way less if you use skip all READ TEXT.
Most of them are repeat anyway.

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