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Dote up a cat has received a C&D today T_T. there goes another translation

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>Dote up a cat
>implying anyone cares

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god dammit!! They were moving quite fast also.

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move server to nigeria or something

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pisses me off T_T, patch came out then BAM C&D

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As if they'd be able to sell it in the US.

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Did the devs really send that picture?

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My name is Tomotaka Ichinomiya.
I am working for visual arts Judicial Affairs Division Ltd..

The act that you are doing violates the Copyright Law.
It warns. Stop the translation of “Dote up a cat!” at once.

When your violation continues, the visual arts Ltd. have the possibility of managing legislative measures.

Your sincere correspondence is expected.

Visual arts co.Ltd.
Judicial Affairs Division
Tomotaka Ichinomiya

VA the first building
2-12-16 Honjonishi,Kitaku
saka Prefecture Osaka City
TEL:81-6-6377-3388 FAX:81-6-6377-3399

^ what they posted

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no, it was a "rewrite" on one of the warnings when you first start the game

fucking captcha

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On the on the one hand I'm disappointed that a decent loli game won't get translated. On the other I'm relieved that it makes it less likely we'll have another Rapelay style international incident.

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lol anyone have a link to the rapelay incident? I heard of it but never find any info on it

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Someone likes rape...

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Why do people give a shit about C&D already?

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If you bring enough hype to it, people will get mad the game was made at all. Bring it to the attention of feminists, who will let the Japanese feminists know, and soon enough they'll be shut down themselves.

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Because if you ignore them you can be sued and end up with massive debts that will force you to spend a night on the ship of hope, Espoir in order to try and pay them off. And you have nothing to gain by producing a fan translation.

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Do you know how much money it would cost for Japan to sue some brats in America/Europe?

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A: Spineless nerds who think the internet police(interpol for short) will get them.

B: Attention whores who feel that being quiet until they're ready to release won't get them the attention and love they so crave.

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The wouldn't even get support for their pedophile game anyway, HOWEVER, the translators would end up arrested on CP charges for the games in Europe at least. They have more leverage than ever.

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How the hell would you even go about marketing this?
Have sex with pets, then cry as they die? Is there even a market for things like this in the states?

It's annoying that this comes off the back of the onemanga situation, suggesting that more japanese companies will complain not about people pirating the works, but those working on translations of them.

On the plus side, maybe we'll see more doujin works getting looked at.

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How does it violate copyright law? It doesn't, it's a fucking translation.

Fucking idiots falling for this shit. What do they honestly think VisualArts will do? Sue them?

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What does Japanese copyright law have to do with (I'm assuming) American citizens?

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negotiations are in place, and if that fails...100% patches may just end up being posted in /jp/

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Wait, this is a VisualArts game? No wonder it got C&D'd, they have a gaijin block up.

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And nothing of value is lost.

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I always thought companies had a lot to gain with fan translations. It's pretty much free international marketing. And it's not like the VNs themselves are the only products they sell. Hell, I wonder how much the market for shit like figs grew thanks to anime fansubs.

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>Keeper of !SajuukntOY

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If they're getting stopped because they're affraid of being sued for freely translating a Japanese porn game, it probably means that the project would have die sooner or latter.

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>no market
>translation doesnt violates shit
>yes it does
>lol retards
>i fucking told you moogy i fucking told you
>hurr durr
>i dont know laws but im going to bitch
>no one cares
>i know laws but im going to bitch regardless

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Except that the japanese are xenophobes and hate people outside their country, so they don't care about international game exposure.

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bangcock must be the most annoying of those all because he comes off as obnoxious and ignorant

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Why does anyone care? Just keep working and upload the patch to megaupload or something. This is fucking ridiculous nobody will enforce them anyways.

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Japanese herd mentality. "Those guys have sent a C&D now we must too". Suddenly C&D's everywhere.

Still, do you really think the developers of Dote it Up Cat or whatever the fuck this is can afford to sue? How much money do you think they made off of this? Just pretend it never happened and keep going about translating.

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>Still, do you really think the developers of Dote it Up Cat or whatever the fuck this is can afford to sue?
It's VisualArt's that sent the C&D, not the developers themselves. And yes, VisualArt's has plenty of money to sue.

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itt butthurt weeaboos trying to justify something stupid shit because their translations got cancelled. tell you what faggots, go learn the language instead

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Unless I get some sauce on the C&D letter, I'm gonna call this a load of BS seeing as Tengu Translations got the okay to translate the game.

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>okay to translate the game
>sauce on the C&D

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Well, this honestly looked like shit anyway. I'm not too broken-up.

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Let us share a moment of mourning

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Just means that when something that IS good is being translated the company will be more inclined to write a C&D. They might even get someone who can write english next time.

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Very well. I'll stand down then.

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Looks like Visual Arts is on the roll with a plan to become second most hated eroge producer in the west.
Backup of SVNs, scripts of public projects and already released patches they may target is probably a good idea. Little Busters, Clannad, Tomoyo, Kanon and rldev are most likely to be primary candidates for next C&Ds.

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It has been said hundred of times already, but I still don't understand why translators do their stuff in the open. The obvious answer is attention whoring, but even so, how can they just give up on a game after they've already began translating it ? Did they really translate anything in the first place ?

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And nothing of value was lost.

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I care, I was really looking forward to it.
And to be honest I don't believe something good will come out of negotiations with Visual Arts. It seems they are too afraid that there might be some rapelay-like incident with their loli-games.

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You will never dote up a cat. ;_;

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why do they care. they're not going to send someone across the ocean to stop them

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I'm okay with that.

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Japan has ninjas and geisha assassins.

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Move everything to REtrans.

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From what I can tell, these japanese eroge company are implying you need a "license" or to purchase the "right" to translate their games for a fee.

However, why are they claiming this copyright piece of shit? No one is actually copying anything!

They are sending the C&D in a rude manner. These type of eroge company should just die in pieces and rot in hell. They don't deserve every YEN.

It's best to do translation project underground for now ffs. The moment you try to announce your project in public, you are asking for trouble.

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How about ninja geishas?

Everybody would be like, "Where the fuck is that music coming from?"

...and then, "Who gave me that hand job?!"

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Actually, according to Japanese copyright law, you DO in fact need to recieve permission in order to legally distribute a translation of a text, even if you don't redistribute the original; this is different from the stance that American copyright law takes.

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Technically, they CAN sue if people are translating their works without their express permission. However, to do so, they'd have to register their copyright in Tengu's country of origin, and their gaijin block makes it very clear that they don't want to do that.
This is just a scare tactic.

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Copyright is automatic in the USA and translations are derived and covered by the original copyright. Translation don't get a free pass.

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Wow, samefag futa hater troll. Here you are again.

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Why are you so obsessed with futa hater-kun?

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>I still don't understand why translators do their stuff in the open
Because it's the most effective and easiest way to find other staff to work with. No one will sign up to edit/hack/QC a translation project with untrustworthy pace, or awful raw translation.

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