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>Humans probably have no chance of winning against her.
>Excepting, of course, the countermeasure of approaching her in a gentlemanly fashion.

Are you ready to win her heart, /jp/?

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My body's not ready for her hagginess

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I don't think anyone on /jp/ has mastered the art of seduction.

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hello madam, I have seemed to stepped into on of your portals an have found myself out of my country. I have to go to a local ball soon perhaps you could show me my way bad and we could have a dance.

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Who would be able or, more importantly, who would have the additional balls to seduce Yukari?

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>Humans probably have no chance of winning against her.
I'd say this is debatable. Humans in Gensokyo don't have advanced technology, don't they?

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I could do it.

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I'd prefer Suika's heart

But I would treat her with respect regardless of the situation

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Yukari's elegance is a miracle of the multiverse.

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Prepare to gargle endless quantities of booze

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Suika probably wouldn't be interested unless you were alpha as fuck. Oni like strong people.

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to make it simple... just rape her

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She is drunk all the time, just drink with her and she will enjoy your company.

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I don't even know.

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Do you dare enter?

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Hell no, the other end is probably in a termite nest.

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I disagree, suika has a decent amount of short comings so she probably wouldn't have some alpha as fuck fetish.
I could deal with it
But I only want to hug her ;_;

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It's said that Suika can split the Youkai Mountain in half with a single fist, good luck trying to rape her.

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She'd probably mock you for all of your advances

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she'll want it when she's drunk

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>But I only want to hug her ;_;

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gentleman ≠ asshole hitting on women

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our only hope is Gordon Freeman with the portal gun and hope she likes the strong stoic type.

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>a /jp/er telling me to go back to a hugbox

I'm not some 2d only TruNEET legionfriend. Is it so wrong to think a character is cute and to want to hug them?

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>gentleman ≠ asshole hitting on women

gentleman = eternal creepy virgin and loser

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you mad?

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I'd use my dashingly good looks, my great charisma and my ferrari to get with Yukari. Not to mention my millions of dollars left over from inheritance money.

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Yukari wouldn't resist the Batman.

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>Humans probably have no chance of winning against her.
>Reimu has beaten her

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He'd probably need prep time though

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She held back

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That is some really elegant shit

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Wealth is meaningless to Yukari. She can have anything she wants.

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Ok this is how we do it.

1) Get some of the assholes from /fit/ to insult her, calling her a hag, saggy tits, etc.
2) Appear and beat them down, all the time ranting about how wonderful and attractive Yukari is.
3) Hope she falls for the White Knight routine.
4) If all else fails, use a Chen missile.

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I'm a vampire that sparkles in the sun, this will be easy.

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>Reimu, Marisa and Sakuya combined entertained her
says positrons (vc)

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She is beaten by Cirno every time I chose to play soku and decide to play Cirno vs Yukari.

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Get out of that thing Mokou you look old as shit

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Cirno is the strongest. Putting Cirno against Yukari is like putting Yuuka against Wriggle.

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But Cirno is the strongest.

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>Humans probably have no chance of winning against her.
In that case, once I get into gensokyo I'm gonna beat the shit out of her.
Fuck the police, fuck the goverment, fuck yukari, fuck any and all authority figures you can think of.
For Chaos!

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She'd just gap some boundaries and shit and figure out your true intentions and I could only imagine she'd be amused but ultimately unmoved.

Or she'd gap the boundary between the douchebags and incomprehensible and indescribable pain. Probably depends on what sort of mood she's in.

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You know I said that same thing while playing PCB and I couldn't do it

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You need to try harder.
Yukari isn't much harder than Ran actually. She's almost the same, except that she has one more spellcard.

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You greatly overestimate her abilities. For starters she can't read minds. Satori can. And even Satori can't read minds from as far as she wants.
And her border manipulation isn't nearly as powerful as everyone thinks. she can't just magically teleport you to hell at will, or take out the border between your humanity and a cheese sandwich turning you into a meal that's tasty albeit unhealthy for lactose intolerant people.
And even if, with enough hard work and ingenuity everything can be accomplished!

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Double Death Butterfly is the only real jump in difficulty. Surprisingly, a lot of her cards are somewhat easier, or not much different.

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Why are you using the futaba skin?

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If it can be conceived as separate from another thing, she can close the gap between them.

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[citation needed]

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Yukari can't create gold, discuss.

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I find it funny that this is basically the trump card argument for any discussion regarding touhou powerlevels.
Or anything regarding touhou and canon, really.

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Because I like it. Oh, and for other spellcards that are easier:

Motion/Stillness: Needs no explaination. It's trivial.
Straight/Curve: Ran's is just much less predictable.
Spiriting Away: The lasers are a useful cue.
Humans/Youkai: I think the pattern on this is a lot simpler to navigate through, but it may be just me.

Yukari's Arcanum is hard, but it's pure memorization. Practise it in IN.

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Shiki gland...

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Alright here, if you combine the fact that she closed the gap between the reflection of the moon, which is merely an effect from light from the moon bouncing onto water, and only one reflected image at that along with the fact that she can manipulate the border between life and death, it can be assumed that based upon the provided evidence she can close the gaps between two concepts she can perceive as different.

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In all the doujins I've seen, being a naked man normally weakens Touhous to the point where they cannot resist male advances.

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Porn is to get off to. Not to be factually accurate. Heck, most of them feature Touhous, but in appearance only.

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In the only one I've read Reimu pretty much raped a guy just because he was a guy

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>The ability to manipulate boundaries is a terrifying ability capable of fundamentally undermining reality.

>As you know, everything is built upon the existence of boundaries.

>If there was no water surface, there could be no lake.

>If there was no sky line, neither mountain nor sky could exist.

>Were it not for the Great Barrier, even Gensokyo itself wouldn't exist.

>If there were no boundaries, everything would probably exist as a single enormous object.

>Thus, the ability to manipulate boundaries is an ability of logical creation and destruction.

>It essentially creates a new being, or denies the existence of a being.

>Among the abilities youkai are known to possess, this is one of the most dangerous, being comparable even to the power of gods.

>She is also capable of going anywhere through a gap in space, whether it be her entire body or only a part of her.

>It's said that this ability is not limited to physical space, but also applies to pictures, others' dreams, and even stories.

>In addition, she is possessed of superhuman intellect, and is especially good at mathematics.

>Furthermore, due to her long lifespan, she has a broad range of knowledge and experience.

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I fucking hate you. Really.

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What, she was that weak all along? I tought she was somesort of an undefeateable supergod, but it seems she is just a hag with a tricky ability

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>is especially good at mathematics.

If Yukari was mai waifu would she help me with my homework?

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You did not read SSiB, did you?

>> No.5823252

>>Thus, the ability to manipulate boundaries is an ability of logical creation and destruction.
Yukari is partition magic.

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Trolls are being butthurt, please wait quietly.

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ITT Yukarists on a powertrip

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Explain us your master plan of overpowering her ability then, please?

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Kill her in her sleep with poison?

>> No.5823279

I think you could kill her if you caught her by surprise. She sleeps often, so just catch her napping and cut her throat.

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>this is basically the trump card argument for any discussion regarding anything ever

Fixed it there for you.

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Love her tenderly then rape her in the ass.

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>affecting even the weakest touhou
>let alone Yukari


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I stab her with a dremel powerdrill

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>cut her throat

Better make it a holy/magical knife, all youkai regenerate from secular wounds. You couldn't kill even Cirno like that.

>> No.5823303


I thought she was just an old semi alcoholic grandma with a fetish for teen girls.

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Well, bad comparison, actually you couldn't kill Cirno, period. Fairies are embodiments of natural forces, Cirno will exist as long as there is ice.

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These would both work if you could actually get past Ran and Chen, let alone be able to locate her home (I assume she isn't that stupid to sleep out in the open)
One could always poison her sake though, and with legitimate chances of succeeding.

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I deny her excistance, whitch distrups her powers and unstabilizes her existance, and then use the red text to say "Yokais do not exist"

After that use the gold text to deny the whole of Gensokyo from ever been real and finish with an endless blue barrage, making no sense at all

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She is, actually, just that stupid

not being defeated in a looooong time has made her rather...sloppy

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I don't remember what it's called, but it's in the same series as the one where a guy finds cirno in his fridge(Also, I think it's after the one where he finds cirno in the fridge).

>> No.5823349

It'd have to be fast acting poison, or she might realize what it was and detoxify herself (can she do that? Maybe.).

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Wouldn't work, if she's conscious for a few seconds before she passes out she'd probably be able to manipulate boundaries in a way to remove the damage or some shit. Only surefire way to go about it would be to remove her from her ability via immediate loss of consciousness - i.e. a bullet to the brain or something of the sort.

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Wrong, gensokyo exists because most humans don't believe it actually exists.

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She can manipulate the boundary of death so she can't die at all, no?

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>1) Get some of the assholes from /fit/ to insult her, calling her a hag, saggy tits, etc.

Your plan failed at number 1). By the time you jump out to beat them down they've already been gapped to the moon.

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I thought the world has agreed on never, EVER, crossing franchises when discussing powerlevels. I don't even care that you're epic trollan.

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That's not "Charge Star Platinum to full power then punch her in the fucking face"

>> No.5823382

Then I just have to reverse everything and then do it in a reversed order

>> No.5823386

Too bad I ain't the world baby

>> No.5823387

But stuff like that wouldn't hurt any decent youkai.

>> No.5823419

Youkai can regenerate even when cut to pieces. Plus they're durability would probably make conventional attacks useless. If you're going to kill one better use magic or a nuke.

>> No.5823432

Yes, you are a unique snowflake, special in the world~♥

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Celestial's flesh is poison to Youkai.
Feed her Tenshi, and Yukari will die.

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Trying to take a charming approach with Yukari would be useless because, as stated in canon, she is not the least bit human and she does not act like a human. It's like a gazelle trying to befriend a lion.

And then Ran would see you, get jealous, and taxidermy you into a body pillow for Chen.

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That's what I said with "poison her in her sleep".

Cut her in thousand pieces, seal them and scatter them across the Earth.

>> No.5823482

>she is not the least bit human and she does not act like a huma

That's why she drinks every night with reimu and others at the hakurei shrine.

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Canon != fanon.

>> No.5823495

Yukari is just a 1st level human Commoner with the Delicious and Peasant Hat flaws. Nothing worth worrying about.

>> No.5823498

>taxidermy you into a body pillow for Chen

Who wouldn't want that?

>> No.5823504

What's the story behind this picture?

>> No.5823506

This is what I was thinking.

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All of the Touhous drinking until they pass out.

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Another ordinary day in Gensokyo?

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she will just temper with the border between exsitance and non- exsitance.
if you try to temper only with her abilities, she will use the border between present and past to negate your actions before they happened.
she know what you want to do. she is a genius.

>> No.5823547

Yukari doesn't need to fight with logic, she can just open up a gap inside your chest cavity and let out the pressure so you wouldn't be able to breathe any more.

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People seem to underestimate the "superhuman intellect" part, as well as the "she has a broad range of knowledge and experience" one.

My guess is, and this applies for all the other elder characters in Gensokyo (e.g. Yuuka), if anyone had the intent to kill her, she would see through it right away. Think about a 3-year-old trying to play a trick on his parent. Now multiply this by a thousand. That's how intelligent a human's plan would seem to a youkai of Yukari's caliber.

>> No.5823577

>Yukari can just
>she will just
[insert border pulled out of ass here]

>> No.5823625

I'm using the word 'just' because i'm too lazy to describe how, when she does not exist, she is only a part of a fantasy, and since she rules the border between fantasy and reality, she can pass that boarder any time she wants.

she is the very avatar of her powers, so one can not separate the two.

>> No.5823645


>implying that centuries of sleeping and drunken haven't destroy her capacity of reflexion.

>> No.5823654

>Youkai have more robust bodies than humans, so even if they're split into five, they heal right away.

Oh shi- I never caught on to that. *gets weapons blessed by a priest*

>In extermination, one does not use weapons that cause physical damage; weapons with an "origin" are more preferable.

...or maybe not <_________>

......come to think of it, with youkai not being a threat to the outside world anymore human's "spirituality" has greatly fallen off. Is the barrier even necessary now? Going off of the above it seems like outside world humans couldn't really do much against youkai.

Ignoring the above, she couldn't manipulate anything without being conscious to do, which is what I was getting at. That said she could do something before the fact... like manipulating the border of mortality.

>> No.5823656

>she rules the border between fantasy and reality

T...T...That means that I can meet her for REAL? This is the best news of my entire life.

>> No.5823661

>*gets weapons blessed by a priest*
I'm curious, how did you find /jp/?

>> No.5823664

Back to pooshlmer, please.

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>> No.5823678

she doesn't want to meet us, we are both boring and useless.

>> No.5823689

I'm so high. I'd probably ask her something dumb like "Do you like my mustache?"

I'd get major pussy.

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>> No.5823725

He looks slower than Yuuka.

>> No.5823763

Being a corpse, you are correct.

But then again, Yuyuko herself is also a glorified corpse.

>> No.5823775

is it weird that i want a rule 34 of the god emperor of man and yukari?

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"Hey handsome~ Yeah, you with the shiny armor~ Wanna go eat fried eel with me?~♥"

>> No.5823785


If he become friend with yukari they can close eye of terror. Seems to be a good idea.

>> No.5823789

tonight, we dine in hengekoryou

yes, yes it is.
I'm with you on that request. to the drewfag thread!

>> No.5823792

Request it at the drawthread, they might actually do it.

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>> No.5823799

While you guys are arquing about powerleves, I am eating some chocolate. Jelous much?

>> No.5823800



I know it doesn't seem like much to someone with an imagination that decides trolling /jp/ is a great way to spend an afternoon, but Yukari's abilities are Lovecraftianly terrifying. Our brains require preset definitions to process information and definitions are essentially a type of boundary; the scope of her capabilities are literally beyond comprehension.

tl;dr Yukari saw forever and went "Oh, that's nice. By the way, Ran, I was thinking WAFFLES for dinner."

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Was that a..

What the hell was that?

>> No.5823807

Yuyuko is a better match, considering that she was human that survived The Warp. Yukari is not.

>> No.5823811

While you're eating chocolate, I'm getting stoned.

>> No.5823816

tl;dr: logic doesn't apply to Yukari at all. She's Yahweh's avatar in Gensokyo.

>> No.5823817

my mistake, Hakugyokurou


>> No.5823819 [SPOILER] 
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Yukari IS the Warp

>> No.5823825

>she was human that survived The Warp
What the fuck are you talking about.
No, don't answer. You are just spewing bullshit.

>> No.5823828

Yukari is nothing compared to chaos gods, let alone the warp.

>> No.5823832

If I ever would be to meet Yukari, I would not act in any way different at all. Not kiss up to her, not gentleman for my life to her, just be myself

maybe ask if she would let me take a look inside a gap

>> No.5823836

She had deity-level powers. She slumbers a lot, but she is still quite mighty if she is the one behind the great barrier.

>> No.5823838

In that case she's weak as fuck.
IIRC, the last avatar of yahweh on earth was nailed to a cross by a couple of roman soldiers, and if you've read Asterix and Obelix, you know how pathetic roman soldiers are.

>> No.5823852

I don't think you even understand what Chaos Gods are. Deities or nothing to those forces.
Read your Liber Chaotica.

>> No.5823856


She'd probably make you clean the floor or go pick up groceries in exchange for keeping anything that would make your head explode from coming into your field of vision.

Or she'd just let your head explode, politely cover her mouth and giggle at what a silly boy you were for asking to look inside a gap as a regular human and make Ran mop up the chunks of your skull and brain.

>> No.5823859
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>> No.5823870

Or she can actually be a nice person

>> No.5823878
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And that's why Jews don't think Christ has come yet. Because Jesus was a weak-ass pussy faggot.

>> No.5823882

She's not a "person", she's a youkai.
She eats "persons"

>> No.5823884

The God Emperor of Mankind IS Jesus. And every great man/leader/religious figure that has ever existed.

>> No.5823893


>> No.5823902

As much as I like her I'd probably stay the fuck away
I don't trust anyone capable of manipulating reality

Stay away from satori too because I'm a sick fuck

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>> No.5823905

i really like your humor sense and writing style.

>> No.5823907
File: 30 KB, 400x320, The-God-Emperor.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Would like to have a word with you

>> No.5823909

It's nice to know that I'm entertaining someone.

>> No.5823913

Reported for demotivator.

>> No.5823920


Yukari's probably eaten more humans than any other youkai because A) she's one of the oldest and B) the boundary wouldn't stop her from dropping Ran in a maternity ward with a shopping basket.

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"Gods? I already have beaten five or six of them."

>> No.5823935

I'd be inclined to believe this. But you would never suspect her to attack humans from reading ssib.

>> No.5823958

Once again, CHAOS Gods, not just gods. They simply aren't something you can beat. Seriously, Liber Chaotica.

>> No.5823982

>They simply aren't something you can beat
I need to rephrase that. Sounds too personal.
They simply aren't something that CAN be beaten, just like you can't burn the fire or consume the process of eating. The concept just doesn't match.

>> No.5823983

As much as I like Touhou, I can't help but laugh at you. To defeat a Chaos God, you have to eradicate one of the facets of human nature. Not just for humans either, for every living thing. You have to erase the desire to kill, for whatever reason, to defeat Khorne. You have to erase the desire in sentient beings for pleasure, decadence and hedonism, to defeat Slaanesh. You have to remove ambition, planning, dreams, goals, and scheming, and greed to defeat Tzeentch. You have to erase the laws of nature to defeat Nurgle.

Reimu would never be able to defeat a Chaos God, because she, like every other human, caries some Chaos within her soul. Her very personality is that of Chaos. Chaos gods aren't "gods." They are emotions. Raw emotions that every human and sentient alien possesses. In the warp, these emotions become manifest as the Chaos Gods, and all of their daemons.

Reimu can't defeat them, because to kill a Chaos God, you have to remove its emotions from yourself, and also from every other living thing in the universe.

>> No.5823998

Oh you just had to explain it, didn't you?
And now he has no reason to read LC and it will be only harder to convert him. Good job, grab a knife in your hand and then give yourself a pat on the back with it.

>> No.5824005
File: 74 KB, 500x600, 1245523777343.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Let's keep crossover powerlevels out of this thread, shall we?

>> No.5824006
File: 9 KB, 126x254, 683746-th06patchouli_portrait_super.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


"Already read that book. It's full of shit."

>> No.5824007
File: 829 KB, 1240x930, 1278442166889.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

And not just that either. Khorne represents more than just killing, he represents martial honor and pride. If you take pride in defeating an opponent, you honor Khorne.

Reimu is basically a champion of Khorne. She seeks out the strongest opponents she can find and beats them in a test of martial skill and strength. She takes pride in defeating these opponents. She is in no position to oppose Khorne. She's one of Khorne's servants.

So is Marisa.

>> No.5824014

Make the world a happier place: make the chaos gods pleasant.

>> No.5824017

Why do we have to fight her anyways? I'm a big fan of running away.

>> No.5824018
File: 17 KB, 251x251, 1275657422411.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

"Yukarin, Yukarin, is the gap like a vagina?"

>> No.5824027

Because you can't run away from her.

>> No.5824045

>To defeat a Chaos God, you have to eradicate one of the facets of human nature. Not just for humans either, for every living thing. You have to erase the desire to kill, for whatever reason, to defeat Khorne. You have to erase the desire in sentient beings for pleasure, decadence and hedonism, to defeat Slaanesh. You have to remove ambition, planning, dreams, goals, and scheming, and greed to defeat Tzeentch. You have to erase the laws of nature to defeat Nurgle.

To kill Mokou or Kaguya you have to... No. Just forget what I said...

>> No.5824061

So you just have to kill every living being in the whole galaxy, including yourself, to kill them. Sounds like a plan

>> No.5824072

I think the fastest way to kill any touhou is to take many hammers in the justice of an idea is located inside the of many thing is

>> No.5824132

Being immortal means nothing. They can't compare to the Chaos gods either. They don't have the power. In 40k, being immortal is not something extremely rare. Every Chaos God, and all of their daemons are immortal. No matter how many times you kill them, erase their existence, banish them, or kill their followers, they will always come back.

Kaguya and Mokou are comparable to greater daemons of Chaos in strength, and they share the characteristic of "never dying."

The only solution is to wipe the universe clean of all sentient life. And the second it comes back, so too will the Chaos gods be reborn.

Once again, Mokou and Kaguya are sentient. They have emotions. Their very existence makes the Chaos Gods stronger. Just like Reimu's existence makes Khorne stronger, lol.

>> No.5824148

Since all the touhoes are youkai or powerfull magician who both exist because of the warp if the chaos meets gensokyo that will, in fact, changes nothing except a large amount of kick-assing and soapy love with the new sexy daemonnettes from the neighborhood.

>> No.5824154

The chaos gods wouldn't be such tremendous assholes if the 40k universe weren't so grimdark.

>> No.5824158

Actually, you just have to drown them in lava or hot steel.

>> No.5824201


That would kill them. Then they would resurrect safely outside the hot lava.

Mokou and Kaguya's immortality is immortality as a "concept" -- any attempt to destroy their "concept" will fail. It's not a physical immortality, like "their pieces will come together and reform". They can resurrect even if you annihilate every last atom.

>> No.5824215


this is nice, but in character they also state that Perfect Memento has many exaggerations and rumours and can't be completely trusted, it's designed to be a guide to give you a better idea of how a character is perceived in her own setting rather then a blow by blow encyclopaedia of facts.

We've already seen that Yukari has limits and how she utilises various tricks to get around them, she's literally made of plot device. In anycase it's better to view Yukari's as a schemer rather then a direct power character. If you want to go on about power levels, Suika, Flandre and Yuka are all blatant direct strength monsters where as Yukari is always meant to be vague and mysterious. Did you beat her, did she let you win? Is this all part of her plan? That's what Yukari is all about.

>> No.5824218

Just keep them alive but forever trapped then.

>> No.5824223


I suspect that wouldn't work. Gensokyo isn't dark enough for the rules to allow that.

>> No.5824232

They commit suicide and resurrect safely outside the trap.

>> No.5824258

Then restrain their arms and legs, put pipes down their throats to deal with eating and drinking and air, and use catheters and colostomy bags to deal with waste. They'll be trapped until you forget to feed them.

>> No.5824260
File: 701 KB, 800x1100, 1245520201196.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

You don't have to fight her. Refer to OP for what you have to do.

I'd actually love to see some doujin where she gets all embarrassed and flustered by a man's gentlemanly fashion. It doesn't even have to end in sex.

>> No.5824266

I'd belive Mokou and kaguya are rather hard to restrain or imprison permantly. They have some power besides the whole immortal thing, right?

>> No.5824269

You don't even know how right you are.
It is even true and confirmed that one Chaos God can be worshipped in many different aspects, meaning they give their followers what they want (as long as its related to their "domain". Unless you decide to follow the concept of Chaos Undivided) and appear to be to their followers exactly the way they imagine them.
For example, Khaela Mensha Khaine, worshipped by dark elves as the god of war, is actually one of the aspects of Khorne.
If humans first... "found out" chaos in more hospitable lands, not in northern tundras filled with monsters, cold, barbarian tribes, no place for growing crops and all other incentives to start being plain out evil, perhaps the Chaos Gods would look and act more... nice.

>> No.5824279

No, if you drown the in lava they die forever. I read that in that zuns story where mokou talks with keine.

>> No.5824280


Yes, after a thousand years or so, they're rather good magicians as well.

Mokou in particular has the advantage that she doesn't have to worry about preserving her own body when using magic, so she can use far more powerful magic than her skill would otherwise indicate.

So yes, Mokou would just cast a spell to vaporize herself.

>> No.5824282

There is always a way to commit suicide. Always.

It's especially easy when you have nothing else to do anyway.

>> No.5824288


Only if you drop them in Mount Doom.

>> No.5824291
File: 29 KB, 200x200, 1275237076950.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I fail to see how beings of such power like Yukari who is in essence a demigod could fear humans in anyway.

In fact the fear humans have for youkai is on of the very things that define their very existence. Humans need to fear youkai so someone of Yukari's obvious power would have no trouble in sowing this fear into humanities mind.

Perhaps she doesn't want to see the lesser youkai hunted and persecuted. Not everyone is as strong as she is.

Or perhaps she is merely biding her time. Making the border gave her time to think and she has all the time in the world. Humans will come to fear youkai again. Just as soon as Yukari can be bothered to do something about it.

>> No.5824295

Not when you have no control over your body's input and output, and cannot move your limbs.

>> No.5824301

Or you can just use The Bullshit Ropes.
The one Yukari was tied with in SSiB.

>> No.5824302


Any good Wizard has a few spells without an oral or somatic component.

>> No.5824317
File: 31 KB, 852x480, w146358271.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>Mokou and Kaguya's immortality is immortality as a "concept"
No problem.

>> No.5824318

Hahaha are you fucking kidding me?
There is no way someone who wastes spell slots on maybe-spells is a "good wizard".
No. You are supposed to fill everything with maximized fireballs or maximized disintegrate. Everything.

>> No.5824321

As long as you can control your muscles, it's pretty easy to damage your internal organs.

>> No.5824322

from what you say here, you said chaos gods are immortal. But to kill them you'd have to destroy all the 'chaos'.
This confirms, that the chaos gods can be killed.

Kaguya and Mokou on the other hand, cannot. Killing a chaos god is extremely hard, but not impossible. The same is not true for the Hourai Incarnate. They can't die. Death is literally not a part of their existence.

>> No.5824326

No it's not. And definitely not to the level where you fucking kill yourself.

>> No.5824331

/jp/ - /tg/ General

>> No.5824335


Though it doesn't matter, because Mokou is a sorcerer, not a wizard.

>> No.5824344


the term 'concept' is used lightly. Death eyes work by invoking nonexistence. That's not something they can do, so they have no dots.

>> No.5824363

Nanaya can't do it but Shiki can. She got upgraded eyes that can kill even god.
And God > Immortal people.
So no problem there.

>> No.5824367

I'm sorry but >>5824279 is right. I remember that too.
It's on wiki I think. Go check yourself.
And you can't kill chaos. Not even because it's impossible, because saying something like that is just blabbering. Chaos is an abstract thought. Next you'll try to marry justice or play checkers with morality.

>> No.5824369

Yes it is. Let's start with something as simple as holding your breath.

>> No.5824375


fuck this shit. Make them suspend in an anti-magic room, tie their limbs with unbreakable rope and put them on a drug (butterfly dream pill- dangerous portion) so they'll never wake up. There you go a trapped mokou and kaguya forever

>> No.5824379
File: 156 KB, 1024x766, remiq.net_5789.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>Yukari is always meant to be vague and mysterious. Did you beat her, did she let you win? Is this all part of her plan? That's what Yukari is all about.

Reimu follows Khorne and Yukari follows tzench?

>> No.5824382

I am late in pointing this out, but it's implied that the Great Barrier is too big and powerful of a work for even Yukari to have done it alone. The connected implication is that the bloodline of Hakurei may be better with boundaries/barriers than Yukari herself.

>> No.5824383

You can't die from holding your breath. Somewhen you pass out and start to breath automatic.

>> No.5824386

Goddamn sorcerors. I always thought that letting them take matamagic feats and attach them to spells at will is just broken.

>> No.5824391

I will and if it turns out I remember right and I wasted the time checking, I'm going to go here and ridicule you to no end.

>> No.5824392


[citation needed]

I've read through it like 20 times *literally*. There's nothing. She just says a goddess of immortality lives atop there and she'll climb up to see her to apologize one day.

>> No.5824396

Funny OP, because Reimu did it.
In a very barbarian way.

>> No.5824404

immortal is used lightly in that universe.

It's true meaning is >cannot be killed via any means
>death by mystic eyes
>not immortal

there you go

>> No.5824409

That's why you hook them up to an iron lung or something so they can't control their breath.

>> No.5824433

Wait, why can't you just lock her up in some anti-magic/magicr-resistant cell? If she commits suicide and dies, she'll resurrect exactly where she died anyway.

>> No.5824440

yeah, but this way is crueler.

>> No.5824452


No, only until something breaks.

And they have all the time in the world to wait until something breaks.

>> No.5824455

Killing Mokou or Kaguya is absolutely impossible.
But I don't see the point of even trying. Or even locking them up forever. Why are you even talking about this? Did they do something horrible or what?

>> No.5824464

>something breaks
>unbreakable rope
>eternal magic from Kaguya

no problem here

>> No.5824471

>I don't see the point of even trying
>Killing Mokou or Kaguya is absolutely impossible
You have answered yourself.
We'll do it because we can't.

>> No.5824476

Oh my fucking god, WH fags, are we really attempting this? A drunken Nip versus a bunch of neckbeards with a dice fetish. Who would win?

Protip: The neckbeards aren't sexually attracted to their characters.

At least in theory.

>> No.5824480


>we'll do it
>but we can't

fuck common sense! akjdfl;akkdl;dfjas

>> No.5824487

Fucking immortals, how do they work?

>> No.5824492

So how are you going to tie up Kaguya?

>> No.5824497
File: 82 KB, 256x256, face_st06dp.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


this lady knows
brain of the moon, all the knowledge in the universe says it herself. She knows it's impossible

>> No.5824502
File: 40 KB, 129x282, 1277298417693.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

This has gone beyond powerlevel discussion.
We are teaching them the way of Chaos.

>> No.5824505


>why would you want to tie up Kaguya? She never leaves Eientei anyway


>> No.5824514
File: 214 KB, 892x1000, 5909fce90fa2a1fa21225eabebd2ce4b.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


"Just try, fags."

>Killing a chaos god is extremely hard, but not impossible. The same is not true for the Hourai Incarnate.

If you must kill EVERYONE to kill a chaos god but if in the same time there is reisen, kaguya and mokou alive you'll have über weak gods but alive gods. Surely slaanesh and khorne because it's boring to be alone floating in the universe without sex or fight.

>> No.5824519


>implying ZUN wouldn't flip the table over and send all your little action figures spilling on the floor while going "KILLING EVERY SINGLE FUCKING ONE OF YOU. THAT'S MY NEW TOUHOU'S SPECIAL POWER."

>> No.5824530


are you saying he uses Mokou and Kaguya's and other immortal's people to keep himself alive?
fuck, you got me beat.

>> No.5824536


Flandre's already made, champ

>> No.5824537

Okay then, even a single chaos god can kill Yukari, but Yukari can kill the Emperor. Well, could, if he was still alive.
...but where does that put batman? Can he kill Yukari, or at least the Emperor?

>> No.5824542

Well, you just have to remove the chaos from within Mokou and Kaguya. That's much easier than ending Mokou or Kaguya. Chaos is not completely immortal.

>> No.5824544
File: 16 KB, 300x396, 516383-scrooge_large.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Up there with Scrooge McDuck

>> No.5824549

Scrooge McDuck can kill servants. Discuss.

>> No.5824552


>"the terror of immortality is eternal solitude"

Seperate the two and it's possible.

>> No.5824562


>implying Kaguya and Mokou can get along

ahaha oh wow.jpg

>> No.5824563

>Well, you just have to remove the chaos from [someone]
On one hand, that idea is retarded, on the other hand, even saying something like that is retarded.

>> No.5824564


ZUN is the motherfucking 76th most important person in japan what can you do against THAT? UH?

>> No.5824565
File: 79 KB, 383x408, 00043690.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>> No.5824569


Don't know about that. But in his best years he was about an even match for Africa.
The whole continent.

>> No.5824572
File: 62 KB, 370x278, 164868265.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>Well, could, if he was still alive.


>> No.5824573

Much more likely than either of them dying.

The only real reason they still hate each other is so that they have something not so transient to do with their time.

>> No.5824574
File: 238 KB, 646x913, KaguyaMokou true love.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Oh, they get along. They get along VERY well...

>> No.5824577

I don't even know why you think that will work.

>> No.5824581


I hate you. I hate you...so much...

>> No.5824585

What is there to discuss? It's true.

captcha: an cackles

>> No.5824588

Yukari can do it.

>> No.5824597

What if Yukari combined everyting in the universe so everything existed as
>one single enourmous object

then there'd be nothing for that one thing TO be chaotic against. chaos god problem solved

>> No.5824600

Now we go full circle. Yukari can kill Chaos Gods.

>> No.5824604
File: 148 KB, 600x696, mokoukaguya.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


In the deepest, darkest, yet most well furnished and luxurious catacombs of fandom, they certainly do.

Elsewhere, not exactly.

>> No.5824607

Well... it may be shippershit
But at least it's not /tg/ shit

>> No.5824614
File: 43 KB, 289x255, Ike2.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

But the chaos gods have Ike on their side, who killed the goddess of order. So take that!

>> No.5824618

Shouldn't Yukari be able to remove the border between human and god?

>> No.5824622

jigglypuff can kill ike i saw it in brawl

>> No.5824623
File: 16 KB, 142x124, Sanaeface.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.5824635
File: 65 KB, 631x1041, tier.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.5824643
File: 568 KB, 827x810, KaguyaMokou3.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>> No.5824646


you're not op

>> No.5824651 [DELETED] 


freaking DIE ALREADY!!

>> No.5824658
File: 68 KB, 626x768, 1280519840572.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>> No.5824661

I doubt drugs work on touhou immortals.

And crossover POWERLEVELS discussions are the worst.

and you can't remove chaos from a person.

and you all are faggots.

>> No.5824663

No, I mean, why do you think it will erase chaos?
And why do you think there would be no chaos then? Chaos is in everything, not just an expression against something.
Besides, if she did that, she wouldn't be in a, well, healthy condition anymore.
Not to mention that SHE IS NOWHERE NEAR POWERFUL ENOUGH TO DO THAT, If she was SSiB would be a one issue manga featuring her stealing eirin's shit effortlessly and then turning the moon into a potato.

>> No.5824665

Shiki should be at top then Moko-tan/Teruyo

>> No.5824667

ORT could beat Khorne in an arm wrestle.

>> No.5824668

...I like it.

>> No.5824671

No Accelerator?

>> No.5824682

why Shiki?

>> No.5824688

>I doubt drugs work on touhou immortals.

Why is mokou smoking then? One of the best part in being immortal is that you cannot destroy your health with drug, imagine 8 liters of heroïn in a baxter.

>> No.5824689
File: 521 KB, 559x486, SR0057-1.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

This guy can defeat immortals and Yukari.

>> No.5824690
File: 78 KB, 804x604, FateStayNight018.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

captcha: you breeds

>> No.5824691
File: 260 KB, 864x605, 1273942686009.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>Are you ready to win her heart, /jp/?

My body is ready. I want her to sexually manhandle me.

Also, where's my Touhou dating sim?

Captcha: Meeting Petrograd

>> No.5824692
File: 82 KB, 300x300, 1278673993174.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Khorne gets stronger the more powerful opponent he fights.
You can't be stronger than Khorne. At best you can be as strong as him, if you reached the possible maximum for strength of any being (if such limit even exists).

>> No.5824693


Even Reimu defeated immortals and Yukari. So?

>> No.5824696

If there is a hypothetical possible way for chaos gods to die, doesn't Shiki have a way to kill them?

>> No.5824699


>> No.5824707

It means Yukari's gonna get Hyper Weapon'd just like how Reimu fucked her.

>> No.5824708

That's the thing though.
There is no way for them to die.
Because in a way, they don't even live.
They just are.

>> No.5824711

he can do it without any powers.

>> No.5824731

...Rance dies to a single gay youkai, if you don't trick him into using only part of his power, and then attacking him with 20 allies.
Or if you're not just sending one angry diviner, whose girlfriend was killed by said youkai.

>> No.5824742
File: 807 KB, 1200x900, Accelerator8.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]



>> No.5824743

Because she is the final judgement and cannot be defeated even by Yukari

>> No.5824745

...Rance dies to a single gay youkai

there's no such thing as gay youkai near Rance.

>> No.5824750

Wait, I meant >>5824689
How did I miss by such a long shot?

>> No.5824751

Rance with prep time = Batman.


>> No.5824753

VIVIT can kill Shikieiki, discuss.

>> No.5824760

Have you even finished Sengoku Rance? I'm not demanding, I won't ask you to play the other ones, but you could at least finish the most popular one.

>> No.5824762

you are underestimating Power word:nag

>> No.5824773

played only first two.

>> No.5824788

What bullshit is this?

>> No.5824789

VIVIT has robotic nag resistance.

She can also kill Mokou.

>> No.5824798

>played only first two
>spouts crap about the tenth game

>> No.5824800
File: 126 KB, 1024x768, a620f7b51f8d12346770b9d535a3f458.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Best Thread on /jp/.

There needs to be a 40k eroge.

>> No.5824801

>She can also kill Mokou.

Who can't? CON was her dump stat.
She can't make her stay dead though.

>> No.5824805
File: 747 KB, 1000x742, griffith_ganishka2.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Enough with the god emprah. Time for uh... The god emprah Griffith. He is stronger than touhoes since he is the chosen one from the warp? A kind of horus i guess but in a sexier way.

>> No.5824808

yes, i'm sorry, i'm sorry. Didn't expect serious discussion here.

>> No.5824811

>Rance with prep time = Batman.
I was surprised to find out how true this is.

>> No.5824817

Shinji can't.

>> No.5824826


both of you are wrong. Mokou never dies. She can't be "killed", that's why there's a resurrection. It's the result.

>> No.5824853

Yukari is small time compared to Marneus Calgar, who is the closest living person to Rowboat girlyman, everyone's favorite spiritual liege.

>> No.5824861

Cu Cuchulain can kill Mokou then, with his noble phantasm.

>> No.5824875

>..Rance dies to a single gay youkai

>Implying that not everyone is gay in gensokyo.

>> No.5824886

Mokou can regrow her entire body.

>> No.5824933


Does anyone knows some good doujins about W40K?

>> No.5824949

Hirano can kill Reimu.

>> No.5824950

There is one, actually. Let me find it.

>> No.5824955

>implying what he's quoting is even fact
>implying rance hasn't had consensual sex with bisexuals and lesbians before

>> No.5824990

First of all, what you're greentexting is false and a joke, even the poster agreed to him making a stupid joke.

Second, in canon this everyone in Gensokyo is gay bullshit ain't real. Even in non-canon, Touhous have regular sex with faceless dudes.

>> No.5825012
File: 256 KB, 779x1100, 1.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Here it is. I found this on /tg/ a while ago.

Something happened to the first page

>> No.5825017
File: 398 KB, 780x1100, 2.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>> No.5825024
File: 322 KB, 780x1100, 3.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>> No.5825025
File: 490 KB, 779x1100, 4.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>> No.5825033
File: 633 KB, 779x1100, 5.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>> No.5825038
File: 586 KB, 779x1100, 6.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>> No.5825045
File: 487 KB, 780x1100, 7.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>> No.5825056
File: 611 KB, 779x1100, 8.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

That's all. And it looks like the thread's on autosage, so I hope you're still here.

>> No.5825129


I'll be there until this epic thread disappear. Thank you for posting.

>> No.5825230

Chaos gods are emotions made manifest in the "Warp" which is an abstract dimension.

The only way to "kill" Chaos Gods is to erase emotions from the universe. And even if you were to kill every living thing that was sentient, you wouldn't really be killing them. Why? Because the second sentient life evolved again, the Chaos Gods would be reborn, just like a phoenix. The Chaos gods can't be killed. They just are. They are there, and always have been there. The only reason they have such a horrible aspect in 40k is because of how grimdark the universe becomes.

Theoretically, if everyone loved each other and happily drank tea and tended to their gardens in friendship, the Chaos Gods would look like elegant little girls.

>> No.5825249

Against Kaguya/Mokou, we're talking heat death of the universe here. Life won't continue re-evolving in various places forever.

>> No.5825304


ZUN has already made Chaos Gods in Gensokyo. Yukari IS Genokyo's Tzeentch, etc.

>> No.5825314

If Kaguya and Mokou stay alive, so will the Chaos Gods. Do Kaguya and Mokou feel emotions? Yes they do. Therefore, no matter how weak they become, they'll never die as long as Kaguya and Mokou are there. Besides, Kaguya and Mokou can't hurt the Chaos Gods. It's not like they can go into the warp and fight them. And even if they did, they'd never defeat Khorne. Just the desire to defeat Khorne makes him stronger. Your desire to crush him makes you into one of his champions, searching for the strongest opponent. He will get stronger the more you desire to kill him, and the more pride you get from fighting him or the other gods. You see how difficult of a problem "killing the Chaos Gods" becomes?

Also, if the universe ends, Kaguya and Mokou will disappear too. The end of all things/etc.

The only person who ever could defeat the Chaos Gods was the Emperor. Why? Because he is a Chaos God himself. Heresy? Actually no. He is like Jesus, incarnated as a man. But he is a Chaos God. He represents another aspect of humanity: self-control. If you take all of the Chaos Gods, and the emotions they represent, and control them, by having them in moderation, every evil emotion becomes a virtue. Martial pride and honor? A virtue. Killing? A virtue when used to defend the weak and in self-defense. Pleasure-seeking? A virtue when used to improve life, appreciate art, and reproduce. Ambition? Goals, Dreams, and planning? Virtues. Decay? Death is natural in the material universe.

All Chaos Gods become virtuous when tempered with self-control. When the Emperor finally dies, the Chaos Gods will be "defeated" by the addition of self-control to their pantheon of emotions. Don't believe me? Explain the Living Saints. They are greater daemons of the Emperor.

>> No.5825338

Kaguya and Mokou are removed from the concept of an end. Even if the universe ended, they would continue forever. This is the curse of the Hourai elixir.

>> No.5825356

>He will get stronger the more you desire to kill him

Just kill by accident with I dunno what, a banana peel?

>The only person who ever could defeat the Chaos Gods was the Emperor. Why? Because he is a Chaos God himself. Heresy? Actually no. He is like Jesus, incarnated as a man. But he is a Chaos God. He represents another aspect of humanity: self-control. If you take all of the Chaos Gods, and the emotions they represent, and control them, by having them in moderation, every evil emotion becomes a virtue. Martial pride and honor? A virtue. Killing? A virtue when used to defend the weak and in self-defense. Pleasure-seeking? A virtue when used to improve life, appreciate art, and reproduce. Ambition? Goals, Dreams, and planning? Virtues. Decay? Death is natural in the material universe.

All Chaos Gods become virtuous when tempered with self-control. When the Emperor finally dies, the Chaos Gods will be "defeated" by the addition of self-control to their pantheon of emotions. Don't believe me? Explain the Living Saints. They are greater daemons of the Emperor.


>> No.5825372

>Just kill by accident with I dunno what, a banana peel?

Exactly. Given a truly infinite amount of time, his death is inevitable.

>> No.5825374

That is... HERESY!!! The Emperor, a Chaos God? Mindfuck! You... you DOUBLE HERETIC!!!

[citation needed] It never says that they won't disappear when the universe ends. Only that if they die, they will immediately reincarnate. Nowhere does it imply that if thrown into lava for example, they will be reincarnated a safe distance away. They will just die. Forever. Until the universe ends. And if they DID still exist after the universe ended... They'd just die over and over and over again for eternity in a vacuum, all alone.

>> No.5825399

But... He can't be killed by accident. He doesn't exist in our dimension. He just kind of... is. Out in his bizzaro world of the Warp. If we could kill him by having him slip on a banana peel, by god the Imperium's number one industry would be banana farms.

That being said, my captcha says:
relationship joyfuller
;_; fuck you captcha

>> No.5825400

If you look at it like that, Kaguya/Mokou lesbian hatesex is canon.

>> No.5825424

I don't mean a literal banana peel. I mean that two magic users have an infinite amount of time to kill in the void.

>> No.5825474


I was speaking about a litteral banana peel but when you kill him without wanting to or beat him in a fight without wanting to kill him, just like a fucking kung fu monk who beats a bandit without thinking. I understand myself...

>> No.5825485

I wasn't speaking for you, sorry. I meant to speak as the one who quoted you.

>> No.5825870

I've just read everything and then realize that >>5823703 is a master troll.

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