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'Nough said.

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I am black and I dislike how the "n word" has worked its way into American pop culture.

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I am white and I dislike how this normalfag-type song is recognized by me since I heard it in GTA.

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I am 2ch and we dislike how one manga is stealing our manga which we work hard on.

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This board does not read much manga. You want to go to /a/.


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I am autistic and I dislike how normal people wont acknowledge our superiority over them.

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I am Korean and I dislike how the laws of physics are not acknowledged as an invention of our glorious leader.

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I am American and do not care.

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Reported for inciting /a/ posting.

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I am a girl and I dislike how you bring up you're black in all of your posts. Just tripfag already, everyone can tell who you are.

Knock that shit off, fatty.

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Fatties are all in /a/. I knew you weren't from here.

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Been here since day one. All fat people are autistic, therefore all of /jp/ is fat. Except for me and a few other normalfriends.

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>All fat people are autistic, therefore all of /jp/ is fat
You should try politics.

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>autistic, therefore all of /jp/

Reported for shitposting.

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Announcing it to the world when you report something isn't a hallmark of high quality posting either.

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