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Hey /jp/, what would your perfect (somewhat realistic) day be like?

For me, it would have to include sitting on a really comfortable chair browsing /jp/ with a plate of gyros on my lap.

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Wake up
Go to the range
Take a nap
Take the car to the beach
Spend time with waifu

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Masturbating to Reimu

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I will never be satisfied with a realistic scenario. ;_;

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Let's forget whatever stupid thing this thread was about and get some fit Touhous in here to counteract the Yuyucow thread.

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OP here. Ok. I got a lot anyway.

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I'm a lazy spammer

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.5g of heroin and a rainy day

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Empty house and multiple tanks filled with nitrogen.

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Getting up, eating a healthy breakfast, going for a sprint after work, browsing /jp/, then fucking my wife so hard she comes thrice.

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I like this artist, but some of the pics just feel weird. I always imagined Reisen having the body of an awkward middle schooler and everyone knows Chen is a loli.

I liked his Eirin, though.

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That bird looks like he's mocking me, or he's coughing up something.

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Live alone in my own apartment so I can be able to sleep well all day, wake up at night while it's raining heavily. Turn on the TV on mute, turn on the PC and play some Jazz, drink some wine, lay in my bed and starry at the ceiling until I get tired. Then engage to the typical weeaboo activities for a few hours until I get tired. Put on some jazz, drink some wine and lay back again. Repeat.

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These pictures were posted a long time ago here by the way
>obligatory captcha bullshit

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My favorite one

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Strangely enough, this is the only one that makes me raise one eyebrow.

Patchuolli does no exercise whatsoever.

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As you can see, I didn't sleep well.

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No, she does it once in a week. Keeps her sane.

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They don't have to make sense, just enjoy the buff and milkbags

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But she listens to hip-hop and stuff.

Also, I think Yuugi is turning me gay. I really like pics of her with man arms. Probably because they bring out the soft roundness of her massive tits.

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Fit Patchy is the best.

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How the hell is that fit? She's more fat and sweaty than fit.

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Y'know, I just realized that I've hardly ever seen any fit China pics, which doesn't make sense, because she actually is a fit Touhou.

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Oh, there we go.

Legs need more definition, though.

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Why do you have a need to post under a tripcode? Unless you offer some kind of significant service (translating, hosting servers, providing raws/content) you have no important role whatsoever that deems your worth for a trip.

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A truly fit person, male or female, would maintain a healthy layer of fat over their muscles.

Athletes don't need this, since their competition means they need to maximize their efficiency ratio rather than having fitness for health purposes.

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So I can find my posts.

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Curry accused me of samefagging so I said I'd start using a trip so he wouldn't get confused again but then he said I'd just quit using it after a while, so now I have to keep using it so he won't have been right.

tl;dr Autism.

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I'm fine with you, you occasionally host shit that's worthwhile. That's a shitty excuse you fucking attention whore.

But overall if you don't contribute anything worthwhile then what's the point? I'm not going to look at you positively because you have a *gasp* name.

Not really fit, but kind of accurate of the real china

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Spamming it easy~

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