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Which Touhou would you rape?

As in, for the whole duration, she'll be screaming no, how it hurts, and doesn't like it. Also, she'll be dry as a bone.

For the duration she will have no youkai or other superhuman powers and cannot resist you.

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Imagine dominating her

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None because I'm not a rapist

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>For the duration she will have no youkai or other superhuman powers and cannot resist you.

So basically you die the instant you finish

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Rinnosuke in a maid outfit

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All of them.

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Interesting idea but she'd kill me afterwards... So... No.

Also I'm not a rapist.

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I'd rather have Yuugi rape me.

To answer OP's question, Kogasa. She is always so innocent and helpless, it's just tempting.

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Hmm, it's between Aya, Satori, and Kaguya.

Aya: For being such a bitch to Momiji

Satori: Make her feel some sort of emotion for once, I'd be doing her a favor.

Kaguya: I just hate royalty, and she's a bitch.

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>Also, she'll be dry as a bone.
But women get wet when they're raped.

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And I don't think she'll be that dry, I'll use her tears as our lube.

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Then i'll rape her kid.

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Saged, hidden, reported and called the cops.

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I don't rape. I am not a completely worthless and despicable human being that needs to be tortured to death slowly.

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Yuugi or Yukari.

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i don't like rape

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Then i'll rape both their kids.

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Yes I am.

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>I am not a completely worthless and despicable human being that needs to be tortured to death slowly.
HAHAHAHA, good one.

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Of course you are, King of GETs.

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Only acceptable answers are Keine and Hina. Unless you want to die right after finishing.
Also, how is raping Hina any different from raping a dakimakura or a sex doll?

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You mean, which touhou I would not rape?

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I'd go for a win/win situation myself. Good for her, good for you.

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No, which Touhou would you rape the HARDEST.

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Chen. Hopefully she's a virgin too.

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Daymn, this seems like a nice idea, nice one, Anonymous.

Also I bet Scandaroon would rape Nitori because he loves her but she will never respond to his feelings.

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Imagine raping Kaguya multiple times. Since she regenerates in a way thanks to her immortality, her hymen would grow back. Every fuck would be the first time for her. She'd feel the pain of her vagina splitting open every time you entered her.

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Who would forgive you for raping them?
I can't think of anyone
Either way you'll end up dying

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I'm pretty sure this only works if she dies.

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No one, rape is horrible ;_;

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Then kill her every time you cum. Problem solved.

You know that one scene in Bible Black where he puts a gun in the chick and fires?

Do that.

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You sir are a sick rapist, and you should feel bad for it.

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Masochist: Rape is like a holiday camp for her.

She wants/needs the pain, you are a more than willing participant/inflictor. Slap her about a bit and she wants a big MOAR. Whip her, beat her, make her write bad cheques and if you are of the "Dom" inclined your mid has now made your real-life movie. In fact you could 'feed' of each others needs to a crescendo.

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Byakuren. She's so moe when she cries.

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I'm too much of a wuss to rape anyone. I'd rather get dead drunk with Suika and see where this will take me.

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None. I'm not a nigger.

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Definitely Youmu. I fucking hate her so much.

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Rape is not funny or sexy.

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Want to be friends?

I just want to punch that bitch in the face.

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All of them, but I would raep Rumia the HARDEST.

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Yes you are.

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do i really need an explanation?

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Doesn't have to be funny or sexy to hot, as long as it's fictional.
Yaoi shit involves as much rape as most eroge anyways, so feminist/whiteknighting shit doesn't fly.

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If you torture me, I'd just get a boner.

I want to be hurt. Please, pummel my face into a bloody mess.

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That's an interesting problem.
Are you allowed to use tools, maybe call over some friends? Does that still count as one act?
If so, you could significantly postpone your inevitable demise.

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didn't think so

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I wish to bring love, fun and pleasure to Touhous, not hurt them.

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why not both.

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You do need an explanation. Why are you touching my daughter, fag?

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I'd like to go out with a bang.

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because she's a beautiful tomboy

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Yes, she is. She's also not for you.

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I get to be a little girl, right?

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None, I can't even imagine being a rapist... Thats so awful.

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>Only acceptable answers are Keine and Hina. Unless you want to die right after finishing.
Touhous are surprisingly easy to break.

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That's probably because you're a girl.

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Were you raped as a child?

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she is a witch

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Her. I want to hear her moan and begging for more.

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>As in, for the whole duration, she'll be screaming no, how it hurts, and doesn't like it.

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>I want to hear begging for more.
>for the whole duration, she'll be screaming no, how it hurts, and doesn't like it.

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>Which Touhou would you marry?

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Even better.

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>think she's even going to moan at all and not pass out 30 seconds after being dry-penetrated due to stress.

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OP is korean

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only good for one thing

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in the pooper

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Damn!... If only I'm not currently tied-up I could have started drawing patchy being stretched by a pear of agony...

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do it

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I "am" gonna do it... just not now...

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>If only I'm not currently tied-up
I got wet

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Her, because i can chop her up afterwards and make some good grub out of her

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That is going too far.

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She'll only lose her power for the duration of rape, so try and enjoy becoming a "lamprey".

>> No.5793160

close to climax, while she still does not have her powers, a good cut to the neck, and she will bleed dry by the time you have finished

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I'd rather be raped by Yukari or Yugi.

>> No.5793176


victory is mine

>> No.5793181

would you rather the horn be shoved up your ass, or in your penis?

>> No.5793189

>the time you have finished

That's the time when her youkai super-regenerating powers switch in.

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Every touhou is many times more stronger than you. So it should be: Which Touhou would you like to rape you.

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I still say Tewi for both. But last time I saidt hat I missed a thread for the first tmie in a year. ;_;

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Touhous have shown a critical weakness to rape.

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Uh-Oh!... getting smarter I see... it's almost ON-TOPIC...

>> No.5793210

Someone has no mind able to flip things over against all odds

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she wouldn't rape you; she'd let you gently caress her and make sweet love to her.

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I want momoji to rape me..

>> No.5793233

That doesn't sound enjoyable at all.

I choose to make sweet love to Satori.

>> No.5793239

None. I'd rather gently hold Suika and not make love to her.

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Speaking of rape... I am not very good in English words so please help me with this one...

Rape is Guy forces the Girl to have consensual sex

What do you call it if it's the Girl who is the one forcing the Guy to have consensual sex?... Coercion?...

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Same thing
No such thing as rape, even when women say no they mean yes
Same thing goes for men

>> No.5793272

Doesn't work that way. As for your question, it's still rape.

mugen I thought you were dead

>> No.5793276

Who the fucks momoji?

>> No.5793277


Consensual means they both agree to it. Rape means they were forced into it regardless if they were male or female.

>> No.5793278

Its rape either way, but it is typically associated with men rather than women.

Also, stop using ellipses, Mugen.

>> No.5793282

>forces (...) to have consensual sex

You are not good in English, indeed. Consult your dictionary regarding the meaning of "consensual".

>> No.5793283


Rape is unwanted sex(ual acts you fucking retarded filipino

>> No.5793285

use a vocabulary for words you don't know before using them, that's my advice

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Rape is forced, non-consensual sex.

Man on man, man on woman, woman on man, or woman on woman.

People seem to think nothing but the second one exists thanks to the tremendous double standards surrounding sex.

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you sick fuck

>> No.5793301

Not quite... but let me hang out here a bit to relieve stress...

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What are the rape statistics again? Some absurdly high number for male on female, with the others being low in comparison?

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no one.
i love touhous. i don't desire them i LOVE them. I wouldn't rape them.

>> No.5793317


Of course the numbers turn out like that, but it doesn't mean the others don't occur or that "they're not really rape".

>> No.5793318

>use a vocabulary

Please tell me that was a parody, so I can laugh my ass off in clear conscience.

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I will let you "hang out" alright.

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Because generally the male on female are mostly falsified cases, or the others are disregarded as jokes.

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Let's not go there.

Back on topic, I would never rape a Touhou and would report anyone I saw doing so to the proper authorities.

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Oh lord holy mother of god jesus muhammad buddha.... FUKKEN SAVED!!

>> No.5793368


That's totally OFF topic, though.

The question is "which touhou would you rape", 'I would not rape any of them' is not a Touhou.

>> No.5793392

It's more on topic than 3D rape discussion.

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This guy.

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maybe, but why do guys like rape so much?

I don't get it.

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>As a Stallion

So Rider like beastialitye h

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If you have to ask, you are missing the point of the exercise.

>> No.5793441

It's a power thing.

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almost, when I was 17. may have just been a mugger though.

Someone came to help and he ran away.

>> No.5793488

What is up with tripfriends and rape? First dollfaggers now you.

>> No.5793498

freaking quads

>> No.5793504

It's the male need to dominate coupled with the desire to procreate.

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Not relaly a news/blog but Kureha One is the place to go for english NV/Eroge links

>> No.5793519

The point is, as long as it's fictional why should it bother you? I don't see people being nearly as vocal when it's about killing people or do worse shit.

>> No.5793520

Don't feel the desire to rape women?
Well you don't know SHIT about instinct
And therefore fail as an animal

>> No.5793523

I have neither of those desires, something wrong with me? :/

>> No.5793527

Good, I wouldn't want to be an animal, anyway.

>> No.5793529

The real crime here is your insistance that Touhou is not real. Begone.

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It's slow news week
It's slow news week
Soemone's dropped a bomb somewhere
Contaminating atmosphere
And blackening the sky

It's good news week
Someone's found a way ot give
The ortting dead a will to live
Go on and never die

>> No.5793542

Have fun being counter raped by your own dick right after.

Gaps are the premier revenge power.

>> No.5793545

>For the duration she will have no youkai or other superhuman powers and cannot resist you.
Rape whomever is the strongest so when I finish raping them I can see how they respond

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One word; Frostbite.

>> No.5793586

I shouldn't have said the strongest
Even if she is the strongest fairy she isn't the strongest touhou

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> power rangers tsukihime
Doesn't make any fucking sense, but do want.

>> No.5793607

It's hard to say, Suika's regarded as one of the strongest simply because Aya is saying it and Tengu were the Oni's bitches a long time ago. I don't think it's actually possible to say who is the strongest without having to refer back to Aya.

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Saying "The Strongest"
Is like calling for superman. Instant summons.

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They're just checking it hasn't been stolen by a witch.

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File: 1.25 MB, 1600x1200, PPSKirisameProper.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Its just something that happened while I was on the way to my car behind a restaurant.

Niggers are scary. After that I started carrying guns. I don't want to be raped. Especially not before I get married.

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This thread made me feel like fapping to Dulce Report again.

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>Not 5.7mm
>Not FiveSeven

I hate you Marisa. I hate you.

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You think, therefore you exist. Never forget that, faggot.

>> No.5793663

I thought that was pretty clever actually.

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I take my glasses off and cut everything in sight.

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can fix

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>> No.5793691


Who would use a military pistol designed to pierce personal armor for self defense?

Do you even know how much they cost?

>> No.5793700

That gun looks like a toy.
Also, is it a Walther or a S&W?

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>Who would use a military pistol designed to pierce personal armor for self defense?

>> No.5793709


Marisa does. And he actually 'accidentally' shoot a guy with it.

>> No.5793723
File: 130 KB, 800x720, b4e9a3687bfaf386071ea247bb56eb35.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Walther PPS in 9mm.

S&W is the importer.

Pixiv artist drew my gun.

>> No.5793729

>And he actually 'accidentally' shoot a guy with it.
>accidentally shot a guy
wait what when did this happen I was unaware of any negligent discharges on my part.

>> No.5793732


It's a pocket gun. They are supposed to be small.

>> No.5793745

>negligent discharges

>> No.5793754


It's a shitty self defense weapon. You don't want over-penetration at close ranges when a nigger with a knife is charging at you.

>> No.5793755

>Is this the real life?
>Is this just fantasy?
>Caught in a landslide
>No escape from reality

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>"I'm 12."

Anyway. This thread seems to have gotten off topic. I think you guys should go back to talking about rape.

>> No.5793762


People in /k/ told us. They also said you teaches virgin good kids to some crack and stole bicycle.

>> No.5793764
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Japanese bird having a sexual intercourse with guy with a faces.

>> No.5793770
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You should lurk on /k/ more. 5.7 is a magical round. It punches through tanks and other barriers that stop all other armor piercing munitions, but it also does not overpenetrate in human targets, so it is very safe to use for defense.

Anyway. Enough of this.

>> No.5793777

None of them.

I'd take the opportunity to have a cup of tea with Remilia. If nothing comes from it, I'd still be happier than from rape.

>> No.5793783

If it was anyone but you posting I'd think you were being sarcastic.

>> No.5793809

I wasn't even talking about the size. Maybe it's just that picture, but all those ergonomic bits on the grip look... weird. Like cheap plastic.

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Rape tier:

1. Merlin Prismriver
2. Lily White
3. Youmu Konpaku
4. Watatsuki no Yorihime
5. Marisa Kirisame

Consensual sex in the missionary position tier:

1. Reimu Hakurei
2. Iku Nagae
3. Yuyuko Saigyouji
4. Shikieiki Yamaxanadu
5. Utsuho Reiuji

Slutty sex tier:

1. Aya Shameimaru
2. Sanae Kochiya
3. Reisen Udongein Inaba
4. Kaenbyou Rin
5. Shizuha Aki

S/M tier:

Tenshi Hinanawi

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Why am I rape tier!?!?!?!?

>> No.5793853

Horrible character. Been over this.

>> No.5793860

Kogasa, just so I can say "Surprise~" before I do it

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you're mean, im leaving.

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>> No.5793878


>> No.5793889

Good. Don't let the border hit you on the way out.

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asians always have the most disgustingly clumped eyelashes.

>> No.5793935


Because you're annoying.

Lily because she looks so innocent... must... not... defile.
Merlin because it will break her.
Youmu because she's so proud.
Yorihime because I fucking hate her.

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I think I would rape Okuu.

Once it's over and she gets her powers back, she'll probably go critical and take out half of Gensokyo.

I know I'd die after raping a Touhou, but at least this way I'm pretty sure it'll be painless.

>> No.5793986

So essentially, who's the easiest to mind break?

Probably Sanae, Tenshi or Marisa. Most youkai would think it's nothing new.

>> No.5793990

The whole point of rape is to dominate. If I wanted to dominate a touhou I would certainly not force sex upon them, rather find the way to make them as powerless as a normal human.

As for who I'd rape? Not one of them. I'd take the younger ones and spoil them like mad. I've always wanted a daughter to dote upon.

>> No.5794000
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Fuck the spoiler tags,everyone already know's Saber is Nero. Anything that's broughtu p in her own explained backstory can't possibly be as brick shitting.

>> No.5794014


>Saber is Nero

Where do these new spambots get their material? That's pretty awesome.

>> No.5794017

>186 posts

oh wow.

>> No.5794031

1/5 of them are the spambot.

>> No.5794041
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Mine is like that but blue and offers vocaloid parody se xtoys

>> No.5794049

They grab a random line from a random Post on the appropriate board... Dammed annoying as it is.
I have a dream!
A dream where one day we can talk about raping little magical girls free of spam!
A dream where..
nah cant think of a second one.

>> No.5794051
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The first file is (with the exceptiono f some pieces which can't be reached on the first time through) now complete! 21,288 lines!

I'll take ab reak from translating the rest of this month and use the time for more administrative matters.

>> No.5794065


According to OP rules, she would be powerless in during of the rape.
You forget that youkai women are still women, and forced, violent intercourse is the most humiliating thing you can do to them.
It often causes PTSD, recurring nightmares, feelings of guilt, self-blaming and inferiority complex even in the strongest personalities.

>> No.5794083

It seems like a Markov Chain generated thing, but with the seed data taken from here. Maybe they used the archive to get a lot, or maybe they just took a few days posts here.

>> No.5794106

There's a difference between dominating and destroying. I've dominated men before, and they've still been themselves later, able to dominate me later when I so desire. If a touhou was raped, she would no longer be the same touhou... taking the possibility for further 'pleasure' away.
Also, I think being raped by a strap-on-less woman would also cause quite a bit of confusion. Was it rape? Forced heavy petting? Something to regret like that incident back in college?

>> No.5794118
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Fuck i'ts just a doll... sage!

>> No.5794122

Oh man.

Thinking about it that way, definitely Kaguya. I want to destroy her.

>> No.5794123

But I suppose the point of rape IS destroying... I still stick with me not raping any of them; I'd rather not destroy.

>> No.5794138
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Money can buy oyu friends!... Friends always comes to the one who has money EVEN if you don't need them... remember that...

Also, 2D had no feelings... they can't hate... they can't love... they're nothing but figments of imagination in either digtial or printed format...

>> No.5794391
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>> No.5794400
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Totally cool. Congratulations and thanks.

>> No.5794403
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Yeah. And I really wanted it to end.

>> No.5795074

Marisa, you still there?

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