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ZUN is an asshole

Make figures already

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Her eyes are creeping me out. I'd have to face that fig away from where I sleep, or I'd never be able to fall asleep.

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ZUN hates money

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That Raymoo is sexy

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Raymoo is mue.

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Would you really want a ZUN figure? Actually, fuck yes, Shanghai Alice figures could even beat out dioxin, so longer as they could stand up properly.

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I want a figure of ZUN.

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So you'd prefer a mass-produced QUALITY figure over a decent-looking fan-made one?

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Think about it this way.

Would you REALLY want a fig designed by ZUN?

It would be Sader all over again. Except it would look that way on the box, too.

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Hell yes. I need a figure of the priest himself.

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No, seriously.

If ZUN managed to make one of these in 3D, I don't think I would have any choice but to buy it. The problem is I don't think ZUN is capable of manifesting his genius into three dimensions, so some skilled sculptor would have to do it while preserving ZUN's essence.

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I definitely want my ZUN Cirno w/ gang sign.

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in b4 blingee

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The problem is, you cannot acquire fan made touhou figures

Why, you ask? Reason being, the one shown is going for over $500 with 3 days left.


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Sup homie

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How would I make my own touhou figures then?

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This looks like a job for SCIENCE!

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I'd give my soul for a Yukarin fig

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Why not go further, you can make one out of clay and fire it in a kiln.

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All my faries be chillin in da hood

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Good luck on it looking like Yukari, however.

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That looks awesome. Now I want one. Why can't they make these things affordable?

Someone, get a crate of alcohol and mail it to ZUN, on the condition that he gets someone started on the production of Touhou figurines.

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Google brings this up.
Good luck with that shit though.

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PRO-TIP: It's just a fucking resin kit that's been assembled and painted.

I have one of those kits myself, I just haven't had time (lol college) to work on it.

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wait where did you get the kit

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Yahoo Auctions Japan. Enjoy paying $150 for a Reimu or Marisa resin kit.

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I'm TRYING to order these 2, but the who ever runs the site won't email me back.

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I will, thanks.

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Just place an order
What the heck do u need to ask about

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>>579111 here
I only paid $70. Enjoy your extremely overpriced kit.

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That's pretty sweet. It would be awesome for some Anon to start sculpting Touhou figs and then getting China to mass produce them for us at a decent price. In fact I think I'll start dicking around with Play-Doh and see if I have even the tiniest bit of ability myself. At the very least I can make myself a few things.

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Is there a fig of Chen? I know of Yukari and Ran, but have yet to spot Chen.

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Much appreciated Anon.

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I imagined something more like G.I. Joe figures. Held together by rubber bands inside and come with a shitload of missiles. Except the Marisa figure, which is a plasma cutter in disguise.