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Muh...good morning~

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But it's 11:12 PM here.

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this shit quality thread won't get deleted because it's touhou.

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It's late at night, Yuyuko.

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But Yuyuko is Japanese.

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Y-Yuyuko-sama! Please, dress up right now!

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She is dressed up and that's what she always wears.

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I was going to say good morning maple
But he went to bed only a few hours ago

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You in france nigger!?

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I am not in france and it's 11:16pm

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Undressing Yuyuko is a miracle of the Universe

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Good morning, rude titties.

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Yes, and i really am a nigger btw, problem?

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You're still in the european time zone.

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You don't like my titts?

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Sorry Yuyuko, but breakfest isn't ready yet.

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Yes, too many.

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It took me about 40 seconds to realize that there was something lewd going on in that image

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Are you frustrated about it?

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Yes. I'm a butthurt and I'm mad. Now post more pictures of Yuyuko before I realize I have repeated images in the same folder.

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Well i don't have any, sorry.
How about Reimu instead?

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> someone answering before me
So you wants to be the nigger afterall? What the heck??

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I… I shall consume. Consume… consume everything… even my own hair...

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Muh...good morning~

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Tell me, why do you say "Good morning" when you know perfectly well that it's afternoon?

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If you post on /jp/, it means that you're probably not really a nigger. Just some nerdy guy who happens to be black. But of course it also means that you're most likely not a very valuable member of society either way.

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I hardly ever go outside, sleep irregularly, don't have a clock on my desktop and always have my curtains before the window. I often have no idea whether it's morning or evening.

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