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So since that Gaijin smash guy is having a kid with a japanese woman I have a question:

What the hell does black + japanese look like. Seriously, anyone?

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Is that a black lolicon? Seriously?

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google it.

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I am black and I am a lolicon. What woud you like to know?

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more likely than you think

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>Arc about to troll a loli

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You've never seen a Blasian before?

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What the shit...

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What kind of loli do you like?

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Still looks too black to get a job is what they look like.

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Isn't Tiger Woods Asian?

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No i have not. Google isnt showing much either.

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She looks like a waifu.

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First off, no black lolis. Bodywise, I like slender lolis with a pony tail or long hair and a cute smile. For personality, I like the ones that are nice or shy at first and generally turn more and more insulting and abrasive once they realize how much of a pushover I am.

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But more importantly, what's their manhood size? What happens when two worlds collide?

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looks like this

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Is this only referring to 2D loli?

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I have and always will like both. Lolis in real life tend to be playful and have a good sense of humor. I love when jokes get played on me.

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He's.... handsome.

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>What the hell does black + japanese look like

Tiger Woods

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Average size?

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So a loli like this would be fine with you

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So he averages out to a white man?

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>Earl, a retired United States Army lieutenant colonel and Vietnam War veteran, was of mixed African American, Chinese, and Native American ancestry. Kultida (née Punsawad), originally from Thailand, is of mixed Thai, Chinese, and Dutch ancestry. This makes Woods himself half Asian (one-quarter Chinese and one-quarter Thai), one-quarter African American, one-eighth Native American, and one-eighth Dutch.[12] He refers to his ethnic make-up as “Cablinasian” (a syllabic abbreviation he coined from Caucasian, Black, (American) Indian, and Asian).

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Like a Brazilian, you see brazil was made of black slaves and "asian" natives. The population today is a cross of that.

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There's nothing wrong with her. Ideally the limbs would be a bit more lanky.

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I'm guessing japanese + black = pacific islander (oceania)

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But why no black loli?

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so pretty...

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I've been mistaken for an islander before. Also a middle easterner and a hispanic.

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There's just nothing there. There's no reaction or interest from me when I see a black loli.

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The child would have incredible hybrid vigor.

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Hybrid vigor does not exist in humans. You're kidding yourself if you think it does.

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I feel the same way I guess.
What about Asian?

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Asians are the best lolis. After that is white. Everything else is on the same level after that.

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I think white are the best loli.

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Generally, I think of Asian and White lolis as on the same level, but I LOVE blue and green eyes.

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Dolores ---> Lola (nickname) ---> Lolita (Little Lola) ---> Lolita Complex ---> ロリータ コンプレックス ---> ロリコン ---> rorikon --> lolikon ---> lolicon ---> ???

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So do I

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This is the best loli Japan has to offer. Too bad they don't do nude poses any more like in the old days.

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It was her own damn fault. Guy tries to rape her sister, black guy comes to her rescue, she's afraid the black guy will hurt the would be rapist so she tells him it's normal in Japan and not illegal.

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Good question, OP. Hm....what to do, what to do...

I know! I will get Raymoo Hakurei pregnant with half-black babies and then we will all find out.

She has a large butt.

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>Hellraiser 69

I see what they did thar.

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They're a good team man.

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I forgot my picture of Raymoo, but yeah.

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what game is this?

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I'm not usually pedo for 3D, but that girl...

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bumping this thread for OP image sauce.

is it NTR? I like NTR.

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Fuck that. I'm wating for the name of that asian loli.

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chicken katsu

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tw your a nigger

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What? Seriously?

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She's actually half korean but same thing.

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So does anybody know the name of >>5771134 ?

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oh my god dem feet

what's her name?

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It's a mystery. I've seen her posted here before but never bothered asking for a name.

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>no one posted alix

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Checked imouto.tv and got a 403 error. God damn this.

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I know her name.

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Please tell me, I'm begging you.

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today isn't our lucky day

please refer to this picture

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You are a meanie, anon.

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Damn you /jp/ I'm here for two seconds and i see this!

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I think this can help us.


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This too

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A squinty eyed gorilla.

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I bet that it would be so nice just to hold her in your arms.

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Her name is Ai. It says so in the first thing Nack linked.

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Fuck you for making me like loli.

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Countless Google searches of imouto.tv and あい yield only disappointments. A grim end to this Saturday night indeed.

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Doesn't あい mean love? Of course you won't get anything relevant with that.

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"imouto.tv" あい was the string I used. Of course if imouto.tv weren't giving me 403 errors right now I'm sure this would have been done by now.

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Her name isn't 愛 ai which is"love
It's 藍 ai which is indigo

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This clears up some confusion. Thanks.

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>403 errors right now
>right now

America's/non Japan IPs have been blocked from that site since that thing with the erogame makers blocking people from their sites. Don't expect to ever go there.

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Oh god damnit. I remember looking on that site too. I really enjoyed it.

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Well, the contents of that link actually made me not want to fap to her.

She's just too cute, I can't fap even if I want to.

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Gaijin Smash is hero of the Japan

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I will never understand why any of you find
cute. She has big bug eyes like a frog. It's so disgusting.

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I don't know, I find her really cute.

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ohello /jp/

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The eyes are the best part. I like how they have an accusatory look like "I know you're masturbating to me right now, you pathetic dirty lolicon."

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I wouldn't call the eyes disgusting, but they do creep the fuck out of me.

As if I'm staring into the abyss.

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translate this and I might help you guys

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I have a folder only for this girl

Is that bad?

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Somethign doesn't exist. Probably page or file.

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图片 [ tú piàn ] image, picture

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I see, too bad

Here's something for the help, I know this girl has some pics there

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I want to lick her armpit and see how she reacts.

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Picture nonexistent.

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Google Crystal Kay.

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> black
> no black lolis


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How did this go from a negroid/mongoloid hybrid thread to a pedo thread?!

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OP's image.

>> No.5772554

Does anyone know what kind of strings I'd look for on Share to find their stuff?

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Fuck off pedophiles.

>> No.5773571

Requesting the part where she gets fucked silly.

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>People posting on /jp/ while not knowing who Jero is.

Summer time.

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Machigurumi no wana ~hakudaku ni mamireta shitai~

>> No.5773676

>how much of a pushover I am.
BUT YOU ARE BLACK! Blacks are all gangsta and shit! I wish I was black ;_;

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Lurker here. I've heard of him, and a bit of his music before as well.

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Jero is only a quarter Jap.

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I know but he still applies because OP asked

>What the hell does black + Japanese look like. Seriously, anyone?

He didn't say how much Japanese they had to be.

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they are all like that

bitches and whores

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I wish to produce a little blasian girl. I have all the black and none of the Asian though.

No one wants to love me because I don't act like a nigger ;_;

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op it's just like in the drawings, they look nipponensei but with brown skin! It's really cool

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go to japan
buy long basketball shirt,shades and wear boxers outside of pants
grab japanese woman in alleyway
''my-my body is ready afro-san''
blasians, blasians everywhere

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Asian pussy is not ready for Black penis.
It never will be either.

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>>5773776 see >>5770915

>> No.5773810

I'm a black and what is this?

... also, sure is weird/ugly blacks on those VN.
They should at least try to draw one Will Smith-like or something.

>> No.5773832

In my racist/xenophobic Japan? Never

Enjoy your tiny muscular face and huge lips

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Am i just some flesh and a big dick to Japan.. ?
I'm a human, goddamit ! I have rights !

..... sounded like a woman, forget it.

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please give east asia 10 more year to accept it more accurate..
at least we do not color your skin pitch black anymore..

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Isn't Tiger Woods blasian?

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You misspelled "lesbian" and no, he is not.

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Go to Brazil. They have those all over the place.

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You should upload that entire folder, anon.

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