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that's racist.

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pretty racist thread guys

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I take offense to this.

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I don't get why people think these things are racist. I think they're just good fun.

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>Bad Bad
>Chong Ching XD

You see how it feels /jp/.

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this thread racis'

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a lot of people take every chance to portray themselves as victims.

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Yeah, like us!

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They are not racist just rude
Like this is not racist but people overract about it.

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dude you racist

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Really anon please don't start that.

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People don't know what a joke is anymore

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I wouldn't be offended if I saw someone wearing one of those white-guy-glasses. When they throw a show showing the white guy doing all kinds of really, really stupid things because he's the typical dumb white guy, that's when I'd start getting offended.

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>I wouldn't be offended if I saw someone wearing one of those white-guy-glasses

But you have every right to do so.

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Oh god~

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No he doesn't. You and your crying culture think so maybe, but not us proud whites. We're proud enough to not be offended when someone tries to look like us.

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What's wrong?

Feeling the urge to call me a nigger? Go on, let it out.

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>We're proud

Ah, they do say that pride comes before a fall.

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I don't call people names.

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You can't be offended when you're the majority. Privilege in society doesn't work that way.

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>You can't be offended when you're the majority.
This is what retards actually believe.

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I'm fairly sure the ability to be offended is not exclusive to any single party.

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Wait, Arcuied, you're black? It's kinda good to know that no matter what race you are, here on /jp/ a person is more or less as pathetic as everyone.

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He thinks he's an alpha male though.

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I am appalled that you somehow managed to miss the threads in which about twenty anons made KFC, Watermelon, and nigger remark upon my arrival.

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the mental ability? Sure.
The social privilege? Nope.

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It's true.

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Less a matter of thinking, more a matter of knowing and being told that.

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Or, to put in polite terms what an Anon here once told me, I am incapable of thought.

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Weren't you going to go into porn?

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College first.

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What, first? Shouldn't you be already? How old are you?

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and yet you keep the name and trip, because you enjoy bathing in that gooey mass of online-attention and self-pity. Much more than you would enjoy being able to post anonymously, with what you say being evaluated based only on the contents of your writing rather than your ethnicity.

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He already said he's an exhibitionist. He just loves attention.

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Just like Hiri-Muu XD.

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Fuck you!

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Yes, it is obviously my fault that people call me a nigger. We black people are used to being blamed for everything, I really don't mind if you add that as well. Honest.


Of course. I have to finish that, don't I? When I'm done, I can go find out about that particular vocation.

And anyway, it really was only a pipe dream I'd been tending to. Getting into that particular business is hard. I'd be more likely to get frustrated, go home, and be a family man with an ordinary nine-to-five job.

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lol can someone post her "death" message?

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itt white straight males pretend to know anything about oppression

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>itt white straight male nerds pretend to know anything about oppression, and do

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One shitstorm at a time, guys.

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Reported for oppressing me.

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It's funny because Arc is a nigger.

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Nice triples.

Also, I personally put this anon's hand on the keys, and made him type racial slurs. True facts.

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Most people don't know about oppression these days and alot of black and hispanic(or Koreans) people just say stuff about ancestors.

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>Most people don't know about oppression these days

Nice opinion.

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that offensive word

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Well, at least he's upfront about it.

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Okay arc I'll bite.How have you been oppressed?

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That I physically made him type, according to >>5770588.

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I was wrongfully reported on /jp/ once

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But White Ren fags report EVERYTHING.

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No you weren't.

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It was a terrible miscarriage of justice.

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I'm truly sorry.

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Reporting you is never wrong.

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ill be leaving now, i hope that /jp/ doesn't become like /b/ when it comes to race

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Arc, stop trolling. You are a proper member of society. You have people to peacefully discuss your hobbies with in here. Some /b/tard immigrants should be nothing but a minor nuisance.

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Ya don't say.

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I thought he was just here to troll. You mean he actually plays Touhou/VNs? He isn't an idolfaggot is he?

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>he actually plays Touhou and VN's

My trip comes from a VN, of course.

A while ago, I would check the Let's Play Danmaku threads and try to emulate the posters there. We don't have those threads as much, sadly.

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>My trip comes from a VN, of course.
Yeah, I just thought you had only watched the anime.

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While I applaud your excellent words, those same /b/tard immigrants you decry seem to have the upper hand, as there is only one of you, and, well..


Yeah. I understand your point entirely, however.

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Arc is a better /jp/er than me. I never played Touhou or a VN, and I don't like idols.

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He is a Tsukihimefag, as well as a fan of grimdark Touhous

He also writes cool stories every once in a blue moon. And I mean cool stories.

Occasionally defends /jp/ from hordes of Pooshlmerites.

Arc is the only normalfag/tripfag I don't mind in here.

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Looks like you haven't been around for the threads where I remarked on the numerous bad ends in the VN, or the whacked-out things that happen in each storyline.

I still love it, though.

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I'm also a rabid Princess Maker fan.

Cube the Butler? He is my HOME BOI.

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oh cool, I didn't know that playing touhou meant you weren't a troll. I <3 you for being so trollable, /jp/.

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I have most of the Windows games on my computers.

I really like Super Marisa Land and Master Burner, though.

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/jp/ prefers trolls that play Touhou than trolls that don't.

The ideal would be a troll Touhou, but she's fictional, unfortunately.

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Also I'm obviously not a troll because I play Touhou.
You guys are total fags.

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>troll Touhou


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Yukari is leagues above Tewi in terms of trolling, if you want my opinion. I mean, it's childish pranks versus master plans inside master plans inside master plans inside master plans. I believe the difference is obvious.

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Yukari is sleeping too often to be a really effective troll, or I would've just said her.

Let's see...I play a lot of nitro+ VN's, which is /jp/ related. I also played the infamous Wanko game, and would never let anyone forget about Koutarou's Milk Bone. I played Gibo: Stepmother's Sin a long, long time ago and even watched the anime loosely based on it.

I was going to get a Kigurumi head, but the recession hit with a bang, and all my money disappeared, which leaves my Arcueid costume sadly lacking.

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Quality over quantity.
She doesn't troll most of the time, yeah, but when she does... oh, boy.

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I like to think that Tewi takes the shotgun approach, while Yukari builds a frickin house of cards of trolling, with each card being a level of troll.

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