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I'm posting this and there is nothing you can do to stop me.

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that's what she said

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Why didn't she use the key?
Why is she bleeding from the throat when the center of the bar is somewhere behind the top of her head?

This is nonsensical.

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What's more nonsensical is that the device she's on is only supposed to sever the bones in the neck. It's supposed to be bloodless.

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It's a lever. The part with the key was pushed against her throat, crushing her throat.

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There are variations that have a spike on the screw.

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Oh no!

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that artist's a yandere.

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Provide the name so that I may stalk her, please.

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OP that's horrible! Who would do that to Nitori?

She is my waifu, I like it when she takes many cocks at once :3

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Why waste a perfectly good body?

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Shimo/Depthbomb. You seriously didn't know by now?

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Bump for more pictures

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Guro's filtered on easymodo now? Hell, two of the pictures weren't even guro, they were just situations that would inevitably end in guro.