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Why are there no doujins of Byakuren being gangbanged like a slut and loving it? Feel free to correct me if I'm wrong.

Also Byakuren thread.

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There are. Why aren't there *more* doujins of Byakuren being gangraped by vengeful villagers and hating it?

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Because she is a sweet young lady and not some low class hooker.

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>There are.

Care to share?

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Because she's not a slut.

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Why there should be?

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>Why are there no doujins of Byakuren being raped into insanity and degraded to the level of a demonic baby factory?


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I wish I could magically put some words into my computer such as "Byakuren" "gangbang" "doujin" and produce evidence of at least one thing including all three of those words - because I DO have at least one doujin that involves Byakuren being gangbanged at a party to which she was invited by Yukari - but I do not have such fancy systems set up.
And I don't believe in magic.

But, yeah, I have a doujin with those requirements but I don't remember the doujinka or the title.

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Oh, I think I know which one you're talking about. Don't really like the art style though.

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Sort of want...

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I summon thee, Mugen. By the power of Seven Dicks, you must draw this doujin.