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Who's your favorite Touhou and why?

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Nitori because she is an enormous slut that can't get enough dick and loves to drown in cum day after day.

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Mokou, because I hate Kaguya

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Seriously, man, I like what you're trying to do, but this is not the way to do it.

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Parsee because she is the touhou i can most relate to.

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Shes cute and has the right attitude eeeerrry day

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Mokou because she can be manly and sexy.

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I don't know why

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I~ Don't want to set wooooo~rld oooooo~n fiiiiii~re

Nuclear touhou is best touhou. It menaces with spikes of GAR and EXPLOSIONS.

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She's goddamn beautiful, and her personality is the most relatable to me.

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Because I want her to beat me up and rape me.

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My favorite Touhou is Patchouli. I spend half of my days just daydreaming about her.


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I just love Nitori so much, man.

The thought of her dripping with cum makes me rock hard.

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She's just so darned cute

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Meiling, because I thought her spell cards were pretty.

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She is my loving waifu~

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>Green-pantied Jealousy

I see what they did there.

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Because she wouldn't call you stupid for playing games and would understand how the waifu system works.

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Yeah I agree with you there actually.

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She is my favourite boss fight, and is probably the most childish out of the cast. (only in fanworks though)

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I'm glad that you agree.

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Most likely Sakuya. The whole Maid thing that will fuck your shit up if necessary is awesome. That and Flowering Night = *Melts*

(Remember kids, it's who is your favourite, not who's your Waifu)

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Sakuya. She is a knife user, a maid and can stop time, thus is awesome.

She's my favorite as well as my waifu.

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Dem tails.

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mokou because dem pants

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Dem wings.
Dat skirt.

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Mature while being childish
Loyal, one of the few Touhou who are not bitches

Also I have the Youmu plushie on my lap. Feels good man.

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Rin Satsuki because even ZUN forgot her

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My first love was Reimu (unoriginal, I know). I still think her character design is excellent, instantly recognizable and very striking. She just didn't have enough of a character to keep me interested.

The second was Alice, the lonely, miserable, insane fanon kind. Ultimately she grew stale too.

After her, I've had flings with Yuyuko (too old), Youmu (too young) and Aya (fucking elf ears). I'm currently partial to Reisen, who charmed me with her common sense in a world full of schitzos, but knowing my past, I'll probably switch soon again.

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>Youmu (too young)

60+ is too young for you?

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Crazy ghost/demon years don't count.

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Mine is Yan Rakuma

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Why wouldn't you?

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Kogasa because she's so horribly ineffective that it's cute beyond words.

Second is Reisen because of a reason already stated: she's a sane woman in an insane world.

Now if you'll excuse me I have an academic paper based on Touhou to write.

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dem legs man, what the fuck

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yukari because yukari

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>I have an academic paper based on Touhou to write

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I do not usualy draw touhous as I am not a faggot.

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A 3 way tie between Mokou, Okuu, and Ran. Mokou and Okuu just because they're awesome, Ran because... I just like her.

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Okuu, because she fucks shit up effortlessly.

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Bero~ bero~ BA!

I agree. Kogasa is so moe it makes my soul hurt a little.

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What's with Okuu's expression there? It looks like she has absolutely no idea why someone's staring at her.

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Original, in case you don't like the fancy effects.

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you know /jp/ was created to contain these sort of threads, right?

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I have written an academic paper sort of based around the Yakumo family.

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Take this shit back to pooshlmer.

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>academic paper
>Not employed, in education or in training

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I like rabbits
She has my favorite ability among other characters

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I'm taking a bullshit class and decided to write about Touhou's impact on otaku communities as a form of escapism from reality and how its simple designs have led it to be responsible for all sorts of works which all have some basis in canon.


I just have the image of her trying to scare you (and failing) and then getting sad about it and slinking away with maybe a tear in her eye, or at least just looking really down...and I just want to hug her and tell her that I was lying and she really did surprise me.

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Yukari, because of all the hard work and love she's put forth to make Gensokyou a reality.

Well, reality isn't the right word...

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Why do I have the urge to play with her floppy ears?

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"Do your best, Kogasa-chan" was the doujin that turned her from a freaky yet unimportant stage two boss into a misery magnet on the level of fanon Alice in my mind. She has the shittiest power of all touhoes, and she's not even any good at using it. Poor thing.

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Wow, sounds like you're going to get away with spewing a bunch of nonsensical drivel about toohoos that the professor is going to give you a decent grade for just because he has no idea what the fuck you're talking about. Nice work. Definitely include Aya and her fanon chocolate puking tendencies.

Also, regarding Kogasa- I get the feeling that because she tries and fails to scare so many people, they start to ignore her. Because of that, scaring people is the only way anyone acknowledges her, and she gets terribly lonely. Of course, I would lavish all sorts of attention on her because I am a weak fool.

I'm going to start buying old old umbrellas just in case. ;_;

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are there more than 4 touhous?

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Tewi. No idea why, no idea at all

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Pretty incredible how that single doujin really got the moe train running at breakneck speeds to hhhnnngggville.

I mean, there were fans of her before then and its not like the "oh Kogasa, you're not scary at all!" thing wasn't out there, but that really made it take off.

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I used to like Byakuren, now Koishi is my favorite. Her insecurity makes her cute.

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D-d-don't say such embarrassing things!

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I like Koishi for her autism, makes her an easy lay

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In before liebe

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Yukari. She would string me along with promises and compliments until she grew bored me before replacing me for someone fresh.

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Ran because I like women who come off as maternal.

Also, dem tails man, dem tails.

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Honestly I've liked pretty much everyone until I've played UFO's extra stage. And damn, those black thighhighs.

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Nue makes me have dirty, dirty thoughts.

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>come off as maternal

God, I hate fanon.

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Depends, Suika or Momiji.

Suika seems more like a bro than waifu material
Momiji seems to be more waifu than bro.

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Not sure why. I just find her incredibly appealing.

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Yeah, Aya is pretty cool. 'Cept she kicks my ass in MoF Everytime

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Yeah, her too. They're almost perfectly even in my eyes.