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Attractive hakutaku teacher thread to discuss attractive hakutaku teachers.

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she sounds congested in the M-1 manzai

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I thought she seemed awfully stupid to be making fun of Kaguya along with Mokou when Kaguya is JUDGING them.

Then again, they weren't very funny anyway.

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there wasn't much. And i doubt results were different, even if they didn't.

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>/jp/ not being hot for teacher

How can this be?

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/jp/ seems to find Keine "icky", whatever that is supposed to mean...

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Perhaps she's too intimidating.Fairies and teenaged shrine maidens are much less threatening.

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It's that IOSYS song.

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I like it more after it's ground.

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Since when? That's nonsense, Xonpool.

Also, there should be more art of Eienteis molesting Keine.

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That picture makes me horny.

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Keine is a high tier touhou on my list.

There is only high tier on my list

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mokou NTR would be grand

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want so badly. would actually pay for this.

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Apparently since every other Keine thread for months now.

Why is another question.

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Because if she is undercooked it can result in too many health issues.

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Whatever possessed you to boil and eat the Great and Wise Hakutaku?

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Tacos and hamburgers.

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You mean high tier and akis?

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I'm quite certain hakutaku doesn't actually taste very good.
That old Chinese guide on cooking mythical creatures pretty claims pretty much everything "tastes like dog", which I presume is ancient Chinese equivalent of "tastes like chicken". So not really that interesting.

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But I was excited for a tasty and strange meal.

Oh well, I guess I'll just stick to normal meat.

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Fox definitely tastes like dog.

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I only eat the tails. It's like cotton candy.

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You must not be human if your stomach can digest hair.

In either case, you'd then miss out on the Great and Fluffy Hakutaku tail.

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Foxy lady knows she's tastier than a cow.

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<Mokou NTR

Night sparrow love?

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I never quite understood the agricultural equipment fetish.

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Why is Ran just taking it?

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Kaguya turning Keine into a sex slave and raping her until she ahegaos every night while Mokou is forced to watch is my fetish.

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I'm certain you are a good person, but that is a most terrible thing.

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Not nearly as terrible as Keine, seemingly the only person Mokou is close to, evidently about to willingly cheat on her with her archnemesis. Why would you even save something like that?

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Interpretation, interpretation.
Just as well, Kaguya could just be moments from being introduced to the wonderful world speleology.

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You must die.

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it can't be terrible if it hurts Mokou.

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Is Keine eating the history as it's been written?

History is eaten by the victor?

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>This thread

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Why would anyone want to hurt Keine? She's nice.

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Goddamn it, so that's what the strange beast from History Without Logic is?

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I don't know what that is, but probably.

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"He who commands the future..."
Although in all fairness, judging from her part in IN it seems while Keine has the ability, she isn't actually very good at messing around with history. It seems while it's innate, it isn't something she has to do on a regular basis.

Kind of a shame. I rather enjoy the idea of Keine having to snack on forgotten history for sustenance.

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Yeah, we call them hakutaku.

And say "sans logique" or noone will know you are talking about that kamS video.

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Keine has, imo, the best ZUNart, aka the best-drawn face, which means that he spent probably a whole 10 minutes drawing it instead of 1.. which would suggest that he meant Keine to be one of the prettiest Touhous around, which she is.

Then again, Kaguya is also supposed to be abnormally beautiful and her in-game is meh like the rest.

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Who says she doesn't?

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The more pure something is, etcetera.

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It's a really weird power, and probably because of that ZUN was pretty ambiguous with what she is actually capable of. She could actually be extremely powerful but people haven't really extrapolated how that would work yet. On the other hand, Yukari's border manipulation power is only hinted at and not well understood... but people extrapolated all sorts of crazy shit from it and practically turned her into a god.

Basically, the way that Keine talked to Reimu implies that if she manages to knock you out she can not only kill you, but will erase you from ever existing by eating all of your past.

There are more subjective guesses as to what else she can do.. if you wounded her for example, could she just eat the history of being hurt and undo since it then never happened?

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Chen's a growing girl, Ran just likes to have some for her when she's not around.

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got milk?

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But Keine isn't pure, per se, just nice. If you're looking to corrupt something, there are plenty more pure Touhous.

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That fucking face
I can't comprehend it
My brain can't process it

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Enough of that. It's irritating.

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Damnit, NTR crowd, you spoiled a perfectly good Keine thread.

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In addition to this, she's also just a nice being overall, so even if she were capable of inflicting terrible harm upon the world, she just doesn't do it since she isn't a bitch.

I mean think about it.. she could eat the entire history of your ancestors, and then by proxy you and your family would never exist. She could destroy empires, change civilization to her whim. We should be glad that she has so much self-control and actually likes humans.

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Strangest thing is, it seems her ability can - to some extent - ignore that history is all tied together. She seems to be able to alter bits and pieces here and there without causing uncontrolled chain reactions.

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In hakutaku form she can literally change history though rather than nibble on it... so, if she wanted to she could still seriously fuck up everything. It's just unlikely since she's usually in human form.

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Just where is everyone getting this "Can control history at her whim" exactly? The game showed that her powers have been greatly exaggerated by the fan base, and even Yukari states that her ability is pure shit anyways.

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Now there's the strange thing.
It seems she could either consume the history of your ancestors, thus causing you to cease to exist. Or, she could consume the history of your ancestors, and leave you unaffected since she hasn't consumed your history.

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Actually I'm not even sure she can alter history to the extent of removing people currently alive by eating the history of their ancestors, since their own history remains.

How do you measure "history" in quantity anyway?

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When you're Yukari, everything is pure shit.

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Fanon grossly overpowers everyone in the series.

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Yeah, but in Keine's case, we saw exactly how her powers work, yet there is still people saying she could wipe you out of existence with a mere thought.

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>>talking about judging power from canon when we only have the opinion of an egocentric lazy god as a base

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From what I gather, Yukari has an exclusive ability to circumvent Keine's manipulations. She basically just gap'd in to the human village, thus making Keine's protection a waste of time.

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We did?

Besides, even if she can wipe things out of history, she wouldn't have done so in IN anyway. She was trying to protect the village, not erase it from existence.

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Meanwhile in Touhou 5.5...

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How do you know she's not pure? Just being older (and she just looks older than most characters, there are plenty older than her) doesn't necessarily make her a slut by default.

And how could you know? Surely she would eat that part of her history.

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ITT: OP wonders how his thread turned from admiration of hakutaku gorgeousness to hakutaku power levels

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No one really doubts her prettiness, though, only the extent of her abilities.

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I love Keine too much, I'm out of here.

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I did not mean to imply that she was a slut by saying she wasn't pure. She doesn't go around banging every guy in the village or giving hands-on sex-ed to her students, but she's probably not a virgin.

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In other words... absolutely nothing out of the ordinary.

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I'm going to run a concept by everyone here:

- Keine is an attractive and important woman
- She lives in a not quite Edo period village.
- She is in her mid twenties at least.


Only Rinnosuke can rescue her now!

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Rinnosuke is to busy drooling over outdated pieces of crap from the outside world, he isn't helping anyone.

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Here, read this.

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That's a curious take, but...

-She's a commoner without known family ties.
-Gensokyo as it is now was sealed off in the Meiji era.
-Age unknown.

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Hey now, wasn't saying its canon, just saying its an interesting thought and somewhat reasonable.

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And that it was.

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Tokiko is the bastard child of Keine and Rinnosuke? Wouldn't surprise me.

Also, I've always wondered this, but Keine seems to be one of the older or "healthier" girls in the series, but she's never talked about with the old hags. So, what is she? I'm tempted to say she fits in with the hags...but there's nothing in that regard about her.

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Enough with this "hag" meme garbage.

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Might be that most people seem young next to Mokou.

Come to think of it, does anyone have any idea how old Keine is supposed to be?

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Take it easy, it's just a word. Doesn't mean we don't fap to the hags.

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I'm not saying the hags are bad; I actually like them the most. It's just what they're called because they all look to be older than the rest of the cast...somewhere between mid twenties to early thirties.

Lolis, regular girls, and hags are how I classify them regarding their apparent age. Keine is just confusing to me since she seems to appear much older than the "normal girls" of the series, but she's not exactly a "hag."

Here's my current desktop with the hags. If you can say any of them look older than someone in their mid-thirties, I'll eat my shoes.

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I never said you thought of them negatively, it's just "SAKUYA PAD XD" tier of discussing them.

>> No.5737099


Flan's about 500 but she's considered a loli due to her appearance. Mokou looks to be around 20 or so despite being centuries old, as well.

>> No.5737109

You could just call them ladies.
Or women.
Hag is an insult.

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Yuyucow - 17
Yuuka - 19
Ran - 24
Yukari - 40+
Kanako - 35~
Eirin - 30
Yuugi - 25
Byakuren - 28

>> No.5737122


Again, it's just easier to use one word to classify how good fan art is meant to represent their age of appearance. I'm not saying anything else, but the "hags" are undoubtedly meant to look older than any of the other characters.

>> No.5737148


"hot moms"?


That's a bit off from what I think.

Yuyuko: 22
Yuuka: 24
Ran: 28
Yukari: 31-3
Kanako: 33-4
Eirin: 28
Yuugi: 22-24
Byakuren: 25

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Tried sorting it out from what little backround information we got, and seems from that Keine could be anywhere up to between 1100 and 700 years old. But not only is that rather imprecise, but it doesn't really hold water either.

Basically she could be anywhere from her physical age up to Mokou/Kaguya's age.

>> No.5737204


But what's her physical age supposed to be, around 20 or so? She's supposed to run the school at the human village...but she looks like one of those girls who just got out of college and went on to work at a high school as the token hot teacher.

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How long do you think she'll last?

>> No.5737232

Would it be possible for Keine be able to alter her own age with her abilities? Eat the history of being older etc? Even if it took all of her strength to do something so radical as turn back the clock, I mean, why wouldn't she do that to herself once in a while?

All she'd have to do is wait for a full moon, go into hakutaku, and change the date of her birthday one year ahead of what it was last year, or whatever else she could think of.

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How the fuck is keine a teacher when she looks like a kid herself in the games

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>> No.5737240

everyone looks like a kid in the games, scandaroon.

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Unknown. Guessing about 20, slightly more mature than Mokou. Which isn't really saying a lot since 3-4 years age difference really doesn't show much past the teens.


As long as necessary.

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She seems .. more mature.. than most of the other Touhous. Not old-hag status, but not a teen either.

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Sup mugen

>> No.5737269


No, I don't think any of the older Touhou characters do. Not remotely.

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Kel'Thuzad is not a hakutaku

>> No.5739880

oh wow, it's really Kel'Thuzad. I thought it wasn't from the thumbnail

>> No.5739899

Notice the ribbon on the horn

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>> No.5739908

that makes her just as likely to be an oni lich as it does a hakutaku lich

>> No.5739917

Could just be cosplay

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actually, given Momiji Arthas, this seems likely