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Do your meltan here.
Someone WILL be caked before this thread dies.

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I desire the white one.

>> No.571041

Might as well host.


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67-160-212-132 <--- West Coast, Warc practice

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Oh god delicious tsundere succubus-loli in fancy dress

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Tsundere? More like kill you dead.

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Let's see if my internets are less volatile today.

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Guess not. Fuck you, Comcast.

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lag on 3 delay?

>> No.571530

I have no fucking idea either. It worked fine for the last three months and has no problems with torrents or the like. Just Caster seems to piss it off.

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Death to the other MB thread!

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bump for host?

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Sage for even mentioning this steaming pile of shit disguised as an ISP.

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that's nice, but don't shit up the good meltan thread.

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yeah, good games fui, it was fun.

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White Ren is tsundere in Cadenza.

Blame Magical Amber.

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Bump for hosts.

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posting cake in a caek thread

>> No.572091 <--- WC

>> No.572161 EC/EU

>> No.572189

GGs. Sorry about leaving in the middle of a match.

>> No.572192

GGs. Deadly Akiha's you got there.

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Completley mauled for most of it but fud anyways. Warc rapes me every time I end up near a wall

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Oh hey guys. EU
Low-level,no fucking Nero.

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Gg, sorry i had to go, it was nice playing with 2 delay. See you around.

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gg's still cant beat your fucking len...

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Jumping is so for niggers.

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>Ciel Dude
>no fucking Nero

best be jokin' nigger. you have like the best matchup vs Nero. Every move he has can be punished by Hiero... except crows.

>> No.572414


no love for nero.

>> No.572415

His jC annoys me.

>> No.572419

more like CROW love for nero, amirite?

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You know Nero is Ciel's most favorable matchup right. Actually it's the most skewed matchup in the game. 7-3 7-3 7-3 7-3

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Same here.

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No one likes Nero. They should just take him out or turn him into a girl.

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Not enough F5 derp.

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>> No.572518

Game crash?

>> No.572521

Sorry, delay was a bit too annoying for me...gg's

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Love the BnBs.

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Mid Casual Nanaya playing a shitty Ciel in training, feel free to rape me.
Less than or equal to delay 5

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Please hit 5 before connecting to check your delay


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ggs whoever played me. If you knew at least one BnB you'd be much much better. www.meltybread.com (check the forums) and http://ikusat.mac.org/mbac/index.php/Main_Page

also your block is a bit funky


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GGs Bowsah

>> No.572767

same thing to the person I just played, basically. 5cc will only get you so far. GGs


>> No.572776

I think the first and most important thing about learning ciel is learning how NOT to ex hiero or black keys.

curry ass crossups are where you should start!

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Shitty Kouma is bored. Fight plz.

>> No.572839

fuck also rehostan:>>572613

>> No.572932

Good games Kouma no. 9nPad

>> No.572934

Thanks for the beatings, Zansatsu.

>>572822 is rehosting.

>> No.573007

Delicious Kouma Dunks.

>> No.573008

Sorry for the drop, other Kouma. Phone call.

Rehosting: >>572822

>> No.573035

you have just about the worst fighting style out of all the people I've ever fought. first time I don't enjoy playing someone who beats me. JUMP JUMP JUMP


>> No.573044

good games, was fun. 2b is an awesome move, but don't overuse it. try to give the illusion that it doesn't exist, then BAM OUT OF FUCKING NOWHERE CLASH FRAME CITY

>> No.573051

I'll assume you mean "worst fighting style" in the best way possible, meaning it just doesn't mesh with you and not that you think i'm trash. good games, and good luck with your ciel.

>> No.573057

ggs, was fun

>> No.573061

yeah, thanks to your Sion I got a bit better

At the end I just got tired and couldn't keep up. Your Len combos are demoralizing

>> No.573070

Good games Kouma

>> No.573072

Want another go?

>> No.573075

I'd like to, but I gotta go for a bit now, hopefully again later

>> No.573078

Good games, nanaya.

Rehosting once more: >>572822

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>> No.573099


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damn fui, fun games also i need moar training with my wara

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Mid casual

>> No.573142

I think that's the first time I've fought a Tohno Shiki in ages. GG.

>> No.573143

you picked too low a delay

ggs anyway I guess

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How does I network Meltan?

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573170 hosted

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GGs Narrow Cows, something came up or I would've continued till 0-60

>> No.573223

lol sorry for the lag. ggs.

>> No.573225

GGs Red Akiha. I never get tired of her KO scream.

>> No.573231

Any EU hosting?

>> No.573240

Good games akiha/v.akiha player


>> No.573357

Good games Fui

>> No.573371


The reason this game will never be taken seriously.

>> No.573427

lots of stuff beat mashing. americans being lazy is why theyll never be taken seriously.

>> No.573442

doing nothing > mashing.

>> No.573458 WC preferred.

>> No.573504

in america, there's always two seme's!

>> No.573556

Tempered I think you're losing damage because 5c knocks up crouching characters. Sion is a tough character to learn but I hope you'll keep at it.

Nanaya's AD is high fyi.

>> No.573566

I know it does. and it annoys me a bit. I tend to play mindlessly on netplay though. He wokeup DPd everytime and I didnt do anything. I figured out I could clash most of his stuff with 2b but didnt abuse it. and I dropped alot of stuff.

>> No.573672

When I try to connect to an IP (I'm trying it with someone else right now) it just brings me straight back to the menu where I have to choose what to do. He's tried connecting to my hosted server but he has the same problem, are we missing something?

>> No.573739

Update: it now gives us ERROR : TIMEOUT ( Access )

>> No.573755

Uhh... you guys have the latest caster? version B of the game? translated? port 7500?

>> No.573767

I'm not too sure, we downloaded it from the latest pack on /rs/ with everything included and I'm pretty sure it's not translated.

>> No.573771

you should probably just go to IRC and ask there. I'm sure they'd help.

>> No.573789

Ah, this is why caster is so beautiful. To see if your netplay is even functioning right (files are in the right location), select option 9 (debug). If everything is correct, it should take you to see the character select screen. If your caster is working correctly, you can next check to see whether or not you can even host. If you're directly connected to the internet modem you should be able to. If you're under a router, you need to port forward UDP 7500. To see whether or not you can host, select option 8 in caster (Test myPort) and put in mizuumi.net. If caster spits back OK then you should be able to host, and if it says BAD then you obviously can't.

>> No.573826

Meaning if both of us get BAD we won't be able to play each other? Or is there a way around that.

>> No.573854

That means that you're most likely both under routers and haven't forwarded your ports.

But don't lose hope, you can use the relay. Relay is a public IP that connects two players. To use it, select option 7 (Standby) and both put in mizuumi.net. Just make sure you connected to the right person.

If that doesn't work, God hates you and you should either kill yourselves or download Hamachi.

>> No.573875

The new caster sucks.

>> No.573925


>> No.574050

guess i lagged out or something. not sure why that happened, but ggs anyway.

>> No.574072


>> No.574128

rehosted again

>> No.574144


>> No.574292

bump for host

>> No.574306
us east casual

>> No.574393


>> No.574434

Good games Dat, sorry for the early quit but I'm sleepy. Also don't mind my random gameplay, I was just being stupid

>> No.574437

me too, i'm playing like shit tonight

>> No.574450

Well I don't really like playing with Ciel but good games anyway

>> No.574452


>> No.574467
US West.

>> No.574486

GG, sorry. Problem's on my end I'm pretty sure. Bleh. Don't want to subject you to that crap.

>> No.574563

Good games to you Warc

>> No.574571

Yea thanks for playing with me.

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I'll "play" with you again, if you know what I mean, heh heh heh...

>> No.574854 EC
I feel like playing some Random Select.

>> No.574883

Fine, if you won't random, then neither will i

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>> No.574903

Crap, why do most of the games have to happen right now when I am at work

>> No.574940

Bump for host

>> No.574965

bump for random host.

>> No.574993

'hosting' on relay. Option 7 port 7500 ip

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File: 33 KB, 669x468, randoms.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Good games there.

>> No.575103


>> No.575179

Ahhh fucking A snake.
GGs Nero player.

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gg akiha player :)

>> No.575187

Fuck off faggot

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>> No.575410

>>575406 lol zomg smilies are so awesome I must bump a thread that died two hours ago with a shitty image just to show how much I am raging

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no anon you are the rage

>> No.575439


and then anon was a faggot.

>> No.575441

I want to be rage. ;_;

>> No.576645
us east casual

>> No.576844


>> No.576895

Good games Ciel player, sorry I had to answer the phone.

>> No.576911 EU/EC

>> No.577003


>> No.577026

wrong button, try again

>> No.577094


>> No.577218 West Coast

Practicing stick, will try not to ragequit

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good games, was fun.

>> No.577394 EU/EC

>> No.577451

Anyone hosting?

>> No.577456
EU casual

>> No.577473

Gg, i m sad i couldnt shield 5[C] properly... It worked in training, but using it in match isnt the same.

>> No.577479


>> No.577499

picture of your stick, now.

>> No.577509


go to /b/ for dick pictures

>> No.577514

nevermind, unmodded hrap2 makes me cry.

>> No.577518


>> No.577520

good games. Still learning shiki though, little lag from here to Europe so I'll find someone closer

>> No.577523

>> No.577524

Needs more hosts.

>> No.577528


>> No.577534

ggs, was fun

>> No.577536


>> No.577537

GGs. I was trying to let some other people play the game as well, so those last few games might have seemed a bit off.

>> No.577541 EU/EC

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rehoastan gaems

>> No.577546

No idea why we got the de synch like that. GGs, got murdered by those bnbs.

>> No.577548

doesnt work

>> No.577554

Gg, feel free to rejoin

>> No.577556

GGs, had a lot of fun. I felt like I went from 20% to 80% playability with stick.

>> No.577562

Restarted caster, should be up now.

>> No.577570

Still hosting.

>> No.577606

Jesus, the lag was horrible.

>> No.577611

Really? Didn't seem so bad at my end.

>> No.577661

ok why is this thread always located at the bottom of the front page? maybe its just me but if i see this at the bottom im calling in the mods

>> No.577668

Anyone hosting?

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Mid casual

>> No.577697

Okay I have to fix something cuz I'm getting ridiculous delays now for some reason

>> No.577701


>> No.577720

Everything seems fine, trying again.

>> No.577764

>> No.577787

bump for host

>> No.577802

rehosting, east coast mid casual

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Can't find the IP, but whoever I just used Neco Arc Chaos on, GGs. The last one was just for the lulz.

>> No.577809

good games, I had fun

>> No.577818

Gg, it was fun

>> No.577827

Sorry i dont know what the hell went wrong...rehost?

>> No.577829

ok. It's up. I was looking forward to playing too, we've fought before. Hope it works

>> No.577831

blarg, link death.

>> No.577843

Gah sniped...oh well...

>> No.577860


>> No.577864

Didn't really need an opponent as hard as you Damage, since all I've been able to do since yesterday are dropped combos and misinputs. Great games nonetheless, play you again later, me's gotta go now

>> No.577868

I hate it when I try to play normal Akiha like V Akiha. GGs.

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>> No.577902


>> No.577906


gg tohno player :)

>> No.577948

Lol, sorry to the person who was fighting my Warcuied spam.

>> No.577950

GG's...im guessing it crashed? anyways back to work

>> No.577953

Yeah shit crashed, Lol, those matches were pretty funny.

>> No.577961

Haha, yeah was good 5 delay is 'meh' though
You should learn a few BnBs, it'll do you a hell of a lot of good.

>> No.577985

Good games shiki player

>> No.577988

fuck you

>> No.577989

yeah gg nanaya

>> No.577993

Hosting on relay.
Option 7
Port 7500

>> No.578028

Gahhh. hit B, instead of A. Also, wtf's with the lag?

>> No.578043

ska-san , you keep dropping your combos cause you're pressing 2c too long. Its a charge move so it'll delay the hit the longer its held. Lightly tap the button instead!

kohaku iz best

>> No.578057

is that it? i'm just making things up as i go. play me and show me how!

>> No.578121

Anyone hosting?

>> No.578127


>> No.578140

Sorry to suddenly end it, something came up.

>> No.578145

ah well, apologies for the lag. good games though, i think i see what you mean.

>> No.578223

Good games Vakiha player. Dunno if you're new or just shitting around but if you are new then hope this helps: http://www.meltybread.com/forums/index.php?board=9.0


>> No.578234

GG. thx for the link.

>> No.578362

Rehosting. New character, don't expect much

>> No.578385
us east casual

>> No.578483

Good games Ciel/Len player

>> No.578502

I expected to get my ass kicked. Unsurprisingly, I did not need to expect much more beyond that.

Ah well. Thanks for the game.

>> No.578527


And gg's Fui, it was fun to mirror each other, I think my Ciel got a lot better since the last time you played her.

>> No.578531

Not casual. Although it turned out for the better for me because I was doing better than I expected with stick mode.

>> No.578582

bump for host

>> No.578585

i mean lol good games anata wa, i think we covered everyone but miyako.

>> No.578587

GGs, Ska. Was a lot of fun just messing around with all the characters.

>> No.578616

I can't use Miyako, though if you're the same Miyako I think you are, you've improved a good bit.
Also, dodge > 5[B]. Shield works as well. 5[B] in general is a bad move. I find that a slightly delayed, but not fully charged, 5B seems to work better. Clash frames, small delay, doesn't knock crouching characters into the air, etc.

>> No.578652


Casual my ass ಠ_ಠ

>> No.578677


I lol'd. ಠ_ಠ

Do like moe Sunohara version of Tohno though.

>> No.578704

bumping for host

>> No.578773

Apparently I'm not casual, though I'm definetly not a tourneyfag.

>> No.578849

This game sounds fun. What's everyone playing? Can I join in too? ;_;?

>> No.578850

looking for a host

>> No.578854


>> No.578860

Don't make that face ಠ_ಠ

>> No.578869

exceptionally ggs satoko colored miyako player :)

>> No.578871


>> No.578872

see >>578773

>> No.578875

I said stop that ಠ3ಠ

>> No.578883
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Can I join in too? Guys....? ;_;

>> No.578888

rehosting again.

>> No.578890

I was playing him but he left.

>> No.578892

Sure if you tell me who you are first.

>> No.578893

Who are you again?

>> No.578897
File: 92 KB, 400x400, 1210213286185.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.578912
File: 2 KB, 200x200, 1210213378841.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.578913

you dc'd actually lol.

>> No.578916
File: 195 KB, 480x360, 1210213422992.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

fine, i'll stop ;_;

>> No.578923

Oh but I didn't press anything.. I guess it must've been the caster then. Still looking for a host anyway

>> No.578953
File: 33 KB, 736x736, 1210213731364.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Good man.

>> No.578983
File: 49 KB, 400x353, 1210214048459.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.579009 anyone netplay me

>> No.579302


>> No.579329

Good games

>> No.579743

good games, sorry i had to bail.


>> No.579912
File: 522 KB, 594x393, 1210224607587.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

so anybody still alive?:

>> No.579927

Someone host.

>> No.579973

bump for host

>> No.580045

Good games Pear

>> No.580046


>> No.580058

i need to make one of them someday ...

>> No.580063

I need to make one of them someday ...

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