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Wouldn't it be cool to have a small, low-powered tablet PC to play VNs on wherever you go? Wouldn't have to have particularly high specs or have a big resolution.

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You mean when I leave my room to go to the bathroom? Yeah that'd be convenient.

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It's called an ipad.

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It's called a Nintendo DS


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that does not cost 1000 dollars

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Why would you want to play VNs whereever you go? They're not exactly something you can pull out and get a few minutes in.

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But I wouldn't be able to play titles like Baldr Sky on it.

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I do this sometimes. I have to be careful not to get shit on the laptop, of course.

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What is a netbook?

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Good news, it's 499.

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/jp/ does not go outside.

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I wouldn't risk blowing my cover by playing VN in public.

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I read VNs on my laptop so I can shit while I fap.

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I heard this feels amazing. Is this true?

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This is what I use sometimes, the Fujitsu Lifebook U820.
1200x800 resolution.
On a 5.6" screen.

I've run Sharin, Galaxy Angel, Cross Channel and Umineko on it.
It chokes on Remember11, though. Has trouble playing HD video too.
In tablet mode, it still has the left/right click buttons on the left and the nub on the right, which is pretty much sufficient for VNs. Much more comfortable than using its crappy touchscreen, plus your hands don't cover the screen.

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Stop trying to sell Apple products. Reported.

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I once did it while I was constipated, it was right during a Kirari scene. It was hard to concentrate at first, but it felt so good when that load dropped from my anus at the same time that the load shot from my penis. It was amazing, I felt like the orgasm would never end.