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ITT: We discuss penises.

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Only if they're Japanese penises

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I have one.

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Now this is a thread.

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I love penises

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Is it time for Penis Land?

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I am circumsized and I don't understand the concept of using lube.

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ITT: we report

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Does patchouli have a penis?

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Gensokyo sure has a lot of dicks for being a land filled with mostly females.

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The biggest.

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If this is your way of requesting some H doujin, I don't approve.


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This is my fetish

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We should meet.

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So, can I have source?

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Only one?

There's actually a youkai in form of an attractive woman that steals testicles from men. Maybe many Touhous were originally male but a Touhou stole their dicks and keeps a monopoly on Gensokyo's penis industry. Her ability is manipulation of faceless men, which allows her to animate the disembodied penises as faceless men that inhabit many doujins.

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>all the touhous were originally men

Wait. So.

All the touhous except for Mokou are traps?

Touhou just got alot better.

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Thread needs more dicks.

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He never said "all".

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>except for Mokou

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As PrEVIOusLY_MeNtiOnEd, tHeSe_messSages_WilL cONtiNue unTIL YoU pErmaNenTLy STOP aTTaCKiNG and_fUCKING_WiTH_Www.aNONDERpTAlK.Se_(reMOve THe dERp), reMove_all IlLeGAL ClOneS_oF IT_And_lIES_aBOUT it aNd donATE_AT LeasT A_MILLIOn Usd tO sYSOp as_COmpEnSation_FOR THE MAsSIVE dAmaGE yOU ReTaRDS HaVE CAUSed.
wlldtm n t j nfb ml wukpom jekr bx

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It took me a really long time to get that

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You'll never have Chen force you to suck on one of her penis tails while she tears your asshole open with the other ;_;

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What about cum?

Can we discuss cum?

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I like my dicks uncut and attached to girlish bodies

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Too lewd

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I hate my dick. It's short, it's bent, it's useless.

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I love cum.
What's your favorite thing about cum?

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I like how thick mine is.

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Still want source.

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Oh boy my favorite thread of the day!

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That brings up a question.

Would you suck Chen's dick if it meant your life?

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Every day. Whether my life mattered or not.

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Yesh, i'd try to do it as gently i could and swallow the load. The end

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Does anyone here trim? I've considered it since a friend joked that my pubes were longer than my dick

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I do. It's very nice.

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I braid mine into cornrow. So yes it's pretty long.

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I miss discussing dicks on /jp/.

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404 not found :(

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