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The Marisa and Reimu aren't that great imo but the Yuyuko is nice. 12.3 version colours wonk wonk.

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Sperm hair.

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here we go again

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How about ugly looking LS figures then.

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what, why her her is not totally pink

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>reimu and marisa fig
>different color
god who would like to buy shity recolor ?

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She's supposed to be partially translucent.

Anyway, Griffon is shit.

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Why are you so fucking whiny and ungrateful.

Fucking shit, you should be beaten.

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Also there are some sale items at otacute and amiami




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I sort of like the violet Reimu

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FUCK YEAR. Be grabbin both her and Mokou should they be set on October.

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Holy shit! She is beautiful!

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Putting aside the usual Griffon face, pic related.

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Yes pretty sugoi.

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Why do they always mess up the faces?

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But I found keine Keine figure in a shop...

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Oh god I actually really like it. The colors are really nice, and while the expression is plain it works surprisingly well on Keine. I think they messed up Mokou though, so I won't be getting that one. I was planning on getting Eiki and Komachi when they were announced, and while Komachi looked really good, (Keine-tier) Eiki looked really plain and boring, and thus I lost interest in getting neither. IDK, if it'll be the same case for me with Keine and Mokou though. I do like Keine, but it's weird to just get her, somehow.

Looking forward to Yuuka, I really really hope she looks as good as Keine.

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>Yuuka figure soon
>Need to stop eating to save money

It'll be worth it.

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You'll see this at WF in a week.

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They're unwilling to sculpt a real face.

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I'm sorry, I can't hear your face complaints over how awesome some of their works are.

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>Opening her book
What the fuck am I looking at. This is unacceptable.

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wheres shanghai and hourai

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I wouldn't say "soon", they've only really revealed her name. Expect a pre-order before the year is over.

But I kinda shat a log when they announced it, and I don't even like Yuuka /that/ much, even though I love her character design. She has some weird power over me, and something tells me I'll be getting it whether I actually like it or not, just because it's Yuuka.

That actually looks good, but her eyes are emerald green? I prefer them blue, but at least they're not brown. What manufacturer? Not quesQ, right?

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Now compare their Flan and Remi to their shitty ones like Reimu or Patchouli.

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Are you blind

It's not just the faces. It's the details, the poses, the colors and the prices as well. Their works are either "good" or "decent"; they've never gotten past that.

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It has a ~dramatic burst opening!~ though.

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I would get this if they made the explosives better looking. It's a shame, I like her pose and dress in that one too.

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Well, this is the best Alice fig yet.
Then again, the other two were pretty meh.

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Not sure if it will get a manu, for now just a custom by yukiu.

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She's really Muse. Look at that puppet.

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I agree. The book opening and the lack of Shanghai/Hourai is kinda questionable but at least it's a lot more interesting, unique and more dynamic than the ones T's and Griffon churned out.

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There's one that the Alice was paired with a while ago but I don't think it's completed yet. Maybe I just haven't seen it.

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The face is also messed up on this one.

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That's even worse! If Alice did open her book she'd do it quietly and attempt to catch her opponent off guard with Ultimate Magic

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Oh so it's just a kit? Don't confuse me by posting it when we're talking about mass-produced figurines ;_;

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Sorry sorry.

But it's just been completed now and he'll have it at WF, maybe it will be produced I don't know.

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>lack of Shanghai/Hourai
Alice has more than 2 spellcards, you know?
She also didn't use her dolls in Extra stage (when she used the book instead).

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Well, there's always a chance, so many kits have been picked up by big companies as of late. I am still in semi-chock over the Yukari kit that Kotobukiya picked up. There's so many awesome kits, yet they picked up THAT? What the

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so? at the end of the day, thats a nice fig, but it couldve been much better with the dolls.

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extra stage was loli alice anyway

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Eh, I checked amiami just now and T's Cirno is being made into a PVC as well? It's one of their best/better ones, I quite like it myself.

Also, is it just me or has Toranoana been rather quiet with their figurine releases as of late? They had like four PVC and many of those soft vinyls (which are looking more and more dubious by each release) last year but there's been barely anything Touhou from them this year, excluding those small collectible figurines.

Also pic related is a figma custom I just found at one of GSC's related blogs. It's not official, but it was fun to see Touhou-content.

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It has a doll with it.

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Loli Alice has dolls, too.

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Int'l Tokyo Yawn Show

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More pre-WF stuff.

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Pre-WF? Are you sure? Is it a re-release? A re-paint version?

I know I've seen it before on yahoo-auctions, (or a very similar-looking one) and when I looked I found pic related in my figurine-folder. It looks like the same kit to me?

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Yeah it's not new but I think it'll get another release.

Or just random painters ~showing off~

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I see, I guessed it was something like that.

Also what's with the pose. I find like 2 more Tenshi garage-kits that have more or less the same pose in my folder.

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Delicious legs

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Xonpool mode.

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nice bust