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Why is Kaguya the boring touhou in the universe next to Parsee?

Can you remember anything about her?

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A former Princess of the Moon. Drank the Hourai Elixir, which was forbidden, and thrown down to the Earth to live in squalor. She starred in the "Tale of the Bamboo Cutter".

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Why is Eirin the awesome doctor in the universe next to House?

Can you enema anything about her?

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Should've been the final boss of IN and not Kaguya. She's boring, her powers are boring, and the only thing that makes her interesting are the people around her.

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Kaguya seems like a fun person, from the supplementary stories and such. I'm fond of her.

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gaf a si po

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She was a final boss, bro.

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She's really dumb. Not that it isn't cute, but still. She's not really the first person you want to talk to if you want an intellectual discussion.

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>Beat Eirin

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Wait, she has a story? Thought she was just a plain ol' NEET?

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Please don't state your opinions as fact. And no, I'm not going to argue with you about canon faggotry.

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>Final A
>Final B
I rest my case.

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Not only is there the entire "Lunarian fugitive princess" concept, there's also the entire "mortal enemies with Fujiwara no Mokou," "most beautiful person in existence," and "immortality" parts to it.

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>OP sage'd his own thread
>/jp/ truly is shitty

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I don't think Parsee is boring in fact i think she is just as fun as Orin and Suika.

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Most boring canon Touhou is definitely Medicine. Only trolls deny this.

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One small correction; rather than being boring she's a minor phantasmagoria boss without any significant appearances. Think like the minor side bosses in TH03.

She's done more than Satsuki Rin has.

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I like Inabas stupid/crazy Kaguya
I like canons friendly Kaguya
I like fanons crazy OMG I KILL MOKOU Kaguya
I don`t like lol NEET

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Is there more of these two?

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>I like Inabas stupid/crazy Kaguya
>I like canons friendly Kaguya

I like these 2 only

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I hereby strongly demand the source of this doujin page.

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Terrible things happen to Udonge due to Eirin's drugs

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Thanks China, you are always a great help.

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I lol'd

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>next to Parsee