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You arrive in Gensokyo.

A methane burst caused by the BP Deepwater Horizon drilling operation has caused your death, you find yourself standing on a stone path, facing south in a land you have never heard ofbefore. To your west is a great, impassible river. You see a vast sunflower field southeast of the path, and a bamboo forest to the southwest. Past the sunflower field, you see another forest in the distance with a strangely under-appreciated shadow moving through it.

A. Walk along the path.
B. Go to the sunflower field.
C. Go to the bamboo forest.

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I want my life back

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If you don't like it, I included a tag so that you can filter it out.

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A. Walk along the path.

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That's ridiculous.
Try coming up with an introduction that doesn't stretch our suspension of disbelief too badly.

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Thread reported.

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>Implying the oil leak in the Gulf isn't going to destroy all life on Earth.

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[X] Jump into the Lake.

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B. Go to the sunflower field.
I really enjoy these things. Thank you for taking time to make this OP

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You decide to take the path. A girl emerges from the bamboo forest to your west. She has long, white hair and large, red suspenders; she looks tomboyish in nature. She stares you down from the edge of the forest.

A. Walk into the sunflower field.
B. Approach the silent girl.
C. Continue south along the path

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You decide to take the path. A girl emerges from the bamboo forest to your west. She has long, white hair and large red suspenders; she looks tomboyish in nature. She stares you down from the edge of the forest.

A. Walk into the sunflower field.
B. Approach the silent girl.
C. Continue south along the path

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B. Approach the silent girl.

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B. Approach the ugly girl

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Continue south along the path, maybe she'll follow you, if she is trying to get your attention.

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>A methane burst caused by the BP Deepwater Horizon drilling operation has caused your death,

[x] Examine self

I'm going to feel real silly if I try to talk to people and they don't even notice me because I'm a ghost.

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This whole thread is reported.

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You approach the girl. She stares at you, as if expecting you to say something.
"Can you help me? I.. think I'm lost.
She continues to stare you down. You both stand there in silence. She finally says something,
"Do you need to go to the human village?"

A. Agree to go to the Human Village.
B. Decline, but stay with Mokou.
C. Lead her into the Sunflower Field.
D. Leave her, and walk along the path.

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As much as I like Mokou, nothing good can come with staying around her. I imagine you can still die again.
[D]: Walk along the path

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C. Lead her into the Sunflower Field.

This will be good.

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>lead her


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B. Decline, but stay with Mokou.

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You shake your head, declining Mokou's offer. She smiles at you as you turn away, walking back to the path. As you begin to walk along the path, you turn around.

She is following you.

A. Attempt to speak with her again.
B. Keep walking.
C. Lead her into the sunflower field.
D. Tell her to stop.

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B. Decline, but stay with Mokou.

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It's still against the rules regardless.

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C. Lead her into the sunflower field.

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[x]Attempt to speak with her again

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This shit was banned by moot himself. You're lucky I'm feeling lazy tonight, but I'll take care of your shit soon enough you sack of worthless dicks.

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Not like anyone else follows the rules on this board. Not like Meido isn't asleep either.

A. Speak to her again

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B. Keep walking.

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You do realize I didn't say shit about reporting you right?

If you weren't such a summerfag you'd know what the wrath of currybutt means, it's got nothing to do with meido or mods - actually it's better for me if they aren't here when I start "fixing" /jp/.

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Like your posts would make a difference somehow.

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You take her hand. She blushes. The two of you begin to head towards the sunflower field. At the edge of the sunflower field, she stops you.
"You'll die if you go in there. I won't be able to protect you."

A. Converse with Mokou.
B. Continue onwards.
C. Turn back.

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>he's new here

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To add to that, I self moderated /jp/ since it's creation and it's always worked. Why would you think your shitty little read-along hey im involved i feel special shit would be any different?

Just because you're new is no excuse for ignorance.

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Oh boy, childish as ever. Please DO change.

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>running to the child card when I'm simply relaying facts about how much control I have over /jp/ content

Oh you.

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>You take her hand. She blushes.
Ehhhh.... Too much fanservice.

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Mugi awoke in a small room. This was not home. There were no keyboards. No Afternoon Tea Times. She was cold and alone. Terrified, she attempted to get to her feet, before realizing she was chained by her ankle to the wall, and she was in a strange set of clothes. A hand going to her head, she also realized that her hair had been cut short. Tears forming in her eyes, she felt a sickening fear in her stomach. The door suddenly opened, bringing with it an overwhelming stench of brewed coffee.

"...Is my darling Accelerator awake?" Stan Lee asked, standing in the doorway.

"A-Accelerator...?" Mugi asked, confused. "I...my name is Mu-" she screamed. Stan Lee, in an instant, had thrown a cup of something scalding hot onto her. It had gotten all over her thighs and forearms...coffee. She wasn't surprised. Tears freely falling, she struggled to get up once more, chain clinking in resistance.

"Accelerator, you know I don't like it when you struggle!" the man shouted, pain audible in his voice. "...don't be upset. I'll make it all better. I'll get Joey to make me some more coffee after we're finished..." he said, facial features contorted in a manic smile.

Mugi felt a sickening fear in the pit of her stomach. What did he mean by that...? "Please, you have the wrong person! Who am I dressed up as!? My ha-"

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B. Continue onwards.
No regrets

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>To add to that, I self moderated /jp/ since it's creation and it's always worked

More like: I posted as a retarded who thinks he is somehow special and it's always "worked". I can't wait for your next ban then you and your friends will have to resort to posting as anonymous with bullshit. Jesus, this is so fucking predictable.

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Stan Lee was on top of her, his tongue in her mouth.

The small girl felt bile rising in her throat as his thick coffee breath seemed to choke her. She felt him swirling his tongue around her own, and desperately tried to pull away, but to no avail.

"Accelerator...don't fight me. I'll scald you right in your ass...well. I know I'll be scalding you with my willy, but after that..." Stan Lee whispered, breath hot in her ear. "Let's get you out of those clothes...I've got to discuss an X-Men and Yotsuba&! crossover with a good japanese friend of mine..."

Mugi couldn't move as she felt her top being slowly pulled off. Her burns ached horribly, and him straddling her like that wasn't helping...oh god, why her?!

The seconds seemed to last years as she was slowly stripped naked from the top up. Openly crying, her body was heaving with sobs.

"Oh, Accelerator...it's okay. I know it hurts, but soon enough you'll feel all better..." his tongue traced her ear, before suckling on the lobe gently. His hands were gently rubbing her sides, before going up to her chest.

"Wha-...my dear, when on earth did you get breasts?" the elderly man asked, confused. Mugi screamed in protest.

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B. Continue onwards.

though it should really be a touhou-project

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You are quite possibly the dumbest poster I've ever seen here. Good luck on your conquest.

Also I've been on 4chan longer than you.

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"I'm Mugi! Tsumugi Akiyama! I play the keyboard! I'm in a band! I'm in love with Mio-" a hand down her pants. He gently stroked her pubic hair, before beginning to rub her slit.

A low moan escaped her, just barely. "St-Stan Lee..." she whispered, trying to fight her natural urges.

"...Yes, Accelerator?" he asked, crazed passion in his eyes. His erection was creating quite the bulge in his pants, and it was clear the comic writer was packing heat.

'No!' she thought to herself, before catching a faint glimpse of herself reflected in his glasses. Oh...oh god. She was...she was dressed up like this...Accelerator thing! What was an accelerator anyways? A car part? Why would a car dress like this?!

"Get off me!" she yelled, slapping at his face and neck.

"Shut the fuck up, Accelerator! I've spent thousands of dollars trying to find you, and you're going to love me whether you like it or not!" he yelled back, tears in his eyes. He wasn't even making sense...a single finger slid inside of her.

"St-Stan! Stop it now!" she said, cheeks growing hot as he began to suck on her collarbone. Mugi couldn't enjoy this...not with this man. Not as some 'accelerator'...she continued to sob as he pulled her pants and underwear down to her ankles.

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"Oh, how I've been waiting..." he moaned, unzipping his pants.

He was...he was going to have sex with her. Mugi knew it was going to happen, and she only began to sob harder as the man took his shirt off. "I'll make you feel...incredible." he said, removing his finger from her vaginal orfice.

She shut her eyes tightly, hoping to god this was a nightmare...her eyes snapped open as his finger began poking at her anus. "Nooo!" she shouted, flailing as best she could. She tried to push him off, desperately, her burns absolutely screaming with pain.

"Shh...shhh..." he cooed, before another figure entered the room.

"Ah, Joey!" he exclaimed, grabbing the fresh, steaming cup of coffee from the boy's hands. He was missing his fingernails.

Taking a swig, he used his free hand to slowly probe Mugi's tight ass, getting it in to the knuckle. She was in utter agony.

"Oh...we'll need some lube, won't we..." Stan said, thinking for a minute. "I didn't have any prepa..." he trailed off, looking at his half empty cup of coffee. Mugi's eyebrows raised in absolute terror.

"It'll only sting for a moment..." he muttered, removing his finger from her anus. Placing it and another finger into the steaming coffee, he winced a little at the heat. "This'll let me slide into your fine ass just fine..."

Two fingers slid into her so quickly it was like someone had fired a bullet straight into her butthole. "Fuwaaaaa!" she screamed, frantically trying to crawl backwards to get his elderly fingers out of her anus. It was so hot...and two fingers was painful enough already...his entire dick would absolutely kill her!

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hey currybutt, you can't do shit.

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Hey Currbutt

When I become a mod next week you're permabanned again.

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"P-please stop..." she cried out, as he fingerfucked her whimpering ass.

"Accel, listen...I need you. I love you more than anything I've created. I love you more than coffee. More than the moon, the sky, the earth...more than Spiderman and the X-Men. You're the only one for me." as Stan Lee placed a gentle kiss on her lips, Mugi found herself unable to fight back...

Stan Lee lowered himself, gently grasping her reddened thighs and placing them on his shoulders. "You ready, darling?"

Without thinking, she nodded.

He poured more of the coffee on his raging boner, moaning as it audibly scalded his tender dick flesh. A split second later, he slowly prodded the tip into her ass, moaning out Accelerator's name as he fit half his cock inside.

"A-Ah...Stan..." Mugi moaned out, as she felt him begin to play with her breasts, gently squeezing her nipples. "Ah...Stan...let me be your Accelerator!" she shouted, hands grabbing the sides of his face, pulling him closer. She licked at his lips like a wild animal until he responded with his own tongue. They entered a small tongue war, until their lips finally connected in a deep, wet kiss.

Stan Lee slowly eased the rest of himself into her, and slowly started pumping his hips. "Accelerator, you're so god damned tight...ahhh...my balls are racing to the heavens..." he cried, breaking away from their kiss for a minute. Mugi began to kiss his adam's apple, and sucked on his neck. "Fuck me, Stan Lee. Fuck me like you've never fucked a japanese high school girl before..."

"I didn't know you were in high school, Accelerator!" he said, astonished, as he started thrusting harder, voice swarthy and filled with lust.

"I-I am!" Mugi replied, before kissing him once more.

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>Not the Sion Chan you were looking for? Search more >>

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There was no longer a need for words. They kissed endlessly, deep at first, then butterfly kisses, then deep once more.

Stan Lee was absolutely ramming her ass now, balls slapping against her ass audibly. It only aroused her more. Her pussy juices trickled down to her ass, providing further lubrication as it mixed with the coffee.

He felt as if he were fucking something sent by god, made of pure ecstasy, molded for his cock and his cock only...like one of those flashlight vaginas, only it was his most beloved Accelerator.

"Faster!" she moaned between kisses. "So hard...need...you...ahh!" Mugi had just experienced her first orgasm not brought on by masturbation. It started in her abdomen, like a sickening sticky heat rising up through her whole body, sending a tidal wave of ecstasy through her brain. Only Stan Lee could make her feel like this...she knew it.

"Anything...ahh...anything for you, Acc...Accel!" Stan Lee shouted, his body dripping with sweat, as was Mugi's.

Realizing she was the only one who'd come so far, she clenched her anus at precisely timed intervals, the inner walls of her poop tube grasping as his cock.

"Ahhh...Accelerator...you feel so gooood!" Stan Lee shouted, pumping so fast his heart was beating out of control...his blood pressure skyrocketed. Stan Lee couldn't feel his left arm, but ignored it.

"I'm gonna fuck you so hard you won't be able too Accelerate for a week!" the man shouted.

"Fuck me, Stan! Fuck meee!" Mugi felt his dick grow hotter...he was going to...!

"Come inside me, Stan Lee! Come right in my quivering anus!"

"It's fuwa fuwa time!" the man shouted, thrusting so hard he felt as if he'd just hit her tonsils. His sweet seed exploded from his tip, filling up her ass.

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U mad.

What's even better is you said nothing disproving me, you know for a fact I run /jp/ and always have, it's even why I get banned. I have more authority and power than any of the mods when it comes to /jp/'s users, even fags like you - you're doing exactly what I want you to do.

How? You're shitting up this shit thread for me so I don't have to do the work by responding to me with your retarded shit comments.

Love how you talk about predictable when you can't even understand the simple logic of how I do what I do and even just proved my point by playing right into my hand.

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"I...my heart..."

"...Stan?!" Mugi whimpered, hand going to stroke his cheek. "Stan!? Are you...Stan!" Mugi sat up, letting his head rest on her small breasts.

He barely managed to pull out of her, his semen mixed with the coffee now dripping out of her onto the floor.

"...Acceler...ator...I...I love you... HHNNNNGHHHHH" Stan Lee had just experienced a heart attack. He lost consciousness in his sweetheart's arms, as she rocked him back and forth, openly weeping for the man who had only loved Accelerator.

"Stan...oh Stan..." Mugi whispered, gently stroking his hair. She sobbed. "I'm glad...I could make your final moments happy..." She took the cup of coffee...mere drops left. Tilting the cup to get those last drops, she held the liquid in her mouth...it was barely lukewarm.

She kissed him, gently prying open his lips with her tongue, letting the small bit of liquid flow into his mouth.

"...Goodnight, sweet prince." she whispered in his ear, embracing him, before slowly humming Fuwa Fuwa Time to his motionless body.

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Correct me if I'm wrong...but, weren't you BANNED? For a pretty long time? How does that mean you have control? It seems to me that you did a bunch of shit that made you hated.

Anyway, stop with the CYOA. Just going through it, it's not very good. Also, we're not in the middle of a raid. It doesn't belong here, at least not at this time.

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Keep dancing on my hand, puppet.

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D. Punch Mokou

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Let me start with a bold statement: Braid is one of the best games ever made. Not just one of the best Xbox Live Arcade games. Not just one of the best Xbox 360 games. This is a title that I have no doubt will withstand the test of time, proving to be one of the legendary entries in gaming history. Why? Because it doesn't merely feature fantastic gameplay, beautiful graphics, and an unbelievably good storyline. It proves that games truly can be art.

To prove my point, let me tell you the story of how I was personally captivated by this game as I review this game.

When I first got Braid, it was because of the fantastic press I had read for it. To be honest, I didn't expect much. I knew it was supposed to be a combination of a platforming game and a puzzle game, two genres that I tend to enjoy but am hardly a big fan of. I didn't think much of the $15 price tag, as it sounded like a game I would probably enjoy, and I'd done far worse for $20 or more.

Once the game finished starting up, I realized I really didn't have a clue what I was getting into. My character was but a shadow, with a gloomy, fire-covered city in the background. Once I realized I was in control of the character and that this was no cinematic, another surprise, I walked out into an alley where I saw stars in the sky, and after crossing a street light could finally see my character. I was already captivated by the art, and knew that I had to see more. Next I entered the house, the hub of my adventure, and saw the gateways to the different worlds. Only one of these gateways appeared to be open, so I went to the door and went in.

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>you know for a fact I run /jp/ and always have


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>contributing to shitting up the thread just like I wanted

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*makes a bunch of shit posts*


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>Currybutt is shitposter therefore I am a good poster since I insult him!

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Upon seeing "World 2" flash across my screen, I knew something strange was going on. What happened to World 1? Now I was in a cloudy room filled with books, which contain the story of the game. They appear to be purposefully vague, but at the same time feel well written. I want to know more. After I'm finished reading, I enter the one visible door, and find myself in a lush green world. Again, the beautiful backdrops have captivated me. I explore the world, and find that my only power is the ability to rewind time, so that I can never permanently die. There are puzzle pieces to collect, and most aren't too hard to acquire. I later find a board where I can attempt to solve the puzzle. What does it mean? I don't know, at least not yet.

The enemies are strangely reminiscent of Mario. There are Goombas you can kill by jumping on their heads, and Piranha plants that come out of pipes that you have to avoid. At the end of the world, I'm greeted by a dinosaur who tells me that the Princess is in another castle. I find the obvious reference cute, and any memories of the burning city are long gone. I then go back through the level and collect the remaining puzzle pieces after figuring out how to reach them, and soon solve my first puzzle. I'm pretty proud, but little seems to have changed except that by completing the level I had unlocked World 3. There's also a ladder in the house that goes to the attic, but the top few links are missing. By completing the first puzzle, one of the links has reappeared. I now know my quest.

>> No.5662333

Each of the next four worlds treats me to a new interpretation of how to manipulate time. I'm not going to spoil how here, but safe to say the game will keep you busy as you learn each world's new trick. The puzzles also become much harder as you continue through. While each world is very easy to complete, figuring out how to acquire the puzzle pieces becomes a mind-numbing task, but it becomes clear that each one is possible. The moment when I solved a puzzle was a proud one, giving me confidence I could finish the next. Along the way I saw more beautiful art, and the wonderfully executed gameplay never ceased to amaze me.

What got me was the story. Each world had a new set of books, and none of them seemed to make the plot any less cryptic. Why was the city burning? Who is this princess I am chasing? What do the puzzles I'm solving truly mean? I'm left confused, yet at the same time the hints lead me to believe an answer is just around the corner. However, I ultimately know that the answers I seek are in the attic, at that one door I can't seem to reach. It takes a few hours of diligent puzzle-solving, but soon enough the five puzzles are complete. The attic is in reach, and I go up to find out what is in store.

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Don't do that on /jp/ man.

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>Implying I didn't just derail this thread via one single post and make it about me

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I guess the story is over. I'll go back to /tg/. They're more friendly about this sort of thing.

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After several hours of not understanding, things started to click. Everything comes together in the final few minutes, but like the rest of the game it doesn't seem to fully explain what is going on. I'm led forward, chasing the mysterious answer I had been seeking for so long. However, something profound happened when I finally seemed to reach that answer. Gears were thrown into motion that could not be stopped. I'm desperately searching for a way out, but nothing appears. By the time it finally stops, I have been thoroughly broken. My mind and emotions are completely out of sync, and as see the epilogue in a calm, green meadow I am frightened that at any moment time could unravel and everything could end. When all seems to be said and done, I am back in front of the burning city, with the word Braid now there, burning brightest of all.

Before that point, Braid had seemed like an innocent enough game. I was having tons of fun solving ingenious puzzles, admiring the amazing artwork that laced each stage, and left with a seemingly fairy-tale story promised to have a happy ending. However, it was all just an elaborate lure, leading me deep into a captivating experience that begged to be unraveled further. Had I really explored the whole of the game? Maybe I had missed something. I still didn't know why the city was burning, what had happened to my princess, what the paintings and storybooks meant. I was lost, and spent many more hours trying to decipher a game that had taken only about five hours to complete.

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Nooo! ;_;

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Don't worry bro, I'm writing the story for you now.

And it is here that Braid goes beyond the categorization of a mere game. It is that pivotal moment when you become emotionally invested in the whole experience, and because of it my expectations for what a game can be have been changed forever. Perhaps not everyone will enjoy it just as much as I did, but as far as I am concerned anyone with an Xbox 360 and $15 needs to download this game immediately, if only for the amazing gameplay that can't be found anywhere else. It's a work of art that dares to be explored, and I know that I at least am delving through message boards, still trying to find what I am missing. I'll probably never find it, and in a way that is its own reward.

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If you've ever wondered how many words it takes to sell a game, this game will certainly answer it for you. If you're a fan, merely hearing the words “Dragon Quest IX” will certainly sell this game for you, but if you're actually willing to heard what other people have to say, you may end up realising that this game just isn't all that great.

Now, if you're expecting to find the very same features that have been popularizing turn-based RPGs for years, you'll find them here, with a few twists. OK, there are still towns where you can buy improving equipment and items, elemental dungeons and battles against several different enemies, but everything else seems to include a twist, sometimes expected and, more often than not, totally surprising.

Random battles are obviously featured in this game, but... what's the twist? Well, you can see your enemies walking around the world map, and even inside dungeons, making it easier for you to decide whether you want to face a battle at that point in time, or not. It's obviously possible to complete the game without ever facing any random battles, but then you'd be too weak to complete the (obviously obligatory) boss battles, making it a not-so-good idea, no matter what party you're currently using.

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>Curry posts and everyone says lol you cant do shit about these threads
>Minutes later the guy who made it and is the only one writing the main posts in it leaves

Yeah, I can totally do nothing about these threads, right?

>> No.5662362

moot banned CYOA on /jp/, they're shitting it up so you won't get banned like GensokyoMan.


>> No.5662364

Speaking of “party”, that's another unusual thing about this game - you don't really have a real one. Instead, you start the game with the hero - a character you create just before even starting your adventure - and he will be on his own for a few hours. Then, when you eventually reach a certain part of the game, you're allowed the opportunity to create up to three other characters, or as many as you want, provided you only have three accompanying you in your adventures. If this just isn't personalization enough for you, you can even customize everyone's jobs, with some being initially available and others, obviously the most powerful ones, being unlocked as part of sidequests.

These “sidequests” are also something this game has of unique. Instead of blankly throwing you in the wild, and have you figure out what it was all about, you can speak to some people (they'll display an unusual blue speech bubble over their heads) and they'll give you access to a quest file, which basically tells you what you have to do to complete it, and which is even stored along with your characters' possessions. If you bear in mind that some of these quests are rather complicated, the function here available is very important, allowing you to store up several different sidequests at once.

Rest assured that the number of sidequests here available - at least 130 - is more than enough to keep you playing for quite a while, and even if you eventually run out of quests to complete, you can also go online (via Nintendo's Wifi Connection) and download a few new ones. Legend has it they'll be releasing one quest per week for a few more months, but that's something we'll have to wait and see.

>> No.5662365

You shit post, luring more shit posters. So it wasn't only you.

>> No.5662369
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>Like your posts would make a difference somehow

>I'll go back to /tg/

Think you just got ass owned.

>> No.5662371

Concerning the contents of these sidequests, they seem to vary, depending on the rewards. Quests that unlock new jobs are often very complicated, while the first ones are as simple as retrieving particular items that monsters drop. There are also ones that require you to wear particular equipment, others that make you follow particular poses, some that make you look around for unusual items, and even some that require you to synthesise new items.

If this just isn't enough for you, and synthesising more than 22 pages of rare items sounds boring, you can also go and try to acquire some of the trophies this game has to offer. Often, these are really simply things, like using 100 healing herbs, completing 1000 battles, or defeating many enemies, and at least it is interesting to see that those accomplishments actually matter, giving you interesting material that you can use for bragging rights.

Then, there are poses. I gotta admit they're rarely used, but as you complete new sidequests, or even as part of the storyline, you're eventually bound to unlock new ones. Then, you can use them to complete all sorts of goals. There's, for example, an entrance to an area that can only be unveiled after performing a certain pose, and some sidequests even prompt you to use a sequence of poses in order to please the person who requires it, but that's basically it. One has to wonder if this is mere fanservice, or if there are real goals behind this function; personally, I felt they were misused, and they could have done much more with these poses than what you'll find in the game.

>> No.5662381

Scandaroon vs Currybutt
This is going to be a hilarious battle.

>> No.5662384

These unique features aside, this is mostly the usual turn-based RPG, and those who were playing this series years ago - or simply those players who long for more classical RPGs - will certainly enjoy the simple menus and direct storyline this game has to offer. It's not a overly philosophical adventure, nor a “got catch'em all” product, and not even one of those games where you'll be tearing your hair apart while trying to figure out how to defeat the next boss. Instead, this is a simple game - your main character is a former angel who, after having fallen from heaven, has to retrieve the seven dragon bal... oh, I mean, the seven goddess fruits. Obviously, this isn't the most original plot around, but it has a classical feel to it and, for some awkward reason, I just couldn't stop feeling like I was playing a game created more than 10 years ago, alike of, let's say, “Final Fantasy V”.

By now, you're probably wondering what the Wifi logo in this game is all about. Well, not only can you download new sidequests, as previously mentioned, but you can also gain access to an online shop, where the accessible items (apparently) change once a week. There's no cooperative mode, if you were expecting to find one, or anything like that.

In terms of graphics and sound, this game is quite good. This product is certainly among the best-looking titles already released for this same console, and has nothing to envy to the likes of “Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days” or “Dragon Quest Monsters: Joker”, and it is interesting to see that all the equipment you get actually reflects on the way your character looks like. This game's sound is also impressive, and won't disappoint those who are expecting to find here the amusing sound compositions of its older brothers. Fine, the sound effects here available are not that impressive, or notable, but that's a minor issue, in a high quality adventure.

>> No.5662387
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Wow, did you miss my entire monologue about me controlling the users?

You guys do my work for me, I never actually do any of it other than start it, that's the beauty of it.

What's better is how almost all those posts that shit up this thread? All people who were into this thread and liked it - yet i managed to get them to kill it.

If you don't understand, go back to elementary school.

>> No.5662389


As if the thread wasn't already shit. You really have no effect over "quality control," as you say you do. Sure, you could say you do and that I'd be doing what you wanted and thus prove to yourself and only yourself your effectiveness as a troll, but that's not what being a troll (or board god) means. If you really have so much influence, why don't you try putting forth a good discussion or whatever could be a non-shit thread? You know, be constructive instead of just bitching and moaning and proclaiming yourself to be more power than you have.

Scandaroon is a quality troll. He knows what he's doing and although he really doesn't affect me because...well, he's fucktarded, he certainly infuriates other people on the board. /jp/ Quality Control is a minor nuisance who deludes himself that he makes a difference when everyone ignores his simple posts questioning the quality of a thread without going into detail on why he thinks it's a bad thread or post. You...what are you? I'd like to say a deliberate troll, but even those people are clever.

>> No.5662391

"Ive been waiting a long long time for thisssss number two but now you shall die". "I will posses all the headbands and truly be lifted to God hood" Scoffed Justice. Afro looked aggressively at Justice and began to draw his sword but as soon as he did this Justice quickly shot him in the arm with his powerful revolver. "It's a shame im goin have ta kill you boy" Justice cockily added. Afro was hurt but not down he quickly got back to his feet. "If only your father was here to see this tisk tisk it's a shame I had a kill him too!" Afro couldn't take any more taunts blinded by rage he ran at Justice at full speed. Justice quickly drew his pistols and jumped in the air quickly un-loading both barrels straight at Afro. Afro sliced the bullets as they came at him with blinding speed one nearly hit his head but he just managed to avoid it. "Ha your father would be proud of you boy! But your not goin to survive much longer!" Quick as that justice re-loaded his pistols Afro whipped his sword at him just nearly hitting his neck. Justice smiled at that effort and took a drag of his cigar. Afro mustering all his strength began blindly but almost scarily accurately began to hurl his sword at Justice as fast as he could. Justice was franticly dodging and blocking Afros sword with his pistols using them as small shields. Justice took a shot and hit Afro in the knee. Afro lurched in pain but kept coming. " You must realize it is almost over said justice soon you will be dead and I will be a living god!" Taking six shots more at Afro justice soon realized he left his left arm exposed. Afro noticed and almost immediately chopped it off. Justice smirked in pain and began fighting the mobile samurai with one arm.

>> No.5662394

jesus christ... jesus fucking christ.

>> No.5662397

Overall, this is the kind of game that mostly appeals to those players who want a new RPG with an old skeleton behind it, one that actually feels like a game created more than 10 years ago, but without depriving it of some modern updates. It is best enjoyed together with access to a wifi connection. Also, you you should be fully aware that this is game that permits a single savegame, making it less advised for those people who want to share their game.

>> No.5662405
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Now go back to your other threads.

>> No.5662413

Poised to be the biggest game of 2009 and predicted to break all videogame sales records for Xbox 360 and Playstation 3 with healthy PC sales too, Infinity Ward's sequel to critically acclaimed Call of Duty: Modern Warfare has completed its two year journey to completion and deployment. Should you join the fight and buy into the hype overload for this highly anticipated shooter? Heck yes you should; in fact, start making plans for the midnight release or first available opportunity to drop $60 on it immediately.
Yes, Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 is that good.

Set not long after the original Modern Warfare, the sequel begins with a bombardment of intel to bring you up to speed on the world's current events. Russian Ultranationalist Imran Zakhaev has been turned into a martyr by an even more dangerous associate after his death, Vladimir Makarov. He has taken over leadership of the radical group and garnered plenty of support for his cause. His influence is global, and his hatred for America and its allies is no secret. To counter Makarov's nefarious plans, Allied nations have created an elite task force known simply as ‘141' to take him down.

Infinity Ward has spoken volumes of late about how their emphasis while building Modern Warfare 2 was to create and tell a compelling story. In playing through the campaign, it seems as if the forefront thought during development was to pack in as much chaotic and intense combat as technologically possible on a single disc. Whether done with great difficulty or ease, Infinity Ward has succeeded across the board.

>> No.5662418

>Implying if I hadn't posted this thread would have stopped

You're so delirious bro, but then again you are some newfag or someone who got a new trip from before. Either way, no one important or that anyone gives a fuck about. Unlike me.

The heart and soul of /jp/.

>> No.5662420

After a very short training drill, you are thrust into the meat of the campaign. It quickly becomes apparent that like the first Modern Warfare, this is no "run and gun" shooter. The chaos of battle strikes early and frequently, where even on the "casual" difficulty setting your live span can be cut short in an instant. Enemies, explosions and gunfire surround you, and rushing hero advances will only get you filled with lead. You may get a headache from the insanity but you will do so with a grin from ear to ear.

Rookies of the ‘First Person Shooter' genre and perhaps even seasoned players will have their moments of frustration during the campaign. Not because of cheap AI or glitches, but because of the shear chaos during many of the missions. Modern Warfare 2 immerses you in combat and expects you to strategize and improvise your tactics in the blink of an eye. Enemies will constantly flank and out maneuver you to stay one step ahead. Cover will only save your sorry hide for so long when most is destructible or can be penetrated by weapon fire forcing you to advance. You and your squad never seem to have the high ground and are almost always outnumbered and surrounded by what seems like 10 to 1 odds or worse. It is fast, frenetic, insane, and man is it fun. Few games this generation can come close to matching Modern Warfare 2's intensity for one level let alone an entire campaign.

The original Modern Warfare has a pretty short campaign experience that carries forward in duration to Modern Warfare 2. Experienced players can push through the campaign in around 7-8 hours but the fun before jumping into multiplayer online play does not stop there.

>> No.5662426

Special Ops is a new mode to the Modern Warfare / Call of Duty franchise that feels like a new game within a game. It has its own independent missions – with shared environments from the campaign - which can be played solo or cooperatively with a mate. There are four separate groups of missions: Alpha, Bravo, Charlie and Delta. Each offers multiple scenarios of difficulty and tasks. One of the first is simply defending a position with only a sniper rifle, claymore explosives, and a Predator drone to repel wave after wave of enemy reinforcements. The result is instant gratification of seeing how long you can last and is an absolute blast to play. Stars are awarded based on the outcome and are collected to unlock the next Special Ops mission to keep a high replay value alive.

Multiplayer is as much a part of Modern Warfare as campaign and is available with six online game types are including Free-For-All, Search & Destroy, Demolition, Domination, Team Deathmatch and Capture the Flag. The same experience points and unlockable reward system of Modern Warfare are retained with added different kill streak rewards. Imagine after a 5 person kill streak unlocking the ability to call in an A130 air strike. Prepare for crazy online battles.

>> No.5662431

How does all this thumb straining, mind numbing combat look? It looks jaw dropping amazing, to put it lightly. Modern Warfare 2 is capping off 2009 with the best graphics of this generation thus far. The quality of the character models, textures, lighting, particles, and everything presented is unmatched in its realism. Environments are massive and extremely varied. You will find yourself frostbitten in the snow, sweating under the sun in Rio, and seemingly everywhere in between. Dozens of enemies and allies are on screen simultaneously as walls crumble and windows shatter from gunfire. Vehicles explode in a hail of debris as gunships streak overhead. Garbage, dust, rain and shrapnel details are constantly assaulting your senses. All this polish and detail with zero frame rate drops. I am still in awe and would love to see this graphic engine utilized elsewhere in the future.

Turn up your 5.1 surround sound because you cannot get any closer to real war than this. Highlighted by a Hans Zimmer score, explosions threaten to melt your subwoofer as bullets and soldier chatter draw you deeper into the experience. The stellar audio also works extremely well for drowning out your myriad of curse words as you realize you have been flanked or fragged yet again. Modern Warfare set a bar for gaming audio excellence and its sequel rightfully raises it.

I have no qualms anointing Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 as game of the year right now. It is as close to perfection in gaming as current console technology can offer. The polish and production value is top notch and unrivaled. Admiring the attention to detail and playing through the myriad of modes, all of which are strong, will have you playing for months. The campaign can be frustrating, but all that melts away from enjoyment. Modern Warfare is a "must buy" game no matter how you look at it.

>> No.5662432
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I didn't like it and I went in here to complain about the poor quality of writing. I expect people to put effort into their work with regards to writing, be it original or fan-derived. I had to work really hard to keep Aya as likeable as possible without resorting to turning into the slut that fanon thinks she is. Lengthy, descriptive posts are better than short blurbs in a CYOA...then again, I like to create narratives.

>> No.5662440

Actually I think it is mostly Alicia Melchiott's spam that killed the thread.

>> No.5662445


What battle?

I rememebr his shitposting from before, and I see it exactly the same now. He'll get banned again for doing the same exact behavior. I just have to kick back and relax.

He'll be banned again even before I become a mod next week.

>> No.5662446


Second one. My old computer died and I had to get a new trip. I was around before your ban. Also, the thread is being wikispammed. Nothing to see here. In case you didn't know, I'm also saging considering this is ridiculously off-topic for a thread such as this.

>> No.5662448

I agree.

>> No.5662457

beep beep i am currybutt's script

>> No.5662466


Delusional much? I don't think mods like advertising themselves as such because then it would result in an incredibly large amount of ass-kissing whenever one declared him or herself as a mod. Even m00t prefers to post as Anonymous these days.

Mods are shadow figures. You would not make a good mod.

>> No.5662471
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Sometimes I wonder if people "trolling" on /jp/ are actually serious.


Well, if you are, best of luck to you in your life.

>> No.5662473

And when exactly did he start spamming?

Oh, after my post, because of my post.

I am the heart and soul of /jp/, i don't need control over them because everyone willingly helps in my efforts to better this board - even if they do so without realizing it.

>> No.5662479

Then I really hope you take away all the shit.

>> No.5662482

I love you CurryButt.

>> No.5662487

Oh, but Hatate is fair game, right~

>> No.5662488


>> No.5662491


Maybe you should see someone for your God complex. It's not healthy. Perhaps go outside and get some fresh air, find a hobby? It would help curb this deviant behavior of yours. We'll be here when you get back, don't worry about it. Perhaps you'll learn a thing or two about the world and about yourself as you embark on this journey.

>> No.5662499
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Better yet

I don't "control" /jp/ as that's a harsh word and makes me sound like I'm bossing them around or think they are my property or something, which I don't.

I just happen to love /jp/ and all of it's users and they know that, so they aid me in bettering this place for all of us. They just happen to choose varied and diverse ways of doing so, including myself.

>> No.5662502


Right into my cards

>> No.5662503

Of course they're not you moron. Read their posts, it's shit posting for the sake of it.

>> No.5662505
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At least quality control is aware of his useless shit.

>> No.5662510
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I love you too, anonymous!

>> No.5662511

Stop getting trolled so badly, it's embarrassing.

>> No.5662522


Two things about that. First, I needed SOME conflict and would think that the rivalry between Hatate and Aya would have come to a head regarding that. Remember, they're tabloid reporters. It isn't really outside of reality for them to want to slander each others' name so they could sell more papers.

As to her antagonism and almost-rape...an unfortunate side effect. I needed a villain and decided to exaggerate her a bit.

The last thing I was working on was a reboot, this time following a Kogasa route...but that ended up to nothing because we haven't experienced a raid in weeks.

>> No.5662532

sup /jp/
still bitching about useless stuff and not taking it easy, I see.

>> No.5662538


>right into my cards

...what the fuck? Is that even a saying?

>> No.5662564

Or is he the one trolling you...?

>> No.5662578

I'm just messing with you. The
was pretty good, really, but I'd rather just have

Anyway this thread has outlived its usefulness.

>> No.5662579
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No one will ever know.

Or care, really.

>> No.5662588

currybutt is so fucking stupid with his "LOL I TROLL U LOLOLOLOLOL" shit

>> No.5662597
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>this thread
>my face because Im baked

>> No.5662610


>> No.5662612

No, because unlike him, I can discern when a poster is serious or not.

>> No.5662614
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I love you too!

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