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Does anyone here complete piece puzzles?

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Specifically /jp/ related ones?

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Such as this love plus one?

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I have a pokemon puzzle that was 25 pieces.

SOOOOO hard 2 do/

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Better picture of the complete image.

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I love puzzles and always have one on a table in my house. Most of them aren't /jp/ related, sadly.

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I don't remember the last time I did one. The one I posted is from here.

It'd be neat to see other similar ones, though.

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Even though they are kind of retarded childish and super old people things to do, I like puzzles. Rarely ever do them now though because I mean, what the hell do you do once you're done? At least retarded online ones you can just close the tab, with a real thing you have to spend cash just to toss it or have it waste space.

I had some anime ones, but even those are somewhere piled with random posters ill never use again.

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I have all the ones from the spice and wolf limited dvds but I've never tried to do any. I may do them if i ever get really bored and then hang them as posters i guess.

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you can buy a special type of glue and then display them. most anime type puzzles come with some glue too.

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I have found I can focus on making these without feeling like doing something else if I work on it while having End of Evangelion on at the same time.

I have no idea why, it's just what usually happens.

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No, I am one who dislikes piece puzzles. Sorry, anon.

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This actually seems kinda cool, anyone know where to get some /jp/ related puzzles?

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Anime conventions.
Anime related stores nearby, if you have them.

Probably the usual online places too, maybe.

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You can buy tons of them online, so long as you can manoeuvre around the moon runes. If you're in a big city and have otaku type shops you might find some there, but puzzles aren't something most of them stock.

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Here are a bunch (where the LP one is from) but it's mostly cheesy /a/ stuff.

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So, why are you pretending to be currybutt?

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>implying I'm not really him

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1. Currybutt was permabanned, and does not evade

2. Once a mod finds out the possibleban evasion, you will be repermabanned

3. If, in the unlikely situation you were unbanned, you will be permabanned again when another mod gets sick of your reaction image bullshit

I will be warmly reporting all of your posts either way

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Cool, I'll check this out. Unfortunately I live in the middle of land-locked nowhere so going to a store is out of the question.

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reported for ban evasion

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>screaming butt
>implying his assumptions are enough to get me banned

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StoP_AtTAcKINg aND fUcKInG wiTH WWW.AnOcARrOtSTAlk.se_rePLaCE_cArRoTs_WITh_N
a ffoe pc z w uz pn l zrh oyvk llj

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He and his friends will keep posting as anon with "bring back" bullshit or image spam, etc anyways

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puzzles are fun, i like building them

but if you want to display it .. why don't you just get a scan of the puzzle image and print it on some nice paper and hang it up somewhere

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Reported for kissing wombs with your penis.

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nice get bro


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yo why was my post deleted

anyway nice get bro

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I haven't done a puzzle in a LONG time. I do have fond memories of doing them with my mom when I was little though.

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