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What's yours?

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NTRing Marisa with Flandre.

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what is ntr?

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Getorare (寝取られ), a genre where a male protagonist is betrayed by his wife or lover.

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No, the tounge has a hat, see.

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Licking Remilia's pussy while receiving paizuri from Komachi.

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Naughty touhou rape.

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me getting suwako pregnant and fathering one of sanae's ancestors

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having remilia drink my blood while riding me and slowly turning me into a vampire.

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Putting my penis in Okuu's third boob.

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Being pegged by Remilia, while Sakuya watches.

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Having consensual sex with Reimu in the missionary position for the sole purpose of procreation.
With lights turned off.

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fucking deviant. i'm calling the cops.

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this, but in a different position.

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I'm* having gentle consensual sex with Sakuya, who has a penis.

* - In this scenario, "I" am Satori Komeiji, and not me. I don't know why. I'm obsessed with this idea.

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Anything toybox has ever done. He does the best light ... I don't know what to call it. It's light and pleasant and I enjoy reading it and imagining it being said to me while I titfuck a Touhou.

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be raped and drained of cum.

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I'm Rumia

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I'm Rance

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Cumming inside of Youmu. After convincing her to have unprotected sex with me by promising that I would pull out.

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I greatly approve of the Rumia porn posted in this thread. Despite this, fucking Rumia is at the bottom of my list of fantasies because I love her too much and she is too pure to want to fuck me.

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>Rumia porn

That's not porn, she didn't even take her top off.

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It's much better when they have clothes on. That way you can be sure they're a Touhou.

Thankfully, Rumia is incapable of removing her ribbon by any means, so there's always that.

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>Thankfully, Rumia is incapable of removing her ribbon by any means
well duh, she'd die if she did.

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Confessing my undying genuine love to Okuu, and when she is ready, make love to her and grant her greatest wish of wanting to become a mother after she bears our love child. Then spend the rest of our days as a happy loving family in Gensokyo after marriage.

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Getting fucked in the ass and mouth by futa Touhous while another rides my dick and ties her ribbon so it prevents ejaculation. Also I'm tied up.

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A human and a raven cannot mate.

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Does this mean that the fact Rumia has wanted to remove her ribbon (CANON) means she's suicidal?

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>Then spend the rest of our days in hospital as i'm dying of cancer and radiation sickness.

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yeah. she knew she's gonna die so she decided to pull it off and explode in your face like a muslim terrorist.

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[P] aren't harmful.

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Aya riding my cock while regurgitating expensive european chocolate into my mouth.

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[P] Considered Harmful

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Suwako calling me a pervert and stepping on me.

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Remilia accidentally biting my cock as Flandre rails her from behind.

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Pic related. 007.jpg is my new fetish.

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Oh, add Kanako too. Also Sanae, but she's a good girl and doesn't understand why the gods tell her to be mean to me.

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Most of you are saying stuff that there isn't porn of. Does this mean Touhou porn is inadequate?

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Kaguya stepping on my face before standing over me and drooling into my open mouth, while laughing and calling me a miserable peasant not worthy of her affection before she forces me to lick her ass.

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Crosses the bounds into lifestyle fantasy somewhat, but:
Youmu as a childhood friend giving me Myon as a permanent pet to do whatever I want with.
Also, she feels whatever it feels, and she's always around for me to see her reactions.

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>remilia drinking my blood
This. I have no idea why it turns me on so much.

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That's really creepy on her part. Yeah, you can own half of me and do whatever you want and I'll always be near you. This is perfectly normal.

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It's deep love.

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Well, damn. I haven't been this hard in a long time.

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Being fucked by Alice and Marisa's futa cocks at the same time. I'd take Marisa's into my ass while being forced to suck Alice's cock. They'd be making out and ignoring me. So basically I'd just be used as their fucktoy.

Brb, fapping.

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Sex with Aya in the missionary position for the purposes of procreation while she hugs me close with her wings. I also like to believe that instead of pubic hair, she has cute downy feathers down there.

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Eating Aya's clocoa chocolate through an intimate kiss.

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>I also like to believe that instead of pubic hair, she has cute downy feathers down there.
...My God. My fanatsies of my waifu have suddenly intensified tenfold.

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Having Cirno sit on face and fart all over it

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What the fuck mate.

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Beating Kogasa until she's bruised and raping her. Then her orgasm is so forceful that my dick is torn off.

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You forgot "that" image.

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wow, I think I can't beat any of the fantasies already posted.

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Yep, that sounds good to me too.

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This isn't here to "beat" other people's dreams.

Just say what you want.

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Glad I could be of service.

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I'm a simple man of simple tastes. Hag orgy.

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i would love to have letty and cirno doing me cold on the snow

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This sounds good. I think I'll have Mokou or Burno happen along and save me with precious life-giving fire before they accidentally kill me, though.

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Being overly aggressive with Tenshi.

I honestly wasn't sadistic beforehand, but she brings out the worst in me.

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Of course she does, she's M and loving it. Completely different from someone being unwilling.

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Teaming up with Sakuya so I can do this without needing Reimu hax, among other time-stop exploits.

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Sakuya can't take you into timestop with her. Sorry for ruining your fantasies, brah.

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i can't decide on who i should pick.. yuyuko, yomu, sanae, yuuka, cirno, reimu, letty.. too hard

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...Change it to 'Being Sakuya' and we're all set.

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Obvious answer: ALL OF THEM.

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Fuck yeah. I'd build a giant robot while timestopped

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(My major in college was geology.)

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all of touhou girls and i.. a giant orgy!

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Why are you fags so obsessed with sex?

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I-is that Komachi leading the boat in the bottom right?

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We masturbate constantly. It's only natural to be obsessed with sex if you masturbate constantly.

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Cumming inside of Satori. I wonder what it's like.

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>ultimate touhou related sexual fantasy.
>76 posts and 18 image replies omitted. Click Reply to view.

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Let me explain in detail what it would be like to cum inside of Satori. After a day of browing /jp/, you'd hear the door close and a small sigh before hearing the most angelic voice announcing its return. Of course it would be Satori, the love of your life, arriving home from school. You call out to her that you're in your room (where you always are, you don't do anything with your life anyway), and you hear the sweet pitter-patter of her foot steps as she skips over to your door. You hear it squeak and turn around to see her poking her head inside with an unsure look on her face. That uneasy look leaves her face once your eyes meet though. She smiles and that in turn makes you smile. You offer her a spot on your bed right next to you, and she happily walks over and sits down next to you, putting her head infront of your face, looking at the computer screen. "This again? I knew you were into this kind of thing but I never imagined it would come to being this much of a common occurance", she exclaims in a bored sounding voice. As she turns around and your eyes meet once again, she can tell you're feeling aroused by simply being near her, smelling her, hearing her sweet voice. She knows you absolutely adore her. "It's very nice of you to think that way about me, but I don't know if I'm ready for something like that", she exclaims.

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Tentacle, guro, bestiality.It will never stop because of her.

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Having Mokou warm up my penis in a cold day.

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I want Suwako to cum frog eggs all over my body.

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sauce pls

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>to cum frog eggs
It's late, anon-san. Go to bed.

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>cum frog eggs
I learned something new today!

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I would want to have sex with Nitori while she sucks out my shirikodama ;_;

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Basically I'd want Reimu to turn me into a vampire so I could live forever fucking Sakuya, Reimu, Patchouli, the demon girl whose name I forget and eventually, once she gets used to me, Flandre.

...This happened to me yesterday but with a stupid 3D girl...
For 2 years I was on a 2D diet...

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I don't see how you guys could even do such a thing. Personally I wouldn't dare defile their bodies

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that's remilia, not reimu

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Reimu is a human

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Those last few words. “Something like that”, you think to yourself. Suddenly you imagine what she was talking about. You imagine yourself on top of Satori's naked body, grinding your hips into hers, hearing her make a small grunt everytime your penis drives into her wetness, and one of the sweetest sighs you've ever heard from someone when you pull it out. “Stop that”. It’s Satori's voice. Satori is beside you and you’re both sitting in your bed. You stare at Satori directly in the eyes, and she's staring back directly at you, with a look of great concentration on her face. After a short silence, she quickly mutters the phrase, "How lewd". You can see her face is very red, her brow is creased and she's almost making a scowling face at you, as if disgusted by your thoughts. While her back is turned to you and she’s starting to walk away, one of the most wicked ideas in your entire life floods your mind. You will cum inside of Satori right now. You grab her by her hips and pull her onto your lap. Surprisingly, she doesn’t resist. “What are you do-,“ was all she could get out before your mouth covers hers. She lets out a moan. You know she wasn’t being serious when she had that look on her face. Maybe she was looking for an excuse to get away from you to relieve her frustration. You’ve been living together for a few years now, anyway. It would have been very frustrating for her to wait for a timid and weak person like yourself to make the first move, lest she look like a slut. She knows how much you adore little girls. Cute little girls just like herself. She let you enjoy her for so many years, and now it was finally time to show her how thankful you are for that.

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Cool story bro
But check out my doubles

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I just want to rape that armpit.

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How you could even think of making reimu's perfect body filthy is beyond me

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Momiji in heat.

You come home and see that she's humping your furniture, and has completely lost her composure due to her desire to mate. She's all flustered that you saw her rubbing her dripping wet crotch against the couch, and you ask her what's wrong. Momiji is panting and out of breath and moans quietly as she starts to hump your leg, and in short order she's absolutely begging you to fuck her silly. Heat has absolutely driven her out of her mind, and she wants sex more than anything.

You then pick her up and she playfully nips at your ear and makes aroused-sounding growling noises as you carry her over to your bed...

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If only vampires could turn others into vampires, then who created the first vampire?

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You don't make sense.

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Caine, the Dark Father.

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a wizzard.


I like the idea of shaving them better. Reimu blushing and being embarrassed as she asks you for help, then laying across your lap with her one arm up, exposing her little bit of pit-stubble. You tease her about it as you carefully shave it bare, and when you finish she flips over in your lap and extends her other arm. Once you've finished the other pit, she sits up and stutters a thank you before shuffling off to go get dressed.

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I want my Momiji loev to end with snuggling and afterglow, not massive intestinal prolapse.

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"Momizi! I'm home!"
As you push the front door closed Momizi bounds up to you joyfully to cover your face in small quick kisses, there certainly are worse things to come home to! Ever since you married Momizi life has been nothing short of bliss, endless days of idyllic joy as you share one another's company and love. The 'master' bit was a little embarrassing at first, you even asked her to call you by your name when it started, but as you learned more about her culture and realized it was hurting her feelings to tell her to stop you've been much more comfortable with it.
"Whoa Momizi! Let me get my shoes off first!"
"Ah! Sorry Master, I'm just happy you're home."
Letting up in her assault she holds onto your shirt beaming at you as you remove your shoes, watching her tail whipping back and forth happily is so cute you simply have to ruffle her hair and stroke her ears.
"I'm happy to see you to love."
Her big soulful eyes melt and she blushes, staring deeply into yours she says.
"Say that again."
"Love, it's a nice word."
"Anything you say love."
Offering her your arm you grin and ask her.
"Shall we?"
Giggling she accepts and the pair of you stroll happily into the living room, waiting for you at the table (one of those low Japanese affairs that you find all over the place in Gensokyo) is your slippers and a paper next to a cup of tea.
Releasing Momizi you put on the slippers and sit down gratefully to drink your tea, the paper can wait while Momizi is around.

Taking her place next to you she talks animatedly about her day telling you about working with Aya on the paper and where's she been, you're more than glad to listen to your lovely wife chat happily to you and when the time comes she asks you about your day.
That's why your relationship works so well, you honestly enjoy talking to one another about everything. Momizi isn't just your wife, she's your best friend!

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maybe if you spent 20% of your energy on making money and not smelling bad you'd have sex with a real woman.

>> No.5654480

"So how is Rinnosuke?"
"Same as he ever was, I had to spend most of the day trying to convince him that telemarketing wouldn't work in Gensokyo."
Momizi closes her eyes and nods sagely, despite the fact you know she has no idea what telemarketing is.
"We should find him a wife."
"Momizi, he may be my friend but he's also my boss. I don't think he'd appreciate my interfering with his private life."
"Nonsense! You know he always listens to you." You give her a pained look.
"Well if you say so master."

"By the way Momizi," You reach into your bag that you set down by the table.
"I got you a present!"
"Ooooh! What is it! What is it?" Excited like a child she scrambles all over you happily occasionally giving you a peck or nibble of affection, you like to bring her little tokens of love from Kourindou's once in a while because of her adorable reaction. As you slide your hand into the rucksack she begins to chew gently on your ear.
"He-hey! Cut that out, it tickles!"
Giggling lasciviously she puts her hands on your shoulders and props her head next to yours.
"What'd you get me master?"
"No peeking!"

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Settling down she fidgets as she struggles to wait patiently, it's so adorable you take your time finding what you're looking for just so you can watch her a little longer.
"Oh, now where did I put that?"
"Stop teasing me master!"
Oops! Busted, alright clever girls get their reward I guess. Slowly you pull out a long oblong wrapped in bright red paper and golden foil topped with a red and white ribbon, placing it in her hands her eyes light up and her tail makes a 'whump whump whump' noise as it hits the floor behind her.
"What is it master! It's shiny!" First she caresses it with her hands as her eyes drink in every detail, next she holds it to an ear and shakes it, finally she sniffs it and she smiles even wider.
"Smells really good! What is it? Huh? Huh?"
You beam your smile back at her, she's such an appreciative girl that she takes care to examine every detail before opening a present, she even saves things like wrapping paper instead of ripping it.

"That my lovely Momizi, is a bar of the finest chocolate."

>> No.5654483

"What's chocolate?"
Looking confused she forgets the little package in her hands for a moment and looks at you for answers.
"It's a kind of sweet made from a kind of plant that doesn't grow in Gensokyo, it's very popular back in my world. Here, I've got more in my bag."
As you pull out the rest of the sweet smelling blocks of rich dark chocolate Momizi springs forwards and knocks you down, as she attacks you with a fresh wave of rapid wet kisses she babbles at you.
Such a silly girl, she hasn't even opened it yet! But that's one of the things you love about her, she cares more about the thought behind the present than the present itself. Catching her chin you bring her face close to yours and give her a long, slow kiss to calm her down. She feels good in your arms, her pert chest with breast neither too big or too small is pressed up against you and by the awkward way she's tackled you her knee is resting just slightly against your crotch rubbing gently on it making you painfully hard. Your free hand slides up her thigh, only just going under her skirt, as you hold her with the kiss. You can feel the heat of her already, vaguely you wonder what she might've been doing while you were gone.

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nononononononono MAKE IT STOP

>> No.5654485

Finally you let her go, she's reluctant to be released and tries to lean in for another kiss, her present forgotten for now, but you hold off a little and tell her.
"Go on, open it."
Grinning she lays a hand on the bulge in your trousers making you jump, running a finger up it she reaches for your zip.
With another seductive little giggle she kisses you again before getting off of you, now you're the one who feels reluctant to let go. Sitting back up you see her reach for the bar you gave her as she carefully breaks the seal on the wrapper, running her fingernails under the fold she gently opens it up to reveal the dark block of aromatic chocolate underneath. The logo stamped on each square is of a brand you don't recognize, but from the smell and the packaging it's of incredibly high quality.

Reaching your hand over you break off a line of four square and hold it up to her, she watches you with alluring eyes and holds your gaze as you hold the chocolate up to her mouth. Parting her cute pink lips she extends her tongue slightly and takes it into her hot little mouth, rather than bite it off she sucks upon it making it melt. All the while she gazes at you with those sexy eyes.

>> No.5654488

I often fantasize about standing knee-deep in the Sacred Pond, masterbating over a clutch of Suwako's eggs whilest Suwako squats on a nearby lilypad, watching fervently.

>> No.5654489

Feeding Momizi the chocolate becomes an erotic game, only an hour through the door and you two are already at it! Well you are newly weds so it's hardly surprising.

She's managed to smear some of it on the side of her lips, rather than let her lick it off you lean over and plant a kiss there to clean it for her. As you do she leans over and gives your neck a quick nip, her teeth sinking softly into your exposed flesh sends a hot flush of blood through your body. She only ever bites when she's feeling very frisky, leaning back she looks at you coyly before bending down and eating the rest of the chocolate from your hand. Her wet tongue licking and running up and down your fingers until you pull it from her mouth making a tiny 'pop!'.

She grins and makes a growling noise at you, taking her in your arms you sit her upon you lap. Neither of you caring that your straining erection is pressing up against her fiercely hot snatch through your clothing. Resting her heard on your left arm you feed her more chocolate, teasing her by pulling it away at the last second and making her strain up to get it without using her hands her teeth snapping.

On a whim you place some in your mouth and lean in to kiss her, as you do you pass the chocolate into he mouth but what surprises you is that she pushes it back into yours smooshing the tasty lump back and forth you continue to play with one another like this.

>> No.5654491

While your mouths play you reach a hand under her skirt and feel her crotch, she gives a little sigh as you do so and you can feel just how aroused she it. Her panties have become soaked with her excitement, sliding them to one side you slowly insert your middle finger into her hot tight hole sending her shuddering with excitement. It takes some shifting to do but you manage to free your other hand to continue feeding her chocolate as you move you finger in and out of her, inside you can feel her muscles squeezing you almost trying to suck your nimble digit in deeper. As her aroused cries grow louder you push another finger inside and position your thumb to rub against her erect little clitoris, she moans and bites your finger playfully as you place another square into her mouth. Grinning you pick up the pace, squishing your hand against her wet cunt faster making her buck her hips in response. Continuing at a frenzied pace you almost slide out as she moves he body in response, as you kiss her sliding your tongue into her mouth you push a third finger into her. Eyes snapping open the effect is almost immediate and she breaks off the kiss to wail her orgasm, her boddy shuddering against yours you support her back and work your elbow even faster bringing her off again almost straight after the first wave of pleasure hit her. Her fingers tear at your clothes pulling what they can off and as her cries of estacy end she bites your exposed nipple, you cry out half in pain half in arousal.

>> No.5654495

Pushing you back against the table she begins to frantically undress the rest of you, you try to do your best to return the favor but her frenzied ministrations make it hard to do leaving her half clothes. Which, admittedly just lends to how sexy she looks.

Forced to support yourself against the table with you arms you can do nothing as takes your swollen cock in her delicate hands, looking back up at you with those incredibly erotic eyes she begins to caress and stroke it's length with one hand while rubbing your balls with the other.

"Feed me morrrre." Her voice is growling at you, as often she does when in a high state of arousal. Unwrapping another bar you slide more chunks of chocolate in her mouth, greedily she accepts it dripping a string of slobber onto your cock. As she chews making little enthusiastic noises she runs her little finger in circles around your ass hole, not putting it in but simply caressing the sensitive skin around it. Shaking and about to come you arch your back, but she quickly grabs your cock by the base and squeezes hard on it refusing you your orgasm. Desperately you look at her and beg.
"Pl-please! I'm going to cum!"
Pushing her mouthful into her cheeks she smiles enticingly.
"Not yet, you'll love this."
Pushing the hair out of her face she looks down at your straining member and opens her mouth, sliding out comes melted chocolate mixed with her spit that coats your penis in a thick layer. First she rubs it in, then eagerly she takes it into her mouth.

>> No.5654496

"I love you Momizi!"
You cry as she moves her head up and down once again, sliding your cock in and out of her throat. She gags, poor girl must be unable to keep it up and as she comes up for breath a stream of thick red blood pours from her mouth and onto your waiting penis. With a wretched whooping sound another wave of her sticky blood shoots forth from her mouth covering your pelvis until it spills onto the floor in it's crimson wetness. Horrified you reach for her.

"That was great!"

She grins at you through blood stained teeth and wags her tail, she's enjoying this?

"Momizi! Are you okay?" It's a stupid question, she just vomited blood!
"I nearly came doing that, come on! Let's Fuck!" Nuzzling you she leaves streaks of her own blood on your chest as she badgers you saying.

"Come on! Fuck! Let's fuck!"

It's sick.
It's wrong.
It's terrifying.
But you want it.

Reasoning that if she was in pain you'd stop, that if she wants to have sex still then she must be fine, you carefully stand up with her and wipe the blood from your genitals. She kisses you again, instead of the sweet taste of chocolate you're met with the iron taste of the woman you love's blood. It's repulsive, yet intensely erotic.

>> No.5654499

Turning around she leans against the table, sticking her rear out towards you. She loves to be taken in this way and usually insists on it, as you take your cock in your hand ready to begin she move uses one of her own part her cheeks. But as you go to penetrate her she grabs it and stops you.

"Nuh, uhh! The other one!"
"You, you want it in the ass?" That's not like her.
"Yeah, I'm really desperate for it!"
She waves her rear at you in demonstration and rubs her butt up against you, steadying her you hold her back in place and spread her ass hole open.
Her little moans are different now, before it was pure pleasure but now it's tinged with a hint of pain and desperation. Playfully you insert the head of your manhood into her and give a slight thrust before removing it,

"Nyaa! Doooon't! I want it! Want it bad!"

You've never seen her so aroused before, her love juice is literally running down her legs and her skin is flushed red. Isn't chocolate an aphrodisiac?

Slowly you push your cock into her little ass hole, it's a very tight fit and it takes a lot of will power to not just jam it in. You don't want to hurt her after all. As you enter her she pants and grits her teeth, when you finally get in down to the hilt she sighs and shivers. She's really enjoying this.

Keeping that same slow pace you begin to push in and out of her, the ring of her hole puckering around your cock as you do. She's so tight it's almost hard to move, but it feels amazing to have her muscles grip and pull at you member. You tried anal once before but she complained that it didn't do anything for her, but now she moaning and writhing on the table as her legs shake.
"F-faster! Please! I want to cum again!"

>> No.5654502

She wants it faster? She must be immensely turned on for her to behave like this, for a moment your worry considering the blood puke but it's soon cast from your mind as she takes the initiative and starts grinding her butt into your crotch to make you go faster.

You build up pace, it feels soooo good, soon your pounding her anus relentlessly and she almost screaming as each orgasm ripples through her tightening every muscle making you stagger with pleasure.

"Nyyaaaa! Oh god! I'm gonna cum again!"
"Me. Too!" You say through clenched teeth.
"Come with me!"

Slowing down you try and get in sync with her responsive thrusts, soon together you've got an amazing pattern of mutual pleasure going on. You can feel it as her body tenses up in readiness, your own orgasm has you loosing the strength in your legs but you refuse to give into weakness.

"Oh! Oh! Oh god! I'M CUMMING!"

She shrieks as a final massive orgasmic movement wreaks havoc with her body, her arms give way and she smacks into the table uncaring with her eyes tightly shut against the pleasure. The muscles of her anus go crazy gripping and releasing you madly.

Just as you reach your own orgasm you go to pull out, but as you do so something wet and soft pulls free with you. Bursting forth from her ass hole just after your cock comes coil after coil of slimy intestine, some of which is still entangled with your penis, it slithers over it's self piling up on the floor glistening with a strange fluid. Momizi is screaming in pain now and you look to see her vomit another wave of thick blood, blood even leaks from her ass hole as more tubes of intestines burst forth from her.

Even as this scene unfolds making your stomach heave, even as your lovely wife dies in front of your eyes, you cannot control your body. A stream of pearly white globs are emitted from your cock and onto the stinking pile of your beloved's guts.

"I-I came."

>> No.5654510
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that was not good.

>> No.5654520

I totally expected a bad end. Is there any continuation to Satori's story?

>> No.5654526


I believe so, and it ends with you noticing she has an erection.

>> No.5654528

Ran motherly dom

>> No.5654541

BTW, Chocolate is poisonous to dogs. Nice going there, faggot.

>> No.5654546

That is the joke.

>> No.5654588

Figured as much after the last part, should've F5'd first.

>> No.5654621


>I like the idea of shaving them better. Reimu blushing and being embarrassed as she asks you for help, then laying across your lap with her one arm up, exposing her little bit of pit-stubble. You tease her about it as you carefully shave it bare, and when you finish she flips over in your lap and extends her other arm. Once you've finished the other pit, she sits up and stutters a thank you before shuffling off to go get dressed.

Isn't there a doujin similar to this? It's Marisa using master spark electrolysis, and then moving down to do Reimu's special place. Fuck, I forget the title, something like "let's not talk about armpits" or something involving hair... goddammit.

>> No.5654639

Let's talk about armpits, shall we? I think desudesu translated it.

>> No.5656031

didn't you play castlevania?

you can become a vampire if you suck in souls through a red stone, or even if you're really, really sad after your daughters die in a world war.

>> No.5656049

ran's tails

>> No.5656184

According to lore, the first vampire was Cain. His curse as the first murderer.

So God created vampires.

>> No.5656550

Your lips are connected and she’s really getting into it, turning her body towards yours and pushing you down so she’s on top of you. She leans back and unbuttons her dress, and at the last button she pulls your hand to it. “Take it off for me,” she commands. You willingly oblige and undo the last button, in turn causing her dress to fall smoothly down around her. The first thing you notice is her body. It’s absolutely beautiful. Your eyes go from her plain white panties, up to her smooth, tight stomach, and up to her modest chest. Looking up to her face, you can see she’s smiling and almost in tears. She leans down and starts kissing you more, grabbing your hands and putting them on her hips. Her skin is so smooth, her body so soft. You begin to feel more of her. Your hands go down to her thighs, smooth and supple. Back up to her hip area. It feels great holding her by her hips. It arouses a primal urge in you. Up further to her back. Very smooth and slightly sticky with the sweat of a little girl. Satori. You feel her nipples on your chest, her stomach on your skin (you sit around wearing boxers all day and browsing /jp/, why do you need a shirt), and her entire weight on top of you as she continues kissing you. “I know what you want to do to me. Go ahead and do it, I know exactly what you want and I’d very much like it too,” she says in a quiet, airy voice right into your ear.

>> No.5656561

That was all the persuasion you needed. You have her stand up and you slide your fingers under her the sides of her panties and slide them down, savoring the smoothness of her skin and slow unveling of her virgin cleft as you do. A string of clear fluid goes from her vagina to her panties as you pull them down, revealing just how aroused she is. Eventually they’re far down enough and you let them fall down. Her panties are off. You’re staring at her completely naked body, head to toe and back up again. You offer your hand to her and she grabd it, and you gently pull her down onto the bed. “Make yourself comfortable,” you advise her. She crawls further onto the bed and props up a few pillows, and then lays down on them. While she was doing that, you went ahead and removed your boxers. She’s there waiting with her legs spread, exposing herself completely, her tight wet pussy on display for your your eyes only. She’s obviously ready for anything you want to do to her. You already know in your mind exactly what you want to do though– you made the decision a few minutes ago. You will cum inside of Satori. You make your way over to her, your erection bouncing up and down with every movement you make. Finally you’re right infront of Satori.

>> No.5656566

You press your member down to her entrance and thrust your hips a fair amount forward. As the head slips in the first thing you notice is the heat. It’s a lot warmer than you thought. Secondly is the wetness. It’s definitely a lot more slippery than you would have imagined. The last thing you realize once you’re fully inside of her, and and the thing that almost drives you over the edge is the pressure. It’s coming down on all sides, twitching and constricting, trying to milk you as quickly as possible. It’s a lot tighter than you thought it would be – even for a girl her age. You pull back out and look down, seeing yourself glistening with Satori’s juice, and then you thrust, seeing and feeling yourself slowly being enveloped by her. “Are we doing it? I feel weird…,” her voice trails on, “The girls on your computer always seemed to be in pain, but this doesn’t hurt at all.” That’s right, you think to yourself. You love rape doujin, especially ones where the girls were almost torn apart by some faceless man’s gigantic dick. You realize now how superior this pure and uninhibited act of love is. “I love you, Anon,” Satori sighs as you pull out. That act, those few words makes you want to grab her in your arms, so you lean down and grab her in your arms “Wait, wait, you’re squishing me!” she yells in a surprised voice.

>> No.5656571

That’s right. You were never a lightweight to begin with, and letting yourself fall down onto someone would surely cause some discomfort. You support yourself over her body, and she wraps her arms around your back. “There we go… This really feels amazing, Anon,” she reminds you once more. You pull back out and thrust in. Her face is close to yours and you can hear her light panting, you can feel her breath empty onto your neck. Eventually the pants turn into moans of pleasure, quietly voiced into your ear. After a while, you can feel her vagina clamp onto your cock and squeeze you for all it’s worth. Those moans are now grunts, and after the first contraction it’s too much for you to handle. You thrust as far as you can into Satori, feeling her body shudder against on yours while you yourself start shuddering while you empty yourself into her. It’s literally the best thing you can imagine, cumming inside of Satori while her body is making you cum inside of her. A few minutes pass, and you’ve rolled onto your back and Satori is now on top of you while you’re still inside of her. She looks up at you, looking directly in your eyes and softly tells you, “Why did you wait so long for that? That was so pleasureable, way more than doing it alone. The ending was the most pleasurable though, when you… When you finished inside of me,” she admits. She breaks eye contact with you and looks down a bit embarrassed. “Anon, I want to do this every day when I get home, forever and ever. I love you Anon. I really do. You give me so much attention and would never hurt me... I’ve known for a long time now how much you care for me… Now we don’t have to hide it from eachother anymore…”

>> No.5657117
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>> No.5658311

Thread was good until shitty fanfiction got reposted.

>> No.5658326

This thread was /a/-level, right from the start.

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