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What would it be like living with the Yakumos when Ran and Chen go into heat at the same time?

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Gapped dicks

Gapped dicks everywhere

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explain. I figured it would be more like heaven.

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You only have 1 dick for 6 holes.

Do the math.

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>Some species, such as cats, cows and pigs, are polyestrous and can go into heat several times a year.
Chen wants it at all times...

>Monoestrous species, such as bears, foxes, and wolves, have only one breeding season a year
Ran only craves the dick once a year...


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And old hag Yukari wants it daily.

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They would toy with you like a rag doll.

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They probably treat it like humans do

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Hopefully Yukari can gap in more dicks.

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and when all their horniness lines up...


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sleepless nights and reverse rape

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Can't rape the willing

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Sleepless Night of the Eastern Country was my favorite song from StB, it'd be nice to see the source of that title.

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Yes you can, you fucking moron.

Learn law

oh wait

you'll never know as much about law as I do. Hahaha.

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I dunno why, but Ran seems like the best lover out of the Yakumos. Like she's a calm and collected motherly type figure, but at the same time she's eager to take you into the bedroom and teach you things about making love you'd never even imagined before. She'd never be too lewd, though- and she'd show you that even consensual sex in the missionary position can be toe-curling, ahegao-inducing good. Then after it's all over, you'd drift off to sleep in the warm, soft embrace of her tails.

Yukari just seems like she'd be an incredibly selfish lover, doing everything only for her pleasure and ignoring yours. And Chen seems like she'd have no idea what was going on, leading to confusion and awkward moments due to her inexperience, and an ultimately unsatisfying time.

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>And Chen seems like she'd have no idea what was going on, leading to confusion and awkward moments due to her inexperience
That IS the satisfaction, idiot.

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Who would want to be raped by Ran and Chen anyway? The thought of Chen's untouched, pure vagina and prepubescent breasts disgust me. Imagining her moaning whilst you fondle her and gently slide your finger into her unused vagina. Disgusted? Me fucking too. The image of her increased breathing and flushed face as you enter her with your erect member is just sickening. She'll most likely hold onto your back as tightly as possible as you let out your seed into her tiny womb, and she could even hold you close or whisper vulgar phrases in your eye when you're done, causing your manhood to rise again! Chen is truly the worst.

The worst part is that theres Ran too. What if she starts playfully fondling your scrotum as you enter Chen with your penis? Or how about if she massages you in oil slowly using her breats? The thought of that just sickens me. No doubt she'd ask for a dicking as well, and whats worse than entering her vagina and having your dick being contracted against her vaginal muscles whilst you are exchanging bodily fluids with her in a heated kiss? Nothing, thats what! Meanwhile, Chen would surprise you by licking your anus and reaching your prostate gland, causing you to convulse uncontrollably and eject Ran with your sperm in vulpurous amounts. You would then have to take your member out her cum-filled vagina and it would start leaking out, oblivious to Ran due to her mind breaking and succumbing to the pleasure.

Seriously, I'm about to puke just writing that.

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>licking your anus and reaching your prostate gland,

This is not possible.

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That's a nice variation of the "Sexual thoughts about [blank] are horrible" pasta.

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Sure it is
Just not for a fox

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I am aroused

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You can read it as two separate things.

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Now we need a Touhou with an anteater tongue

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No one has a tongue long enough or strong enough to reach the prostate gland.

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>whisper vulgar phrases in your eye


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I thought cats have long tongues in comparison to their size? Mine did anyway.

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ITT: Furries

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ITT: closet furfags

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ITT: retards

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I want to lovingly brush Ran's tails

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All I know is, if you ever get in bed with Ran or Chen and you don't leave with a copious number of scratches crisscrossing your back in all directions,

you did it wrong.

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>And Chen seems like she'd have no idea what was going on, leading to confusion and awkward moments due to her inexperience, and an ultimately unsatisfying time.
I am more than fine with this.

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Sounds more realistic.

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oh dear god the moaning in heat

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In Japan, there's no such thing as a refractory period.

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butthurt furries.

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Some people would be alergic to either ran or chen

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Can you imagine Chen hacking up a giant hairball while you're fucking her?

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Very true, but speaking from experience, two virgins becoming un-virgins with each other is like the most tragic thing ever. It's simultaneously hilarious and depressing.

>I've never had my ponos in a vagoo
>She's never used her vagoo on a ponos
>we come to the conclusion to just J-J-J-JAM IT IN
>she yells in pain and says stop
>we attempt other positions
>all are equally fail
>I don't cum and we give up

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Yeah, I'd collect them and make them into anal beads somehow.

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That sounds hot.

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for some reason I find the idea of Momiji in heat way more arousing. Her getting all flushed and frantically humping at your leg, her crotch sopping wet- The desperation in her voice when she begs to be fucked...


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>two virgins becoming un-virgins with each other is like the most tragic thing ever

Bullshit, it's the most beautiful and best thing ever. Nothing else in life can come close, I'm sure.

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You mean only if they are 2D right?

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Imagine feeding her chocolate

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Wouldn't you have to buy some special chocolate?

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no. I've already been scarred by the "Momiji's intestines exploding out of her ass in a geyser of blood because you fed her chocolate" copypasta.

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stOp attAcKing WWw.anOdonUtsTAlK.se replACe_DoNuts_wiTh_n
i qt emgy wxgmtpwt w uhiq sc hi

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Go away, Scorn.

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>bottom right panel
>Momiji asking to be walked

Oh god

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This thread gave me aspergers.

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NNNGG, oh god

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