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I just had a dream that Aya laid an egg in front of me and started yelling at me to take responsibility for it because I was the one who had fertilized her.

Intricacies of human/tengu mating and genetics aside, Aya thread?

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did you eat the egg?

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how does it feel to have touhou related dream ? i don't think i've dreamed about touhou once

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When I see such threads I always think that is time to leave /jp forever.
But I just can't do it

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How big was the Aya egg in your dream? Do you think the shell is thick enough to block light completely to prevent you from checking for germinal disc?

If so she may be tricking you and the egg may not be fertilized at all. Unless you find an x-ray machine or something.

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no, it had an embryo inside of it 'cause apparently I had came inside of her at a previous point it time.

Why I couldn't dream about that, instead of the aftermath, is beyond me.

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Nitori showed up in one of my dreams once. Wasn't really about her but she blew my hiding spot (don't remember what I was hiding from). Stupid bitch.

I felt really awful the next day knowing I actually had a Touhou in my dreams. Sad man.

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oh my god

You made me remember something. I was forcing myself into sleep paralysis to enter a dream last night - I fucking remember a splitting headache and my eyes hurting so bad they teared, but I endured - I FUCKING SAW YUKARI. She fucking opened a gap in my head and came into my vision.

She stared at me, and all I could think was "Please. Gensokyo. You know I don't like this world."

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for some reason, imagining this is extremely humorous.

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Just because you cum once doesn't mean it's you. FYI with human copulation, the chances of a successful fertilization assume all favourable odds is about 1 in 3.

And you know, with Aya being a slut and all, that's a lot of other sperm that your little troopers have to fight.

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I had a dream about a touhou character, except I was a touhou character too (in love with a touhou character).

That is, I was Satori, and I was dating(?) Sakuya.

I have no idea what this was about.

Also, Sakuya was a futanari.

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When I met Yukari, she was teasing me by saying something along the lines of "I wonder if you would become youkai if I bit you. " Before I could answer, I got bit.

I also remember the dream involving scorpions, but not in which way.

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Same here, but I tried to doze off.


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Dammit that's exactly what it was fucking like. Fucker.

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Touhous are in my dreams occasionally, I think, but only peripherally. Usually there's this group of monsters that are allies and I'm fighting to protect something important, but don't know what it is, and among the monsters that are helping me is a touhou or two. I never see the monsters actually fight, but I know they're there to help me.

Last night it was Ran, and only because we were making this scientist woman cry by having multiple people solve high-level math problems in their heads that she'd been having trouble with.

... I have no idea why I dreamed about that, but yeah, Ran's a genius so I guess that's why she came to mind.

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Maybe I'll have to lucid dream taking her on Maury.

Anon, in the case of baby Aya Jr.....

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I had a dream last night about touhou too.

In the dream Yukari was my mom, and she took me on an adventure across a large sea.

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I once dreamt that an 8 foot tall bodybuilder-physique Cirno raped me with her gigantic dick.

Felt good man.

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pic related.

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Does she looks like this?

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I had a dream involving battles and Touhous as well. It was actually pretty epic, I was trapped somewhere with a bunch of monsters attacking me and I was doing my best to defend myself but they were just tearing me to shreds.

I managed to kill them all, but then I noticed that the blood dripping off of my dagger/sword thing was my own, and that I was bleeding profusely. Suddenly Youmu appeared and helped carry me to Yuyuko, who told me that I was going to die regardless, but she could offer me a painless release and a place in Hakugyokurou with her as a reward for my bravery or something.

It beat bleeding out, alone, in some strange place, so I took it. It was weird. ;_;

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I had a dream where I was talking to Yukari, and the only thing I remember was that she had the most awesome voice. It was like hearing an entire symphony in every syllable.

Had some other dreams where there were Touhous but I don't remember many details (save one took place in the SDM, but I don't remember what happened).

Can't say I've had any about Aya, however.

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>>He says that they fall onto the tengu road because, as Buddhists, they cannot go to Hell, yet as people with bad principles, they also cannot go to Heaven. He describes the appearance of different types of tengu: the ghosts of priests, nuns, ordinary men, and ordinary women, all of whom in life possessed excessive pride.

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We were probably on different sides then, my nemesis. I will make sure you die painfully, next time.

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>shrinemaiden.org thread

This is what /jp/ has become.

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You act as if threads like this haven't been here since day 1.

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>I had a dream where I was talking to Yukari, and the only thing I remember was that she had the most awesome voice.

I always imagined her with a silky, sultry warm voice. Like tinkling bells setting you at eternal ease.....

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perhaps it really WAS yukari. who knows.

if you ever make it to gensokyo, can you get me reimu's autograph?

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They weren't tolerated back then. People hated the shit out of them and reported them into oblivion. Now? They participate. Fucking summer.

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>I just had a dream that Aya laid an egg in front of me and started yelling at me to take responsibility for it because I was the one who had fertilized her.

Autism thread.

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You know that 4koma where Yukari appeared from nowhere and did a rape-and-run on Rinnosuke?

I dreamt Yukari doing that same rape-and-run on me. For some reason, I lasted only a minute.

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I fuckin lol'd

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I had a dream where I did some MMO-style grinding and Momiji congratulated me with a black tokin hat for the work.

The hat was a sign of noob rank. Turns out I was to be inducted and be turned into a tengu like them.

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I prefer this to a thread where the OP is just a futa catgirl. I don't know, what do you consider a good thread? Maybe you should create that kind of thread instead of complaining in a thread people are enjoying that's related to the board?

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I had a dream where I was Cirno.

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With dreams like those, no wonder people hate to wake up.

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ITT: people have fun talking about their dreams while a minority BAWWWWWWWWs about it.

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/jp/ is not your blog or livejournal. No one cares if you had a 'SUPER KAWAII' touhou dream where Cirno gave you a blowjob as you said 'look at that baka XDD.' You can either stop dragging in your terrible posting gaia/pooshlmer/touhouproject/shrinemaiden/animesuki posting habits, or you can get the fuck out.

It's that simple.

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I had a dream I was Yukari.

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I like that.

Were you then derided for being a shit tier black hat?

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lol u mad

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Oh yeah.

I got that tengu dream after several days of no sleep and no Cosmic Break.

Right after realizing I was gonna be turned into a tengu I found myself fighting a union battle against DOS....

the fight being held in Former Hell.

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What are you talking about? /jp/ is touhou/vn

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>u mad
>greentext reaction images

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I had a dream where I went to the scarlet devil mansion to stop an incident.

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Bad anon. If we leave who will be here to hear about your SUPER KAWAII BAWWWING?

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If I had a dream where momiji showed up in it, I'd probably end up punching her in the face.

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are you frustrated ?

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>reaction image from u frustrated anima
my only problem with that post is actually

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I see that you're the kind of autist who needs every joke explained to you.

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haters gonna hate

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This thread is already bad enough as it is, no need to go there.

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I DO like to hear more details...

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more details, please. you can never have too much rin.

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I had one dream with Byakuren. We where ballroom dancing in some really wierd place with red mist and endless black in all directions (Makai?). The atmosphere as well as the silence wasn't very comforting but she didn't seem bothered by it at all. Just before I wake up she whispers something but I couldn't make out what she said, sounded like it was in moonspeak too. I don't even like Byakuren.

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Yeah? Well guess who's gonna be in the next fightan game?

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One time I had a dream about the backstory for TH13.

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Whole thread was worth it just to see this.

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I think I'll just leave this here.

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I had a really messed up dream, and it was the first one I've been able to remember in years.

I was in Eirin's clinic looking over someone who had been nearly killed, it felt like they were a close friend of mine and had accidentally become involved in something bad that I had brought upon myself.
Then the person who was responsible for it burst through the window and deliverd the finishing blow and basically ran.

I ran after them, my rage fuelling my transformation into something more then human.
There in the middle of the bamboo forest in mid air I tore out their heart and became a youkai.

Then I wake up and see this mysterious person looking over me and saying 'If I can't kill you there, I'll kill you here.'
And then they tore out my heart.
Then I actually woke up.

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When people are in trouble, they pray to god.

who does god pray to?

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EX Alice.

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Is that so~

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Than who does ex-alice pray to?

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The invisible magic sky ghost that can be neither proven true nor false, but many insist will return to one day and I can feel it in my bones.

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Fuck yeah

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Never had a Touhou dream. Had one or two Galaxy Angel dreams, though I don't remember what they were about.

Anyway, about that Aya thread...

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Why do so many people have dreams about Yukari? She seems to be far more common than anyone else.

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Because Yukari has the power to enter people's dreams and steal their snacks.

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I had a dream that Reimu found out through Yukari that women in the outside world get men to impregnate them then take all their money. After that she kept trying to get me to get her pregnant.

She succeeded but little did she know that I was just as broke as she was. She was mad at first and things were hard but we made it work and in the end we were happy.

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I had a dream that Reimu was dead.

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You people are a disgrace to the title of true NEET.

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I had a dream a few weeks ago involving me and Byakuren. We were holding hands and watching the sunset together.

It was beautiful ;_;

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Best thread on /jp/.

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>I was forcing myself into sleep paralysis to enter a dream last night

show me the way, Sensei.

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Before I went to sleep, I watch "Ip Man 1"
If you watch the movie, my dream resembles similar to it
I got into a battle on a stage fighting bare-handed with some muscular guy who wants to take over Gensokyo (not Mannosuke) and all other touhous watch helplessly
I won and all the touhous cheering me.
Suddenly, I got shot and fell over from the stage with head first.
The touhous were shocked and instantly come to aid me and some of them went berserk.
I see them crying and DA END
Pic related

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It's threads like these that make me afraid to mention Touhou to other people.

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I had a dream where I ate KFC with Yuyuko and Yukari.

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dream, etc

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>note: omeletes are made from eggs.

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I prefer this thread to the stupid shit we've been having lately.

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I am presently drinking myself to sleep so I can dream of Sanae with a snake tail.

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That is fucking hot.

>> No.5625654

Shouldn't the scales be green?

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if you were fighting like him your battle was certainly awesome, really great movie by the way

>> No.5625703

But her hair is violet-pinkish. Sanae's is green.

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I want touhou dreams too. Anyone got any suggestions that don't involve brain damage or going into a coma?

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Nice gun, Shoot the maid or the servant, they are both the same person and are the culprit.

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But I'm not a praying man.

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Tofu, and lots of it.

I'm not particularly religious, but judging from the results of experimentation, it appears Inari not only exists but is quite willing to answer unspoken wishes as well.

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Cover your room in Touhou posters and drop about 2 hits of acid.
Then lay down in the center of your room and trip balls in Gensokyo.

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I've done 2 hits before and never got any hallucinations. Would it work better if the door was closed and no one was around to snap me out of it?

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WwW.AnoloLtAlk.se repLAcE loL wiTh_N
o bpmaz mp r radeoyeewpbsfmpyvy eyf o bdmx rjb

>> No.5626031

lol you got sold some fake shit!

>> No.5626049

I had a dream a while ago where I was playing some game kinda like Spore. Except it had Touhous instead of weird creatures. And I was flying between planets looking for Aya.

>> No.5626061

Maybe I'm a normalfag, but I've never had a dream with a Touhou in it. Feels neutral, man.

>> No.5626086

Close your eyes, then press your knuckles into them for about 20~30 seconds. Boom, dream with Touhou.

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Watered down, maybe. Don't know about fake since I still saw plants dancing and visuals, but not full on cartoons.

>> No.5626097

I wish I could have Touhou dreams. Fuck, I can play a game for 10 minutes and dream about it. But I play Touhou for hours on end? No dreams, none whatsoever. It's as though my mind has Touhou on block or something.

>> No.5626108

Perhaps it's a countermeasure your brain is taking to prevent you from making one of the Touhous as your waifu.

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Maybe you should go full on DMT bro

>> No.5627573

I would like to try that...

>> No.5627731

And you would not regret it.

>> No.5627816

Surprised that scandaroon hasn't come out to tell us about how we're all fucking retarded fucks who fucking should fuckfuckfuckufckaspergersfuckfuckfuck

>> No.5627897

I remember one dream I had where I was playing with Suwako.

I was having so much fun... Then the fire alarm woke me up cause some douche bag at my college set condoms on fire in the stairwells.

Then something a little more relevant to OP's post, there was a party at Reimu's shrine, and, while inebriated, Aya and I sneaked off to fuck behind the store house.

>> No.5627902

could you tell us your personal experience?

>> No.5627910


he's the OP

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Or you could report the thread, ignore it, and move on. Posting only provides further proof of your ass pain.

With that said, all dreams involving Touhou just end up with me and a character talking and drinking soda. But there was this one time Reimu turned corrupted and started raping other characters, and they in turn became corrupted...

>> No.5627949

>I just had a dream that Aya laid an egg in front of me
>112 posts and 47 image replies omitted. Click Reply to view.

>> No.5627968

Enjoy your STD.

>> No.5627974


posting in this thread.

>> No.5627977

Meh. Can't argue with the chain of events though. Don't act like you would resist Aya pulling out away only to have you pin her against the wall and start making out. Leading to sex.

... God damnit. I need to read a lot of touhou porn now. Bait my mind for later.

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Here you go, Anonymous. Please enjoy it.

>> No.5628070

Everything around you blends into a fucking puddle of colors and explodes and swirls all over the fucking place.
If you're severely depressed, like the majority of /jp/ posters, then you should try it.

>> No.5628101

What's this week's headline?
Whatever happened to that guy?

>> No.5628102


sounds like fun, until I think of my roommate getting high all the time and laying on our couch in a puddle of his own drool, staring at the closet door giggling.

>> No.5628147

I don't know. I miss him. He was a constant reminder that Aya actually had fans.
Newspaper man, if you're reading, this come back!
Hope he didn't turn traitor like a certain Aya-loving tripfag.

>> No.5628158

Yes, but he is enjoying himself and you are not.

>> No.5628227


I'm enjoying myself plenty without being as high as him. Inb4 life is my high or something
He's not hurting anyone laying there or anything, I just prefer not to get that annihilated and out there.

>> No.5628235
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Dude, last time I hit DMT I became The Lich King.

>> No.5628335

I'm not saying you should get completely blasted like him, just take 1 or 2 hits of acid and chill on your bed with some nice music going.
But If you're really worried that you might go full retard, just hit some Salvia Divinorum.

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