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Am I the only one who gets really bugged by fanon somehow deciding that the Yama is significantly shorter than Komachi? THEY'RE SHOWN AS THE SAME HEIGHT IN POFV'S ENDING, FOR FUCK'S SAKE

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I don't give much attention but I fucking hate when they overdo it and use also the stupid "hurr she is jealous of big boobs XDDDDDD!"

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But Shiki got smaller breasts~

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There are so many things wrong with fanons that I don't know which one is the worst.

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fanon is almost always shit

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Not this again.

In before counting the pixels on character sprites.

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I like it that way.

being abused by a yonger girl...

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I agree. Why is she always so goddamn short in fanworks? And worst thing is, we don't have sufficient official art (by ZUN, that is) other than the ending.

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I like how fanons always draw Komachi with derp faces.

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- Tsundere moeblob Alice
- Midget Siki
- Yukkuris

Pick one, they're all tied for first.

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Yukkuri is on a different level.

And you forgot one of the most annoying: 9 ball cirno baka baka XD

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Official art does not determine breast size or height. Nothing to argue about here.

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>putting siki being short on the same fanon tier as tsundere alice, sakuya pad/pedophilia, yukkuri

You know, I've never said this in /jp/ before, but for once I think it actually fits.


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...are you honestly compairing...

Why, Kilga, why?

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I think I'm forgetting some...

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Ah yes, hungry hungry Yuyuko is also annoying as hell.

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Retarded Okuu
Slut Aya
NEET Kaguya

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Nice boat.

Something else I don't understand is why Komachi has huge breasts with her top always open in fanon. In official art she looks a lot more modest, and I find her PoFV picture a lot cuter.

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Yuyuko is hungry in official.

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I like all Fanon.
Fanon is the only reason I even like Touhou as much as I do.

From DAT BAKA to PAD, I love it all.

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Komachi looks like she might have huge breasts if you look close enough.

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Not like fanon show us.

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Yeah, but so does Tewi.

One could argue that PoFV art isn't canon because ZUN didn't do it. Pretty meaningless argument, though.

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No, she's simply making a series of extended metaphors and not actually hungry at all.

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nor does fan works. Derp.

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Agreed. Touhou wouldn't be as fun if it was just canon.

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Aki Eda art is now canon. See what you've done? What you've unleashed? Let's just shut the box and pretend it was never opened.

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Tewi does have breasts, though.

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...any official art of Shiki standing next to people? Just by herself doesn't exactly give a good comparison, per se.

All fanon is bad, you just gotta learn to pick a lesser of the many evils and tolerate that one while ignoring the rest (but yes, Yukkuris are an entirely different kind of fanon). In this case, Shiki being short I can tolerate. Her somehow being jealous of Komachi's boobs? Not so much. She seems too much like a workaholic to care about people's breast sizes anyways.

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Midget Siki invariably leads to at least one of two things:

- Siki acting like a 5-year-old
- Siki having a major chest complex

Both of these are incredibly obnoxious, and the first one is incredibly out of character to boot.

For those that want to see good SikiMachi, this may be surprising, but read Aki Eda's stuff. She actually noticed they're the same height and keeps them that way.


Oddly, none of these bother me, though pants-on-head Utsuho is starting to get there. The rest of them I have no problem ignoring, though, and I'll even participate in slut Aya on occasion.

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I wouldn't like the characters I like as much as I do if there was just one interpretation and not several HORRIBLE ONES that must be FOUGHT CONSTANTLY.

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That's not proof at all.

I like canon and fanon. Not all of both, but a some of each.

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Isn't that supposed to be "slug"?

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yeah what the heck, shes definitely taller there

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That picture is confusing me. Please tell me what it is so I don't have to look at it.

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They look the same to me.

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She's definitely flying there.

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It does give a good idea about her breast size, though.

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The trick with fanon is that it needs to be taken in moderation.

The Touhou fanbase wouldn't know moderation if it slapped them across the face and then fucked their mother.


This is a bit unfair because EVERYONE in GoM looked like a loli. (Except for Eirin, who looked like a loli with boobs.)

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>Fanon is the only reason I even like Touhou as much as I do.

Hell, I'll do you one better.
I'm sure the fanon is the reason the majority on people on /jp/ even got into touhou.

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Linear perspective. To me Komachi seems farther away, so she could be taller yet appear shorter.

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how about sum sprite comparison?

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Even if we took perspective into account, she would still be as tall as Komachi.

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You all miss one thing.
Eiki being short is cute.

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Now for a closer look, albeit they are sitting.

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Oh my. Now I can really see the dilemma here.

In any case, as with all fanon, it's best to just move along, ignore it, or make your own. Or do nothing, actually.

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Most artists don't beat an idea into the ground. It's just when you consider them collectively that it starts to become a problem.

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well shes definitely not a chibi, in any of these

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Komachi's not that fucking far away from Shiki.

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Bullshit. They're all floating, Indian-style.

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Which is what the rest of the fanbase does, unfortunately.

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This right here is the best possible answer in this thread

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Most of the fanon shit regarding bust size and height seems to stem from the fighting games. It isn't so much that Shiki is short; it's more that Komachi is fucking huge. Her sprite and cut-in for the fighting games make her to have a huge bust and significantly taller than everyone else. Same goes for Meiling. Put Shiki next to Komachi and of course she's going to look like a midget. Komachi's a giant.

As far as "average" in terms of height and measurements go, it would have to fall in Reimu/Marisa/Sakuya territory, and probably where Shiki is as well. She might be a little short, but compared to say...Remilia, Suika and Cirno who are all about the size of small puntable children, she's nowhere near short.

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The music was what got me into Touhou, actually. The fan art was nice, but the music was what hooked me. And even now, I like Touhou more for the new characters that pop up, said characters and their designs, and especially the music ZUN makes per game.

Fanon these days is hit-and-miss. Take it with a grain of salt, etc.

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I suppose that's true, but I don't mind very much because I have no idea what human interaction is like other than spamming memes.

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Same here, listened to remakes of the music and then found the source, love everything about it now.

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I first got interested in it because of the games, but the music was the determining point...

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I hope you music guys listen to stuff other than Touhou as well.

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I sometimes listen to VN soundtracks, does that count?

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It's so easy to listen to touhou mixes 24/7, for some reason I havent gotten tired of them for years.

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Besides touhou I listen to VN soundtracks. Also would like to say that I'm not into remixes, I prefer the original stuff.

>> No.5621538

Huh. Well. I hope you're at least lazy rather than hilariously closed-minded.

>> No.5621539

I used to listen to a lot of vn stuff too, torrented a whole I've collection and played through all of them, made my mind go dead after a while.

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Aside from remixes, of course I do! But ZUN has a way of making music that you don't get easily tired of them. Certain songs, of course.

The remixes sound different enough to feel fresh, but they still use the notes of the original song (or some of the notes with some remixes) so that it's still a remix. I have to say that Crossfire Barrage is one of those remixes I like.

Still waiting for a good Captain Murasa remix, actually.

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> Komachi's a giant, Shikieiki's average


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I like SaGa music. Even the stuff not done by Kenji Ito.


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Theres some good captain murasa ones finally coming out, took a while though, I personally didn't really enjoy the one by IOSYS as much as the others. When I first heard that original song I expected greatness, so I expect better ones soon.

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Hey any of you guys know about radio desu touhou? streams touhou remakes 24/7, and the selections are all actually really good.

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First, didn't see that. Second, going by the interpretations from the fighting games of Komachi being taller than most of the cast for whatever reason.

Shiki's legs look ridiculously long there, though.

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Ketsu-Anchor was eh. I only listen to it when I want a cheap chuckle and nothing else works.

I kinda wish IOSYS did more rock remixes such as with Phantasmagoria Mystical Expectation or Border of Death.

>> No.5621607

Those were good, but they haven't been doing those anymore sadly. Is it just me or they haven't come out with a new one lately, is ketsu anchor really the latest one?

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>Shiki's leg

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For some reason now it looks weird since I'm so used to seeing her chibi

>> No.5621616


I don't really find that sexy, and I love long legs. Her legs are disproportionately long compared to her upper body.

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I like only a few genres and don't care for the others you do because they simply don't catch my attention. That makes me close-minded.

Cool logic you have there, sir.

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Touhou music is not a genre.

>> No.5621642

No? I like to believe that it is.

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yes it is

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Closed-minded idiot.

>> No.5621665

It is nowadays.

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When you lurk there's a buttload of touhou remakes of all sorts, you can listen to new songs all day and there will be more the next day. I listen to normal music too, I lead a surprisingly normal life outside.

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I remembered something about the a ZUN work stating that Komachi was tall in the wiki...
>...Fanart also tends to portray Komachi as being very large-chested perhaps based off the remark of her being "Tall and Imposing" in PMiSS.
Alright, "Tall and Imposing" being unrelated to breast size aside lets go to the source!
>Her tall geta and enormous sickle give her an imposing stature.
...ok so it doesn't actually say that. Just says she wears big shoes and has an absurd scythe.


Though perhaps when you combine that with this:
>Since she's so overwhelming if you see her in life, she must be all the more imposing after you've died and become a ghost.
You could make a case for her being taller than average. At the very least she's not short.

Going a bit off topic here. Yeah though, short Shiki is completely baseless.

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You see, the problem here is that everyone is the same age for Zun. All touhous are pretty much the same height and look the same age.

Now fans on the other hand, some like little girls and some like adult women. Thus they need to establish which character is for what sexual deviation. Because everyone knows, Touhou only purpose is to be masturbated on.

>> No.5621694

>of all sorts
Gee, what sorts could these be? Could they be genres? I believe they are.

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It's funny how no one complains about loli Suwako even though it's fanon which turned canon

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Suwako can be adult if she wants (like all mature Touhous)!

>> No.5621732

Well thinking about a large girl hopping around going kero kero is a little off, I think that kinda fits better.

>> No.5621740


You will never see a loli version of Komachi or any of the old hags, and it's almost impossible to unlolify the Scarlet Sisters, specifically Flandre.

King of Moriya manages to make a case that Suwako wasn't always a small girl, which would make sense considering she's a fucking ancient god who was able to have a child that became her shrine's miko several generations later...too bad the same treatment can't be done with Hanyuu whose story is eerily similar.

Then, there are some with such a vague age it's impossible to determine if they're loli or not. Patchy and Nitori get this treatment fairly often, and even Kaguya seems to be portrayed as physically younger than she should be.

>> No.5621747

>good SikiMachi
>aki eda
what the fuck am i reading

>> No.5621756

There is a difference there. It became canon, unlike chibi Shiki.

>> No.5621757

The first time I saw Shikieiki was in an Avion Forest doujin. So I prefer healthy Shiki.

>> No.5621758

Hungry Yuyuko is justified in canon by the fact that she fucking EATS a TOUHOU.

Eating someone is pretty extreme, you have to admit.

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>you will never see a loli Komachi
Oh, really?

>> No.5621763

Do you want Shiki to show up again? ZUN will definitely make her small.

>> No.5621765

She does not! It's a trick, she tricked Youmu that is all

>> No.5621766

Er, Avion Village. Too much Legends of the Hidden Temple for me.

>> No.5621772

>I lead a surprisingly normal life outside.

Then please leave and never return.

>> No.5621776

>She eats a touhou

"I can't discern fucking metaphors"

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Sure, I like other music, I just don't listen to it.

>> No.5621784

Let's bet on that then. I'm sure she will be same as she was in PoFV. (I doubt ZUN will ever use her again, though)

>> No.5621786

>and even Kaguya seems to be portrayed as physically younger than she should be
Well, Kaguya is an iffy case due to the Hourai Elixir erasing her death. Does the Elixir also preserve your physical form from the day you drink it? She might have been "young" when she drank the Elixir and that's simply how she looked from thereon.

Or, well, lol fanon. I always imagined Kaguya as being... 14, bordering on 15 in terms of appearance.

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She doesn't exactly look non-loli here...

>> No.5621798

Shiki/Komachi confirmed for playable in TH13 with Yukari as stage 4 boss.

>> No.5621800

She does look young in both mind and body in inabaxinaba (though you can't discern very well "body" there)

>> No.5621801


dat face

>> No.5621802


She was a princess who was accosted by suitors because of her unearthly beauty. I tend to think that she was around 18, maybe 20.

>> No.5621806

I'm sure she'll be the same as she was in PoFV too. That is, short.

>> No.5621807

ZUN can't exactly draw with perspective.

>> No.5621816

>She was a princess who was accosted by suitors because of her unearthly beauty.

She has a body of a 12 year old, then.

This is Japan we're talking about, remember.

>> No.5621828

Japan of after Kaguya was born, that is.

>> No.5621836

Don't you know that in Kaguya's time, 12 is already a ripe age for marriage?

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ZUN can't draw at all, but still. Her cut-in for Hisoutensoku could make her go into either territory. She looks...well, not like a loli, but more like she'd be around Sanae's age, but acts incredibly immature because life's more fun that way...which would explain her fighting style of hopping all over the fucking place and flapping her arms to pretend that she could fly.

She's pretty much an updated version of Yuyuko, who's wise beyond her years, has the body of an early twentysomething, but still acts playful. You can tell the exact moment in IN during the Youmu/Yuyuko scenario when she stops fooling around and serious'd, but she seems like one of those types who prefers to do nothing except what's fun. The only difference is that Suwako takes her hobbies seriously, such as getting Gensokyo to utilize nuclear power.

>> No.5621842

With ZUN art, it's hard to tell the age unless they were specifically drawn to be young or old, and even then there are consistencies if they appear more than once (such as Remilia's art in EoSD versus IN), the exception being if it's art from the fighting games.

>> No.5621847

The best time for marriage, in fact. And not only in Japan, everywhere around the world.

>> No.5621849


I would think for arranged that would be okay, but to be in her situation she would have to had some physical maturity...which is why I think "late teens" when thinking of Kaguya. That and we don't now how long she aged on the moon before coming to earth.

>> No.5621850

That was my point.

>> No.5621864

Suwako's a lot like Suika in that way.

>> No.5621871

Except suika doesn't really care about... anything.

>> No.5621872

You also have to remember that Kaguya isn't from Earth, so the beauty that people claimed she had may be simply to due her unearthly charm.

>> No.5621873

Just to add:
Her theme in Hisoutensoku is named "Tomorrow will be a better day" that pretty much imply exactly what kind of personality she has, a pretty optimistic one.

>> No.5621876


ZUN's Remilia looks like a proper mistress past her adolescence with the exception of her being short, but that's probably in the face.

The fighting games tend to be the definitive appearance of how old the girls should look, with the dropped art helping things along. The fact that the whole "Sakuya pads her chest" meme came about from them is probably a result of ZUN's own (at the time) terrible art. The characters actually seem to look their ages a bit in UFO, at least...so he is getting better.

The problem also relies with the fact that ZUN has to draw his characters so that they fit in cut-ins...so they ALL look short, some shorter than most since he has to fit in the ears/horns/silly hat. If you didn't know any better from fan art or the fighting games, Reisen would be considered to be incredibly short, with her huge floppy ears being most of her height.

>> No.5621886


Suika's a fratboy in the body of a loli demon. Don't get her confused with someone who enjoys living life without having to constantly be inebriated.

>> No.5621890

Fanon, whatever, I ignore everything I don't like.

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Suika fought long and hard for that gourd and you're saying she shouldn't use it?

>> No.5621909


Let's see...what she was trying to do in IaMP was to create large enough a gathering so that the oni would come out of hiding and party with her. Then Reimu came and shut the party down.

Later, she decided that she wanted to live in the sky, so she pretty much crashed Tenshi's house and started partying there.

What part of that girl ISN'T about partying?

Again, loli demon fratboy. Yuugi might be a little worse, since she's more about breaking shit.

>> No.5621912

That's true. If he released an official art book explaining the characters' heights I'm sure that kind of problem would be straightened out, but... I think he enjoys letting people filling in the blanks about Gensokyo and its denizens.

As for Remilia... yeah, with her it's all in the face. EoSD had that elegant look to it, and with IN she just appeared childish/devilish.

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Both are onis.
Other was decided to be a loli, other was decided to be a hunky woman.
Both were nothing but ZUN in the beginning.
Oh how fanon works.

>> No.5621923


"Tomorrow will be special, yesterday was not" is the full name..I think. That was the EX stage theme, I know that. Meh, don't sweat the small stuff. She always wants things to be better the next day, no matter how great yesterday was.

>> No.5621938

Well, Yuugi is tall and she has to be the physically strong one.

>> No.5621941
File: 74 KB, 256x274, 256px-Th075remilia01.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


The fighting games gave her a bit of both, though. While fanon has Yukari as the elegant one who will not hesitate to fuck things up just because she feels like it, Remilia has the look that says it.

>> No.5621947
File: 37 KB, 517x700, ZUN.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Grand Master ZUN once dreamed that he was a Touhou. When he awoke he exclaimed:

"I don't know whether I am ZUN dreaming that I am a little girl, or a little girl dreaming that I am ZUN! "

>> No.5621954

Yuugi's official promo art had her looking rather busty. And she's called "Yuugi the Strong".

>> No.5621958


I really want to know what ZUN plans to do about the other two Divas of the Mountain...

Yuugi is the strong one, so which one is Suika? I don't think she's really ever given a title, but given her size and movement in the fighters, I'd say she's the fast one.

Still, fratboys. Suika would be the one doing kegstands while Yuugi would be out torching cars.

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File: 65 KB, 256x512, Face03ct.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

You call this tall?

>> No.5621964

Complaining about fanon in touhou is like complaining about negroes in Africa. Fanon IS touhou. You got what you ordered, now shut up and eat it.

>> No.5621967

One of Yukari's spellcards is named after that koan.

>> No.5621971

waitress, there is a fly in my soup

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File: 678 KB, 1540x889, old hags.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Old hags portrait that is a pretty good desktop background...but still, each character seems a bit accurate, although I'm not really sure about Yuuka's portrayal. She seems to have the most playful look of them all. Yuugi, however...almost has a bro-like appearance.

>> No.5621975

Probably just complaining about the newfags that overdo the fanons, thats all.

>> No.5621976

Adjusted for ZUN perspective, sure.

>> No.5621984

Taller than the lolis at least

>> No.5621986

is it just be or do the old hags seem like they'd be better fucks than the lolis?

>> No.5621987

I'll say that those geta of hers probably add to the height, maybe her horn, too, but for the most part she's only a foot or so taller than the average touhou.

Leader? Since ZUN hasn't thought up of the other two Devas yet, we can't really tell if Suika would be the leader of the Devas or not. Bah.

>> No.5621993

My personal tier:

1. Pads
2. Slut
3. Moe moe Alice
4. NEET. She does not even know what a computer is...
5. Cirno

>> No.5621994

>I really want to know what ZUN plans to do about the other two Divas of the Mountain...

Patience. Wild and Horned Hermit will be starting soon.

>> No.5621997

And Suika is damn strong still

>> No.5621999


>> No.5622002

yes, agree, but I still love lolis, I don't even try to understand

>> No.5622004

> translating 'yama no shitennou' as 'four devas'
> proceeding to not even spell 'devas' right

>> No.5622008

It's amusing, calling Byakuren an old hag, and she gained magic for the purpose of keeping her *youth*. Although these days "old hag" simply means "tall with breasts".

More experience? At least, a few of them. Yukari definitely. All those gaps, lots of potential.

>> No.5622009


Each one has some sort of title associated with them, I would think. Yuugi the Strong, Suika the Swift(?) and the other two...but Suika wouldn't be their leader. It seems that they're just a bunch of onis who go around doing whatever, and just like any other group of friends, there may be one guy who's in charge most of the time, but he's not the true leader.


"Old hag" is anyone who has aged physically past 22, it seems. Yes, they would definitely be better fucks than the lolis, but it's debatable whether or not they would be better than the ones who are in-between...which is most of the girls. The "average" is probably around 16-17 physically, while "loli" is anything below 15 and "old hag" is anything older than 20. There are more normals than lolis and hags combined.

>> No.5622010

I'm pretty sure ZUN isn't planning to do jack with them. Stuff like that is better left unsaid.

I have no problem with fratboy Suika. She's a cute loli, if frat boys were cute lolis I wouldn't mind them either.

>> No.5622011

Yeah. So Yuugi could probably beat Atlas in a trial of strength.

>> No.5622017


deva, diva, what the fuck ever. There are four of them, they're all onis, they like fucking shit up. Do they really need a group name?

>> No.5622020

Yuugi is probably the physical strongest of the oni, considering that among oni, being nicknamed "The Strong" is no mean feat. But all implication seems to indicate that with her ability, Suika is probably the more powerful combatant overall. uber physical strength < a power that lets you disintegrate the fucking moon

Also, Suika may not even have a nickname. It's entirely possible it's just Yuugi that has one

inb4 "Konngara is an oni"

>> No.5622025

>if frat boys were cute lolis I wouldn't mind them either.

weeeeeeeeird images going through my head now

>> No.5622027

>There are four of them

Let's call them Baquartet.

>> No.5622029
File: 1.63 MB, 1500x4737, 8df7ca8805d272b5b6f0c531088b28a5.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

What a friendly spar between friends

>> No.5622031

There isn't a single loli in the entire Touhou series that can be definitively stated to be a bad fuck. Even Akyu has her previous reincarnation's memories and all the other lolis are at least decades old and probably older.

>> No.5622033

No "what the fuck ever". 'Deva' and 'Diva' are two different words with different meanings. If you use one when you mean the other, people will look at you strangely.

>> No.5622034

Well, they say in Japan that if you're a woman and you're 25 and over, you're no good (just as they don't eat christmas cake past christmas). Could be that.

>> No.5622039
File: 165 KB, 558x1023, 9934843.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Yamame's the diva of the underground! Devas fuck off.

>> No.5622041

Except Yuugi could probably disintegrate the moon with a full-force punch.

>> No.5622043


"Gourd stands!"


3 days later...


>> No.5622044

Holy fuck, I have never seen that second page before


>> No.5622048

[citation needed]

>> No.5622049

ya, moar plz

>> No.5622050

They come at the pace of one in million years
There is no third page yet

>> No.5622057

damn, good stuff though

>> No.5622058


In addition to her canonically young age... Enjoy splinters in your penis.

>> No.5622060

Well, Chiyuri was only 15, and Medicine probably only a few years old. Not to mention lethally poisonous.

>> No.5622062

We're deep in fanon territory brah. Here, we duel with fanfics and images.

>> No.5622066

Who could say no to dolljoints?

>> No.5622069

There is no basis for that in any canon material. There is, on the other hand, basis for Suika being fucking ricockulous. All we know is Yuugi is called "The Strong". Suika doesn't blow up the moon with strength; she does it with her special power, "manipulation of density". Considering Suika's called "simply the most powerful youkai in Gensokyo", it's entirely likely that Yuugi is stronger than her physically, but Suika is overall more powerful.

>> No.5622070

Medicine herself is not poisonous. She can manipulate poison but that doesn't mean she is poison herself.

>> No.5622077

Medicine... she was forgotten for years, you'd think she'd be like a finely aged wine or cheese or something by now.

>> No.5622079

Hellz yeah

>> No.5622080


I think the reason they're called hags is because they're much older physically than the rest of the cast. Like I said, Reimu's group seems to be anywhere between 16 and 19 which is pretty much anyone. As soon as you hit something like 22, you're a hag. The two youngest-looking would be Byakuren (who used magic to keep her youth, though we don't know when she started having an aging crisis...she definitely wasn't a loli, but I would say early 20's since a quarter-life crisis actually happens) and Yuyuko...who was probably around 21-22 when she offed herself to prevent her from using her power. The oldest looking there is Kanako, and I wouldn't peg her as being physically any older than 30.

>> No.5622085

dolls dont age
Medicine just gets rusty

>> No.5622097

Suika is said to have torn down a mountain with her own hands, though. If Yuugi's significantly stronger...

>> No.5622100

Everytime I see the OP's image I hear Sylvester Stallone saying it

>> No.5622105


Patchy...you'd wear her out just by sticking it in. Sakuya maybe, considering she'd probably freeze time and fuck you senseless in all kinds of unimaginable and kinky ways...but you wouldn't be able to experience any of it because TOKI WA TOMARE

>> No.5622111

If I recall correctly it's said that she could split the youkai mountain in half with a single punch.

>> No.5622117

Those characters aren't usually considered lolis.

>> No.5622118

Forgot to say: Suika, not Yuugi.

>> No.5622123

I have no idea where that's written. I know I've heard it before, but I'm not sure if it was in Perfect Memento, Bohemian Archive, or something else ZUN wrote, or just a fanon over-interpretation.

However, assuming it's true -- bear in mind, in her Perfect Memento article, she called her destruction of the moon a demonstration of the strength of oni, but when Aya interviewed her about the article, she admitted it was just her density manipulation. So take that with a grain of salt regardless.

>> No.5622124

Actually I believe you would feel ALL of it at once when she cancel the time-stop thing.

>> No.5622129

There should be more doujins utilizing timestop. There's only a few...

>> No.5622132

Well that would be pretty fukin awesome

>> No.5622135

Yeah, same here.

>> No.5622146


So was Kogasa, but nobody wants to fuck her.

>> No.5622179


Well, depends. Most likely what would happen is you would see Sakuya give you a really sexy look and start taking off her clothes. One second later you'd be in an unfamiliar room, tied down and cumming buckets inside her.

>> No.5622209

Actually, technically, if Sakuya fucked you in timestop? It would probably fuck your onbashira up horribly, bro. Have you ever fucked a girl so hard it was kind of sore the next day? Imagine how you'd feel if every single thrust of the entire act happened in the same split second. It would probably tear your skin like sandpaper.

Have fun with that.

>> No.5622220

If every thrust happened in the same instant, wouldn't you not even feel it, because the up-thrusts and down-thrusts would cancel eachother out?

>> No.5622221

Sakuya's timestops sort of cheat physics, so that doesn't have to be an issue.

>> No.5622234

No, you'd just get all the combined force in both directions along your dick at once, probably either tearing it apart or crushing it.

>> No.5622267

>>5622234 tearing it apart
But that doesn't make any sense. For it to be torn apart, that would mean that some of your penis is going in one direction and some of your penis is going in the other direction.

But how do you determine which parts end up going in which direction?

The forces just cancel out dude. That's the only thing that makes sense.

>> No.5622284

Common sense? In MY Gensokyo?

>> No.5622291

Oh wow, somehow that made me have a deja vu. Going to bed after this.

>> No.5622294

You thrust at the same speed as you pull out? Exactly? Wow man, that's impressive.

>> No.5622310

You're both wrong.

The forces would probably cancel each other out... to an extent. But it's unlikely that the overall amount of thrusting force applied in one direction would *exactly* equal the amount of thrusting force applied in the other. So the net force would have a single direction, and considering the number of thrusts that happen during sex, the amount would probably not be insignificant.

So in short, your penis would be torn apart in one direction, depending on which direction she moved harder in overall.

>> No.5622319

Yes, if thanks to a magical intervention you do it all in a span of 0.0 seconds, you do indeed thrust with the exact same speed that you pull out. By a goddamn definition.

>> No.5622343

Sakuya can't touch stuff that isn't moving while timestopped. Or else she would have just knocked the knives away in SSiB.

>> No.5622357

If you bring realistic physics into time-stopping, then technically, the one who has stopped time should destroy everything he/she touches.

Even if you just tap someone on the shoulder, you are tapping them at infinity miles per hour, so... you get the idea.

tl;dr it's magic, stop overthinking it.

>> No.5622366

Overthinking it is fun, spoilsport.

>> No.5622371

How about this:
Sakuya is going to turn into an old woman far before Reimu and Marisa due to time-stopping.

>> No.5622379

This is why Kaguya > Sakuya.

>> No.5622386

How about this: Sakuya is going to stay a young woman far longer than Reimu and Marisa due to timestopping.

>> No.5622393

logic error

>> No.5622395

Then why don't we settle it once and for all?

Tonight I'll have time stop sex with Sakuya, and tomorrow at 6 PM EST I'll post a thread telling what condition my penis ends up in. Be there.

>> No.5622635


Who cares, you get to fuck the maid. That's a dream come true right there.

>> No.5622676

You seem to have committed one. Never mess natural language with logic, the results are nasty.

We're not talking about literal timestopping, we're talking about Sakuya's actual powers, which are being inadequately described as timestopping for the sake of convenience.

>> No.5624851

>implying great lord ZUN's word is inadequate

>> No.5624902

I keep thinking the next oni will be smart for some reason.

>> No.5624971

I'm fine with midget Shiki on its own, but since it's nearly always paired with either little-kid-Shiki or jealous-pettanko-Shiki, it sometimes gets annoying.

My least favorite fanon traits are:

And my favorite fanon trait is definitely Iku's mastery of the funk, because it's hilarious without being overdone.

>> No.5625006

>Although these days "old hag" simply means "tall with breasts".

There's a certain type of personality necessary for it, too. Notice how Aya and Komachi always avoid the "hag" label, and how rarely Yuugi is stuck with it as well.

Yuuka used to be this way as well but she's been appearing more and more. This is not a trend I think I like.

>> No.5625569

You know what fanon trait bugs the fuck out of me?

EX-Keine being a rampaging ragebeast.

Her personality does not change when she is in were-hakutaku form. AT ALL. A hakutaku is a benevolent creature and a good omen, not a raging bull.

Why is Keine grumpy when you run into her in EX stage? Well, let's think about it. She has only one night a month to do all her history-writing work. So she has a whole month's work of work to catch up on, which leaves her frantic and probably more than a little cranky to begin with. Then, some jerkass miko from some shrine somewhere comes barging through the bamboo forest on a 'test of courage' to beat up her closest friend in Gensokyo for no good reason whatsoever. Not only attacking someone she cares about, but interrupting her night of frantic work in the process.

You'd be a little pissy too.

>> No.5625679

POFV endings



>> No.5625687

Yup, Alphes.

>> No.5625729

I think powerlevel has something to do with it too.

>> No.5625744


Drawn by alphes, approved by ZUN.

>> No.5625755
File: 223 KB, 500x1583, 12150.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Fanon I find unsalvageable:

2. Jissou 2.0
3. Basically anything that devolves into HURR BREAST ENVY


1. Tsundere Alice
2. Short Shiki (if not in ANIME BREAST JOKE mode)
3. Ridiculously dumb Cirno
4. Moemiji
5. Yukkuri
6. Crowslut

1. Yukkuri Aya

>> No.5625769


>> No.5625828
File: 581 KB, 1061x1500, battle_royale_vol5_027.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>> No.5625841

That's it!From now on Tall Eiki=Shit

>> No.5625848
File: 400 KB, 1454x2069, komachishikieikisakura.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


That's... an interesting list, in a manner I haven't seen often.

Would you mind explaining by which route the 'salvageable' parts may be brought back on track?

As for OP, not much to add. Eiki is actually quite tall from the perspective of an Asian woman, just she looks smaller since Komachi is bloody huge.

>> No.5625859

Honestly, I don't mind Shiki being a foot or so shorter than most Touhous because what with her short skirt and all, her long exposed legs look a little ridiculous.

>> No.5625860

...except... that 'Komachi is huge' is fanon too.

You don't have to be a giant to be imposing.

>> No.5625924
File: 550 KB, 850x638, komachisnooze.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


Perhaps it should be rephrased from "bloody huge" to "height unspecified though tallest by comparison in official depictions".
Excuse the bureaucratic language. It makes me feel dirty too.

>> No.5625960
File: 61 KB, 407x412, 9fbc4f50a08ce8d5185bce4cc85b7c5d.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Moemiji is <3 though

>> No.5626028

In general, be a little more subtle and have stuff like tsundereness and hikki-ness be just one of several traits or just keep side characters to the side.

As for Aya: porn.

Big problem with Sakuya is that her memes just seem to dominate the character. It's all PAD PAD PAD BEAT UP MEILING PAD PAD PAD, since you can't trust the Japanese to avoid running breast size jokes into the ground.

>> No.5626070

And Meiling is another thing. Japan just can't let go of the CHINA CHINA CHINA thing.

>> No.5626089
File: 787 KB, 1200x1000, sakuyadeathmural.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


It's a shame about Sakuya.

I'm wondering if it may be some sort of mass hysteric denial. When you have the reputation of being the "perfect maid", perhaps all too many people interpret that as an unbridled ability to kick ass and take names.
Perhaps the same people couldn't handle the revelation that while Sakuya still is the perfect maid, she - literally - isn't a rocket scientist.

>> No.5626139
File: 17 KB, 300x277, luv.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

> while Sakuya still is the perfect maid, she - literally - isn't a rocket scientist.

>> No.5626279
File: 246 KB, 700x583, sakuyastrikecommando.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


That offer would be a whole lot more pleasant for both of us in the opposite order.

Anyways there isn't much to add. Sakuya makes perfect tea, cleans the house to immaculate standards, handles wine with the grace of a Romanian olympic gymnast and nearly causes spaceflight disasters by explosive decompression.

>> No.5626401
File: 690 KB, 480x368, TH123_meirin_ED001.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

One of the more odder fanon depictions of Sakuya is her being a major bitch when it concerns Meiling. Since the only time we see the situation in canon where Hong was caught sleeping on the job, Sakyua does the complete opposite and threats the gate guard quite nicely and even brought her in the mansion so she wouldn't get heat stroke.

>> No.5626572

Eh? When was this?

>> No.5626613

Ending of Meiling's 12.3 story.

Also on the subject of Sakuya, she IS an asskicker, if you take the 'former vampire hunter defeated by Remilia' bit as truth. It's just that Remilia is even more of one.

>> No.5626642

I think the whole Sakuya beating Meiling thing came about when they became a popular pairing, since you know, tsundere and all that nonsense.

>> No.5626677

It got worse after the fans decided that Meiling had huge breasts.

>> No.5627720

Remilia wouldn't have beaten Sakuya if she didn't have her power to fall back on.

>> No.5627732

Remilia is pretty much a Mary Sue in canon.

>> No.5627748

>Remilia wouldn't have beaten Sakuya if she didn't have her power to fall back on.

...no fuck?
Muhammed Ali wouldn't have been heavy weight champion if he didn't have his strength to fall back on, either.

>> No.5627759

>arguing about fanon in a fanon thread

>> No.5627767

Let me remind that it's canon that Sakuya was easily defeated by Remilia.

>> No.5627770

this is a fanon hate thread, not a fanon thread.

Also, go back to /v/ with your greentext

>> No.5627772

Of course.
>Faster than the eye can follow, strong enough to crush boulders, powerful enough to manipulate demons, she's so strong it's almost not fair...

>> No.5627791

Sure. Once she stopped trying to use brute force and just changed her fate instead.

>> No.5627793

Well, Remilia is one of the strongest youkai in Gensyoko, only beaten by a select few when comes to pure power. There is a reason why vampires are called the lords of the night.

>> No.5627844

Goodness, this thread is still alive. It's not a bad thing, but...

Exactly. "Perfect maid" does not mean she has 17/10 fighting skills or some such, it simply means she can do her job very well, and that job happens to be attending to the Scarlet sisters, along with cooking, cleaning, etc.

However, if you had the ability to stop time, you'd be a damn good fighter too. Throw a thousand punches in an instant with no way to block them? Sounds a little bit OP, no?

>> No.5628061

Have you ever stopped to wonder why Sakuya's spellcards are all themed after serial killing?

Hint: It's not because she's a timestopper.

>> No.5628069

because of knife-related.

>> No.5628072

Everyone in SDM is a monster.

>> No.5628089

Or maybe, you know, because she uses daggers and knives, the cowardly weapons affiliated with murderers and assassins.

>> No.5628097

Because she's a serial killer wwww? She's just a fan. If she was a serial killer, she's smart enough to know that naming her spellcards to point toward that factis fucking retarded.

>> No.5628104

I like to think that Sakuya's time-stoping ability comes entirely from her watch, and that she's a wuss without it.

>> No.5628723

In order to throw knives with the skill, accuracy and volume that Sakuya does, you still have to be pretty fucking good with them, and she was good enough to challenge Remilia. Lose, sure, but still challenge.