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Remember when you first got into hentai because of the luscious curves from Bible Black? What happened to you /jp/?

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Actually I was fapping to loli from a pretty young age

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Bible Black was disgusting.

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This might surprise you, but I enjoyed Bible Black for the story.

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My first hentai title was actually la blue girl

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White Room is best end.

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The CCS doujin "Please Teach Me" was my first hentai.

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Titts are too big!

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I'd take Yukari over a loli any day

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I got into hentai because downloading 30 second porn clips with dialup takes slightly less time with a cartoon then it dose for anything live action.

I still keep my big folder of free hentai clips around, in case I get nostalgic; I still don't know what half of them are from though.

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Fuck off you lolicon pedo faggots

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ogenki clinic reporting in

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old hags detected
just accept that nobody likes your wrinkly old vagina anymore

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>first got into hentai

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I never got into hentai.

Always been a /e/ kind of guy.

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Time to get into the big leagues anon

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I remember when I was fapping Kaolla Su without even considering that it was loli.

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I uh, I think it was the same with me.

It seemed natural when I was, y'know, 12. When I hit 16 I started having second thoughts.

Now I'm 21 and unemployed I will now fap freely to anything that arouses me, I won't focus on loli but it won't stop me.

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Fapping to loli since I was 12.

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No one is impressed stop lying pedo fuck

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>first got into hentai
>Bible Black
Thanks for confirming that you are an underage faggot.

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>12 year old fapping to drawn 12 year olds

I fail to see the problem here.