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Let's share some relatively obscure Touhou facts!

The Watatsuki sisters are actually degraded goddesses, just like their mentor Eirin. Toyohime is based on Toyotama-hime, also known as Otohime, and Yorihime is based on Tamayori-hime. They are the daughters of the Dragon God, which probably explains their power level.

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Lunarians used to travel on Lunar Veils to earth, sheets of material so light they have no weight.

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How's your autism treating you?

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Nitori has three anuses.

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What is your problem?

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How's your butthurt treating you?

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She also farts a lot.

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Nitori is bald under her hat.

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Go back to /a/ autistic retards.

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MoukouxKaguya is the only cannon pairing, thew rest is fan made bullshit.

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don't you ever get tired of spamming this "autism" crap?

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This is a fine example of autism >>5589229.

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Nitori likes cucumber-flavoured beer.

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>>5589220Go back to /a/ autistic retards.
wW W.A_no_N[IGNOReTHISHerE]ta_lK_.Se
bzvljmnze uxsnvflh cnw elr llsihd lngjchdmmmntehp non

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While what you said has nothing to do with canon, the idea of Iku serving the moonbitches sickens me.

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Everyone pulls that "In 100 years" shit with an image of Alice and Marisa having fun, followed by just Alice alone.

Alice used to be a human mage, just like Marisa. Marisa can travel along the same path Alice took to expand her lifetime as well.

However, Marisa said she'd rather not. The possibility still exists though.

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>Marisa said she'd rather not
Profile says she was developing an immortality potion. So, she's okay with being immortal, but only if she achieves it on her own.

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that's bullshit. Mokou hates Kaguya, it's clear in every aspect of every official work.

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>immortality potion

Hourai Elixir already exists

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This definetley this.

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Hourai Elixir made by Marisa and not a combination of Eirin and Kaguya's power does not exist.

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Mokou has let go of her anger for the most part, Kaguya is the one that constantly harasses and if you read IotMaIotE you know it is out of affection.

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Inaba isn't canon; ZUN did not write it.

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Eirin is a degraded goddess?

Her hotness factor just went up a million fold.

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>They are the daughters of the Dragon God
You sure about that?

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She isn't. Sorry.

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He's going off mythology, bro.

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Oh. That don't work.

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To quote the touhou wiki:
>As traditional depictions of kappa show a bald spot at the top of their heads, rumor has it that her hat is concealing that bald spot. However, ZUN discredited this rumor during a discussion on 2ch after Mountain of Faith was released.

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It's actually canon because of Seihou.

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Fuck you ZUN, she's bald in MY gensokyo.

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Touhou is canon to Seihou, but Seihou is not canon to Touhou.

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Sanae has autism.

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So Marisa achieves immortality in Seihou, but only has the possibility of doing so in Touhou? How the hell did you get that?

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Repeatedly sucking multiple cocks is definitely a symptom of it.

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There are only 2 meganekkos in Touhou.

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Eirin is based directly on Omoikane, Goddess of Intelligence and Wisdom. It is referenced in one of her spellcards.

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Spellcards are just whatever the person thought was cool. Eirin might be a fan.

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But Omoikane is a dude, dude.

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No, YOU are autistic.
No, YOU are the slut.

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A lot of Touhous are based on male things.

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Patchy has asperger's syndrome

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Shizuha is pretty much the best Touhou.

There's your obscure Touhou fact.

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Why is this making me laugh so much?

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