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The moon is full and something is keeping the werewolves at home.
Truly an awesome presence must be stalking the night.

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Craiglist made it too easy to find victims, no need to go out on the full moons anymore.

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I need to rifle through けーねっぱい some time. I have so little Keine.

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I notice more than half of my Keine folder has her flushed with emaressment or in tears or otherwise...what's the word...something something.

Not sure what to make of this.

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May be for the best. You do not want to run into the Great and Wise Hakutaku at that time of the month.

... of course there are people who would want to. But generally few.

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I tip cows.

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Well... she hangs with Mokou. Maybe not as much as fanon often claims, but often enough.
It can't be good on the nerves.

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This is Keine.

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This is not Keine.
Any questions?

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The hakutaku may not be a cow as often claimed. But if she was, Keine would be the firmest and most stable among cows.

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That a buffalo

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If this what you think a cow looks like, stop eating beef immedietly.

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Because cows are small time.

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Close enough.

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Thouhou according to Hans Arnold.
Not quite Felis Ovum level, but nearly.

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Mokou who spontaneously combusts as part of her routine party trick.

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Well she is a half-youkai, so that might lead to a sense of animosity in the village. I guess fan artists think that would be her response when its shown that not everyone sees her as the hated pariah.

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another helenxonpool thread where keine or yuki is posted and nonsense theories are abound! hurrah!

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Apparitions Stalk the Night...

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Swiss horror artist that's only worked in Sweden for some reason.
Not really very known abroad.

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No wonder she's "tense" that special time of the month.

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You are starting to feel very sleepy...

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What a horrible night to have a curse...

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Indeed. But the fuzzy tail makes it kind of worth it.

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Then again it's been frequently questioned whether Keine officially has a tail or not, so guess it isn't worth the risk.

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Now neither of us will be virgins!

... or if virginity is already lacking, that too can be arranged for.
Truly history manipulation is a most versatile ability.

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To bad her "manipulation" of history is shitty, and no where near as powerful/versatile as fans make it out to be.

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Care to elaborate?

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The ability to remove objects from a place by consuming the history leading up to them being there?

Versatile enough.

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She states that she manipulated history so no human village is made. Everyone in IN says she is full of shit and that there was/still is a village, so she isn't actually changing history if the village is still remembered by everyone. Also Yukari even states that her ability is crappy since she can still see the village too, making Keine's ability to "conceal" history more like some sort of border manipulation that is very situational.

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Rev up those fryers, because I sure am hungry for one Keine Quarter-Pounder, with cheese.

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It's Yukari. Of course she can see it.
Even though the village isn't there, it's still there - it's just on the other side of the boundary between present and not present.

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What`s up with you and horns, Helen?

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Guess you could say she's horny.

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She hid the history of village being there, not the knowledge that there was a village there.
Yukari saw threw it because she's Yukari. Her power worked on everyone else.

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While it is true that Yukari's ability to manipulate borders would make Keine's concealment power pretty useless against her. The fact still remains that village is still there and remembered, so she didn't just vaporize it out of existence as many think she could do.

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Not enough Keine in this Keine thread.

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Well, of course she didn't vaporize it out of exsistance. She's trying to protect it, remember?
People remember the village, but those memories are false, because the village was never there.

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Oh please, no...

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Oh no...

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Surely. Her ability isn't perfect - the village did disappear, but that's about the only part of the manipulation that works entirely as intended.

Come to think of it, it may not exactly be discrete either.
I'm not sure if the backrounds in Keine's stage are supposed to be taken literally as depicting Keine doing her cool thing, or if ZUN just thought an empty field wouldn't cut it. But if it's the former... let's just say giant floral patterns and regal ink paintings floating in mid air aren't considered a regular part of the landscape anywhere. Gensokyo included.

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Probably just there to look cool, like most of the backgrounds during boss fights.

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Do you prefer green or blue Keine, /jp/?

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Blue in general, but green in bed.

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Yeah that's fine and all and it's not that bad of power if you consider her guard duty. However, I'm just kind of sick and tired of people saying Keine can just wipe someone's existence out with a mere thought when her powers have been shown to have limits.

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Probably and hopefully. Signs in the sky are a bit too obvious.


Nothing. Just a folklore coincidence.

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Oh, ok, I can agree with that.

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Bleh...I don't have anything special for Keine...like a picture series or a comic or something...

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Keine's headbutts are the best.

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It's true.

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Same problem as you have with the old grandfather paradox. If you remove the history of something entirely, you remove your own knowledge of it, thus making you unable to remove it in the future and making it not have been removed to begin with.
So even if Keine alters something "completely", she still has to leave knowledge of the original somewhere.

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Where's this from?

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Just love that artist's EX Keine.

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iirc she is responsible for gensokyo history moving foward.

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On the subject of her power, does anyone really know what she actually does exactly? I mean, does she put an object in a pocket dimension? Or is it more like a cloaking device surrounding said object?

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Five different flavours of adorable.

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If only she wasn't so Icky.

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She's not icky! She's cute!

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Not worse than any other wild animal.

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Such an inactive thread. Keine doesn't get the attention she deserves.

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Does anyone know the sauce on that?

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Keine is always beautiful.

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Even after a rough sleepless night from hell.

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Pixel cot something or other.
I don't think it's scanned yet.
But it will be.

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>Pixel Cot.

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>from hell
What, did she get raped?

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How does one become a half-youkai?

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Holy fuck, those breasts.

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Not sure. But if you wake up to the sight of fishbones, beer cans and what looks like a used condom with snail eyes and your first thought is of Cirno, it can't be good.

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It's hot. She's drinking lots of fluids, but it's still hot. She's thinking of Cirno because she want to coooooool ooooooff.
I have no idea what the snail thing is, but I don't think it's a condom.

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Might be a squashed bottle or an ice pack?

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A Youkai decided to play with her food.

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Works for me.

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Here is some fan art of a rather rare pairing.

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Pre-Hakutaku Keine must've been particularly tasty since the Hakutaku usually only reveals itself to humans once a generation at most.

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Considering how many species of Youkai that are out there, not all of them eat human flesh do they?

I'm finding it a bit odd that a creature that appears to give advice to kings would go around and bite someone. Even if that someone is Keine.

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More seriously, though, it would be nice if Keine had more of an official backround.

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Now that I think about it. Keine's youkai parentage is pretty clear, but was there any clues that might of revealed Kourin's?

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Well, why don't you just WRITE some?

You...you DOUBLE ONI.

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reported for fanfiction attempt

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Already have. And so have many others, likely many better.

But in the end, it's all just fanfiction with big artistic liberties. Nobody can tell for sure.

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No I don't think there was any. However, in the murder mystery story, the unknown speaker describes meeting a half-youkai boy whose parents were a male human and a female bird youkai. That might of been Kourin right there.

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You could just do like /jp/ does, and reject ZUN's reality for your own.

Awfully nice of you to respect the source, though.

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I don't have much Keine...

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A Keine thread and no one posts the sexist Keine pic yet? Time to remedy that.

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>female bird Youkai
Tokiko was his mother all along..

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Judging from the original Hakutaku/Bai Ze myth, though, it seems unlikely that were-hakutakuism (that isn't even a word, but it's 7am here) works anything like therianthropy in popular fiction. Not only does the Hakutaku not go around biting people, but shapeshifting therianthropy comes right out of an entirely different mythology. With what we have, it isn't even certain whether were-hakutakuism is contracted by contact with a Hakutaku at all, or if it is contracted through some other channel.

>> No.5581902

Maybe it's like how Inuyasha has his transformation into a human once a day every month?

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I'd love to see if answers come to the questions, but likewise I love and need my four hours of sleep.
Goodnight, /jp/.

... lovely Great and Wise Hakutaku there.

>> No.5581915

Or his half-sister.

>> No.5581920



PMiSS says keine was a human bitten by a hakutaku

the end

>> No.5581930

You mean the thing Akyuu wrote?

>> No.5581940

>hurr durr Akyuu is a liar
Shut up.

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While PMiSS isn't exactly the most reliable source these days it does describe Keine's little predicament as possibly being hereditary. So I'm guessing that somewhere down the line of her family tree, a Hakutaku might of mated with a female member of her family and then down the bloodline it's powers might randomly manifest through the following generations.

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I don't know if I could withstand getting headbutted by her, but I do know that I'd love to nuzzle her forehead.

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Sure you could. She's not going to bust your skull open by accident, she's just scolding you.

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It couldn't be helped.
If all else fails, the deletion password is del5882.
Wed Jul 7 17:18:28 2010

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