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Im 21 today and ready to die. I got RTK vol1 and lost focus 20 minutes in . If I dont get adderall soon Im going to eat shotgun. Cant go on like this ;_;

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Wait for the jp meetup.

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Offline meetup?

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Stream your death somewhere for us to watch.

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I'm not following you. You're going to suicide because you had issues reading RTK?

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I turned 21 last month and I've been depressed as hell lately. I gave up working out. I stopped playing games and reading vns. I just spend all day on /jp/ not doing shit.

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We can meet up and have a nice little party before we kill ourselves. Perhaps a going away to Gensokyo party!

How about it?

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You must travel to Japan and kill yourself in the place closest to Gensokyo.

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That was just an example. I spend 17 hours a day on the internet even in Uni. I cant remember the organic reactions, my GPA is 2.8, I just want to die

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2.8? Enjoy flipping burgers for the rest of your life.

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>If I dont get adderall soon Im going to eat shotgun.
/jp/ - Trolls Imitating ESL and/or Special Needs Students

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Sounds like he's already in college asslick

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OP we should move in together and invite any other /jp/ers not doing shit with their life and all get shitty jobs and decorate our place with figs ands posters everywhere.

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I was attempting to trivialize his "problems", anon.

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Find a study method that feels less like work than other study methods. Spam that shit every day until you feel fucking terrible when you miss a day.

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All Hail Xenu! Death to psychiatrists!

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Those who do not wait patiently for death face an eternity of /b/.

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N.B. that'd actually appeal to the OP, he's making like he has ADHD.

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>I got RTK vol1 and lost focus 20 minutes in

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There's nothing waiting for you on the other side. Molecular biologist here, who also studied abrahamic religions for years as a minor/self-enlightenment quest, trust me your spirit is not going anywhere, because there is none.

People who care more about their emo suicidal bullshit emotions do not truly belong here; I am weary of people attempting to rig up an artificial atmosphere of acceptance of such feelings here. Go off yourself on your own, it is not related to us and is only a textbook example of Darwinian evolution in action.

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People who fashion themselves as educated and intelligent are always quick to insult others with Darwin's theory. Ugly and stupid people get by in the world just fine and yet you claim that a 20-something college student killing himself is evolution at work? I'd have you show me what genes are being favored here and encourage you to use a wider perspective on success in society.

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My butt is.

Also, the OP lost interest in his troll pretty early in the thread and isn't here anymore. He's already spanked it and written a bad self-insert touhou fanfic about his trying to buy crack from a cop in Gensokyo. His supposed chem homework can wait.

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Don't kill yourself, live life.

Once you die, that's it. There's nothing. You'll be eternally frozen in the void, completely aware. It's a sad fate, yes, but we're all going to the void. Lay down in bed and close your eyes. That's death for you. It's too bad that it's already been proven that there's nothing waiting for you on the other side.

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at least you have a gun, stop complaining theres people much worse off than you

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maggot thread

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Try coffee/caffeine pills.
Tolerance builds up really quickly within days but it does work. It is a stimulant after all.

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