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/jp/ I heard you like Rune Factory. Why is that?

Anyone looking forward to RF3?

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/jp/ only likes old Harvest Moon games.

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I always end up playing them for a few days and then quitting.

I'm going to try and actually stick with the 3rd this time.

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I already played Rune Factory 3.

Also best waifu in the whole series.

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My sister plays Harvest Moon games, might give them a try.

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I still haven't got RF2 or Frontier.
And I tried returning to RF but I can't remember what the fuck I was doing.

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I got Rosetta's love maxed then offered her the White Stone.
She asked "You do know what this means, right?"
I shrugged it off as nothing.
It was hilarious. But then WHAT HAVE I DONE.
Anyone else did that with the heroines?

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Apparently they're going to translate Toona as Raven. Avoiding Toona since it sounds like Tuna in English is fine, but Raven...

Sia will be Shara, following the town's name translation. Source http://www.gamefaqs.com/boards/961300-rune-factory-3-a-fantasy-harvest-moon/55370305

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Unlimited Golem Works

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Rune Factory 3 is the best HM type game ever.
Best girls
Best gamestyle


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Ion's portrait looks hotter than the painting. I approve.

Does anyone know where to get the artbook scans? Not really sure anyone cares that much about this series though.

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Is that a brown boy ?

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Brown Masato detected.

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the wii rune factory has a fatty waifu, goty all years

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My lovely wife. Too bad she is just a cameo in RF3, but I can live with RF2.

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>cameo in RF3
That's enough to make me happy. She was wonderful ;_;

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Not even best if 3, let alone series.

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I liked Rune Factory 2 until the game suddenly jumped forward in time and every fucking thing I did was reset.

Do RF1 or RF3 pull the same shit? That kind of killed RF2 for me, really.

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Good. Now I just need to get my hands on RF1.

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There's no second generation in RF3.

Your waifu won't run out of topics for conversation too quick. She'll share backstory, ask you for a date, gossip, talk about current events and so on.

Your kids will have random personality and talk like zombies though. Also they look too much like Rusk, the other guy at the town.


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I was playing frontier but I got discouraged by how long it took just to manage my farm. I was making like 15k every day but it took me until 5pm every day just to harvest everything.

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i hvnt touched RF3 yet, but didn't they have those auto farm/assist system from RF1? the one where you get captured monsters to do the work for you?

also mining has always been the popular choice of for making quick cash. farming is just for the ingredients and early cash crop.

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woops nvm.

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yeah but it takes way longer to level the monsters up than it does to get a big farm running

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RFF does have that problem of "too much to do, too little time to do it in."

But Melody <3.

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What the fuck man.
Tuna was the best name.
What the fuck.

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Apparently Toona is bird-related name and ties to the character. Still, I'd choose Robin over Raven.

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Tuna is like the cutest name ever.

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I'm gonna name my daughter Tuna.

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I'd name mine Sardine then. Pretty good name.

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>post in /jp/

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I'm gonna name my daughter Chocolat.

Gimme the chocolate, *****.

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That's offensive.

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>Also they look too much like Rusk, the other guy at the town.

This game contains NTR ?

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..Fuck you Anon.

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the only reason they look like rusk is because rusk looks like a little girl
your little girl look like a little girl
your little boy also look like a little girl
even mais look like a little girl

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While I do look forward to RF3 I'm looking even more forward to the new Harvest Moon where you have two villages one asian one european one the european one deals with livestock and the asian one deals with crops. You can go inbetwen them and stuff...

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This, I was delaying as far as I could. I didn't like second generation... I mean I liked the game play but I hated the fact I was a kid.

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Harvest Moon has sucked for years though, I don't see why anybody should be excited over the new games in this day and age.

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Also the new Harvest Moon game Two Villages japanese version comes out in 2 days.

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Glad I'm not the only one who thought Melody was awesome.

I never did finish Rune Factory 2. I think it's about time I do.

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What do you mean by finish?

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The concept of having two villages each with each own distinct style and trade between them and all the things they could add make me excited, plus the girls seems lovable.

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>even mais look like a little girl

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This? The art doesn't look that fappable.

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This? The art doesn't look that fappable.

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I like the blue one.

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Just 2 girls?

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I prefer the RF ones.

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disregard that, it says "patner2" for a reason...

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Four girls. There are two in the Asia town, two in European town.

Four males total too, if you play as female.

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what about this one?
she's on the middle or something?

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It's probably 4 girls, a witch or something similar and some bonus girl.

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>Cururufa (Voice: Japanese Version) Nakahara Mai
>Dahlia (Voice: Japanese Version) Horie Yui


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Are you denying my delicious mermaid waifu?
Or does RF3 have that too?

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rf3 has baka mermaid

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Eh.. Don't know if want.

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I'm playing rune factory harvest moon on the DS
But because of the extremely limited interaction and dialouge with the characters in the world, I don't feel connected to them at all. Frankly, I could careless which girl I'll eventually end up with. They are all 1D anyway.

"Hey Raguna, because we are such good friends, you can come visit me at any hour"
Oh? I just come here to shop every other day, we never talk, we never hang out.
How are we good friends again?

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Especially the first Rune Factory lacked events with the characters that regular Harvest Moon had.
2 and 3 have character specific quests, plus more unique interactions per specific dates(RF1 only had them for like 1 date of the year)

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RF3 has onee-san klutzy mermaid.

Ara ara~

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>Couldn't care less

Well regardless, its a great game when going to the gym. 30 minutes on a bicycle equals around one day in game for me. I'm just gonna farm farm farm and clear those caves.

Silly question but, is it possible to pick crops up and just but them into your inventory without having to manual press start, select the item, drop it into a slot? Because that shit gets old fast.

Also, what happens to the crops farmed by your monsters? Are they shipped in the Rosetta box?

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I've played the first RF on DS and I prefer any Harvest Moon game to it by a long shot.
Are the other RFs any good?

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There is a method for massice item transfer.
IIRC, yes, have the monsters WATER only. Besides, crops are not for money, rather gift giving and replenishing RP. Plant a few regenerating ones in fields and caves, like strawberries since many girls like them, and enjoy RP refreshing.
Daily Gift Giving helps a lot to raise points.

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More polished mechanics, more quests and events with characters.
The only thing RF1 may have better is the 'characters' themselves, which is really a matter of taste.

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>Also, what happens to the crops farmed by your monsters? Are they shipped in the Rosetta box?
Yes but if you are playing Frontier be on your field when she is comming for extra love points.

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I was disappointed in the girls.
The nurse was alright but that's about it.
I wanted that delicious fish monger.

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Then every other RF you play will be a better experience.
The only thing I preferred in RF1 is the MC(looks less stupid) and Tabatha(who returned on Frontier)

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Tabitha... is that bath house witch lookin' girl right?
She was pretty good too.

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That's Melody.
Tabatha is the brown elf maid.

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Oh right. The one that's shit hard to marry.

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Nah, monster Farming is just a tad annoying and takes time.
Mei who is impossible(due to fishes) or Lori with BOOK READING slow as fuck build-up are worse.

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Show me your damn ears. You are ruining your elf image by wearing that stupid hat.

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Rune Factory 3 when?

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Am I the only one that doesn't see any point in growing crops in caves? It's not like the battles are very hard. I'm still running around with a long sword and I just received a pass to the misty bloom cave (that I can't enter until winter yet)

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q4 2010

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Who is kuudere here, the red elf?

>> No.5577222

Excellent, that's a good girl.

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Since cave environment never changes, you can have the same crops no matter what for gift giving, specific food ingredients and RP on the side. Plus, helps clearing the later LARGER dungeons.

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Natsume panel at AX said Q3.

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>Could care less
double fix'd

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Some native speaker told me that "Could care less" was wrong and that it was "Couldn't care less" but now you are correcting me again.
Color me confused.

An other question, how do I use a Greenifier item? Do I just, drop it on top of just planted seeds? Doesn't seem to have a special animation or what not. Am I doing it wrong?

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Just after I posted that I realized that "couldn't care less" was right after all and I was simply confused when I posted my "fix't".

So now I feel like an asshole.
I also sort of feel like an idiot, which is worse.

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Its okay my dear anon, I forgive you

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>Tuna NTR


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The original RF had the best main character, it pissed me off every time the blushing shota appeared during conversations in RF2. I will most likely be pissed at the new blonde trap mc but at least the girls look interesting enough.

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Rune Factory Frontier 2 when?

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Rune Factory Frontier, for me, ranked the highest out of the Rune Factory games and any HM game.
I'd definitely look forward to a RFF2. I hope the main character looks similar to Raguna and not the other RF main character's though.

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>I hope the main character looks similar to Raguna and not the other RF main character's though.
I hope the main character looks similar to Raguna and not the other RF main characters though.
Forgive me.

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The only thing I liked about RF2 was being able to NTR the half-elf punk. Wedding crashing is awesome, especially when it's to snobbish, self-hating, xenophobic, bratt elf bastards!

Haven't played frontier sadly, as I loved RF 1 like no other.(have no WII) In RF 1 Melody was my favorite followed by Tabatha and Rosetta.

>> No.5581955

Dolphin emulates it pretty well.

>> No.5582018

>NTR the half-elf punk
"This is why I hate humans."

Also, dicking around with the marriage variable leads to hilarious results, like disappearing brides:

multiple wives,
barren wives,
and wives who pump out babies every time you talk to them.

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So did nobody in this thread actually buy the Rune Factory games?

>> No.5582337

in RF2 you can marry your aunt.. i think thats what its called

>> No.5582342

Best waifu.

I have a weakness for maids.

>> No.5582410

I can't miss Nakahara Mai. It'll be a sin if I don't get the undub.

>> No.5582442

I've bought all the ones in english.

But then again, I have a steady job. Please don't make me leave.

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RFF would have been the best game in the series...

if not for those fucking spirits you had to maintain or else your crop production would be stopped for ever.

Worst idea ever.

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I've bought all the ones in French.
We are still waiting RF2 btw.

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I often bitch about natume and their terrible release schedule, but goddamn.

You poor bastard.

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Don't worry I also have a DS linker.
Currently playing RF2 undub.

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Glad to see /jp/ has fine tastes and appreciate Toona.

>> No.5583037


and its on console that's why it's the better one.

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Well, compared to the other choices it's pretty obvious.

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>Implying dahlia isn't god tier

>> No.5583066

Bangkok-kun you have shit tastes like usual.

>> No.5583073

Come over to the rooftop and I'll shove rainbows up your ass.

>> No.5583086

... for some reason I've read that as
>Come over the rainbow and I'll shoot rooftops up your ass.

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>Implying Yui Horie isn't top tier VA.

>> No.5583269

Dem fucking rainbows man.
Dem fucking rainbows.

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Anyone play this yet? How are the weapons?

I always want to go in hard with an axe the size of my character but thats never really van option.

>> No.5583399

Worst idea ever indeed. I would have finish the game by now if it wasn't for dem fucking spirits.

>> No.5583410

weapons don't matter in RF3, skills do
you can use whatever weapon you fancy

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I have a policy of not buying handheld games. So no I didn't buy anything but a M3 Real for my DS. I'd buy it if it was like 30$ with shipping. But it will never be that low so... maybe the 3DS won't get hacked.

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What? Do fucking want, I wanted Lettuce/Leia in HMDS too. Except I don't have a fucking DS.

>> No.5583702

>maybe the 3DS won't get hacked.

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A girl who lives and works at the inn. She runs the bathhouse. She loves the bath and talks about it constantly. Though she always appears to be bright and cheery, she is actually rather lonely. Persia is actually a mermaid, and is still adjusting to the language and customs of humans. Therefore, she frequently makes mistakes.

Birthday: Summer 6
Family: None, but she's very close with Sakuya and Shinonome
Loves: Fried squid (any kind), squid sashimi (any kind)
Likes: Squid (any kind), fish, all juices, all fruits
Dislikes: Fish dishes, fish fossil
Favourite Perfumes: Sialence, fish, mysterious
Weapon: One-handed sword
However, when it rains or snows, she cannot hold a weapon and attacks through magic only
Lunches (after marriage): Various squid either as sashimi or fried

>> No.5584085

So she's like a cross between Lettuce/Leia and Melody? Awesome.

>> No.5584100

Isn't Marvelous having the financial problem ?

Slim chance,I say.

>> No.5584151

Where did you find that description? I want such description for all the girls.

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Just posted a while ago. http://www.ranchstory.co.uk/?games/Rune_Factory_3/Characters

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Ah damn I'm gonna have to replay the games like 4 times... The girls are awesome.

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When is the English version coming?

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Q4 2010.


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Melody is the best, hands down.

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I didn't like RF2 at all because girls in it were pretty lame, it's good that RF3 is fixing this.

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Delicious fish is delicious.

>> No.5592465

Anyone else want RF4 3DS ?

>> No.5592503

i prefer ps3/xbox360 though

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>> No.5594726

I just want a game for the PC so I can mod it to my liking.

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