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Ran looks sexy, you can't unsee it.

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maybe if you have a fetish for men

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Dem tails ;_;

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get out

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go drink ur moms bredt milk u fart commander

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It'd be interesting to try using her tails as warmers of sorts.

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That's right. I like my men with enormous amounts of estrogens, shapely curves, big breasts, and effeminate features.

Oh wait.

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What a coincidence, thats how I like my men too.

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sorry, that's your job. oh, and don't forget to smoke daddy's cock. he misses those tender, soft lips of yours wrapped around his hard shaft.

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Will there ever be an R-18 Ran image that doesn't give her gigantic sacks of fat where her breasts should be and a butt that wouldn't fit in most doorframes?

And no, lolification doesn't count.

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Ran is a maternal figure character. When I see such an stereotype with small breasts and a flat butt, it is the day I will shut down my computer and live forever in shame.

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Ran kind of looks like an anthropomorphic fox, you can't unsee it

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shut up fat fartlover

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man ran hands

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Someone behind Ran is grabbing her.
Don't be silly

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nuh uh fartass

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dat tails

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But... she is a fox.

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Fucking titty monster.

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Don't make me pull out "A lazy day with the oni girl" doujin, anon.

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Ran's ass is the nicest, because of the tails

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Was that supposed to be like a threat or something?

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I wish I was Chen ;_;

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If it looks like a human, talks like a human, walks like a human... it is quite possibly a fox.
Got to love medieval logic.

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My Touhous are all well endowed.

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If you listen closely, you can hear the sound of me hating you to death.

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Is that the sound of Suika's tits?

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you sound like a screaming parrot

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I literally had to go through 50 pages of Ran images on Pixiv to find this little gem. For you and for future threads.

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Gathering Fat in the Chest ~ Immaterial and Missing Tits, anon.

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Tag team, no fair!

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Ran is love.
Love is always beautiful.

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She kinda looks younger there, anon. I remember one picture where she is flat, but she is also a toddler.

And she is suppatenko there.

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Except when she's drawn naked, in which case she turns into a humongous blob of fat.

Pic related, it's what you see when you type "Ran Yakumo" in Google.

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Well... Ran presumably was a regular fox kit when she was little. She's never actually been a child.

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My hate for you is so strong it will become a youkai one day.

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Considering how Crowslut, Mystia, Momizi and other animal youkai speciesin Gensokyo that aren't known for illusion or transformative powers are already in humanoid form... It seems odd that Ran would have to evolve to that state when the others skipped straight to bipedal.

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Younger than in usual fanart? Yes.

Younger than her SSiB, PMiSS or in-game portrayal? No.

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Again, love is always beautiful to some godforsaken twisted mind out there, somewhere, hopefully very far away with no chance whatsoever of ever meeting.

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Manga art features her with big boobs.

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Where is this from?

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Crowslut, Mystia and Momiji weren't animals in the first place.

Those who grew up from animals, like Wriggle, Chen or Tewi did have to acquire human form at some point. Excuse me for no citations, I'm sure it's somewhere in their PMiSS articles, at the very least.

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>gigantic sacks of fat where her breasts should be
Just saying, but even big breasts are far from just skin covered sacks of fat. They ought to have at least some firmness, should the artist know how to draw them properly.

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That is because - as strange as it may seem - none of those are actually animal type youkai.
Aya and Momiji are tengu, a completely distinct breed of youkai unrelated to any animal. They are merely named as crow or wolf for the animals they share traits with. Tengu are born tengu and do not evolve.
Mystia is a not a sparrow youkai, but a night sparrow - a distinct youkai that is generally unseen and appears as a natural phenomenon. Though she is depicted as such in Touhou, she isn't actually a bird.

Animal type youkai start out as regular, "gifted" animals that outlive their peers and become youkai when they reach old age.

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[X] Crumbling Town


Drifting in nature, watching it advance. Cut across the waves of grass, drifting towards a barren town. Fields of green give way to dead earth, cracked and strewn with rocks, the forest creeping in to claim this place.

Empty houses, devoid of people. Empty streets, devoid of purpose. Empty village, devoid of life.

Empty, empty, empty.

Emptiness that claws and devours.

Two little foxes, hanging on the edge of village, hanging on the edge of forest, in the border of life and death. Two small lives flickering brightly and dimly.

Two little foxes, in a pool of blood. One fox, fit and strong, struggling to right itself as it oozes life into the barren ground. One fox, slight and trembling, teeth dug in and pulling desperately at a fallen companion.

In the border of life and death, one life flickers bright, one life flickers out.

One little fox, trembling and weak, pulling at a fallen companion. But little fox...

Don't you know your friend is already dead?


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Momiji is a "white wolf" tengu, which I take to be some sort of guhin/koppa tengu. Those are indeed born from particularly old wolves. Overly prideful men and monks turned to mischief can also become tengu, but punished sinners most likely don't count as beast youkai.

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This does sadly not only apply to Ran, but basically any large-chested Touhou. The moment they loose their clothes in ero it's like their boobs are all over the place.

I like big boobs and they can be look surprisingly tasteful as long as they aren't obscenely huge. I'm actually kinda sad all "mature"-looking Touhous by default get the big-boob treatment. Ran is one of them I like big boobs on, but as I like mature slim girls as well I'm sad to see there's such a shortage on them.

When Shou was introduced I was really hoping she would get the mature+slim treatment, seeing how well it suits her character design, and I'm happy to say that so far it's been good.

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If that is so, then I've learned something new today. From what I've read so far, tengu can only have two origins - either born tengu from eggs, or transformed sinners. But I haven't read much specific to wolf tengu, so may have missed something.
I stand corrected.

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"I'm not stupid," Yukari says, "I know exactly what you want... you haven't touched yourself since I started living here, and you must be SO frustrated." You realize you're literally trembling with anticipation, hanging on her every word. Is she finally going to get into your bed with you? You start to drift off in thought, thinking about the sensation of her silky smooth skin against yours, and...

"Ran-saaama!" Yukari shouts playfully. Out of nowhere, her nine tailed shikigami appears, looking calm and collected as ever. "Yeees?" Ran replies, mimicing Yukari's playful tone. "Look at this boy," Yukari starts. "I've been a bit mean to him." She bites her lower lip and begins to walk around behind you. "He hasn't been able to find release in such a long time, because of me, and he's all... congested." She reaches around your waist and grabs a hold of your crotch. You flinch slightly and Yukari giggles. "Ran, show this little boy the best release he's had yet."

Ran blushes slightly, looking you up and down. You turn beet red with embarassment and start to stammer "I- I- well, I, uh..." Yukari vanishes into a gap and you're left standing there with Ran. Completely cool as ice, she unfastens her robe and lets it drop to the floor, standing in front of you in nothing but lingerie now. Her body is incredibly fit, and you find yourself standing there, mouth agape, with a catastrophically large erection. Ran slinks up to you and drapes her arms around your shoulders, wrapping her tails around you as well. You're absolutely speechless, but Ran breaks the silence. "My only rule- you don't get to pull on my tails." she says.

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Totally taken aback, you have no idea where to even begin. Ran notices this, though, and has no problem taking the lead. Grabbing your one hand by the wrist, she places it on her large, ample breast. You're still blushing like mad, it doesn't help when she eagerly says "It's not often I've been allowed to make love to a human..." You regain your composure, though, and begin to massage her breasts with one hand as your other hand slides down her midriff and into her panties. Her face flushes and she leans in eagerly to kiss you. "Take those off," you tell her, gesturing towards her bra and panties. She obediently does so as you also strip and sit down in your chair. She sits on your lap, straddling you. Her fuzzy tails feel incredible as she gently tickles you here and there on your bare skin.

As you start to thrust up into her, her eyes briefly roll back for a split second and she gasps for breath- she's clearly enjoying this as well. You stroke her tails gently and she blushes hard, increasing the rate at which she is riding you. She's unimaginably tight, and it feels nothing short of incredible every single time you push yourself into her. You hadn't noticed until now, but she actually has a cute little pair of fox ears atop her head, and just to see what she does, you gently scratch behind them. This drives her up the wall with pleasure and she blurts out "Oh god, fuck me from behind!" Suprised by the sudden dirty talk but not at all interested in protesting, you both frantically stand up as she leans over the bed, lifting her tails up and exposing her ass.

As you hump into her from behind you find that her tails are providing a bit more of a distraction than you would hope. Careful not to pull them, you try to arrange them in a way that is comfortable. Despite your best efforts, though, her hairs are still going up your nose and in your mouth. At this point though, you could hardly give a shit.

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Eventually you realize you're not going to be able to stop yourself from coming very soon, so you balance Ran on the edge of the bed and thrust into her at a breakneck pace, almost at climax. She scratches at your back hard, leaving criscrossing lines of crimson all across you, but whatever pain you feel is completely washed away by the incredible pleasure of fucking Ran. She grits her teeth and grunts, panting and moaning like an animal. Her eyes roll back once more and you climax inside of her, gush after gush. Absolutely breathless, you roll off of her only to realize that Yukari was sitting there the entire time, watching you.

Ran is still laying on the bed next to you, chest heaving with every breath, slightly glistening with sweat. However, Yukari seems to not even notice her presence as she talks to you. She fans herself brisquely before snapping the fan shut. "My my," she says, "that was quite the performance! I must admit, I was very... Impressed." The faintest hint of a blush dances across her face and is gone. "Now," she huffs, "Put some pants on. It's inappropriate- I'm a lady, remember?"


I <3 the archive.

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And then Yukari reappears in the room through a gap, this time wearing nothing but a diaper, and plops herself spread-legged on the floor. "Raaan~, I'm wet and need a change!" Ran unwraps her tails from you, apologies for having her duty call, and both of them disappear in a gap, leaving you standing there without release.

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I'm happy when Shou gets any treatment other than the Cirno one.

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It's not that I hate breasts or curvy figures in general. I like them on characters that are supposed to have them, like Komachi or Yuugi. But for Ran, it just goes against everything she stands for for me.

Hell, I wouldn't even mind enlarged breasts if the rest of her figure was thin. But no.

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>supposed to have
You're not making sense.

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"Cirno treatment" was a pretty harsh way to put it. I actually think that it's cute the way she gets portrayed as a bit of a klutz, not that I don't consider her a other wisely reliable character. I'm really just glad that the fans did something new with Nazrin and Shou rather than just rehashing Ran and Chen.

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I'm so glad I told that masochist to write more.

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I'm okay with both boobsRan and flatRan, as long as it's proportioned well.

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masochist? How is that related to boinking the shit out of Ran?

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Look at the first section again.

>> No.5568099


oh yeah... well really, it's only logical that your whole house becomes a no fap zone when Yukari is in town.

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Considering how often /jp/ expresses a desire to be the little girl, I'm surprised how little female/female stuff is written. Nearly everything is female/sexually repressed male.
I guess largest target audience is always the safest.

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It's self-insert, which like you said, appeals to a fairly large target demographic. It's following a faceless male who just so happens to be able to get in the pants of all your favorite toohoos.

Self insert little girl might be a bit harder to pull off, and won't appeal to as many people.

Third person could go either way, some might find it a turn off that they are not an involved party, some NTR lovers might enjoy it more by imagining it happening while they are not an involved party.

Ero-fiction: it's deeper than you think.

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The guy who originally wrote it was a masochist.

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May presume self insert big girl would appeal to even fewer?

>> No.5568282

Theres also, you know, writing from a girl's point of view as opposed to a male

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That would be me, actually, and I'm not really a masochist. I had a rather strange dream about Yukari abusing me, yes, but most of my dreams don't get that freaky.


Are you dropping a subtle hint that you want something written for you? Are you talking big like muscular, or big like "holy fuck, rolls of fat" big?

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>talking big like muscular
Hong erofic would be nice, especially if she dominated you.

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Mainly just trying to find a push to finish what I've already started writing.

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I see. That's good though, because I was not going to write fat girl self insert. (I know you were probably referring to muscular, just fyi)

I also need to finally finish my fucking kogasa love/ero story. It's been sitting dormant for a long time, as I'm trying to fill in some gaps and clean it up. I know the feeling, writers block/laziness sucks.

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... whoa. That's... that's just not healthy. That's so unhealthy I can't even type it out as written text without ellipses for breathers.

Rest assured, meant big as in regular adult human sized, though athletic is always nice.

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A sexually frustated Meiling dragging an innocent studly manjuu vendor into the nearby shade and snoo snoo'ing him would be nice.

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Although I'm pretty sure Ran has never been a humanoid child, someone's bound to have thought the thought...

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Poor guy, just trying to make a living only to have some Chinese monster rape him to tears.

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You can probably imagine the guy. Making the trip all the way to the SDM, hoping to sell some of his wares to the youkai and fairies he encounters along the way. He probably stops at SDM, takes a sip of the cold, nice water from the frozen lake making idle chat with Meiling, then makes his way back.

All the while, he is oblivious of her comeons. This slowly builds up...

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/jp/ needs less self-insert and more Touhou on Touhou.

>> No.5568722

I'd let Meiling JAAOOOOOO me all over.

>a sneak peak of my Kogasa, if anyone is interested.

Instead of simply cuddling up to you this time, she boldly swings one of her legs over you and lays on top of you, straddling you. You lock eyes and without saying a word she kisses you. Surprised- but not at all disappointed, you kiss her back. She pulls away from the kiss and lets out an unusually aroused sounding pant. You then realize that shes ever so gently humping you, pushing her crotch against your leg. With a distressed tone to her voice she tells you "I... I feel funny- d-down there," nodding downwards to her crotch. Knowing exactly what's going on, you calmly ask her "and it feels all tingly and good when you rub it against things?" She nods emphatically and admits to having been dry humping various items of yours while you weren't looking. You're a little stunned that she honestly expected you to be mad about this.

Not bothering to press any further about what ails her, you tell her "let me take care of it" and she obediently lays on her back, spreading her legs open. Her panties are still on, and you gently start to rub at her crotch through them. She gasps and flushes, but is clearly enjoying it. Kogasa's panties become quite moist in short order, and she makes no protest whatsoever as you pull them off of her. She looks a little concerned when you begin to push your fingers inside of her now-incredibly wet little cunt, but her look soon fades from concern to utter bliss. As she gets more and more excited, she gets tenser and tenser, and eventually the two of you are kneeling on the bed together, with you thrusting your fingers deep inside of her. Kogasa bites her lip and grabs two handfuls of your shirt, clenching her fists tight. As you send her over the edge of an orgasm, her body shudders and she humps eagerly against your fingers. "Oh my god!" she grunts under her breath, before finally letting all the tension out of her body.

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>> No.5568759


That's boring, though. Unless you write some really strange pairing that not many people think of, like Remi x Murasa or something, your story is going to just be devoured by the tides of mediocre Marisa x Alice drivel.

>> No.5568761

Not surprising enough.

>> No.5568809

It depends on the scenario. Even Marisa and Alice and be good if it's creative enough.

I'd like to see Rumia and Flandre, though.

>> No.5568811


>that's not supposed to be the surprise... I guess I can post some moar that is supposed to be one of the surprises. Again, this is a work in progress and this isn't even supposed to be the climax.

After all that excitement, though, Kogasa doesn't quite understand the concept of "mutual release" and lays back on her side of the bed, falling asleep. You absolutely have to do something about the throbbing erection you've had since you started fooling around with her, as it's starting to get ungodly painful. You try to shake her back awake, but Kogasa is completely out of it. You watch her chest rising and falling slowly, and you decide to take matters into your own hands, so to speak. Careful not to wake her, you carefully lift up her pajama shirt, exposing her tummy and breasts. She's still out like a light as you climb on top of her and start to masturbate. With the combination of looking at her sexy body underneath you and the feeling of getting away with something naughty, it doesn't take you long at all. You clench your teeth together to keep from making a noise as your cum rains down onto her belly.

As you try to carefully dismount her, she suddenly springs awake and grabs you by the wrist and boldly shouts "HAH! I WASNT REALLY ASLEEP!" Positively scared shitless, all you can muster is a deer caught in the headlights look at her. Kogasa then looks down at the load of your cum on her belly, wipes at it with her hand, and wrinkles her face up in a look of mild disgust. "Eeeew, you're a pervert," she says. "I would have done that rubbing stuff for you, but I thought it would be more fun to scare you!" With a triumphant look on her face, she does a fist pump and in a sing song voice starts chanting, "ha, I scared you, I scared you!"

>> No.5568843


>Rumia x Flandre

do they end up eating each other?

>> No.5568897

If you mean 69, I approve of this.

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no, physically consuming each others flesh.

>> No.5568983

They shouldn't, because they're good girls.

But Flandre might try drinking Rumia's blood.

>> No.5569009

Considering this is porn, it'd be more surprising if she actually was asleep.

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Tangentally relevant, for all the time they're paired, I don't think I've read anything themed Sakuya/Meiling.

I swear, it's not a request, it's not an attempt at reverse psychology, it's just an observation. Nothing.

>> No.5569094

There's an ungodly amount of doujins and fanfiction. In Japanese.

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There should be, but as far as I know none of it has come out of /jp/.
Which may or may not be a good thing, depending how you look at it.

>> No.5569138

Tons of that. Check Wings of Yuri site.

>> No.5569167

I loathe that pairing so it's a good thing.

Really though, /jp/ doesn't create very much (even with OC threads) so it's not surprising if stuff gets neglected.

>> No.5569179

Read all of Blood Pigeon's works. Even the non-Meiling/Sakuya ones. You should be pleasantly surprised.

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It doesn't look like I'm sleeping tonight.

>> No.5569207

And don't like Sakuya/Meiling at all and I've seen tons. Where the hell have you been.

Oh wait

You've been on /jp/ where everybody loves dicks and hates yuri.


>> No.5569226

Presence of dicks does not invalidate a pairing. It just means it isn't yuri for porn purposes.

>> No.5569234

You're not alone, I like yuri too. I want to be a pure, elegant girl having a sightly, proper relationship with another pure maiden where sex is secondary to enjoying each other's company, doing each other's hairs, trying out frilly dresses, holding hands and drinking tea together.

If only ;_;

>> No.5569260

Sex in fiction isn't limited to porn you know ;_;

I've been playing with the though to tl;dr some original Touhou content in order to help /jp/ appreciate fanfiction that's not first-person options fiction, self-inserts, or straight out porn with dicks everywhere.

Maybe someday ;_;

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On second thought, seems like I am sleeping since it turns out I've already read most of it. Thanks anyway.


I guess. Not a whole lot of people writing to begin with.

>> No.5569271

Sex has no place in non-porn fiction. None. If it's necessary to advance the plot, for fuck's sake please don't describe a graphic sex scene when most of your readings do not give a shit.

>> No.5569283

I never said it had to be graphic.

>> No.5569344

A non graphic sex scene?

That's like eating saccharin.

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Try reading any Earth's Children book after Valley of the Horses.

It can be done. It just doesn't work.
At all.

>> No.5569417

I admit defeat.

I guess what I meant was that there can be sex in fiction that's enjoyable even if it's not wet wild orgies, dicks everywhere and "oh no I will get pregnant with your rape-babies" but I kinda lost that along the way. It'd be graphic but it wouldn't be what /jp/ usually delivers.

Eh, whatever.

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ran do not want

>> No.5569512
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Speaking of rape babies, /r/ a story about Wriggle raping Yamame and laying an egg in her paralyzed body.

>> No.5569530


I second this.

>> No.5569549


>> No.5569555
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Good. You give up your share so there'll be more for everyone else.

Bravo, Anon. You are indeed a true hero and your name shall be honoured in song at the warriors' campfires for all time to come.

>> No.5569567

I want to read a self-insert where Ran becomes real motherly to you.

Maybe a first person Chen.

>> No.5569586

Shouldn't that be the other way around? Yamanae is way above Wriggle on the food chain and she has the ability to "paralyze" considering she can manipulate disease.

>> No.5569611

Wriggle's a spider wasp in the story. I doubt Yamame can paralyze Wriggle before s/he stings her.

>> No.5569616


>> No.5569641
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Remember it's been suggested Wriggle may have a stinger in place of her clit, but that is going into territory I happily leave for someone braver to explore.
Goodnight, /jp/.

>> No.5569736


I cant read moonrunes, what's the name of this doujin?

>> No.5569789

It wouldn't matter if you could cause it's not out yet, much less scanned. Summer comiket.

>> No.5569799


Oh ok thanks anyway.

>> No.5569835

I hate that she almost always has her ears covered up with that hat. I want to nibble on them so badly.

>> No.5569860
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Like this

>> No.5569969
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Question for anyone with any knowledge of japanese folklore. If Ran is actually based on the Japanese Kitsune folklore concept of being a nine-tailed Kyubi, and presumably growing one tail up to a maximum of nine every 100 years, does that mean she has already reached the highest level of divinity, or do their powers still progress beyond that?

>> No.5569996


I believe after having 9 for awhile they "ascend" or something and go back to 4, and change color or some shit.

>> No.5569997


I have no real knowledge of Japanese folklore, but I saw a question along these lines answered once on /jp/. As best I can recall, now that she has grown her maximum number of tails, she will start to lose them every someodd hundred years until she has 4 remaining, and then she will become super-divine or whatever

I don't know if any of that is actually true, but there you go

>> No.5570013

Ran's already superdivine through Yukari.

>> No.5570036


Yeah yeah, but the answer that I remembered was based around the assumption that Ran will continue to follow the pattern set by the Kitsune fables of old. We all know that's not how it will actually turn out since Zun is too drunk to remember the stories right anyway

>> No.5570041

ZUN seems like he knows (or at least knew at one time) lots of it but just doesn't give a shit. It's for the best.

>> No.5570049

I read something similar to what both of you mentioned but the only place I could read about it was on the Touhou Wikia, which I'd rather not prefer to rely on as a for something like this. However I wasn''t able find to any additional information on Tenko ascension.

>> No.5570807

I recognize this artist. His usual depictions of Yamame are as a really mean TSUNdere with monstergirl.

>> No.5570833

Divulge the name please. I would like to fap to monster girls tonight.

>> No.5570850


>> No.5571303
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Zun didn't know about the losing tails part when he created her. Either that or he thought it would be too confusing.

As such, in the official profile from PMiSS


>It's said that the more tails a fox youkai has, the more powerful it is, and the longer they are, the more clever it becomes.

No mention about the losing tails part. As far as Zun cares, she's one step below divinity just like the other animu kitsune from Yami to Boushi to Hon no Tobito, Naruto and other ones featuring foxes.

>> No.5571338 [DELETED] 

I seriously wanted to envision Ran "After" taking a shower... let's see how much of a mess she is while trying to dry all that fur...

>> No.5571503

I would gladly brush and blow dry her tails for her.

>> No.5571682
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>You will never get to snuggle with Ran's tails ;_;