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I love her.

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Is there some other option?

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me too

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But she loves me.

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Moe-frog is knee-deep.

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Confirmed non-virgin slut

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Suwako has enough love for everybody. Just calm down and accept it warmly.

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I prefer the image that had her kissing him right as the guy came.

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I don't approve of the idea of Suwako being someone sweet and innocent. I admit she's adorable though.

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Do you approve of the idea of her being sweet and not-innocent?

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>I don't approve of the idea of Suwako being someone sweet and innocent.


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Jackass Suwako is the best Suwako.

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Suwako isn't innocent... she's survived wars, you know. Not to mention controlling a pack of curse-fertility-something gods.

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Think she's a bit like Suika in that regard.

She is an ancient, powerful and apparently quite wise and cunning creature, but she enjoys being the little girl too much to act her part.

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Who likes giant robots more, Sanae or Suwako?

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I wouldn't say she acts the little girl part more so than any other Touhou.

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Wrong pic.

Also, speculation and theory only.

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Nothing wrong with speculation when you're expressing my thoughts in a more elegant way.

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Both are nice.

And I wouldn't say that calling Suwako ancient and powerful to be speculation. Wise and cunning is well, something you'd expect someone ancient to be, but they are the only really "speculative" part.

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I !


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Cutest god ever. Proof me wrong.

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Surely there is a god of Cute out there that embodies the very essence of cute. Suwako cannot possibly be cuter than that god.

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Her soul is the god above god does this count?

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...there are gods based on subjective things such as "cute"? Wow. So will that god appear differently to different people?

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Japanese god acting dignified.

I wish I had the gif saved.

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Japan has a god for EVERYTHING.

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Hay guy I just ruined your Suwako.

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/r/ing "I want to believe" edit w/ Pyonta

In exchange, have this

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Same way Nue's power works, I suppose. She appears differently to different people.

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This entire thread is secondaries

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That's not the same. Nue is a shape-shifter who takes on whatever forms she wants. >>5547735 is about a god that does not actually "change" appearance but appears to look different to everyone.

Anon1 sees what they think is the embodiment of cute
Anon2 sees what they think is the embodiment of cute

The chance that the god appears the same to both of them is really thin. Something like that.

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Evil Suwako > nice suwako

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I agree.

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Except... Nue isn't a shapeshifter. Her power works by changing perception; that's how her seeds of unknown form work.

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Evil Suwako is fine, but it needs to be evil with some subtlety to it. Nobody smart just goes around acting or looking evil. Even if they can get away with it, it's still not a good idea.

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Oh god Suwako is moe!

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My bad, what I meant is that she herself is the one to choose how she should appear. If that makes sense.

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10/10 cat hiss penis etc.

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I don't really think of any Touhous as "evil", it kinda goes against the concept of the series... But I do think of Suwako as a bit of a sneak troll. She's on my list of Touhous that you shouldn't take by their word. I'm sure she wants the best for the shrine and her family, but I don't expect her to care about others that much.

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I remember getting the impression that she cared for Utsuho somewhere. Although she's sort of responsible for Utsuho's situation, so...

She seems like she'd be happy to make other people's lives better, if she had the chance. And maybe if it wasn't too much effort on her part.

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Well, she had no idea how the things she stuck the seeds on would appear. So if her power is the same, I don't think she has any control?

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Stupid frog!

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Whatever, Bakako.

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I will kind of have to admit I don't know. I just assumed she could decide and never though about that much. Sorry, I guess I shouldn't have made such an assumption.

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When you said that, I jumped over to review her UNL versus mode dialogue.

>Suwako wins Utsuho
>"Looking good! Looking good! Today, as well, thanks to the straight-forward and honest youkai,
nuclear energy is being used for peaceful purposes only."

Also, something I find odd about her dialogue with Reisen that I can't put my finger on. That's neither here nor there, I guess.

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You should go with whatever you like. I like the idea of Nue being able to decide too, since it makes Nue more powerful... but having it be based on uncontrollable perceptions is nice too. It's never really stated that her power works one way or the other.

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For some ZUN reason, Sanae, Marisa and Reimu associated unidentified flying objects with flying saucers and saw them as that.
How can Reimu and Marisa know what a UFO looks like?

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Maybe they latched on to Sanae first, and don't have enough power to change to fit everyone's perceptions? That'd explain it.

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sorry about your thread

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... it's a very odd relationship.

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Is that Sanae on the bottom?

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Don't try to take Touhou too seriously.

Then why do they appear like sticks to other youkai?

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Humans: latch on to Sanae first, see as UFOs
Youkai: latch on to someone else, see as wood

Since the seeds are just a part of Nue's power (or something? not too clear on this), it makes sense that they'd have limits. Nue would have no such limits.

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Nue's minions can't really control who looks at them.

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I reread all of Suwako's winning lines just now. She's mostly being snarky and acting clever, and even if she makes some comments that hint she's a nice person, I can't really take them seriously when in most of her dialog she's got this superiority complex showing.

But I don't think the superiority complex is limited only to her. Kanako and Sanae both seem to have a case of it as well.

>Pay more respect to the earth! Otherwise, who knows? You might even get cursed. Heh heh.

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They aren't. Just some basic pattern recognition.

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They aren't the only ones with superiority complexes... most powerful characters have one. They're powerful.

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Suwako will never cum in your asshole while slicing your neck open ;_;

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Good. She would never do that anyway.

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Even if you asked her nicely?

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You mean each and every Touhou has one. Except Kogasa.

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She'd probably try to give you a reason to want to live instead. Granting death wishes doesn't seem like her style..

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Rumia doesn't have one. Or Wriggle, or Reisen, or

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This picture looks strangely suspect.

It also lacks perspective.

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Damn perspective-noticing people ruining every picture with a background...

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Art student here.

It's okay, perspective is pretty damn fucking hard. I'm not really expecting fanartist to get it right 100% of the time. And pics can still look good even if they're not realistic.

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Piano track was very nice. It's nice to see people are still surprising me with nice new tracks on /jp/ radio instead of requesting the same stuff again and again. Just the kid of music I needed to hear to relax me after coming from the hospital.

Thanks, Anon.

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i'm not really sure what's wrong with the picture.

The perspective isn't perfect, but it's there and it's really not that bad

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A good thread rises from the depths as I was beginning to despair.