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Is there such a thing as a "good" kind of slut?


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haha no

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Shameless whores that are good at sex are "good" sluts, as far as I know.

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Yes. Especially in Gensokyo, where STDs are a fantasy.

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If they are sluts for me only, as always.

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That's being lewd not a slut.

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Komachi isn't a whore, it's just in her job description that she has to take Shikieiki's massive, throbbing [Judgment Rod] in every hole whenever she demands.

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I thought her job description was "ferry the dead across the Sanzu River" not "be the Yama's personal slut."

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in before Avion Village.

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Funny story: in Edo period Japan, prostitutes were referred to as being in "the water business."

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>be the Yama's personal slut.
That's in her free time

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Maybe in YOUR Gensokyo.

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>lewd komachi tits not done by tro

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I love sluts. "Pure" girls are boring. Sluts are often interesting characters with deeper backgrounds than most of the other girls. Their willingness to fuck stems from the fact that they realize that sex is merely one pointless act among thousands of others. Life is inherrently meaningless and we are all alone in an uncaring void, so why bother about bullshit like "purity" when you can just go out, get fucked, and have a great time?

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Fine print

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She's "slacking off" all the time. What do you think that means?

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Get the fuck out of /jp/, normalfag. This board is NEET only, and your kind isn't welcome around here.

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that's what you think

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Actually slacking.

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Sure thing.

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She drools in her sleep? How slovenly.

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Death never sleeps. She's just... dozing, yes. Dozing.
Certainly death is ever active.

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Yes. There is the "faithful slut," where a woman devote her libido entirely to you

But, really, slut is such a buzzword on /jp/ that it means anything from "promiscuous" to "is not a virgin." Given that /jp/'s usage of the term seems to include "enjoys the act of procreation," I define "faithful slut" as basically a nymphomaniac who wants to fuck your penis until it runs out of semen, ensuring she uses you and only you as the sole outlet for her vice

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If she was Death, sure, but she's just a death. Gets paid and goes home to relax just like everyone else.

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What big, lovely eyes Komachi has!

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There are plenty of good sluts. Here, take your pick.

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Ethical sluts are the best sluts


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>Slut or slattern is a pejorative term meaning an individual who is sexually promiscuous. The term is generally applied to women and used as an insult or offensive term of disparagement, meaning "dirty or slovenly

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>linking TVtropes

Don't hit the door on your way out.

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In my fragile formative years, MtG taught me that a pretty little death is still death.
Komachi is a pretty huge death.

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Actually according to /jp/ even virgin girls can be sluts. For example if they ever masturbate or think about sex.

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Yes, I'm aware of what slut means. Half of /jp/ doesn't seem to. Hence the clarification.

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>For example if they ever masturbate or think about sex.

Sure is double standards around here, huh?

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Why is there no good porn of her or her boss?

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sluts are fine,
it is whores that aren't good

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The most malevolent meme ever.

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There's plenty. Yamame, on the other hand...

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What is?

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Scrollbar images.

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You're on /jp/, man. Hypocrisy and misogyny are required around these parts, otherwise you're a "normalfag"

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They both get some great stuff.
Maybe not as much as other Touhous but still.

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>Misogyny (pronounced /mɪˈsɒdʒɪni/) is hatred (or contempt) of women or girls. Misogyny comes from Greek misogunia (μισογυνία) from misos (μῖσος, hatred) and gynē (γυνή, woman). It is parallel to misandry—the hatred of men or boys.

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Is this a fap thread?

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... but let us not forget in death, all are equal.

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How can you say that with a straight face?

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Right, thanks Webster, so you should be able to see where I was going with that comment.

Maybe you can open up wiktionary and tell us all what "comment" means, too.

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Now that you mention it... it really isn't as simple as I thought. It's kind of complicated.
Certainly, from the perspective of the living, the dead are equal since there is no variation in the state of death. But at the same time the state of death is hard to analyze as - plain and simple - once you're dead you tend to stay dead. So while it appears true from what can be analyzed, the fact that the state itself cannot be analyzed also makes the claim unfalsifiable, and so gives any claim of truth considerably less weight.

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When I die I will go before the Yama and be judged. I *know* this.

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