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"Why is Orin trying to kill me?"

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She's a stage 5 boss.

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Why is this tiger smiling?

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Hell is just begining of your suffering!

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I'd like Orin more if she was not a cat...

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It's her way of showing affection towards you.

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Yes, she is that type that likes your body over you.

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she's trying to kill you to fuck your corpse.
what a necrotic slutcat.

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I believe that is reference to other thread of her trying to teach people how to fly.

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She works in the underworld or someshit, and burns corpses for fuel

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Necrotic Slutcat? Damn, i think i got to change my name.

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Hell is fuelled by corpses of the dead!

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Such wonderful character.

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"Every man dies. Not every man truly lives."

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I want to kill Orin.

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I thought that only worked on dogs.

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Nah. Difference is cats don't find the smell of chocolate appealing, where dogs will just eat fucking anything.

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wait what? dogs and cats can't eat chocolate?

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But she is cute kitty.

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But she isnt offering her body to dead. She takes advantage over the dead. So she is not a slut. More like... Rapist.

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Moar orin comix plz

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She should be the most notorious Touhou.
-Her job is to fuel hell's fires with corpses.
-She is obsessed and in love with her job.
-She is so devoted that she would rather kill than let earthly remains vanish.
-Kasha, Cat demon. Got job that centers around dead.
-Can re-animate the dead.
-Top of all, she is cheerful type.

That was all by canon. Then fanon.
-She assaults corpses sexually
-She cant restrain herself when near corpse.
-She would kill people to rape their corpses.
(After that she would probably eat the body.)
-She got restaurant where she serves flesh of customers who couldn't pay their bills.

What is Yuuka compared to her??

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Touhou is for perverts. Should be clear by now.

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U R 1 2

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got anymore like these?

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But the name of her theme song is "be of good cheer". How can you hate someone like that?

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Nope, no, nono!

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+One of the most annoying video game bosses ever.

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Actually i dont... I-i think i uh, have begun to like her. Just abit...

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Hi! ♥

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I wonder if she is necrophiliac too.

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Dont worry Rin. We love you just the way you are.

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fuck yeah Orin!

(the beggining sounds like a yume nikki song)


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Well, this perverted i am. I'ts two feline girls in heat, with scratch marks all over one's body. So there. I am like a saint.

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and now she's complete

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It's just a flesh wound

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When i described this picture to my mother.
She began to cry.

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It does kill them, but it takes pretty large quantities. For example, a mid-to-large-sized dog could easily snarf down a Hershey's bar with few ill effects (maybe some queasiness). To kill Orin, who's the size of a human, you'd probably need to feed her three or four king-sized bars of dark chocolate. Even then, there's the factor of getting her to eat it - most cats don't find the smell of chocolate appealing at all.

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Delicious chocolate!

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You could always feed her mouth to mouth

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My dick shoots chocolate. I am a wizard btw.

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You must eat it!

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"Watch i'll steal your hearts. (Now yearn deeply for me.)
Fall in love with lil darling me.
In return i'll take your lives."

IOSYS - Heartful Nekoromancer

Strange that kasha myth is so rarely used.

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Fuck I love that song.

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The better to hear you with, dearie.

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h-hot catass!

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I... that... that made me tear up a bit. Thanks a lot.

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that is not utsuho son

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It's okay, anonymous. She has 9 lives.

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Ah, Orin. Never did I think I would ever laugh so hard at a boss' first spellcard until I saw yours.

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Zombie fairies are serious business.

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I love you too.

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I'm still here. The feeling is mutual.

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Those ears. All four of them.

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Orin is my favourite Touhou.

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Oh, it's you.

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Yes, hello there.

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But she's a bitch who kills people and sends them into eternal damnation whether or not they where good or bad in life. She's worse than Shikieki and would probably reek of the stench of decay.

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Oh God, that red skull...

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My nose barely works. Besides, she has DELICIOUS ears. I would be her reanimated slave any day, okay?~

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Oh you.

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I should feel more disgusted than I actually do looking at that.

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Dunno, but i would choose eternal torment if it meant that i could be at her side. Stench of decay would just be sweetest smell in world reminding me of our mortality.

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Orin's fanbase is beginning to seem like some sort cult of the damned.

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You are not alone.

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She looks absolutely gorgeous here

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Being a fan of some kind of corpse-collecting hellcat sort of implies that to begin with.

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I want to post more Orin, but I barely have any worksafe ones.
I can't take it easy like this.

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Is this worksafe?

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oh god the chafing pain

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I wouldn't bet on it. On another note, will the artist continue with that little series?

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Here too. Gorgeous as death.

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I've been researching this myth, since it was very unknown for me.
Kasha that Orin is. Is somesort of undertaker/punisher in Buddhism. It would take sinner's body and soul to hell when he would die. This might be why there is wheels in background of her spellcards. (Buddhist symbol)

Outside that, it would be mythical creature robbing graves empty of corpses and taking them to hell. Regardless of what they did in life. That led people to stuff coffins with rocks, in order to prevent that from happening. Quite like in Europe they did similiar things to prevent vampires raising from their graves.

But dont know why ZUN decided to give her title "hell's traffic accident." Maybe it is something about being blazing wheeled...

She actually seems like to have become pyramid head of touhou. Though she is much cuter than him.

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the reason why Orin has 4 ears is the mystery of nature

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Wow. I never even noticed her second pair of ears before now.

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I actually noticed it in game. Because I'VE HAD TO WATCH IT THROUGH LIKE OVER 200 TIMES!!!

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so she can hear at different frequencies?

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>play as ReimuC
>bomb everything
>free 1cc!

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That is because she could hear you better.

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I used to hate how she has two pairs of ears.
Now I love it.

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Would you eat it?

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This might not be complitely related but it is still quite fitting and funny.
For those who cant read it. Here is what is going on.

So heaven folk come in there and Satori is like. "Look Orin, visitors. This is troublesome isn't it." They ran into Alice's before and saw her dining alone with doll. There Satori is having dinner with her pets. Though they dont know she can read minds.

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Then tell me. Why she got so big teeth?

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O'yeah, you guys are gonna be in trouble.

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Death of your child is like losing part of yourself. So i am going to give my whole arm to it...

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This shall be the last thing i'll do for it.