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good end would be about roots drilling into yukari's existing holes

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Yukari cannot die. She warps the boundary of life and death.

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she can't do that if shes dead anon

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She's neither alive nor dead to begin with. She exists on the border.

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Like Yuka gives a damn

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I like Yuka

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Yukari didn't bring back Yuyuko not because she couldn't, but because Yuyuko had a shitty miserable life, ostracised by those who knew her because of her power to invoke death. She went as far as to seal Yuyuko's soul inside the Saigyou Ayakashi so that she could never reincarnate.

Of course that doesn't mean she COULD do it, but you can't use Yuyuko as proof that she can't.

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Is this a "based from what I know from the doujins" thread?
Well Yuka can't kill Yukari cause Gensokyo will be destroyed.

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This is Japan. The concept of "IMMORTALITY FOREVER" is rare, everyone dies. Even gods die, eventually.

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Anyone has the Touhou powerlevel ranks pyramid?

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>>550714cause Gensokyo will be destroyed


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then it's a double K.O.

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Yuka kills Yukari, escapes to the Makai, and parties with Shinki.

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That which can modify the very system itself has no fear of the system.

Gods at least have to respect the system. Yukari just says "lol, boundary" and changes shit.

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Thanks OP... please have this...

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Good end.

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Haha!... Just as planned...

Anyway, please have ths image...

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but what of Patchy and Flan?

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Just as planned? I don't get it, but have a taste of your own medicine drawfag.

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Patchy?... Here's something I did quite a while ago...

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Hey were the hell did you go?
did anon kill you?

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My desire to draw killed Touhou characters suddenly plummeted after I finally beat PCB in easy mode... makes me want to draw erotic ones instead...

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>>makes me want to draw erotic ones instead...


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>easy mode

you know what comes next dont you

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>>551599easy mode

This will end badly

>to draw erotic ones instead...
op is erotic killing if you cant do that GTFO.

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Tewi!?... God Damn!... Hey! At least I tried... I'm only human dammit!...

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I sense this drawfag's urge to kill another touhou character rising again.

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Too late... I'm already starting... does anyone have images of Tewi I could use for reference... I got whole day today...

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In every impalement drawing the character portrayed is dead, except with Cirno. Her survival despite pain and grievous injury is a testament to the strength of the strongest.

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She is actually quite dead, she just died standing up, like ganondorf in LoZ:TP, which is by far and large the most badass way to die.

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Odds are Tewi is the one doing the killing. She's trixy like that, the bitch.

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Holy fuck. Please learn how to draw and color blood. Its ruining potentially good pictures.

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But she's pulling it out.

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No, her hand is just resting on it. Clearly.

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Umm... Tewi images anyone... I wanna start drawing already...

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Preferrably standing and full body...

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Well, it doesn't make a bit of difference. She's a fairy, she'll just re-appear elsewhere and live again.

Either that, or this is all set up for a full scale Touhou Zombies series.

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>Touhou Zombie

make it happen

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Thanks!... Sketching... but still need reference for lower part...

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Starring Reimu?

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saying "It's OK, really" with a "OMG WHAT A PATHETIC FAG" look on their faces makes it worse

ps Reisen must pay too

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Yes, yes we did.

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Here's a good pick of Tewi.

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Thank you... Sketch will be up in a few moments... please be patient...

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End yourself faggot.

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Well fuck, I don't want to see her die now.

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lol yeah seriously i was like fuck these bastards posted such cute pics

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Tewi made Chen cry.

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Well now that's gotta change.

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reisen doesnt wear panties?

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What the hell is wrong with Rumia, why is she opening her mouth wider and wider while drooling?

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She's retarded

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She's hungry.

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pay attention to the main plot you faggot

i swear to god you all have ADD or something

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Tewi = Miu

Bitches, both of them.

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tewi is such a bitch

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Initial Sketch is done... scanning in progress...

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Here's a preview... Clean-up in progress... will be back...

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Not violent enough.

Needs a throwing axe lodged in her head.

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Seriously fuck off with your arrows you sick fuck.

>> No.551904


oh anonymous

>> No.551908

Tewi cant die, she is too lucky to have such a fate!!

>> No.551909

Oy! What's that piece of cloth in her legs? Care to explain?

Also, Arrows Again?

>> No.551907


Why don't you draw REAL guro for a change?

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>> No.551919

I think the arrows are like his signature or someshit

>> No.551923

then have Hina kill her

>> No.551936

getting killed = dying > dead

>> No.551966

Almost done... please be patient...

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Done... Now Lineart in progress... will be back...

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The axe is floating faggot. Please don't post guro-like threads in this board. You're only feeding this troll that way.

>> No.551995

yay mugenjoncel is back!!!

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Blah Blah Blah Sez you. You pretend you hate him but we know, deep inside you love him.

Also, I don't see anything wrong with his posts. It's borderline but not quite guro. And thats Tewi and this IS /jp/. Whine elsewhere trollfan.

Also, Mugen, what happened to the Remilia execution you posted on 2chan quite some time ago?

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Too much Anti-Gaijin Shitstorm that day... they're not even critisizing me for my work but concentrated fire on me being a foreigner in their wonderful board...

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>> No.552119

But nevermind. We love you here. Just ignore those crybaby faggots. They just can't get through the fact that the touhous are fictional characters, nothing more.

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>> No.552129

Thanks Homie... anyway, almost done linearting...

Preview will be up in a few moments...

>> No.552139

Eject yourself from the gene pool along with your tripnewfag friend.

>> No.552149

And you learn to detach yourself from two-dimensional characters.

>> No.552157

Your agony and whinning makes him stronger. He literally feeds on them. Also, bump for Mugen.


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Did Yukari just shit on the floor?

>> No.552182

Lookit the bottom panel she dropped the hat Tewi ruined on the floor.

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Lineart Done!... Still thinking of a suitable facial expression... Will be back...

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This is a good expression.

>> No.552264

you have a serious Arrow fetish man

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>> No.552277

Where's my throwing axe?

The throwing axe was good...

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Not a single one of his work without arrows.

>> No.552290

It's his trademark. The better that we can recognize his artwork.

>> No.552293

Sorry my friend... >>551997 is complaining about it...

>> No.552305

Yukari dressed as Pedobear?

Does not compute.

>> No.552333


oh but DOESN'T IT?

>> No.552331

Screw that faggot. The axe was making my nipples hard just looking at it.

>> No.552367

Hmm... tell you what... I'll make two versions... One without the axe and one with the axe and will post it under spoiler... will that be alright?...

>> No.552381

please link the axed image in /d/ (or wherever guro pics supposed to be) mugen, just to be safe.

>> No.552384

Go for a feeling of absolute hopelessness and despair as she slowly bleeds to death.

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Here... Now I begin base coloring...

Please be patient...

>> No.552528

Almost Done Base Coloring... Preview in a few moments...

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Base Color Done!... Now shading in progress...

Will be back... please be patient...

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I always thought it was because Eirin was shooting them.

Eirin does use a bow, yeah?

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Basic Shading Done... Detailing in progress... Will be back...

>> No.552680

Damn, that looks nice. BUT WHY TEWI!?? ;_;

>> No.552682

Get some variety you double nigger.

>> No.552684

You are the guy who draw that Cirno pic. Fuck you!

>> No.552721

This is even looking better than the previous ones

>> No.552724

Chen's hat. NEVER FORGET.

>> No.552727

Hey mugen, /touhou/ here. Where's our monster-super-loli-chimera?

>> No.552730

B-B-But she gave it back! She even apologized for it! WHAT IN THAT DESERVES AN ARROW IN THE EYE!?

>> No.552738
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Almost Done... Just finishing touches...

Please be patient...

>> No.552745

brick wall out of fucking nowhere

>> No.552749


>> No.552753


speed artist is speeeeeed

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Inside Alice's basement

>> No.552768

I guess the last thing Tewi saw before she died was some nigger in the window.

Or maybe a peaceful forest.

>> No.552770

Alice? From the shadow, looks like a short-haired Reimu. Alice doesn't have a distinguishable bow.

>> No.552776

Eirin's been busy.

>> No.552781

Damn. You even added a stream of tears, just as I had imagined it. Bricks.

>> No.552782


I'd be busy with Eirin, if you know what I mean.

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Like this?

>> No.552798


I'm glad you never come to /touhou/ anymore.

Speaking of which, this is now a brawl thread.


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Pretty much. Except sometimes you really have to look for them and it isn't so obvious.

>> No.552825

How do you say "I shat bricks" in Japanese?

>> No.552838

Where is Wisconsin at? Somewhere in Osaka?

>> No.552851

Are the niggers shopped in or out? I am confused.

>> No.552865

The right picture is the original picture. To make it seem like the university was...erm...more diverse, they shooped in some nigger for the cover of their application.

I just feel sorry for the girl who's face got covered by the ugly idiot. She's probably like..."Aww, I almost made the cover!"

>> No.552873

Almost done...

>> No.552877


Please, not on my face...anywhere but there...


>> No.552889

It is a really horrid shop. The lighting is all kinds of wrong.

>> No.552911

Actually, GameFAQs makes use of <b>, <i>, etc. tags.



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...and DONE!

Thanks for waiting... now all there is left to do is to ad the AX in her head as promised earlier... will be back

>> No.552947

But Tewi has quantum immortality so yeah

>> No.552957

hina whas there

>> No.552963

Fukken saved. Good job.

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How fast does an arrow have to go to travel through brick?

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>> No.552977


>> No.553023

...now about that axe in her head

Sketching... will be back in a few moments...

>> No.553036

You mean you're still not done torturing her!? Man! You got issues. Go see a Psychiatrist!

>> No.553062

God damn I feel like deleting my tewi folder.

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>> No.553089

I like that, but only if those people in the background are her friend, all too happy to see her die.

>> No.553087

Why didn't the fag ever finish that?


>> No.553088

It's done but... should I post it here?...

This thread is quite full already...

>> No.553127

Post it.

>> No.553392

I'm not some /ic/ faggot who thinks you must attempt something new and fight the paper with all your might to improve in every drawing you make. However I think that arrows just aren't interesting, and from you they're an old hat. Also; in the process of dying >>> already dead.

Try chainsaws (preferably dealt to the crotch) or something different next.

>> No.553718

MUGEN! It's been several hours now. I'm still waiting for the one with the AX on her head, where is it?

>> No.553720


>> No.553725

The faggot is a troll stop giving him trolling material faggot.

>> No.553773 [SPOILER] 
File: 522 KB, 1024x768, 1209811411342.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

But I did finished it on time as promised... I posted it in another thread earlier which I can't seem to find anymore...

Anyway, here it is...

Calm down guys... I'm just drawing for Lulz... Don't take it too seriously OK...

>> No.553777

Take your "Lulz" and go back to /b/ with them faggot.

>> No.553782

Some 4channers unfortunately do take the internets seriously.

>> No.553800

Not even any character rage, as no one likes tewi. Everyone just rages because it's mugen now.

>> No.553850

Not everyone. Just one or two samefags.

>> No.553855


tewi can be one moe bitch sometimes

>> No.553877

Hey MUGEN! What happened about killing Kaguya on the other thread? Any progress?

Also, try not to use arrows this time.

>> No.553883


>> No.553906


>> No.553907


>> No.553910

Aww look, the bawwfag is sage bombing.

>> No.553911


>> No.553917


>> No.553919


>> No.553920


>> No.553921

mugen are you asleep now?

>> No.553930


>> No.553935

Can I have the sauce please?

>> No.553936


He was arrested.

>> No.553943

You wish.

>> No.553944


>> No.553945

Hey thanks. You are always so helpful.

>> No.553951

Tewi reminds me what an evil little shit I was as a kid.

>> No.553962

Tewi in canon isn't a huge of an evil bitch as she is portrayed in doujin.

>> No.553969

Nope... still awake...

No I'm not... It's just a mistake... It seems someone reported me for Domestic Violence and accidentally gave my "address" The cops at my lawn earlier today just ended up in my house by mistake, it's actually three houses from my home where the brawl is happening...

Not much, the thread was mysteriously deleted for some reason...

>> No.553974

Not your blog faggot.

>> No.553979

Not your blog faggot.

>> No.553986

Nevermind those sagebombers and crybaby faggots who can't get through the fact that the touhous are fictional characters. WHERE'S MY KAGUYA!? I WANT MY DEAD KAGUYA AND I WANT IT NOW!


>> No.553993

Yeah! Kill Kaguya! - Wait, Kill KAGUYA?

DO IT FAGGOT! let's see how Mugen pull-out this one.

>> No.554000

You can kill Kaguya. She just doesn't stay dead.

>> No.554032

Hmm... this is a problem... I know she drinked this stuff that made her immortal. That and her power made her unkillable... anyway, I'm signing off for now and will leave this until tommorow... gotta sleep...

>> No.554037

she still feels pain
so she should be cooked slow and long by mokou for max pain

>> No.554050

Use jade arrows. Immortals are weak against jade. The Forbidden Kingdom said so.

>> No.554078

>mugenjohncel !!Oy+LavZ+kRU

You stupid faggot. It's not about Touhou it's about the newfaggotry scum that dares to call himself a person. You shat up /c/ with your arrow faggotry and tried to the same on /touhou/ get the fuck out and never come back.

>> No.554087

The whole arrow thing doesn't make much sense in basements and the coloring sucks

>> No.554092

Well it is still fine.
It is fucking original content and I am happy we are getting some.

>> No.554095

Quality > Originality

>> No.554158

BAW, and what about you? What have you contributed so far huh? You contributed NOTHING! No original content, not even a shred of originality, just blabbing and flamming someone co'z you can't do a shit! At least Mugen is trying and I bet he doesn't give a damn cent about you. He's still drawing strong creating original content after all the shitstorm he's been through. I now have renewed respect for the guy.

Bump for Mugen!

>> No.554161


>> No.554163

Shut the hell up mugen.

>> No.554164

You're a fagget.

>> No.554166

>BAW, and what about you? What have you contributed so far huh? You contributed NOTHING! No original content, not even a shred of originality, just blabbing and flamming someone co'z you can't do a shit! At least Mugen is trying and I bet he doesn't give a damn cent about you. He's still drawing strong creating original content after all the shitstorm he's been through. I now have renewed respect for the guy.
Contributing nothing is better than contributing complete and total shit.

>> No.554170

Another cancerous spawn that is slowly killing /jp/

>> No.554178

No. You.

>> No.554184

Oh my!... I just left and returned for a peek since I can't sleep and I see this?...

Thanks for the compliment homie... however, I must tell you that I just draw for Lulz, nothing more. I don't draw for the benefit nor to piss any group.

Err... Why all the hate amigo? I think you're bashing on the wrong person there my friend...

But hey look into the bright side, at least you got some content worth bashing. Like it or not, it's here to stay.

>> No.554191

>Thanks for the compliment homie... however, I must tell you that I just draw for Lulz, nothing more. I don't draw for the benefit nor to piss any group.

Stop saying Lulz like some /b/tard degenerated fucktard. You're doing a pretty good job at making people think you're a huge faggot, that's enough.

>Err... Why all the hate amigo? I think you're bashing on the wrong person there my friend...

End yourself.

>> No.554204

You are all faggots

>> No.554205

This anon would most probably cry himself to sleep at the demise of his favourite two dimensional characters.

>> No.554211

and get a clue faggot. Enjoy getting trolled by this tripfag.

>> No.554213

>But hey look into the bright side, at least you got some content worth bashing. Like it or not, it's here to stay.
The YWUIG threads used to think that too.

>> No.554215

Good luck seeing drawings banned on the board though.

>> No.554221

>Do not post the following outside of /b/: grotesque ("guro")

>> No.554231

Arrows with a little blood if very far from guro.

>> No.554232

Anonymous sure is feeling faggy today

>> No.554234

summer is approaching

>> No.554244

>Guro (エログロ, ero-guro?) is a wasei-eigo term that describes a loose genre in Japanese art and music that merges the disgusting with the erotic. Often further abbreviated to simply "guro", the term comes from the English words "erotic grotesque nonsense", and commonly denotes artwork that depicts subjects such as violence, mutilation, dismemberment, defecation, and coprophagia.

The works faggot.

>> No.554247

No violence, the arrows are already in.
no mutilation, nothing is cut off, no mutilation, everything is in pristine condition.
The only difference is a line sticking out of the body and a little red color, faggot.

>> No.554252

The fact that the arrows are IN the body means that the arrows ENTERED the body, which is violence. Go suck a dick.

>> No.554255

is /b/ still down?

>> No.554256

>The fact that the penis is IN the body means that the penis ENTERED the body, which is violence.


>> No.554257

Oh look a beat up bloody body next to a wall. No violence there. A perfectly normal situation.


>> No.554259

Faggot! The one getting trolled and worked-out is YOU and YOU ALONE!

Mugen simply draws. He's not bashing anyone, even you for all your worth. Who knows, maybe deep inside you really liked this guy.

>> No.554260

Arrows Aren't violent, now turn your computer off and go back to sleep.

>> No.554261

Das Trollparadies.

>> No.554266

If Mugen is a Touhou character, his/her powers would be summoning shitstrom and rage inducing waves. Everywhere he/she goes, it's always shitstorm after shitstorm even after he's long gone.

>> No.554267

Arrows aren't violent; arrows piercing vital organs kinda are.

>> No.554268

Himmel is an appropriate word.

>> No.554271


Mediocre-Art Sign: Pseudo-Guro!

>> No.554272

We'd need an inside shot to see if they are piercing organs

>> No.554273

I want to see that danmaku

>> No.554277

Judging from the description, it'd be so rage inducing, you wouldn't be able to control yourself.

>> No.554294

I prefer to see him getting shot down. But in all seriousness, if Mugen is a troll (which) I believe is not the case, he's one of the best out there. As a drawfag he's not really that good (but judging from his past works) he has potential. What went wrong here is that he draws Touhou girls under such circumstances and posts them at the worse possible places like /jp/ which is full of Touhou fags, thus, Rage and Shitstorm ensues. I dunno, but something tells me he's doing it on purpose.