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I can't take it anymore /jp/, I think of suicide everyday, all the day. I just don't give a fuck about anything anymore.

so, I'm going to kill myself. I've investigated for a few months, and found out that the most suitable method (and ironically the most simple) is to hang myself.

I plan to do it in a few hours, when my family is sleeping, I even have the rope ready as you can see. I could stream it for you, but I think that would bring problems to the site.

anyway, I hope I can do it... because when I'm ready and waiting for the perfect moment I always get sleepy and say "fuck it, I will do it tomorrow", and then the next day I regret for not doing it.

well, thanks /jp/, you kept me sane for the last two years, and If I can, I will warn you about what is waiting for you after death.

farewell bros.

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*grabs dick*

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Have fun in Gensokyo, man!

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stream it you faggot

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byebye. Sucks, I don't think suicide is right for me but if you think it's best, who am I to say anything?

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Enjoy having the rope broken and falling into a coma while still being alive.

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So what have you accomplished during your time on /jp/?

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Always depressing to lose another /jp/er.

I feel like a little part of me dies every time somebody on here says that they're going to kill themselves. Oh well, I... I guess it's for the best. Good luck on your trip to Gensokyo, OP.


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holy fuck, I love you too /jp/, don't ever change.

well I'm not going to answer your shit questions, so good bye.

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Me too, want to meet up and have a jp suicide pact?

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Stream it. Only takes a few minutes to set up.


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So this will bring the number of /jp/ users from 9 to 8?

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don't do it in your own home.

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Hanging is a terrible idea. You have to be very precise to ensure the neck is broken, and you don't sit there suffocating for 5 minutes. Knot placement is crucial, as is the drop length. Too little, and you suffocate to death. Too much, and you can be decapitated.

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Nice try, but True Ancestors can't be touhous.

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OK, now I'm hoping this is copy paste.

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So why can't you just get a job, move out, enjoy the rest of your life with the money you earned spent on your interests?

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have you ever played the chocking game?.

lrn2 carotids man.

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lol. I really wish I could see the number of unique IPs that post here. Especially late at night.

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You better do it you piece of shit! Don't fail at killing yourself like you fail at everything else.

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I'll be joining you in a few months.
I'll be hanging myself as well come my birthday.

Farewell, OP.

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It's hard to get it just right. They eventually switched over to long drop, because they got tired of people taking 20 minutes to die because the knot slipped a little out of place.

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A man who has nothing can still give his life

Join the Imperial Guard !

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>Too much, and you can be decapitated.
Not very pretty, but he'd still be dead, so that's kind of a moot point.

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Just get a lot of nitrogen and hang out with me instead.

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I want to say "don't do it" but I don't know what you should do instead. Just be aware that when you die that's it, you'll never get to experience living ever again in all eternity.

Life is a short, warm moment; Death is a long, cold rest

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No, 9 to 7.

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OP stream it don't be fucking faggpt.

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OP should get some slim steel wire, make a noose out of it, put his head inside while standing on a chair, then super-glue his hands to the sides of his head and jump down.

Everyone will think he got so mad he pulled his own head off.

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Enjoy being fully aware of being trapped in the void for all eternity.

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Drinking beer right now,
Here's to hoping the OP offs himself like he promised.

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The Touhous are the Demons of the VOID.

They will be your friends FOR ETERNITY.

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Assuming you don't mind making a mess, shoot yourself in the head with a deer slug. It'll vaporize your head.

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Farewell anon, we will meet in Gensokyo again. For now, tell Alice I'll be here for a bit longer.

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Oh god, this! DO IT!

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Do this.
You only die once. Make it count.

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Best be joking bro. You got family in the next room; why would you kill yourself?

At least tell me what's so bad about life that you gotta hang yourself.

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get the fuck out /b/astard.

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As a NEET, you have two choices of death. BAD ENDS, if you will.

The first one is the Slut end.

It begins with you masturbating in stockings.

It ends with you dying from AIDS, after being gangraped by fat geeks at an Anime Convention, after you became a convincing trap.

The Second is the Ronery End, or The Great Journey to Gensokyo.

This is where you eventually kill yourself out of misery and depression. The premise is that in death you meet your waifu.

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Weren't you banned?
Go away.

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Trolled hard by retards.

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If you really do kill yourself, please stream it, seriously.

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He's right though.

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OP should totally do this. He should do it while browsing /jp/, and a note that says,

"I killed myself because /jp/ is shitty, and that tripfag !ARC keeps shitposting on my /jp/, which made me rage so hard I pulled my head off."

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It ended after a few days; I served the /v/ mod's misclick ban.

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For some reason, I'm not even phased by this anymore.

I hate it. I wish I could feel compelled to try to get people to live again.

Either way, life might suck, but death sucks forever. As long as you keep on living, there is always a chance that your life will get better. If you die, there is no chance of anything ever getting better. And it is a guarantee that it will be worse for people around you. You can use your life to help others in whatever way you want if you really don't care for things. At least do some risky life changing shit before suicide, because if that succeeds, you might not want to kill yourself anymore.

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pics or it didn't happen

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Given the number of /jp/sies that commit suicide, I'm going to start keeping a list so I can remember them on the anniversary of their death.

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This is a troll thread... right?

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Two things wrong with the ronery end.

1. My waifu dwells within the Sea of Kakera, not Gensokyo.

2. The only way to use death to get into Gensokyo is alcohol poisoning. ZUN said so.

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I support you. We need a memorial day for /jp/.

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anyone have that .gif of the guy setting himself on fire and jumping out of a window? that's how real men kill themselves.

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How do you know? Are you the great wizard who has been into the afterlife and lived to tell the tale? Maybe there's a land of rainbows and cherry popsicles waiting for us after we die. You don't know. It probably can't be any worse than all the suffering we have on earth.

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Suppose everyone here is wrong, and OP gets dumped into a vat of liquid? Then a spaceship fishes him out and tells him that he's been in a simulated reality where it's the 2000's, FOREVER.

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OP better deliver

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He gets dumped into a vat of liquid and a flying octopus starts attacking him before two black dudes with shitty clothing fry it and start calling him Neo.

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>death sucks forever.
You can't live when you are dead. (fuck yeah I feel like shirou right now)Thus you can't suffer. So death can't suck for a single moment. Life, in the other hand can and usually does.

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Why are there so many disrespectful kids in this thread?

I honor the dead /jp/ers who have passed on. Good luck in Gensokyo, OP.

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Fuck yeah, the lulz!

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I wish I had the will to kill myself sometimes. I'm not particularly for it or against it, so do whatever you feel you need to OP. Personally, I can always find some reason not to do it if I go on a long walk, have a smoke and clear my thoughts. Whatever you do, take a break and think it through. Before you take any actions make sure it's what you really want to do, don't take action based on a night of having your emotions get the better of you.

That said, if you do choose to do it, you better live stream it.

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I'm going for a walk.
If Anon commits suicide and streams it, can anyone save it for future viewing on my part?

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Yeah where is the Stickam!?

Oh this is going to be so much win!

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Sure. But I doubt anon will stream it.

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I hope your last few moments are painful, you fucking worthless faggot.

If only I were there to tighten the noose

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Suicide is the most selfish thing you could do,
why not do the opposite of everything you normally do for two weeks and just see how that feels.

Just become a bizarro version of yourself, you'd be surprised that you may find direction this way

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Is this really what /jp/ has become? Don't do it OP.

>> No.5496275

On another note, when's the next CoS raid?

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If you're gonna do it, do it the pussy way,

Drink lots of alcohol and overdose on some over the counter sleeping pills.

You'll drift away in dream la- Gensokoyo forever~

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Suicide sucks, I love my life more than anything else. If you hate you life so much, try to change it, just don't kill yourself.

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Being selfish is the ultimate act of self-love, which is the ultimate form of love. Fuck the others care about yourself since you only have a single short life to live on and it is full of utter shit on it, sacrificing your time, efforts and other stuff is useless.

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Suicide is not selfish. Saying suicide is selfish is selfish, faggot. You're trivializing the suicide-ee's reasons. Fuck you.

Suicide is the most ballsy thing you can do, and your life must be pretty shit to go along with it.

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not your blog. Die alone. Teported

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If you're dead you won't be able to masturbate anymore

Just think about that

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>the most selfish thing you could do,
Who cares.

/jp/ has always been like this. We're not blind pro-lifer retards here, just realists. Life sucks, sometimes people want to commit suicide. More power to them.

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Don't do that. Don't raise yourself.

Either it's just a troll thread, and what we say doesn't matter, or he's serious, in which case his life has degenerated to such a point that I doubt anything I say will change his mind.
Disrespectful? Okay, maybe, but don't elevate what he's doing into some grand act and don't put yourself up on a pedestal for doing so.

Yeah, I mad

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>Being selfish is the ultimate act of self-love, which is the ultimate form of love.

Love is inherently selfless.

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I think about dying all the time, and basically it's what keeps me sane when I feel really depressed or lonely; that if things get too much to bare I can just end it. But then I start to think about how I'll never know how my favorite series will end and I think, "well, I guess I'll wait until after x finishes."

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Where the fuck is Meido?

>> No.5496296

Everyone and everything is selfish, it's selfish to force someone to live a life they hate and suffer through for your own personal feelings and morals.

>> No.5496297

See you in Gensokyo bro. Give my regards to Aya.

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Yes, Plato and his gang said so. don't bother them about it

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If you're going to kill yourself, kill yourself.

Don't make a thread about it to grab for attention like some fucking whore.

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Did you read that out of some poetry book? No it isn't, at all. One of the main benefits of love is that the thing you love will (hopefully) love you in return.

>> No.5496310

fuck this shit, I won't read the whole thread but
don't do that OP
even if I don't care, even if it won't change anything for me
I hope it's just a shitty copypaste or you were just looking for some attention.

Don't be an idiot have more courage.
Instead of killing yourself like the piece of shit you are, try to live the way you'd like to ?

>> No.5496312

>One of the main benefits of love is that the thing you love will (hopefully) love you in return.
You can fuck off with that bullshit. Go back to whatever board you came from.

>> No.5496316

So............. did anyone check the exif data on the picture?
If you do post i t here.

>> No.5496317


You can fuck off with your autism.

>> No.5496320

Not the same guy but... I'm almost graduating in psychology and things don't work the way you think they do. This was already discussed long ago by Plato like >>5496302 said

>> No.5496321

That's a pretty hard knee-jerk response over such a trivial statement. Care to explain why you're so mad? Did it offend your most valued ideals or something?

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OP if you have nothing else to live for you should drown yourself in booze, drugs, and pornography

I mean if you're really that worthless you might as well enjoy it

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That's a typical consequence, but I wouldn't expect it.

>> No.5496333

Don't listen to the sociopaths OP,
shit take some anti-depressants and level out your brain levels, your perception and brain activity can be permanently altered if requested

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>Some guy 2,500 years ago said it, it must be true.
Whatever. Try thinking for yourself for once, tool.

>> No.5496337

Wouldn't that be akin to telling someone to live despite them constantly suffering?

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>> No.5496345

See you in eight hours.


Someone reads Maddox.

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Bullshit. Love is wanting to own something.

>> No.5496350

>Some guy
nigger you best be jokin'

>> No.5496353

I think a lot of depression stems from the mindset of 'I am a failure as a human being'

So my idea is to simply consider yourself subhuman

>> No.5496356

don't you want to see the next Touhou Games? or VN's, or animu, or whatever ?

>> No.5496357

Status = -1

Unable to extract some or all of the EXIF data, which may have been removed from the image file.
It's bullshit I tell you.

>> No.5496368

He was. He was just some guy. Over many years his legend has blown him way out of proportion. Listen nobody short of the creator of the universe can perfectly define abstract concepts such as "love". His opinion on what that is, is just that: the opinion of some guy.

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wtf is EXIF data nigger.

>> No.5496376

Go back to /b/.

>> No.5496377

You are fucking retarded.

>> No.5496380

Metadata that most cameras will add to images, I don't think most 4chan boards even retain metadata

>> No.5496381

No, I don't agree. If your whole motive was to want to own something, that wouldn't actually be love. Love would be valuing the existence or happiness of something or someone potentially over your own.

I have a feeling you're trying to argue some inherent selfishness in all of human action, which I could see, and it's something Mark Twain argued some time ago, but it's kind of a null philosophy at that point then.

>> No.5496382

1.) post your real name so i can make fun of you tomorrow
2.) don't hand yourself in your parents home. they're gonna be pissed to have to clean up your shit once you release your bowels

>> No.5496384

They do.

>> No.5496389

Well, if we cannot agree on that, let's agree to disagree and keep it at that.

>> No.5496390

Good attempt to derail the thread, it sort of worked but it can't stimulate enough conversation probably

>> No.5496395

Uh what? Putting aside your relevant point about how an argument from authority is bullshit, an abstract concept is just that: a concept. People can define them in any way they want, though there may be a common definition. "Love" is pretty much whatever you make of it, it has no more intrinsic meaning than any other concept.

>> No.5496398

oh no, they definitely do.

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post a picture of your dick before you die OP

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It's bullshit you fags.
There is no reason OP would remove the EXIF data. Stop getting worked up over nothing.

>> No.5496407

As an utilitarian, I cannot believe that there is such a thing as an unselfish action. Everything everybody does is for profit, be it emotional or physical.

>> No.5496408


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You're a faggot and you killed youself in a gay way.

>> No.5496421

That's what I believe too but many people will argue to the death about it. Doesn't really matter as it's one of those things neither side can prove. And having participated in many debates about that subject, it tends to dissolve into namecalling and repeating oneself, faster than most debates.

>> No.5496422

Right, and that's believable, but then again, what's the value of such a definition?

>> No.5496431

and, if he used a webcam?

>> No.5496436

/jp/ers don't have webcams.

>> No.5496438

None, because in the end, your stance on such an idea depends what you think human nature is. To believe people always act selfishly is an idea so foreign to some people that they might as well not come from the same planet.

>> No.5496445

I have one

>> No.5496473

You're not a true /jp/er.

>> No.5496486

Telling someone else to live or to kill themselves is equally selfish. One is productive though, and the other isn't.

People who kill themselves always leave someone behind, and those are the ones it really screws over in the end. The dead guy has it easy.

>> No.5496499

nah I've been here as long as any of you. don't be like that man

>> No.5496502

/jp/ is only hanging on by an inch

>> No.5496504

I won't be that person if you can explain to me why a real /jp/er would need a webcam.

>> No.5496517

I have to say, the webcam is fixed onto my laptop.
I never had a say in getting one.

>> No.5496520

ehh I don't think I can give you an answer that you're gonna like

>> No.5496527

I am black and I like to show my black dick to all kinds of people.

>> No.5496529

Seriously this.
Do you not think I have considered it before?
I would never kill myself because I refuse to leave my family to grieve. OP is you weren't a weak little shit you wouldn't do it. It is honestly selfish.
I don't want to sound like a fag but your parents deserve better than that.

>> No.5496532

You're on an Anonymous imageboard, and it's not like anyone's going to go through the trouble to track you down.

>> No.5496547

Sounds about right.

>> No.5496550

>To believe people always act selfishly is an idea so foreign to some people
Yea that's a fucked up mentality, only the ones who truly despise humanity take that stance mostly.

Of course you could argue the semantics of many decisions to make it look selfish but to conclude an absolute is always susceptible.

>Telling someone else to live or to kill themselves is equally selfish
Hardly, they are just opinions, words, angles, perceptions. But you countered yourself when you pointed out the ones who are left with the outcome suffer. Your action (suicide) ---> results in unexpected, un-natural, wild and accute emotional harm that will accumulate over time in various facets

>> No.5496553

To be entirely honest, it's OP's life.
To live in pain for someone else is pointless and stupid.
I wouldn't do something for the sole benefit of someone else.

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>> No.5496572

>To live in pain for someone else is pointless and stupid.
No it's not, it's noble.
The pain your family will suffer will be much greater than you living out the rest of your life.

>> No.5496579

Sure is sage around here

>> No.5496582

>it's noble
Spare me your idealistic babble.

>> No.5496583

Go back to /a/ idiot.

>> No.5496592

Why arent you banned yet? You are not even good for some laughs anymore. I think is time for you to be banned. And I am quoting you so more people can report your sorry ass. Fuck you bitch.

>> No.5496593

Susceptible to what?

Anyway, I don't see anything fucked up in being a realist. There's a reason why most critics of Kant believe that it's impossible to be moral following his definition: everybody has a motive, be it financial gain, pride, or feeling better about oneself.

>> No.5496597

Your parents deserve the most respect out of anyone in your life.

>> No.5496604

It's true.
It's really fucking true.

>> No.5496607

What if you had really shitty parents that never gave a shit about you and ruined your life?

>> No.5496611

>only the ones who truly despise humanity take that stance
Why do people always say this? I just don't believe humanity is this great noble thing, that's all. We're just animals, and you can see this evident in everything we do. I am kind of disappointed in humanity but despise them? Not really. That's just our nature, it can't be helped.

>> No.5496614

You don't know that. I mean setting aside whether it's noble or not, if we just go by years then the person is more likely to live longer in pain.
Also, assuming the person committing suicide is an adult, they have the right to choose how or if to live their life. I'm not saying that it's alright to put your parents through that, but it's something the person has to decide themselves after weighing the options.

>> No.5496620

I don't have to give anyone respect if I don't want to. I didn't ask to be born so don't go on about how they gave me a precious gift or any of that shit either.

>> No.5496621

That's obviously not the kind of parents we're talking about.

>> No.5496627

Don't extend your situation to that of others.
I'd kill the person who gave birth to me for a hundred bucks.

>> No.5496631

And I'm sure you'd like it if you spent the time and resources trying to raise a child only for them to kill themselves?

>> No.5496637


>> No.5496642

What mistakes his parents have done are theirs only. He's a human being: he doesn't belong to them.

>> No.5496644


Why such buttmad?

Want me to cum on his corpse and rip up the flowers on the casket, too?

>> No.5496647

That's not my situation. EVERYONE should respect their parents. Even if they weren't the best parents they gave you life and then worked hard to raise you.
They deserve more than to have to grieve for the rest of their lives because you wanted to be selfish.
I know even the average /jp/ers life isn't that bad. We sit on our computers and play visual novels and argue over stupid shit but most of us enjoy it to some extent.

>> No.5496650

My parents birthed me out of their own selfish desire to have a child and raised me for the same reason. They get their own satisfaction out of it. To answer your question though, I don't think I would care. They do what they want to do, that's their right. How fucked up is it to look at a child, a human being as "I spent X dollars on you, so you owe me this or that".

>> No.5496653

Aren't they humans, too? Should what they have given up have gone to waste?

>> No.5496656


>because you wanted to be selfish.

Suicide isnt selfish, faggot. Don't make me say it again. I will backhand you.

>> No.5496660

Picture someone who has only seen you as a potential source of profit for all your life; leaving all your education up to others but claiming to deserve something from you.

>> No.5496667
File: 157 KB, 320x320, yugіyаmіv4serious.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

So let me get this straight, OP:

You have a family that you can talk to. You have friends that you hang out with. You have the ability to leave the house, spend MONEY on various items that you got by WORKING at a JOB, and interact normally. You have the freedom to do as you please, AND you have a high speed Internet connection. You have everything I don't have...but that isn't enough for you, is it?


>> No.5496678

Stop being a pussy. Man up, take control of your life, and actually APPRECIATE all the stuff in your life instead of being an emo crybaby when the slightest mishap occurs. That fact that you're ALIVE and can WALK properly and SEE clearly and HEAR things around you that are actually there PROVES THAT YOU ARE ALIVE. Some people don't have nearly as many luxuries as you and would kill for even one of them. Stop being a spoiled brat.



>> No.5496681

I'm not asking about anyone's parents. I'm asking YOU to make an evaluation.

>> No.5496685

They made the choice to give up on these things. It isn't his responsibility. The most pleasing aspect of humanity is free will.

>> No.5496687

Yes it is, that's my entire argument. You're fucking over your parents for your own good. Your own selfish desires.
OP's parents brought him into the world and have yet to abandon him. He's living at home talking with us every day. There is no reason for him to forsake his parents.

>> No.5496689

But, I mean, why kill them?

>> No.5496702

I never said I'd do it for free. If someone sees me as a source for profit, however, don't mind if I do the same in the blink of an eye.

>> No.5496708

An evaluation of what again? Whether I would care if my child killed theirself? I already said I don't think so. But then, I admit that maybe I could I honestly say that 100%, since I'm not a parent. I don't know what the experience is like so I guess I can't speak as if I did.

>> No.5496710

I don't see why he should be the single focus to give respect to on a judgement such as this. Why him? Why forsake the other?

>> No.5496711

underageb& detected

>> No.5496712

You're a funny guy. Believe it or not there are parents out there that don't deserve anything from their children. I'm not even talking about suicide strictly, some parents really are such complete fucks that their children should never see them again.

>> No.5496714

Niggers in Africa are dying due to greedy elitist faggots who hog all the money. People in China working 12 hours a day so you can have that precious ROPE that you have on hanging yourself with. You have all these freedoms and luxuries that you take for GRANTED, yet you throw them away, and why? Because you're a little emo prick who has been spoiled all his life, and when you get even ONE little bit of something BAD happening in your life (lemme guess, your slut of a girlfriend left you?), you think to yourself, "My life is over, there's nothing else to live for, might as well kill myself." Despite all my mental disabilities, no family, no friends, and no skills worth anything, I still continue doing what I LOVE. Do I care what any faggots on /a/ or /jp/ think of me? Does it bother me that I'll never have any spending money at the end of the month because I'm not some jock who's willing to backstab coworkers to get ahead? Does it matter to me that every friend I had has left me, not because of my mental disabilities, but simply due to the fact that I don't smoke weed or snuff? No, and I'll tell you why it doesn't -- I'm not a weak-spined faggot who bends over for what everybody ELSE wants. You want to fight me on the street? Then you better bring a gun, since that's the only way you'll pique my interest, and if you do, you better be ready to either die or become a murderer on the run or in jail, because once you start something with me, it WILL be finished whether you like it or not.

>> No.5496715

He doesn't owe his parents anything. It's his fucking life.

>> No.5496716

Then are you any better?

>> No.5496724

sToP_DDoSing_WWW.ANOXntxALk.sE_rEMOVe_ALl x_In_that_url
g xht kjjsthfg sh mp ogymnpoz j e lfgb wgm

>> No.5496725
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>> No.5496733

>his life
Where did it come from? Was it self-obtained? Did he make it himself? If not, can he really call it his?

>> No.5496734

I'll start off with the bad news: That dream girl you've always wanted to have a relationship with and to fuck? Her vagina has already been ripped apart by the school jock (he's the bully that tripped you in front of everyone and gave you a wedgie and stuffed you into the gym locker).

So now you're thinking to yourself, whoever gets the last laugh, wins. I'm going to study, go to college and earn lots of money. Then I'm going to find a nice girl who love me for what I am.

If only karma exists.

You might study a lot. You might go to college. But you WON'T earn LOTS of money. Those positions are only for a few people. Chances are you'll have an entry level job for the majority of your life and on the minimum wage or slightly higher. There are no nice girls for you. You are a beta male, as opposed to alpha male. No female wants a beta male. Not even beta females.

I'm not trying to insult you. I've never met you. You could be a genuinely nice person that donates to charity. If you are, then I hope you succeed in your life. I truly wish so.

But you are a nobody. And you will stay a nobody. You won't be a millionaire, you won't get your dream girl and you won't get the last laugh.

Remember that bully who tormented you back in High School? He is now your manager. His father owns the company you work at and his father decided that his son has enough arrogant asshole qualities to qualify for the job of manager.

That bully has fucked close to 50 sluts since the last time you met him.

You didn't even achieve 1 whore.

So what's the good news, you ask?

None of this matters. You don't really exist. You existence on this planet is akin to your existence on the Internet. After you die, you will rise from the chair and continue living your real life.

>> No.5496736

You wish. I'm halfway through college. You're just having a hard time believing I just don't care about their life.

>> No.5496742


>> No.5496747

Unlike some, I don't claim moral superiority. When you die, whether you did good or bad doesn't matter.

>> No.5496748

Slavery is banned. You know, when people buyed niggers.

>> No.5496749

That's the stupidest argument ever. There's always some stranger somewhere that has it worse than you. So I'm not allowed to kill myself because somebody out there has struggled more than I have in life? Just, no. That's fucking dumb.

>> No.5496755


Oh please, judging from the IP addresses in this thread, there are only 3 different IPs for the last 40 posts, although anybody with half a brain could have seen this. Honestly.

>> No.5496759
File: 62 KB, 447x366, yanghammer.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Join the Army, just don't tell anyone about those suicidal thoughts.

If it doesn't make you feel better about yourself, you'll probably get shot anyway.

>> No.5496763

No shit, how many active posters total do you think there are on /jp/ right now

>> No.5496764
File: 4 KB, 190x190, 1261626249131.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Remember that bully who tormented you back in High School? He is now your manager.

Not sure if troll...

>> No.5496765

You remember that bully from high school who manages that company? The diesel nitrates bomb beneath his car just detonated. We also kidnapped his heiress daughter and raped her into submission. Her party name is Tanya and she is going to handle a sub-machine gun in our next bank expropriation. Being a revolutionary male feels good.

>> No.5496768


You know, if there was a job that allowed me to kill people who are suicidal, I'd take it in a heart beat. There's nothing that pisses me off more than a bunch of retards who whine about the tiniest thing because they're spoiled brats.

>> No.5496770

It's not "moral superiority" I'm concerned about.

It just seems to me a philosophy like that is indifferent, self-defeating, and not at all worth following when it comes to trying to make a difference in the world.

You've admitted to the first two, so, I mean, there we go. No problems.

>> No.5496773


>tiniest thing

Because you totally know what their lives are like.

Fucking retard

>> No.5496774

>When you die, whether you did good or bad doesn't matter.

Oh shit nigger, you are for one rude awakening.

>> No.5496776

Yeah, I mean, fuck human rights, right?

>> No.5496786

Modern slavery is very much alive in the American southwest. You can pretty much do as you please to illegal immigrants if you threaten to call the authorities on them. They don't realize how illegal what you're doing is, and will generally comply with little or no resistance. You can get them to clean your house, do yard work, home improvement, cook, ect. I'm sure you could find a maid for raping if you looked around hard enough in the right places.

>> No.5496788

Hey, nothing's stopping you. Go out, buy a handgun, and live the dream bro. But I can't even imagine, if that pisses you off you must be one man dude every second that you're on /jp/

>> No.5496793


Oh boo hoo, so what if your father raped you, your mother was an addict to cigs, alcohol, and everything illegal, your brother shot some dude and is now in jail, and you work at a fast food joint dealing with nigger customers 40 hours a week? So what if you live in a neighborhood where you could get shot on any day? So what if your grandma has cancer, your cousin has autism, and your friends abandoned you because you're not cool enough?


>> No.5496794

I just don't think life is about morals. There's plenty of other stuff to live for, all of it based on your own tastes and accomplishments as an individual.

>> No.5496797

gtfo Christfag

>> No.5496798

I guess I just don't buy that. Sorry, bro.

>> No.5496807


Close, my brother is a rapist and is jail, and my only living parent left, my mom, is a heroin addict

Try again.

>> No.5496809

I was just making a point you fucking idiot. Congraturations, you have been labeled as a potential criminal and your IP stored.

>> No.5496814

You grow the fuck up. I should consider every day of my life an awesome party just because some nigger in Africa is dying of AIDS and I'm not? Go out and skip through a flower field you fucking faggot, since you love life so much.

>> No.5496815

Fair enough. I'm not one to preach.
I hope we both enjoy our lives, regardless of how we decide to live them.

>> No.5496822


Pretty much this. I'm sick of hearing suicide stories from rich pompous spoiled kids who have a major incident and have their mind shattered. It's really pathetic.

>> No.5496825

A fag who outs himself in an extremely fundamentalist Christian family is going to devastate his parents, and in some cases, he'll be dead to them. Does that mean he should keep his mouth shut, to spare his parents their feelings?
If someone is in actual pain, and I don't mean the kind of emo bullshit that most people in this thread are pointlessly bitching about, and they choose to end their lives, it's their decision to make. It's extremely regrettable for both their parents and the person themselves that their life turned out and ended that way, but life isn't fair.

>> No.5496827

Hear, hear.

>> No.5496831

Not really. What goes around comes around.

>> No.5496835

except moralfags like that guy will always force their self-constructed sense of superiority down everyone else's throat, so I for one can't just wish him well. moralfags diaf

>> No.5496839

They're not allowed to be depressed? Clinical depression is due to a chemical imbalance in the brain. It happens for no reason at all.

>> No.5496841

Oh for fuck's sake. DON'T DO IT.

>> No.5496847


Waaah waaah, mom didn't buy that new bike, so I'm just going to OFF MYSELF

The problem with you emo suicide faggots is that you never tell anybody WHY you're killing yourself because you know the reason you want to kill yourself is STUPID AND WEAK AS HELL, and you KNOW if you told anybody here, we'd call you a weak faggot because THAT'S WHAT YOU ARE. Killing yourself for something so WEAK is PATHETIC, and there are NO excuses to make your family pay $20,000 for a funeral for a stupid nigger killing himself for not getting what he wants.


>> No.5496854

You're entirely too sensitive if you think that's "shoving something down someone's throat".

Or, more likely, you're a troll positing a strawman.

>> No.5496859

But he really isn't forcing anything down my throat.
We just have different views of what life is about. As much as I hate some things, disagreeing with me is not something I'll hate somebody for.

>> No.5496860


Buttmad 12 year old rich kid not understand the concept of shitty families

not all people buy 50 cars a year like you

>> No.5496861
File: 212 KB, 640x640, lilyrain3.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

OP is an attention whore.

Now I'll go back to my waifu.

>> No.5496862

Every human alive suffers in some way or another. Some forms may some more extreme than others to the outside spectator but you don't know what it's like. Just because somebody has money does not mean they cannot experience some form of suffering. That's incredibly smallminded of you. It's always easier to write off other peoples' experiences, you're not the one living it.

>> No.5496863

At least they are helping their fellow human being. But what do you do? You rot and become more miserable with each passing day.

>> No.5496865

And at the same time, that's not completely overriding.

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