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Lunarians live forever.
Kaguya is a lunarian. Kaguya will live forever.

Kaguya drinks Hourai Elixer to gain immortality.
Kaguya is exiled from the moon because she will know live forever.

ZUN logic?

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Lunarians aren't immortal, they just don't die from old age. They can still be killed.

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>Lunarians livce forever

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well when they say "immortal lunarians" it's maybe like highlander, you are immortal until someone cut your head and die, and with the elixir they rez everytime

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Beings on the Earth are fated to die. The Moon is free of such impurities. That's why there are no ghosts on the moon.

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Didn't we have this thread yesterday?
Using medicine to stop aging is fine, using it to become immune to all forms of death is a crime.
That's what the Lunarians believe.

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did someone say lunularian?

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I'm saving that picture. But now I want one like that where she's showing her tits.

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So... Kaguya thread?

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>That's what the Lunarians believe.

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She was exiled from the moon because she is not wearing a silly hat/hair accessory.

Because she is immortal, she can actually survive without one, which makes her a hideous monster in the ZUNiverse.

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Kaguya isn't a born Lunarian morons.

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my love for you is like a truck
would you like to making fuck?

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then where is she from genius?

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Kaguya is the worst. Unless Fujiwara-san is also involved.

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She was born from an egg on a mountaintop.

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Precicely. Lunarians are like Higlander; they go around chopping eachother's heads off to gain each other's power. Kaguya is cheating by making herself immortal.

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Black hair and red eyes is moe.

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lunarians might want to reconsider their ban on immortality

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So, would she lay an egg to reproduce?

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No, she fucks normally like the moonslut she is.

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Well, she IS the punkiest monkey that ever popped.

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Change Kaguya's hair to blue and her eyes to purple. She ends up looking like Rika with tits and a different outfit.

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Jealous much, Mokou?

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Mokou isn't a slut and could wrangle more cock than Kaguya could hope to handle. She just chooses not to.

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look like Rika you say?

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>Change someones physical features and they look like someone else

No shit, really? How did you figure that one out?

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Looks like I was spot on.

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you just need to release some of that pent up sexual frustration.

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She already looks like Rika with a dye job...or rather, Rika looks like Kaguya with a dye job.

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Mokou isn't jealous. She's just not a slut who would fuck the first guy she sees. Kaguya would...then send them on an impossible mission resulting in their death.

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Www.ANOxNTxAlk.SE_rEMOvE alL_x_TheRe anD_tELl_mOoT TO_eaT_A_bUckEt_oF_Nigger_DiCks
qyjzv eqwa thgsakmxwm l ogidghvwqwnkpmt fc

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Mokou is the most beautiful and elegant girl in Gensokyo. Some horrible moonslut can't compare.

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is it Daily Mokou vs Kaguya thread time?

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Then why does she wear ugly man-pants? Is it to turn people off, or does she just like going around and being a tomboy with pants?

Because...she seems hot if she would wear something more girly.

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because of lunarians longevity, Moon politics involve a lot of assassination for lifetime appointments. you can see how an insta-rez ability would be politically dangerous in the long-term.

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wWw.anoXNTxalk.Se rEmOVe_all_x tHERe_aNd TELl_MOoT_to eaT_A BUcKeT_oF_NiggeR DiCKs
s tle otdlgbv gjent i f az vtkie fwtokpsj iuyqzbgck

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Lunarians, you say?

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I hear Mokou sneaks into farms late at night and fucks their cows. That's just something I heard somewhere.

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>Eirin detected

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Read your Japanese folklore.

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Wow, never really saw the strange similarities until now. Creators of magic, extremely long living, technological advanced, and both have the same attitude about those living on the planet. Lunarians are pretty much the same in both FF4 and Touhou, except for the whole hibernation thing.

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Two parts wrong.

Touhou Lunarians didn't make magic and FFIV Lunarians generally don't despise humans (only Zemus does, really).

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I thought they still had "impurities" just not as much as a normal human.

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Mokou isn't a slut, and those pants are full of win.
She's a forest guide and an exile, and with that she isn't even interested in socializing. Of course she wouldn't wear something so girly. She'd rather show off experience.

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Looks like it's story time.

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Actually there is logic behind it. According to ZUN [>>5488467], human mortality is the result of our impure planet. In order to live forever, a sage started a civilization on the moon that was free of impurities. ZUN also said that Lunarians will also die of old age if they have the slightest trace of impurity in them. Meaning they must behave like innocent virgins. Since Kaguya bypassed that law, she can now behave like an asshat and still have eternal life (which is still dumb because her powers of eternity should have already allowed her to live forever). If Kaguya spreads her filthiness around the moon, it will kill their civilization.

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You can all continue on as normal.

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I like where this is going

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Missed page 3 there.

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Don't get your hopes up, you won't be seeing anything more than panties.

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NEET panties are fine too

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This needs more Tewi training.

What, is she going up against Rocky Balboa?

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Everything related to IN's plot is a lump of shit, immortal sluts banishing a slut for being immortal

And even the "hide the moon so lunarians don't find us" plan followed by "OH IT'S OK WE'RE IN GENSOKYO THEY CAN'T FIND US" followed by the appearance of moonbitches and Reisen II

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More like "the Lunarians are too busy fighting goddamned NASA to care".

Although with Obama's recent budget cuts the war may not last much longer. Doesn't he understand how important slaughtering rabbit-girls is?

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Lunarians did BP.

They're trying to ruin our fuel supply!

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Also Keine's power to hide history works like shit. The human village was supposed to have it's history retconned "since humans never settled there to begin with" but everyone clearly remembered the place and Sakuya even proved it by using the mansion's furniture as example that it existed.

ZUN was beyond drunk while writing IN's plot

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Maybe she just sucks at it.

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He admits this.

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>slaughtering rabbit-girls

What's wrong with you. Rabbit-girls deserve to be treated with love and respect.

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>ZUN is always beyond drunk

This surprises you how?

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Not to mention Yukari actually still saw the village and called Keine's ability shit. Its really just another "border" manipulation ability, only that it hides stuff. Whoopee fucking doo.

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Mokou can't afford shoes?
Even Tewi has them!

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Even funnier is that we get introduced to the Sea of Tranquility of whatever the shit it was called in SSiB, explaining that being in Gensyoko still did not keep Lunarians out.

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