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What do you guys think of Pimsleur?
I've begun using it and it's really awesome. It won't teach you how to write, but my conversational skills are increasing exponentially.
I'm not a native English speaker, but the English explanations are very clear and easy to follow; if you're on 4chan you can probably use it even if you're not American.
Pair this with Heisig and we have a winner.

PS: There's a nice torrent on piratebay with all the lessons.

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i have it downloaded since fucking ages, never bothered to use it. i might now though.

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Well, it's pretty cool because you can use it while eating, fapping, lying on the bed with your eyes closed or whatever. Perfect for lazy faggots like us.

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How does pimsleur + heisig combined compare with using rosetta stone for example?

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If you want to go around basically being nothing more than a Japanese speaking Parrot, then Pimsleur is the solution for you!

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Some parrots are actually quite intelligent.

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Well I've tried Rosseta and it's slow as fuck and you don't really learn much. Tons of worthless lessons like writing in romaji (wtf?).

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What are you talking about? the method is repeating stuff, yes, but there's also this guy talking in English explaining grammar and whatnot.
Care to point to a better self-taught approach?

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Anything that teaches you how to write. Anything at all.

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Uh, it obviously doesn't teach how to write.
That's why I said I'm using Heisig on the side.
If I can listen and talk in moonspeak, and read and write moonrunes, what the fuck am I missing?

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hello im using rosetta atm and want to add other materials, does anybody know easy books to read in hiragana or maybe some videos with simple dialogs. thank in advance

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Just get genki you faggot

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>If you want to go around basically being nothing more than a Japanese speaking Parrot, then Pimsleur is the solution for you!

SERIOUSLY. You should learn Japanese from anime instead OP. What kind of idiot learns from Pimsluers?

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What's genki?

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Hahahah, I know that image is a joke, but a lot of people think the last statement is correct.
It's not, adults have an easier time learning languages. You're capable of understanding much more and advancing at a quicker pace than when you were a stupid child.

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thats not true either since alot adults actually degrade and are much more dense as they grow old

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Well, those idiots wouldn't want to learn additional languages anyway

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Teens and Adults actually learn much faster than children.

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I think this method is pretty cool and it's not like I'm samefagging to bump my own thread, seriously.

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I bought the Pimsleur Japanese set about 5 years ago and listened to it to and from work in the car. It was nowhere near as good as learning in a classroom for grammar, but I got it for listening and speaking practice.

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