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Why do people like Reisen more than Tewi?

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[citation needed]

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Because she appeared in more games.

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Because Reisen's a sweet, sensible, and loving rabbit-girl with good fashion sense while Tewi's a fucking bitch and a half.

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i like them both.

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Because Tewi is a canon evil bitch.
And Reisen is the only normal person in Eientei.

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I don't.

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Well for one, finding Tewi sexually attractive means you are a pedophile, plus the fact she's a complete bitch who doesn't care the slightest bit about the result of her pranks.

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Because Tewi is a mid-boss, and nobody likes mid-bosses.

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>implying it's a bad thing

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Well, Tewi will care if her pranks result in a death. It takes at least 50 years for her to get over something like that.

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>Well for one, fanon bullshit

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Inaba of the Moon & earth says Tewi being a bitch is canon.

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I like momiji.

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I always thought that Inabas were written by ZUN himself.
Therefore making Bitch-Tewi and Retard-Moe-Kaguya canon

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Hey, Me too!
Wanna make out?

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Because Reisen is a hot slut
And Tewi is a childish plain tombody

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>Reisen is a slut

Well...she sure dresses like one, and is probably less than pure, being a rabbit. But I don't think that she's a slut.

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I'm not attracted to Reisen but think Tewi can be hot.

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Because Tei is a terrorist.

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Reisen reminds us of what we used to be.

Tewi reminds us of what we are now.

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Fucking deep bro

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Because of Hisoutensoku.

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Reisen's ears look more fun to play with.

That and she'd probably get really aroused by it.

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Because Reisen is a sexy ass slut.

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Reisen is a sweet and cute girl who has to put up with abuse from her master and her best friend. Tewi is just a bitch who gets off on being mean to Reisen.

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Reisen is not a slut. It probably doesn't take much to convince her to fuck, but she isn't one who will see a guy and immediately rip off her clothes and mount him.

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GOD FUCKING DAMNIT I just want to massage and tug at her floppy ears...

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I know right.

Just like where I wanna be in Reisen.


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All I gotta do is go an' spit mah mad game and shit and she'll be begging for my cock.

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You have to be nice and sweet-talk her. Reisen isn't dumb. You have to be genuinely honest with her or you've got no chance.

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I am very racist
I think Reisen would fuck on the first date

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>finding Tewi sexually attractive means you are a pedophile
Leave that to fandom.

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She would, but getting to that first date is the challenge.

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This. Also she has a better theme and more memorable bullets.

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Shut up Guile.

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Because I have a soft spot for the downtrodden an-


..My god, looking at the leg placement, she has some seriously wide hips in that picture.

What was I saying?

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I can't stop thinking about Reisen's ears.

The fuck is wrong with me.

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I have my vore
you have your ears

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So you like the Yuyucow?

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There's nothing wrong with you bro. I'm the same way. And if thinking about stroking and petting Reisen's ears is wrong... I don't want to be right.

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Actually I hate her
And I'm not really into vore

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It's simple really.

Reisen drives you crazy.

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I have dreams where all I'm doing is fondling her lovely ears. I'm not sure if it's better if she finds it soothing or arousing.

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Pedophile is the wrong word.

Tewi is actually one of the oldest touhous.

Still a bitch though.

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I'd say that if you're aroused by a prepubescent body then you're a pedophile even if it is hundreds of years old.

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I disagree

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There's a difference between a lolita complex and pedophilia.

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Coming from someone who's devoted to Queen Loli herself, Rika Furude?

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For some it depends largely on mental age

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I'm aroused by adults with the body of a child, NOT children!!!

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I've never claimed not to be a pedophile.

I'd say it's a pretty thin line.

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I agree, but characters acting childish is a huge turn-off.

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In Japan "Lolita complex" refers to attraction to children whether 2D and 3D. Just say you're a pedophile that likes 2D.

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Tewi acts childish. She's a 1200 year old little girl. Reisen is the one that's mature, responsible, reasonable, nurturing, sexy...

Fuck, now I can't stop thinking about her. Stupid moon bunny.

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I too prefer lolis that act mature, but I don't mind porn where lolis act childish either.

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Tewi isn't childish. Reisen is the one that's childish. Silly moon-rabbit that abandoned her allies to die.

Tewi would never abandon her allies to die. Never.

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You might want to read the wiki.
>She seems to be much of a prankster, both in fan and official work such as in Inaba of the Moon and Inaba of the Earth and Eastern and Little Nature Deity. The most common victim is Reisen Udongein Inaba . Despite being older than Reisen, she often acts in a childish manner compared to the Moon Rabbit.

I hate both, but Tewi is worse.

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That just says she acts childish, not that she's childish. Suwako acts childish too.

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I found Tewi in this doujinshi very hot. Resisen didn't do anything for me.


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By how she acts is all you really have to go on. It's not as if she has a major role in games, so you can't determine anything by what she says.

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I like the Lunarians more the the actual Touhou main cast.

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She doesn't seem very childish in a couple scenes of silent sinner. That's enough for me.

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What do you think of the Mooninites?

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Suwako enjoys having fun, but can be serious when she feels like it. She helped in the nuclear project and the Hisoutensoku project. She can be mature and responsible when needed.

Tewi just plays pranks all the time, even though she is the lord over all earth rabbits. Probably the only diplomatic thing she's done is letting the Lunarians set up camp without giving them too much trouble...and she still acts like a bitch to poor Reisen.

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There's only one way to solve this.

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Random rabbit or black Tewi?

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Either is fine.

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I would cockslap both in the ass at match 5.

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You say that like it's a bad thing.

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Back to /a/ please.

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Lol take it easy moron.

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Because Tewi apparently has fleas

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Tewi's a fucking cunt.