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Why is it today that the USA has a undefeated history? Why is it today that USA has a black president? Why is it today that the USA has a high GDP per capita, and the highest GDP in the world?

I will tell you why, eurofags, it's our freedom. You will never have freedom like we have. You may say huur duur americunts but success breeds jealousy. Our countries are better then yours, and the eurozone will collapse due to its crap economical system - too many barriers and bailouts. The US system will prevail because the market knows best.

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Also, it's a bit late to be trolling eurofags.

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Nothing to see here, folks.
Move along.

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Hell, isn't USA the freedoist country in universe?

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You want /sp/ or /int/ not /jp/.

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Ah fucking god, /jp/. Stop being so shitty.

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it's the huge amount of natural resources and food production only matched by russia.

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