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Whew. That was quite the battle, I'm surprised I made it, really. Tell me, /jp/, how has your Touhou gaming been going recently? I haven't seen a thread talking about actually playing the games for quite a while.

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Still failing at EoSD's Hard and Luna. ;_;

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/jp/ doesn't play Touhou.

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Indeed /jp/ plays Ketsui

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Sadly pretty bad, still failing at Nue simply because I sometimes randomly die at any spell/nonspell for no FUCKING reason. And due to the powerloss I have to time out the green ufo spellcard, and that fucks me up pretty badly.

Also currently trying to beat Ran, but me dying once at Chen discourages me from playing further into the stage.

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I suck, but I still try.

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Which of Chen's attacks is messing you up?

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got as far as Remilias red magic on normal 1 cc

haven't tried in a while now

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Need to 1cc EoSD Lunatic and UFO Hard, then I'll quit Touhou.

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I need to 1CC any game on Normal.

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I did a quick run thorugh EoSD the other day just to (re)unlock Extra to have some fun with Flandre.

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Ehhh alright.

Hadn't played PCB in ages and kept on dying and rage-quiting pre stage 4. Then I finally had a good run and got my best score yet.

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I miss dem danmaku threads.

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After a long pause, I'm trying to play again and I'm pleasantly surprised to see that I haven't completely lost my skills.

I'm not going to attempt Yukari for now, though. First two times I beat her I got sick and the third a global economic crisis broke out. Now, I'm sure she is manipulating borders out of spite.

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If she escalated it from getting you sick to a global crisis, then I'm morbidly curious to discover what she'll do next time you beat her.

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I'll attempt again during Christmas time in 2012- oh, wait, fuck.

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It's going pretty good. I unlocked PCB extra with Sakuya and Marisa the other day. And yesterday I finally 1cc'd IN. Now I only have to 1cc UFO to have the extra stage unlocked on all the windows games.

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Does anybody have any tips for defeating Mokou? She's standing steadfast against my assaults.

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oh wow, forgot about the thread.

Actually all of them, with red/blue oni being the easiest.

No idea why I'm dying on her nonspell...its aimed at me for fucks sake.

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wow, people on /jp/ actually play touhou

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I stopped playing it when it became cool to play the games

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I can survive in parctice against Kanako without losing lives.
I die mostly in stages 2-4.

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I've 1cc'd UFO on normal with every shot type but Marisa B. I feel like I've tried 100 times but I just can't do it.

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ugh the one i wanted to upload is too large

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Living in the barracks sucks...


I just want to escape from reality with my touhoes ;_;

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Extra is not as hard as Lunatic mode is it? I have managed to 1cc every Extra stage but I suck ass at Lunatic mode. I have 1cc'd everything on normal though.

How does /jp. recommend getting better at Lunatic mode, going through hard mode first or going straight onto lunatic?

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If you can beat Extra no problem than Hard mode is just a waste of time for you. Just stay with lunatic.

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Played Touhou 7 for the first time last night, which is the second Touhou game I have played. It was decent but seemed a lot easier than SA (my first).

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I'm stuck on Rin and Okuu on DS.

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I stopped playing Touhou when the shit called UFO came out.

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I've pretty much given up on ever playing difficulties beyond Normal, or seeing SA Extra.

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I just cleared MoF extra
After many tries, I decided that was going to be the last one, even if I died of very stupid ways
Result: MoF extra clear but terribly low score

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Tsk, tough shit eh. You don't like my Unzan?

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Rin's first is quite easy.

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How much longer do you have?

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Ran still fucks my shit up

I have gotten alot further than before however

I can make it past Tenko's Illusion now with minimal lives lost

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After 1cc'ing IN and PCB on normal mode, I'm working on MoF. I finally managed to get through a practice run against Kanako without losing all 9 lives. A good bomb strategy helps get me to the Mountain of Faith spellcard while only losing a single life, but the spellcard itself just murders me.

Last time this thread came up, another anon suggested I use bombs much more often in MoF. That was an excellent suggestion. It helped me deal with a few hard spellcards.

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Finally 1cc'd UFO on Normal Like a week ago.
No lives or bombs at the middle of Flying Fantastica...Shit was intense as fuck. The last time I felt that panicked was in PCB years ago when Yuyuko turned into tree out of fucking nowhere and I had no lives/bombs.

Yeah, I was ecstatic as fuck.
But the best thing about this isn't just clearing Normal and unlocking the Extra mode to fail in...
The best thing about this is that now I can PROPERLY practice Byakuren and have 8 lives at the start instead of 2 by continuing.

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Extra is generally between Normal and Hard.

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ZUN programmed it so that you unlock Extra when you 1cc Normal.
In other words, he planned it so that people who can beat Normal can beat Extra as well.

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1cc'd all of the Windows games on everything a month or two ago. The last thing I got was 1ccing UFO Lunatic, it's a bitch.

I haven't really played since, no motivation to improve old scores or play for score in UFO at all.

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Almost 1cc'd Mountain of Faith on easy mode earlier, but I died on the last stage.

I suck at Touhou.

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What a coincidence, I played yesterday for the first time in a while randomly.

Nothing big, just PCB Extra with MarisaA, just to see how rusty my skills were. Actually did better than I thought, though slowdown was worse than usual due to shitty computer. Still had three lives by Izuna Gongen, though.

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I did this a few days ago

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I can't even 1cc PCB, but that might be because I'm a bomb jew. I also haven't been playing recently because being use to playing hellsinker fucks me up.

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When was the last Let's play Danmaku thread we had?

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Good run! That was pretty tense at the very end.

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Too long ago.

Also, somewhat recent accomplishment: http://www.mediafire.com/?zolmwzqltmf

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Thanks. Abusing the bombing system every day...

If you like tense endings, you should look at http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HdaQvcItSFA

I didn't know MarisaB was bugged ;_;

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Too long ago.

Also, somewhat recent accomplishment: http://www.mediafire.com/?zolmwzqltmf

Pic related.

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I haven't been playing much seriously for the past few months, just doing single runs of bosses I enjoy but have probably played too much, like Suwako or Yuyuko.

The only real accomplishment I've had was trying Yukari with SakuyaB on a whim and beating her, when I was expecting my overall ability not to be enough to compensate for how much I suck with SakuyaB.

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Why do I never bomb? I either die with them, or panic and spam them. Am I overconfident?

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>Sakuya A
Come back when you at least do it with reimu or something, not LOL BOMBER

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When I first beat Yukari the gulf oil spill occurred. At the time I didn't really think about it, but now it's starting to make sense to me.

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Extra is sort of different from hard, though. In hard a lot more of the difficulty comes from plain old hard dodging, rather than patterns that require memorization. Plus, there's of course the bomb invincibility of the extra stage bosses.

All in all, I'd say that for a beginning shmup player who isn't used to explicitly learning patterns, hard is probably easier than extra, but once you're used to learning patterns you can make enough of the extra stage trivial that it becomes easier than hard.

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pretty bad
stuck at stage 7 of double spoiler
also, how the fuck I can play as hatate?

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>Come back when you at least do it with Sakuya or something, not LOL HITBOX
>Come back when you at least do it with Marisa or something, not LOL BOMBER
>Come back when you at least do it while standing upside down, whistle Okuu's theme, blindfolded, hands behind your back, no sound, a keyboard with 5 second delay and your mom yelling at you.

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Fuck you Alice.

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>>5483711 here again. I just started up MoF practice mode for more abuse from Kanako. I actually timed out Mountain of Faith (unintentionally) with 3 lives in stock. Looks like I still need more practice. My problem is that I just cannot seem to do any damage to her. Also, I need to practice moving unfocused.

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MoF spellcard is a bitch. All I can suggest is what you said yourself.
>Also, I need to practice moving unfocused.
When I'm attempting to do the MoF spellcard, I move a lot from left to right but go to the middle as often and long as possible, switching from focused to unfocused frequently.

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Finally cleared every scene in StB and DS (used to think I'd never manage it) and beat EX-Rika (hardest EX-boss, IMO) over the past couple weeks, so it was a pretty productive period.

Think I'll take a hiatus from Touhou before starting on those Lunatic 1ccs in earnest. That's just gonna be a bitch and a half.

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You need to clear the whole spoiler level. And to unlock it you need to clear 3 from the extra. And to unlock it you need to clear 1 scene from every level + certain amount total.

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OP here. It was Sakuya B.

>> No.5485195

There's no real need to move unfocused.
I use MarisaC, so I just focus so the shoot is right in front of taht bitch and just move focused.

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All of her cards are pretty straightforward. The only one I can't beat even semi-reliably is Loafing Sign "Idling Wave". There is a good tutorial on youtube for IN beginners. It has a good bomb strategy. Follow it.

>> No.5485601

I sometimes move unfocused to dodge waves if I notice them to late. I also did a 1cc with MarisaC. In this case, I just spammed the focus button to retain my towers.

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Seems like it's full moon tonight my friends.
I'm gonna play some Imperishable Night up in this bitch.

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sugoi anatomy

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Only ones I cant 1cc are MoF and EoSD.

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Koishi was left with like this much | | on her last card :(

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I'm still trying to clear Double Spoiler.
Just 1 cc'd UFO extra.
Yeah, I know I suck.

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cHriSbEaR_pooLtArD, remOVE YOur_clOWN_of: hTtP://TiNyuRl.COm/3aXve5D jmb aofs b j r rvea c mieix uuk viyoey ndfiyyqumftd

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I almost beat Suwako today. Most of her cards are easy, except for the ones I have no idea what I'm supposed to do:
Frog Hunting "Frog Is Eaten by Snake due to the Croak"
Native God "The Red Frog in the Fourth Year of the Houei Era"

I didn't make it to Mishaguji-sama, but from what I've seen in videos it looks like it would fuck with my eyes.

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I just 1cc'd MoF on normal with ReimuA, only had ReimuB so far...

Still, I really hate this game and somehow I have the feeling it has serious balancing issues regarding the spellcards in the different levels. I have ~90% on the last Sanae card but 2/19 at Notori's fucking last spellcard

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>Frog Hunting "Frog Is Eaten by Snake due to the Croak"

Go past the spiral right after it spins in front of you. Easier if you take the left side if the spiral went clockwise, right side if it went counterclockwise, but also depends on the bullet spread. Then spin around Suwako on the same direction the frog spiral did.

>Native God "The Red Frog in the Fourth Year of the Houei Era"

Redirect by going close to the line the copy-Suwako makes. If you're getting closely packed zigzags on one side of the screen you're doing it right. Things get frantic when the second Suwako pops up, but it's essentially the same, stay near the lines they make so the next line doesn't cover much space. Upmost left is best place to start the card.

And what the hell, you can take on Suwa War?

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I'm raging so hard at monster cucumber, I got killed by a laser that was hiding inside another laser (not crossing it, but aligned to it). Pretty much ruined that run. I didn't see it coming, I had to watch the replay twice to acutally see what killed me...

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>And what the hell, you can take on Suwa War?

It didn't seem that hard to me until I died near the end when I got a little careless because I didn't have any lives left and my power was in the decimals.

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Currently stuck on my quest to 1cc them all on Normal. I can do 6-10 easily now, but haven't beaten SA yet. The farthest I can get is Utsuho's final spellcard. Only a matter of days, though.

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Where I hit snags:
Okuu / Rin in Double Spoiler
Fujiyama Fucking Volcano in IN
Stage 4 (just the stage) and Stage 5 (boss only) in UFO
Motherfucking Prismrivers and PCB Extra/Phantasm stages (not bosses)
Virtue of the Bitch God - Hard/Lunatic
Marisa in LLS
I admit I suck at Highly Responsive to Prayers

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Beat every Spoiler scene. 58 scenes total + 3 Extra level scenes to unlock Spoiler to begin with.

Either I'm horrible at STGs or I just need more practice. After starting to play 3 months ago, I have plenty of snags everywhere.

EoSD: Patchouli. I usually have to bomb my way through her, and then lose it all at midboss Sakuya. If I break 1cc I can do okay against her as the regular boss, but then I die quickly to Remilia.

PCB: Stage four. Not even at Letty.

IN: Reisen.

MoF: Aya's survival card, Sanae.

SA: Yuugi.

UFO: Kogasa's last card, Ichirin's first.

>> No.5487158

Fucking Nue. Why bother collecting lives when you're screwed the first time Nue kills you if you haven't gotten to her timeout card. Agh...
Me too.

I must say, Cave games can be much more enjoyable than Touhou when you have a decent feel for them.

>> No.5487165

Marisa B has an easy time with Patchouli. I captured all but one of her cards on hard with Marisa B once, even though I still haven't 1cc'd hard in EoSD.

>> No.5487203

Shit, really?
Marisa B's Patchy is the hardest Patchy for me while Reimu A's Patchy is the easiest.

>> No.5487214

Got my 1CC on TH11 using Reimu-B today.

Suck it, faggots who use Reimu-A.

>> No.5487227


I can't get the hang of the first spellcard for Reimu A's Patchy since I tend to completely avoid her and not hit her once. I usually bomb just so that I can get reoriented and start shooting at her again.

Reimu B's Patchy is the one I'm really used to, though.

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I can't get past Cirno's first spellcard on Easy.

>> No.5487379

Haven't played in a while, got frustrated since i can't get past patchy.

>> No.5487395

I need to step up my game in a major way. I haven't played much since March or so... I started playing EOSD for shits and giggles at work today and I SUCKED.

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Same here except for me it was SA. Ironically enough I beat Storm on Mt. Ooe for the first time ever with 0.00 power!

>> No.5487493

I just lost on yukari's final spellcard today, this was the first time i had ever seen her last 2.
it feels like /jp/ knows what i am up to all the time

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I've been trying to clear Mokou, but I haven't made it past Fujiyama Volcano yet.

>> No.5489134


Mokou is the only Extra level I ever cleared and it's the only one I can come even close to clearing...but fujiyama volcano is a bitch
Also, second part of the survival card and last non-spellcard

>> No.5489140

I'm trying to get some decent scoer at UFO now.

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Pretty well.

Just 1cc'd IN on Hard with a few lives left over as well.

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The picture's name says it all.

>> No.5493296

It's quite easy. You basically have to move in a square clockwise formation in the centre, dodging whatever Mokou throws at you later. Those bullets coming out from the sides are aimed at your position. Practise the timing.

>> No.5493326

Well, to be fair, it was my first time on that spellcard and I did make it that far with only one bomb. Still. So close!

>> No.5493346


Well, it sounds like you had better luck than I did! Goes to show how much like a sport Touhou really is. If you get out of practice your game really suffers.

>> No.5493378

Working on 1ccing the PC-98 games, because I've run out of extra levels to beat in the windows series and I'm still not good enough to play on hard mode.

>> No.5493389

I haven't played Touhou in a few months for some reason. I've been trying to beat a Touhou. :( I've gotten to the Stage where you fight Reimu/Marisa depending on your team in IN, I have 6, 7, 8, 9.5 10, 11 and 12.

>> No.5493394


Don't feel bad then, one or two more times getting to that card should be enough to beat it.

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File: 435 KB, 646x505, IN Extra Clear.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Got it on my fourth try!

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StoP_DdoSing_wWW.aNoXNTxALK.SE_REmOVE_All X_In thAt uRl
pv jq axjeiko z fkpk dtpmc i aakgxaeogdths kt

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Congratulations. Now try unlocking Imperishable Shooting.

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