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what touhou has monopolized your faps?
pig unrelated

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Alice has been a pox on my productivity lately

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It switches often.
Right now I'm more set on Aya.

But not just any Aya, Aya with thigh highs.


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how faithful of you

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Satori, especially when she looks like she's uncomfortable.

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Dem drumsticks.

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My faps are reserved strictly for Alice. I am loyal to my waifu.

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as of lately

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Its just not the same unless its rude titties.

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I usually dislike Youmu, but lately I can't get enough of her.

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Suwako x Kanako lately
Only Dom Suwako on Sub Kanako though

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Before it was Genji but now I'm starting to like Korin more.

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o rly?

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I am such a casual

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Sick Fuck!

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Hello and welcome to /jp/.

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what happened to that fic?

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But he is a good looking turtle.

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no u

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None. I've only fapped a handful of times to touhous.

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oddly this

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<-----These two

I'd kill for a doujin with Youmu X Flandre sexy action!

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Kinda chances month to month, or even week to week for me..

But lately I'd say Patchy.

Just today though, I noticed that I took a sudden liking to Reisen, who I actually used to dislike mostly because of her encounter on Lunatic and her annoying projectile spam in Soku. Despite that, I've thinking about how fun it would be to pet her fuzzy warm ears (inb4 "they're buttoned on", they aren't).

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Enjoy hell.

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I fap to a certain loli frog goddess

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I look for stuff related to my fetishes when looking for fap material, not specific characters.

But here's the latest picture I fapped to, which happens to be a Touhou.

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An anus-spreading fetish?

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I don't really care which Touhou I'm fapping to. They're all sluts in Slutsokyo.

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It's sexy.

I'll normally be artist-specific. Or otherwise, fetish-specific. Rarely character-specific.

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These two

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>>pig unrelated


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Delicious reisen anus

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BOOF I like you. I don't want to hate you, but if you continue down the road to my waifu, I'll have no choice.

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Remilia being dominant.

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Pigeon hole problem. <300 Touhous split between 1000000 people.

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None; I love all of them because I'm a slut

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reMOEv_YUor iLlgEAL_cLoEn FO_htTp://www.COcksTALk.se/ (repLaCe COcKS_wiTh AnoN)_ImMeIdateLY. gi oh eh c ppm eh sykezpqwbbk vntui

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If this be furry, who needs humans?

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>I'm a slut

The funny thing is that from a man to waifu perspective, I'm betting most of us are complete sluts. We fap to hundreds of different individuals per year yet complain about certain girls as being sluts for pretty much no real reason ... we're such hypocrites... You need to stop and devote some quality time to your waifus before you all pick up an STD from Sanae.

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Which one has the best rapeface, Ran, Aya or Tewi?

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Complete with lame justifications for why it's acceptable for me, totally not coming across as misogynists.

That said, most women suck.

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It's called sexism. But don't give the feminazis any chance.

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Sexism's a better word, and I'm not interested in supporting _them_, no way.

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Alice's mom

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Source request on that then. She's scarce.

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But we have no physical contact with 2D. And I only have a few waifu.

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