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I just cried to this.

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to a single pic ? you're not a man

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I just came.

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I don't get it. You suck.

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Take this!

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It was just so sudden! And it took me a few seconds to realize what was going on there. But then it just hit me and tears started pouring.

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Meiling nooo!

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Sakuya finally snapped ;_;

No more gateguard

Rest in pieces ;_;

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Why is it Meiling and not Sakuya?

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She's burning in the deepest depths hell with her tongue sliced off by the yama by the way.

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you can't cry to someone's death if you haven't killed him/her by your own hands, trust me it's harder to live with it

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Depends on her Karma. Marisa is not evil, per se.

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Oh good lord. Get the fuck out of here, teenager.

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i don't see why you people cry over these fan art since nobody is dead in touhou

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Mima is dead.
Shinki is dead.

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A story is a story.

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you don't see them dying

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Do you not have an imagination?

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If a person dies, and nobody is there to see it, does it leave a carcass?

The answer is yes.

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you forgot about Murasa and Myouren

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What makes you think Sakuya was her first Maid? You might think its sad, but she is just doing it so she doesnt look like a heartless bitch to her fans.

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It could not leave a carcass. For example, burning.

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Bite me. Nobody cares about The Whore and her army of monsters.

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You are talking about Reimu, right?

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That would mean the carcass was destroyed. The person died, the carcass kept burning, the carcass is now dust.

That doesn't mean it didn't leave a body when it died. In the same way that if a tree falls in the forest, it makes a noise nonetheless, regardless if there was someone close to hear it or not.

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No. I mean this evil bitch.

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it's not like we were here to see what happened whe nthey were alive

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You can't prove it made a noise, materialist scum.

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Oh. It saddens me that some people refuse to see the light even in this day and age.

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The rustle of leaves, the creaking sound of wood breaking, the earth shattering , the collision once the tree fell... You claim these did not exist? Things can exist even if you are not there. The Universe does not exist just because you can observe it. The Universe is.

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She will doom us all!

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>Things can exist even if you are not there.

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then how do you know if i exist?

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You don't exist.

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For all intents and purposes, this is true.

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Wow, you're just like a friend of mine. He doesn't believe that asian and black people exist just because he never saw them in real life.

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Tell him that even seeing them in real life doesn't mean they exist.

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I like how philosophy pulls this distorted shit out of its ass that would make even the silliest religions in the world sound plausible by comparison.

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Sakuya dies
SDM falls into disrepair
Remilia dies of sunlight exposure as the roof eventually caves in
Patchouli and Meiling go their separate ways
Flan is locked in the basement for all eternity

And nothing of value was lost.

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You are a horrible monster.

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Patchy and China would probably go the same way. At the very least, China would help Patchy transport the library to a place without so many bad memories.