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So /jp/, I ordered a reimu plushie off ebay, and they attempted to deliver it twice, but my dad wasn't home both times, so they require it to be picked up. I had him call and ask if they'd try again, but they refused, saying it needs an at-location pickup now, and my dad won't do it, so I've essentially paid for something I'll never receive. what do?

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What are you, fifteen?

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No, I just can't really leave my house out of fear of having to talk to someone

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You have no pride? Get out there and pick it up wimp!

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>they attempted to deliver it twice
where i live when someone is not there, they give it to a neighbor if they want, so when you go back at home your neighbor give it to you, your system suck man

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Get your ass out of your parents house first of all, learn to talk to people, and stop buying weeaboo shit

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Wait, what ? If you don't leave your house, how come you missed the delivery ?

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I don't answer the door. I don't like talking.

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Where I live the mail dude just scribbles a signature himself and dumps it on the porch. Just grow a pair and ride the bus down to wherever it's at.

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Nothing wrong with plushies. They are cute, and they are cuddly and sqwooshy.

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Please be a troll. Really. What.

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You don't deserve anything.

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If you're not willing to endure discomfort for your waifu than you do not deserve her.

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haha are you serious ?

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Out normalfags. Summer /jp/, I fucking swear.

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I don't like talking either but I answer the door when I know it's going to be the mailman. You just have to say hello thanks goodbye and you have your plush.

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Fuck off with your /jp/ hivemind.

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>he's proud of his dysfunctions!

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Then stop calling out people who are essentially the average /jp/er when they post about /jp/ish things.

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This is /jp/, not Aspergers Culture.
Not being able to talk to the fucking mailman is beyond social anxiety.

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i have terrible burns on my face and when this sort of thing happened to me i got the fuck up and went to the post office to get my shit. OP is a faggot

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It's not normalfagging. If you love Touhou you should overcome your fears for the sake of a Touhou plush.


If you you have a package coming and that you can't open the door, plan ahead and fix it somehow. Don't just "HURR it will work out somehow".

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>not aspergers

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I hope you made a joke like "I hope this isn't another mailbomb" when you went.

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That's not what hivemind means, my dimwitted friend.

>he isn't
Get out of /jp/

OP, if you're going to give up on your waifu, then you never deserved her.

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No, I do, my waifu is just being held hostage by the mailmen and my dad refusing to go pick it up like he used to when things came up

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Get 5 bux
Take a bus
Pick it up
Go home

What are you, 15?

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I'm 23.
And plus I'm scared of the bus. There are people on there, and I don't like talking to people or being near them with them might steal something.

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Props to your dad, he's finally making a stand.

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Don't you have someone else who could pick it up ?

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>my waifu is just being held hostage
>my dad refusing to go pick her up
>as a combeack to "if you're going to give up on your waifu, then you never deserved her."

You don't get it, do you.

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>my waifu is being held hostage

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Leave a note on the door saying that you're handicap and can't get the door and just leave the box so your helper can bring it in when he comes.

Say the box has important stuff that you need not to die

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but they won't reship it

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>my waifu is being held hostage by the mailmen

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Yes it is actually. You're expecting everyone here to be the same person, when that's just plain bullshit.

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Not OP here
>Took the bus for the first time a few months ago
>Some retard(downie?) came up and started talking to me, made me feel really uneasy
>Get on bus
>It's filled with poor people, and druggies
>My face
>Never take the bus again

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>Valve development team.jpg

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>take the bus
>nothing happens
>everything went better than expected
i don't know what kind of bus you people take but i've never seen a problem when i take one

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Pay someone to go pick it up for you.

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Ahah oh wow

Even people with Asperger's would answer the door if they knew they had a parcel coming. You're terrible. I hope your parents cut off all funding for you.

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>implying he will talk to a stranger

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Well, I guess that's what to expect if you live in a third world country.

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One time I got on the bus and some 3DPD girl tried to talk to me. I immediately got off the bus and vomited on the sideway. Fucking gross man.

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Worst thread on /jp/ right now.

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what ? it's the most funny for the moment

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I live in Canada, where milk comes in bags

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>implying they all aren't equally no mans land

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Well he's talking to us, so he probably doesnt mind talking to people over the internet

He should just put a ad on craiglist

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Yeah, well I live in America, where soldiers come home in bags.

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>Take bus everyday
>Say hi to the bus driver everyday
>Find seat
>Take out newspaper
>Do puzzles
>Never make eye contact with anyone

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asking help on the internet ? it doesn't seems to be good to me

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So many pathetic wusses. Even if you're going to live off your parents, at least fend for yourself in some way or another, and be a bit helpful around the house.

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What bother me is not that OP seem to have a horrible case of social anxiety disorder, but that he's fucking stupid.


These are all good ideas. USE THEM IN THE FUTURE

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We also have to worry about being decapitated on our buses by lunatics while the rest of the passengers do fuck all to help you.

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I wish.

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Which /jp/ user are we talking about, there's about 99% of them that fit that description.

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I don't believe you. But if that's true, just get rid of your fucking damn phobias. Be brave and go for it, nobody is going to eat you!

Just think it's like 4chan, but with VR. Geez! You MUST get rid of it. Otherwise you won't live a life!

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The fuck is wrong with you. Uncool man.

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Then I am the other 1% or what?

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I casually went into town.
Went into the clothes store, casually talked with the female about the various jeans and sizes. Took a few to try on.
She came talked to me in the middle of it.
Decided on a pair, paid and left.

Went to female barber, got hair cut, mild chat. Inconvenience with money, left and came back with cash.

Went to library to read a little.

Went to mall, had chinese takaway in busy food court.

Feels good man.

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This is why I can't get a job. It would require me to take the bus.

I've never learned to drive either because i'm scared.

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Pffff, what crap.

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Kill yourself.

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ur mean

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>62 posts and 12 image replies omitted. Click Reply to view.

This thread can't possibly get any worse.

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I got sick reading this and also stopped feeling bad for fumbling with words when talking to my crush.

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Nobody here appreciated how funny this post was

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You are pathetic though. Why are you so afraid of other humans? They're not all pedophiles.

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This is a tricky situation OP

Beg your father or try and man up

There isn't really anything else you can do

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Yeah, I mean just look at jp!

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It's probably because he's pathetic.

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Jeez and christ op, how the eff do you live?

Do you even have windows in your room?

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Haha, thanks for drawing attention to that, yes.

They're not immune to criticism. They're a bunch of whiny pussies, who demand to be insulated from every little thing. I'm not much different, but less so.

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I don't like it when you put it this way. Jerk.

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OP just wants to take it easy.

Why are you all such fags this morning?

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In the future put up a note saying to leave the package at the door. Living Assistant will get it later.

Everyone telling the Hikki to die should learn to take it easy. In fact everyone in this thread should take it easy.

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>So /jp/, I ordered a reimu plushie off ebay
>I ordered a reimu plushie off ebay
>I ordered a reimu plushie
>reimu plushie

Your waifu is a whore.

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I have.

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Thank you for this thread, OP. I feel less bad about myself thanks to you.

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Leftovers from the /b/ raid.

Please relax warmly while on /jp/.

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I was going to say the same.
Phobias are somewhat fine, having no brains to compensate them is not.

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>Living Assistant


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I don't think valid criticism constitutes a /b/ raid.

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I commend OP for having the guts to order a plushie of his waifu, I'm far too self-conscious to buy anything related to my /jp/-related obsessions. ; _ ;

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I'm going to order this plushie, cut a hole in it's ass and fuck it in public and have someone take a picture.

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It's.... mid tier

I ordered white thigh highs with red ribbons, several skirts and dresses, panties, and some colored contacts (the contacts were just for kicks) from the internet.

I am your god.

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Maybe I'm just lucky my mum thinks they're cute. I have a Miku and Patchy sitting nearby. I wonder what she'd think of the porn I enjoy...

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>, they give it to a neighbor if they want
My neighbor is a laundry and I had a truckload of chemicals in my garage waiting for them to pick it up.

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If you want your goddamn plushie go fucking get it.

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women detected

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>thinks that /jp/ is made out of manly men that don't hug their plushie-waifus as they fall asleep

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I'd love to have a plushie of Patchy, and also one of Tux the Linux penguin. Maybe also a Reimu, Yuyuko or Sakuya.
But I'm very afraid of becoming a fig fag, and buying those might be the first step.

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In a perfect world, people like you would be left to their own devices. Either you adapt and survive, or become one smelly corpse in your basement.

Sadly, society allows for such scum to exist.

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Get the fuck down there you fuck face.

When I was a hikki my only interaction was with postal workers, it's not so bad.

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I was born on a battlefield. Raised on a battlefield. Gunfire, sirens and screams... they were my lullabies... Hunted like dogs day after day... driven from our ragged shelters... That... was my life. Each morning, I'd wake up... and find a few more of my family or friends dead beside me. I'd stare at the morning sun...and pray to make it through the day. The governments of the world turned a blind eye to our misery. But then... he appeared. My hero... Saladin... he took me away from all that... I became a sniper, hidden watching everything through a rifles scope. Now I could see war not from inside but from the outside as an observer. I watched the brutality... the stupidity of mankind through the scope of my rifle. I joined this group of revolutionaries to take my revenge on the world. But... I have shamed myself and my people.. I am no longer the wolf I was born to be. In the name of vengeance I sold my body and my soul. Now I am nothing more than a dog.

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reMoev yuor_ILLGEAL_cloen_fO_htTp://wwW.AnTONyTalk.SE/ (anTONY_=_ANON) IMMEIdATely. nktemwhl jxpdxzn odlf qt exfpjzh o aod rp

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Sanae x Pip-Boy OTP.

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i'm not a manly man at all, but i still find plushies disgusting.

then again i'm not really emotional either. i have no problems falling asleep and don't cry myself to sleep either.

i've been alone for 27 years and hope stay like that at least 2 times longer.

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At least we don't fucking bitch about people having social problems like you 're doing now.
No one cares.
Fuck off, the lot of you.

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My dad just left to go pick it up for me.
He always helps in the end.

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Wear mirrored sunglasses. They prevent eye contact, so people won't know if you're looking at them or not.

>> No.5457209

I laughed so hard I cried.

>> No.5457271 [DELETED] 

>never been on /jp/ before, see this thread on 4chan front page
>oh wow the OP is seriously retarded or something

>laughing my ass off at this post for five minutes
>start scrolling down to see other people lol at it too
>nobody does

>leave board

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You don't even know how to type or quote properly. No one cares.

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Then I realized that's he's probably telling the truth.
Geez, man...bite the bullet, go outside, take a bus, get your plushie. Be the hero that Reimu deserves.
You are afraid people will look at you funny, because they can tell you're so socially akward. They won't, and they can't. Ok, some can, but they won't do anything. If you're scared of making eye contact, don't make it. If you do, look away quickly. It happens all the time; the other person won't care.
No one is going to talk to you. If they do, respond with a "Mmmm" or something. They'll get the message.

Go out there, get your plushie, and set it by your computer, and know that whenever you look at it, you'll remember that you EARNED it.

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>Leftovers from the /b/ raid.

He didn't call you normalfags raiders, he said you were from the /b/ raid this morning that didn't leave.

>> No.5457288

are you frustrated

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Hey man I can be a dick too!

Y'all are fucking wee-a-boo faggots who masturbate to cartoons with huge eyeballs!

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Go back to /b/.

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At least now you're typing full sentences instead of misusing the quote function.

>> No.5457314

I hope you plan on giving his cock a good sucking when he gets back. It's the least you can do for him.

You know, besides answering the damn door.

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Go back to /b/.

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/s/ u /ck/ my /g/iant, /v/asectomied dick you faggot. Only faggots and retards surf /b/, ya douche.

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Actually, after browsing this board for a few seconds and seeing how pathetic you guys really are, I shall leave.

>and I thought /v/ was bad

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It's been five minutes since the last post, fuck off.

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So he didn't say that, but he did? That doesn't make a lick of sense. Also, I don't see why /jp/ has to be understanding of OP-like behaviour. It really say nothing good about their self-esteem.

So, shocking revelation: I don't get mugged every time I go shopping, nor to the post office. I don't get out much, but am actually capable of taking care of myself.

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lol fukin weabo fagots, get a life and loose ur virginities. god dam presistant n00bs. i bet u f4gs can't even git a nuke in MW2, LMAO.

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And you felt the need to do this now, of all times, why?

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So you're a normalfag.
Get out normalfag.

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How about no. /jp/ is not a NEET-only board.

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where I live they just hide the box somewhere near your door/on your lawn/side of your house and they leave you a notice in your mailbox the package is on your lot.