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What do you love about Meiling?

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Dem eyebrows.

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there are two reasons to love meiling

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The translated doujins.

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What's not to love about Meiling?

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She's a master of kung-fu and can kick your ass.

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That she gets abused, albeit not enough.

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Meiling is pure and innocent. That's why I want to protect her.

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I prefer ZUN's art, thank you very much

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The fact that she might be the living embodiment of 4,000 years of Chinese culture/history, and perhaps the most powerful being in Gensoukyo.

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>The fact that she might be the living embodiment of 4,000 years of Chinese culture/history
Hell yeah.
>perhaps the most powerful being in Gensoukyo.

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She has long red hair and green eyes.
She is strong and tall, thus amazon woman fetish fuel.
She has abused girl moe.
She has a great body with huge breasts.
As far as youkai go she is actually very approachable.
She knows martial arts.
She is lonely and would love someone to just talk to her and appreciate her just like Anon

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She's older than Suwako, Yukari and probably Gensoukyo itself. She does Tai Chi Chuan in the mornings, naps in the afternoons and spends all day on the figurative front porch.

She's an old man, mentally. But with 4,000 years of patience and Chi training.

So, why is she the gatekeeper for the SDM?

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Why nobody loves Orange?

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What an incredible string of fanon crap.

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Because gates don't move while you sleep.

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>So, why is she the gatekeeper for the SDM?
>Tai Chi Chuan
she needs to learn aikido to become the mistress of the mansion

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>So, why is she the gatekeeper for the SDM?
Because in a world where everything is decided by magic bullets, she's lowest of low tier aside from intentionally easier stage 1/2 characters.

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>So, why is she the gatekeeper for the SDM?
Because ZUN doesn't think everything through. Now shut up and fap.

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I like her spell cards. I thought they were pretty when I first played EoSD.

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