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Is /jp/'s meido female? If so, how do we know?

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She's Kohalu

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It is clear by the way she posts that she is female

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All we know is the meido is friends with curry's ex, it'd make more sense then that meido is a man who she was putting out for so she could get him banned.

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curry? as in currybutt?
Isn't he some autistic neet in californa aka a normal /jp/er. I don't think he has any "exs" except for maybe an ex sense of self esteem or ex sense of fulfillment.

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Go back to bed, Athens.

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How the fuck can a maid be male, sir?

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A trap.

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I want to be a trap ><;

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Because she is clumsy moe. The maid bans innocent /jp/ers while the real raiders and Sion freely frolic on our property and poop all over our lawn.

And yes I am butthurt and mad (buttmad); I log on to this forum after 11 hours of masturbating and I still see more party time raiding going on.

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I swear Curry is quite a magical bullshitter. Did he actually get you to believe THAT's why he's banned?

Curry doesn't know ANYONE that is involved in any capacity on 4chan. He was banned for shitposting. End of story.

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Yes. We know through the power of love.

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me on the right

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He never actually said that, ZUN said it and some other anon said it was true, back in the thread curry got banned in.

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He didn't get banned for any one particular thread. He got banned because he was annoying everyone except his firends in the firend circle.

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Whatever you say, butthurt-bro.

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It's a 360lb male.

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I'll never understand your fascination with random shitposting tripfags... Same threads all the time mentioning some retard that got banned. And it's always the same people talking about him.

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>he's jealous that Curry is such a faggot yet lives in a first world country.

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>I'll never understand your fascination with random shitposting tripfags...

>Anonymous of Croatia !na1byG1GU

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/jp/'s meido is fictional. The real justice comes from the communities ability to reporting, hiding, and sage threads. There never was a meido. It was all in your mind.

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>Because she is clumsy moe.

And as if by magic, all my frustrations with /jp/'s moderation evaporate.

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Witty rejoinder, Matthew. Now get off the computer and do the dishes like I told you.

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sparky+-4 is the one on the right

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NOO I MEAN sparky+4!!!!!!!!!!!!!

in girl mode wwww

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