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Previous: >>5413818
Current Version: v1.20

More information on the game at: http://hisouten.koumakan.jp/


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Sure is router ip around here

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>Current Version: v1.20

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right, right, reaction faces HAHA HE DID A FUNNAY XD

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Champion of 2010 Japan Hisoutensoku Tournament tier.

Come and face my Remilia, cowards!

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>No thread subject
>Current Version: v1.20
If you really want to make a new thread, at least do it properly. Since you're not even hosting, this thread is useless for the time being; anyone wanting to host could have just made a thread by themself.

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>They haven't been here for at least a week!

Enough reaction faces, let's see someone hosting.

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Who actually falls for this?

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lets just play tier

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south east asian detected

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Damn you! My Patchouli will have revenge!

You're on!

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>Average 466ms
Yeah, no. Why not include your general area in your post?

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damn it! fucking third world country

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/jp/ so trollan~

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try again

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oh lawd
somebody still plays this shit

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I'll host then...

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are you from last night?

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any us hosts?

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GG, still hard to counter your combos.

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GG. See ya sometime.

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hosting wc

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anyone hosting?

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low tier
Poland in Europe

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Good Games, I don`t have much to say, apart from nice to see you again.
Good night.

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GGs. You seem really new to this game, just learn a few simple combos and pressure strings for a char you want to main (Bnbs are really easy). Then the usual block more on wake up, use bullets to cover your approach, etc.. but you should get these habits with more experience.

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hostan anyone?

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bump for hosts

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>miko using not-alice

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EU host anywhere?

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ggs alice, gtg, it was fun, again, too much openings, I mash, and mash, and still hit, I swear I'm raging over it by now, it's annoying, why do people keep losing, fuck.

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Oh wow, I'm surprised people actually know who I am...
But I started learning Patchouli, not very good with her.

Good games. Why don't you go to IRC if you're so frustrated? Most of /jp/ is casual, not like we play this shit all the time.

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Because irc sucks, too. They just like coming here because people make a fuss over it.

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You have an easier time getting matches here than IRCirclejerk

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Speaking of matches, who's up?

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Yeah what anon said, IRC sucks, honestly, you could go to IRC and have an equal match there, really, which is why my frustration, only have fun with high tier faggots, but they don't like to play me ;-;

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Maybe if our connection wasn't so shitty I'd play with you more often.

>> No.5421470

Maybe if you stopped mashing and relying on guard crush spam I'd play you more.

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Yeah, said High Tier faggots also come over to /jp/ to troll quite often as well.

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The only 'high tier' faggots that play here are bob and imluc.
And guy / vita.

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Where is your Guga now?

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You forgot beats

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US Central

Central tier

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And now... the wait.

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One game every two months doesn't count, and he's not a fag.

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Good games, miko. Alice vs Tenshi can be a really tough match-up, which doesn't help very much considering that playing Alice against just about anyone can be a frustrating experience. Good luck continuing to train her.

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Good games... I surrender.

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You people are annoying.

This Hisoutenoku topic was made first. Use it

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No it wasn't.

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needs more hosts

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Come on e-man, use a 214 after you get a knockdown. Don't just stand there. Show that gate guard who is superiour.

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Rehosting, dat Guga

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Good games E-MAN. To be honest, I would not have joined but you changed your IP so I wasn't entirely sure who it was. It's Saturday night, so it's time to play you-know-who! Dreadful showing by my Reimu (I discovered I didn't have any non-joke/gimmick decks set up for her...), but your Sakuya was clicking too. I'd love to complain more, but you played well, and that's the bottom line. Thanks for the games!

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This thread was made 33 minutes before the other one.

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Normally I do, but it doesn't serve a purpose when my opponent excels at grazing and is thriving on me draining my own energy trying to catch him. It just would've handicapped myself, which is why I switched to other okis instead.

GGs aa

I want to continue, by my head started hurting around the earlier matches, and trying to slow you down isn't making it any better, bro. I'mma go get something to eat and lay down. Thanks for the matches.

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>To be honest, I would not have joined but you changed your IP so I wasn't entirely sure who it was.

Wow, should I feel insulted. Cuz I do...

>> No.5422523 Midwest
Shit tier

>> No.5422551

>try to spec
Oh, looks like no one has joined yet. Maybe I can play him!

>try to join
>match in progress

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Enough with the "v1.20" bullshit already. God, you're like the morons who mistake Aya for a cock-craving slut instead of a greedy whore, as well as those who mistake Sanae for a good girl instead of a cock-craving slut.

It's fucking v1.10. Get it right, dumbass.

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Well, you do have a point there. Whores are prostitues; sluts do it for kicks.

>Sanae for a good girl instead of a cock-craving slut
you done fucked up now

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You rarely join when I host, so I thought you didn't really want to play against me, that's all.

>> No.5422712

GGs again, fixing my deck. If no one else joins, I'll rejoin when I'm done.

>> No.5422715

GG LunaticSong, I don't why Misdirection fucks me over so much.
You should try to be a little more aggressive when you close in though

>> No.5422730

Was actually gonna do some other stuff, sorry.

>> No.5422985 ~ Midwest

Shit tier.

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looking for host

skunky trainwreck tier

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bump for hosts

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Apple Tier

>> No.5424061 wc

tier tier

>> No.5424535

bunches of fun.

Shall we go at it again sometime?

>> No.5424547

GGs maybe some other time

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hosting wc

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>> No.5425450 EC

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Could you guys make sure to put Hisoutensoku in the subject field next time so it'll get filtered? I don't like bad fighting games.

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go back to your ultra poverty shitfighter iamp

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GGs I liked the match between youmu and meiling

>> No.5426482

GG, i'm not too good at this.

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Who the hell deleted the non-scrub thread?


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>> No.5427138

Hosting EU/EC

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honk honk

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hosts where

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5427527 Eu
hangover tier

>> No.5427534

I am sorry, I cant play in slow motion

>> No.5427535

Slowmode, gg.

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Hosting EU

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>> No.5427625

It was a bit laggy, where are you from?
Be careful when you recover in the air, try not to fly, but block. Else you will hit air kicks every time.


>> No.5427630

I wont play with high pingers

>> No.5427631

Try to see if your opponent will use bullets or physical attacks. Bullets = fly/dash, physical attacks = block.

>> No.5427648

yes It was laggy, you can geoip me and find out, I play better in swift scenario

>> No.5427658

Might help to list your location then.

>> No.5427687

It is not my fault if the client does not know or is to lazy to use geoip, ping

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Sry I had enough.
GGs, I almost cried when you picked Remi.
I just hope you weren't sandbagging at Youmu and Alice.
Anyway, I had fun.

>> No.5427788

I was playing serious both Alice and Youmu. It's just that I almost never play them, so it was kinda awkward.

>> No.5427799

us hosts?

>> No.5427905

Wait, the CLIENT is lazy? It would take you all of THREE LETTERS at most to give an idea of what area you're in, and you're ALREADY posting something -- on top of that, YOU are the one demanding a lag-free game -- You're a fucking idiot.

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You sound MAD.

>> No.5428327

who mad?

>> No.5428344

I am. There are no hosts.

>> No.5428381
US East

>> No.5428426

stop sealin ma hosts niggaz

>> No.5428488

gotta go gg

>> No.5428498

Good games profile3p. I don't see much potential for your Marisa playstyle, but hey, it worked.


>> No.5428519

>Wow, should I feel insulted. Cuz I do...

>> No.5428525

The a in a.a stands for asshole. You can guess which one.

>> No.5428528

i'm not playing this pretentious bastard

someone else host please

>> No.5428537
Hosting.. england

>> No.5428552

profile3p only has himself to blame if he's going to use 3[A] and default 623 all day. Sure, he was probably sandbagging, but if that's his best, it won't go far against better players.

>> No.5428558


reconnected, changed my ip

>> No.5428572

>i'm mad because I lost

>> No.5428575

Wouldn't that make HIM the better player if he won?

>> No.5428589 [DELETED] 

IRC players in a nutshell

>> No.5428592

IRC players in a nutshell

>> No.5428812

>last several posts
This is why I don't day 'good games' anymore.

>> No.5428846

Good games, a.a. Sorry I didn't have time to play for very long.

I didn't see all that much head stomp flowcharting with your Aya, were getting bad draws?

>> No.5428897

Good games Vita. Your Iku was simply monstrous. (Of course your Tenshi is too, but that's a given.) I simply couldn't do anything but pray that I'd escape from your blockstrings. Sometimes I see a light at the end of the tunnel when we play, but today you snuffed it completely. Good show!

>> No.5428912

>loses to a tourneyfag; congratulates him
>loses to a /jp/; baaaawwwwwws and rage

>> No.5428920

Damn, so true.

>> No.5429028

He was the better player, no mistaking it. But a blocked 3[A] ends Marisa's blockstring/pressure and brings both players to neutral. A blocked 623 leads to a free BnB combo when used as a frametrap after 6A/66A. It goes without saying that cutting down the usage of both would make his game stronger. That's why I said there wasn't "much potential" if he kept playing like that.

Seems that the former profile1p guy still is upset over something innocuous I said from some time ago. That's too bad, since I'm not interested in holding grudges.

>> No.5429061

The loser thinking he can tell the winner how to improve? Talk about pretentious.

>> No.5429104

Stop trolling and host, goddamnit.

>> No.5429126

>Implying that mixing up charged 3a with other stuff isn't smart, I mean you can't keep a person in the corner forever.
You know nothing about the basics of this game.
Whatever, Frog loli tier

>> No.5429132

Serious Troll Tier

>> No.5429136

If you really want to learn Marisa, learn to limit break, also, 5A to 5K, use it and love it.

>> No.5429183


Suwako says nice game

>> No.5429194


Yukari says she had fun trolling. :)

>> No.5429225

What is with all the people asking for someone to host, why can`t you host yourself? All it takes is to allow connections on whatever port you`re playing.
I would host but it`s too late now (in Poland at least), maybe tomorrow.

>> No.5429233
US West Coast
Just got done with finals and want to blow some steam tier.

Not 100% if I'm able to host at my new place, so let me know if it fails.

>> No.5429275

Yukari says she had fun trolling. :)

thanks akagi

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Good game dude! Would have hoped for a bit less of delay, though!

>> No.5429309


This person is mad because he spent countless hours trying to get "better" at this game to only lose to some kid who is obviously better then him.

Cry more, I'm laughing so hard and this is pretty common. Stop being butthurt and accept you suck, if you can't stop his "feeble" attacks then you suck.

>> No.5429376
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Not sure if this works, using a secondary computer due to a broken motherboard. Please tell if you can't connect.

>> No.5429591

gotta eat
Yukari says she had fun trolling. :) in 10 minutes
thanks atemogamu

>> No.5429599

Wow, this old keyboard is even worse than I thought. Inputting any move is a nightmare. I'll try to hook up my G15 and rehost, if you're up for some more fights, _Akagi_.

>> No.5429603


Spec here: That was an amazing game. I am scared of that suwako.

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Good games Idler! Short playtime today, I was craving some long session. I just can't play Reimu when you play Youmu, because I make too much silly mistakes which get punished really hard. I'll try that again when I get better with her, or when you use Yuyuko or Meiling.

Thanks for hosting.

>> No.5429618

Oh, well, sure. This is bad news for me though haha.

>> No.5429619

I seriously feel like my IQ dropped from playing those matches. None of the moves that you did made sense, but that was your point anyway. GGs, I guess I was trolled.

>> No.5429620

GGs. It's pretty evident that you're on a school network though.

Lunch time. Mirrors are always kinda fun.

>> No.5429624


Good games. Your Sakuya is fun to play against. Sorry if I never changed characters or card sets. Been a while since I had time to play.

>> No.5429638 [DELETED] 

Ahh... Mcuh better. Rehosting.

>> No.5429640


Oddly enough, I'm not on a school network at all. Sort of annoyed me to find out the connection here sucks that much. Having your controls completely lock out for half a second isn't fun.

>> No.5429656

Yeah, if you have any control over your network at all, I'm pretty sure the lag issues are local for you, based on your location (close to mine) and the fact that I don't normally see issues like that no matter who I play.

>> No.5429700

US West Coast
Just got done with finals and want to blow some steam tier.

Expect heaping portions of Sakuya, with a light Meiling seasoning. Served cold, like my knives.

>> No.5429714
serious troll tier

>> No.5429717
File: 114 KB, 500x374, catfish, meirin - 1263332404732.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.5429917

Sorry about that. Controller wasn't working properly.

>> No.5429932

thanks for the games 2aa
yukari, sakuya, and reimu had fun trolling :3

>> No.5429936

Good games. Very interesting ones. Never seen some of those Sakuya strings before.

>> No.5429938


Its cool. Really wish I could get a game going.

>> No.5429988

I'd have played but the controller wasn't working in netplay. It worked fine otherwise. I don't know why but this is the first time I've tried using JoyToKey.

>> No.5430153
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Would someone be willing to connect to me so I can test and make sure the controller is working properly over netplay?


>> No.5430184

Yukari says she had fun trolling. :)
thanks rue

>> No.5430193


Sorry man, between me sucking and the lag not letting me block 50% of the time, that was too much. I swear, half the time in the air I had a perfect opening, then my attack chooses to come out far far after I tell it to.

Not that I would have won anyway.

>> No.5430266

Good game. I hope that was sufficient for your test.

>> No.5430294
File: 194 KB, 1000x1000, 11350010.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Very. Thank you for your assistance.

>> No.5430352
File: 267 KB, 597x1014, 1274410982602.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

hosting wc

>> No.5430458

Hm, a random disconnect?

>> No.5430466

yukari can't say anything she's a cartoon

>> No.5430592


Actually, what I find more funny is that he used Suika and Yuyuko when he fought me. Was Yukari just sitting and watching on the sidelines or something?

>> No.5430931


>> No.5431004


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Good games Idler. I need to stop now, that headache is going to kill me. These games against Yuyuko were probably the most frustrating I've had in a while, I'm really too dumb to face an organized opponent, because I kept doing the same damn mistakes all over again. I saw you complaining about how you don't know how to play her, but hey, you know how to play her well enough to obliterate people like me. Otherwise it was pretty fun, as usual. Thanks for the games and for hosting. I'm going to eat 2g of aspirin or something.

>> No.5431265
File: 393 KB, 1461x1874, a78a75638d4c09a6b133b2e310a010bb.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Good games, _Akagi_.

I hope you didn't think I was going soft on you on purpose during those first matches with Youmu. That old keyboard had a nasty input lag, making most things impossible. For example, trying to escape from corners turned out as a backdash most of the time.

Some of our matches were really close, and with Yuyuko vs. Suika the result was often decided by the weather, with trollphoon kicking in exactly the moment it shouldn't.

I hope you enjoyed those matches against Suika with Meiling btw... I usually have no idea what to do with that matchup, so it's good to see I'm not the only one.

>> No.5431448
File: 1.31 MB, 2000x1739, 10575749.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>I hope you didn't think I was going soft on you on purpose during those first matches with Youmu
No, definitely not. I noticed that something was wrong during those first matches. Couldn't tell what, though.

>Some of our matches were really close
Yeah, it's close when you don't bring me to 20% life in 10 seconds... Sometimes, I just wanted to restart some of these games because I played like a retard during the first part of the round. Damn, it's like concentration always kicks in when I'm going to lose, but never during the first half of a round.

I think I had enough Typhoons, Heavy Fogs and River Mists for the next few years... Sometimes I'm thinking about adding some weather cards in my decks, but I'm just not good enough to handle the handicap.

>I hope you enjoyed those matches against Suika with Meiling btw
I usually feel bad whenever I start using Meiling, because I can't win anything anymore. But yeah, Suika/Meiling was definitely worse than the rest. Almost only perfects or close to that, if I remember correctly. Well I don't know, Suika is broken and Meiling is hard tier anyways, so don't think too much about that. Just avoid the matchup, I guess...

>> No.5431515

GG LunaticEyes, thanks for the rounds

>> No.5431516

Feels like I'm playing worse than yesterday, and your Suwako is starting to make me irrationally angry. I need to take a break, sorry.

>> No.5431526
File: 198 KB, 931x608, 1270728789797.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

remember this, it's true most of the time

>> No.5431532

It really irks me that I keep making the same dumb mistakes over and over again that push the edge in your favor. The fact that despite 60+ games with you -- your strategy doesn't appear to have changed much -- and I still keep getting whomped by it doesn't help much.

I'm still at a complete loss what to do as a counter to your strategy, which is a frustrating thing when I usually figure something out against predictable strategies much faster than that.

In short, it feels like I'm not improving when I play against you, and that's a new - and frustrating - experience for me, as I don't have that problem even against other players that I win less rounds against.

>> No.5431624

>same dumb mistakes over and over again that push the edge in your favor
Yeah, your D6C/D6B are easy to predict and they leave you open after a block. spamming 214BC also leaves you open to Suwako's warp attacks, and it's easy to bait into it. Those are the main two things that stand out, at least for me, from our matches.

>> No.5431642
File: 47 KB, 200x133, killercroc1.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

This is how I play Suwanko.

>> No.5431656
File: 135 KB, 643x504, utsuhomasterrace.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

master race

>> No.5431662

I love Utsuho for her damaging combos.

5A TO 5K, It's like I'm really playing Bang!

>> No.5431663

Yeah, but I don't really spam D6B/C playing other people nearly so much -- I think I just start getting frustrated and lose my head. As for 214B/C, you haven't really punished those nearly as hard, in general -- and I've dealt a fair bit of damage when I do catch you off-guard with it. As for spamming that, well ... it's more something I was doing while trying to think of something else to try.

>> No.5431736



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US East hosting

>> No.5431869


>> No.5431894


>> No.5431895


spec here: my god some intense fights!

>> No.5431901

Good games Licent. Took me a while to see the holes in the Utsuho blockstring, otherwise I would have taken a far worse beating.

I, too, like Melting Shower Kick but most people stopped using it after v1.02 or so. There's just so many better alternatives. Thanks for the games.

>> No.5431947


Specter here, you're not bad you seem to being sandbagging profile3p.

>> No.5431959

someone host

>> No.5431975

Scrub tier

>> No.5432012
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My Iku pales in comparison to the Iku of nameless, but thanks. You weren't doing as bad as you say.

Seriously delicious voice.

>> No.5432123

GG, way out of my league. Can't get out from your locks at all.
Still fun, thanks

>> No.5432125


Why do you say that?

>> No.5432155


Oh I only looked at one game, but it seem that profile3p doesn't really know how to counter your roof hug so yeah.

>> No.5432296
Serious Troll Tier

>> No.5432327 [DELETED] 


gtfo no one would play with u!

someone who isn't a I R CCCRHH FAGGG host plz.

-.- -_- (-.-)
(The three monkeys of d00m)

>> No.5432333

same person

>> No.5432345


Samefag, it's so obvious since its well known you IRCfags use emoticons.

>> No.5432371

Good games, Johan. I don't know if it's because I hosted, but delay didn't feel as bad as it has in the past.

>> No.5432382

GGs Vita, i didnt feel too much either, sometimes my router actually works as it should be

>> No.5432383
File: 204 KB, 800x800, 1274507367788.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

hosting wc

>> No.5432426


>> No.5432521


Fun games.

>> No.5432522

Good one!



>> No.5432585

Serious Troll Tier
haha if you think we're the same person. maybe you're right. I'll let you ponder on that

>> No.5432625

anyone new hosting? you will see 10 more replies just like this.

>> No.5432629 [DELETED] 


wWW._aNoN_+_c_-_c_+_TALK_.Se sp vrdflhoehx pewjk xftjsgxo nxdm ohrq z

>> No.5432633


For someone that calls themselves "troll tier" they sure suck.

Oh wow hahaha

>> No.5432647
File: 80 KB, 336x339, Too much to handle.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.5432652
East Coast
been a month since I last played tier

>> No.5432653

thanks for the games
hakurei reimu chan
Patchouli and Yukari had fun trolling

>> No.5432656

aw I was hoping you'd stay with yukari :(

>> No.5432701



>> No.5432714 [DELETED] 

wWw._ANoN_+_C_-_C_+_TAlk_.SE mihnbjsj k kue ywte laxslyw l o d

>> No.5432799

hmm... looking for a host to test my connection, preferably someone from america or australia

>> No.5432807

Hosting, east coast USA. Shit tier.

>> No.5432839
File: 51 KB, 640x480, 3027420917420.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.5432842



>> No.5432849



>> No.5432882 central us

Yukari tier

>> No.5432912

Hosting again.

>> No.5432923


>> No.5432926

Her name is bruno, right guys?

>> No.5432940

The lag is too horrible, it must be from my side though. Sorry bro.

>> No.5432959

GGs, apologies for the lag

>> No.5432963

Seems that way. It's a bit odd when the stage hasn't loaded after 2-3 minutes.

Still hosting.

>> No.5432967

thanks for the games gitah.
Youmu had fun trolling.

>> No.5432968

im so damn rusty i never notice how bad i was at this. this is terrible i couldnt even beat you?
maybe drinking at dinner and then taking my sleeping meds right after wasn't the best idea.

>> No.5433011


>> No.5433052

GG. Too laggy.

>> No.5433190

GGs, not my day today... and apologies for any lag

>> No.5433207

Maybe he's the one lagging?

>> No.5433247

Good games Sae-chan. It's been a while since I last played Matrix Hisoutensoku though. There's not much to say when everything is running at that speed. I guess it's easier to see what's coming and pull off things hard to do at 60 fps.

>> No.5433248

nah, being an Ausfag, i wouldn't be surprised if there will be some degree of lag against me unless the other guy lives in australia as well

>> No.5433269

Being humble is good.

>> No.5433275

haha... first time playing against people on 4chan... only other people i've so far faced are friends who are on low tier so not so surprised i got my ass handed to me on a silver platter

>> No.5433619

thanks for the games dora
yukari, alice, and patchouli had fun trolling
troll tier

>> No.5433622

GGs, I wish I could get good at this game.

But sadly, when it comes to video games, I seem to have a learning disability.

>> No.5433625

also suika as well

>> No.5433640

>> No.5433959

thanks for the games sae. I think that was your name.
alice had fun trolling you.

>> No.5433965

that it was, and yea i really need to work on my style against alice...

>> No.5433984
troll tier

>> No.5434049

so... anyone else hosting? except for >>5433984 and >>5433965

>> No.5434234

thanks for the games newfag
remilia had fun trolling
troll tier

>> No.5434235

That last match was a total lagfest. Bad Games!

>> No.5434271
US Midwest

>> No.5434326 Midwest
Shit/My hands are shaking tier

>> No.5434467

GG, sorry, had way too much lag to keep going. It was driving me crazy, everything was slow motion.

>> No.5434521

low tier
Poland in Europe

>> No.5434780

Good games. I didn't mind the lag too much, I just wish it didn't take so long to finish a game.

>> No.5434813

yea games were taking pretty long, especially our youmu vs. china matches

>> No.5434848
File: 90 KB, 432x728, Hong Meiling, the name is Hong Meiling!.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.5434860

china gets no privileges for use of full, proper, name, shes near the bottom of the scarlet mansion hierarchy!

>> No.5434879

Ojou-sama is calling me "Kurenai"
Cleaning stop!
Room cleaning STOP!

>> No.5434985
File: 58 KB, 848x480, 1277017011760.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.5435080

Red > Green > Blue > Yellow > Purple

>> No.5435115

Good games Sae-chan, but the lag is a bit much for me.

>> No.5435124

ah ok good games anyways, though mind you the lag on our matches wasn't as bad as some other matches i had

>> No.5435471

My motor skills are dead right now, come rape my face

>> No.5435497

Suwako is too zzzzz to play especially when I'm this tired and I forgot I was on the wireless. Also I've gotta go number 2. Thanks for the games.

>> No.5435502

GG. Thanks for the games

>> No.5435681
US West Coast
Just woke up tier

Anyone actually still around for a game?

>> No.5435868
File: 379 KB, 700x1122, 0e5bd4a873b5d8baf8e508dcf5029c8d.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Hosting EU

>> No.5436058
File: 98 KB, 640x480, 1276750141046.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.5436059

GGs Berserkermir, fun games despite the occasional lag.
Sorry if you felt I had an unpleasant playstyle, apart from Youmu, Reisen and Sakuya I just abuse again and again the same easy moves.

>> No.5436063
File: 353 KB, 700x1000, 1277120825432.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

GGs 1p.
That was my first time against good Utsuho.
My god, what the hell

>> No.5436295


>> No.5437082
File: 196 KB, 511x800, b7791270aad3af732091b90c76cb5b3d.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]
5437082 Eu Fin
swirr+drunk tier

>> No.5437243


Sorry man. Lags so bad I cant even block when recovering, and it takes a full second to melee.

>> No.5437259

Shit sucks. Rehosted

>> No.5437341

Polfag here

>> No.5437347
File: 690 KB, 650x895, 0c75f851856e1254fcce901014844281.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

someone host in the united states, it's been foreign laggy competition all day.

I want to rip shit up without lag.

>> No.5437358

Then host.


>> No.5437369

One problem, I steal internet.
I don't have enough dough to afford my own router.

>> No.5437387

C'mon guys, one quick battle, i'm getting bored of waiting.
still hosting.

>> No.5437615

Good games, I had a lot of fun. Sorry I must leave suddenly. I think I`ll play Suwako more.

>> No.5437624

Nps ggs and I was better with random thjan i thought.

>> No.5437650

and damn this game is alot better after some vodka

>> No.5437668

Anyone hosting?

>> No.5437718

And I will never forget that 5 card with China, I swear that the game was laughing at me when it changed weather midcombo.

>> No.5437722

US West Coast
??? tier

Expect Sakuya and Meiling.

>> No.5437728

Rehosting, only for a few matches though.

>> No.5437842

Good games. Don't tech so much, bro.

>> No.5437843

GG Anon, fun rounds even if i did badly.

>> No.5438424
File: 290 KB, 674x800, f8fb53b3c336ddb42c96390672f4c546.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Good games, getting tired though.

>> No.5438435


Good games, and I mean it. You were really fun to play. Your Alice in particular I had a very difficult time with. But damn that was fun.

Sorry for not switching up characters more often, I don't play often enough to do anything but main Sakuya and occasionally get some games in with Meiling.

>> No.5438538
File: 36 KB, 465x379, marisa, remilia - 1219123151438.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

US East
Somewhere above beginner level.

>> No.5438774

damn, this Suwako is getting boring to spectate.

someone host please

>> No.5438927

GG, some really close matches there

>> No.5438959

Good games !NEAT. Your Suwako is much improved! I noticed that first you ground teched away from the corner a lot, then switched almost entirely to getting up and did some kind of 66 afterward. I don't think it's wrong to do either of them, but maybe switch between those choices more, or do something else.

>> No.5439106

Who wants a side dish of troll?

>> No.5439303

I don't think you're actualy trollan'
A real troll would pick one of utsuho's stages

>> No.5439304

thank you for the games Hakurei Reimu chan
side dish of trolling

>> No.5439313


Well, by trolling I meant just doing silly things.

>> No.5439413

thanks for the games makoto
alice had fun

>> No.5439415


Sorry for the noob-ness, wasn't too sure how to handle your alice.

>> No.5439424
File: 282 KB, 700x511, 1262690902540.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

hosting wc

>> No.5439425

Dont feel too bad. If it makes you feel any better, I didn't play properly.

>> No.5439639

Good ones!



>> No.5439716
File: 587 KB, 640x480, 236.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>> No.5440009


>> No.5440341

Who wants a side dish of troll?

>> No.5440437

thanks again atemogamu. they were very enjoyable
Who wants a side dish of troll?

>> No.5440631

haha. thanks for the games neat! my hands are pretty tire from flying higher than you.
Be back later

>> No.5440638

GG, I'm horrible at getting out of corners. Still fun, thanks.

>> No.5440639